Harold Wilson v Radio Caroline


Christopher Spivey


Either the Chimp reached an all time new low in total bollox last week or history has shown just how conkers-bonkers the cunts in government really are… I kinda suspect that it is a bit of both.

You see according to the Chimp, previously classified papers have just been released stating that Harold ‘the pipe’ Wilson considered blowing up the pirate radio station, ‘Radio Caroline’ because of fears that they were going to broadcast news of the Prime Mincers extramarital love affair.

Fuck me, is there a single Prime Mincer that could keep his cock away away from kids and loose women?

Now straight away the first sub-headline suggests that the piece is total bollox. And indeed that sub-headline is given added detail in the first paragraph of the farticle itself:

Harold Wilson’s government considered threatening to shell an abandoned sea-fort from where Radio Caroline had broadcast and which had then been occupied by rival pirate radio bosses.

Yet if Wilson’s beef had been with Radio Caroline, then what in the name of fuck would be the point in bombing the abandoned sea-fort that the radio station had – according to the Chimp – once broadcast from and was now occupied by a rival radio station? Surely that would be doing Radio Caroline a right fucking favour!

Indeed it is akin to the Prime Mincer having the hump with ITV and bombing the BBC headquarters because of it.

Nevertheless, there is no mention on Wikipedia of Caroline EVER broadcasting from anything other than ships:

Radio Caroline is a British radio station founded in 1964 by Ronan O’Rahilly to circumvent the record companies’ control of popular music broadcasting in the United Kingdom and the BBC’s radio broadcasting monopoly. Unlicensed by any government for most of its early life, it was a pirate radio station that never actually became illegal, although after the Marine Offences Act (1967) it became illegal for a British subject to associate with it.

The Radio Caroline name was used to broadcast from international waters, using five different ships of three different owners, from 1964 to 1990, and via satellite from 1998 to 2013. Since 19 August 2000, Radio Caroline has also broadcast 24 hours a day via the internet and by the occasional restricted service licence. Currently they also broadcast on DAB radio in certain areas of the UK: these services are part of the Ofcom small-scale DAB+ trials. Caroline can be heard on DAB+ in Aldershot, Birmingham, Brighton, Glasgow, Norwich, London, Portsmouth and Woking. Source: Wikipedia

The Chimp farticle then continues:

Other plans involved dropping Marines on to the disused naval fortification off the Suffolk coast in order to bring about ‘the surrender of the occupants’.


I mean Radio Caroline was broadcasting from the ship MV Mi Amigo… And were marines really necessary to bring about the surrender of an unarmed, non-combatant crew… Fuck me, a lone marine with a knuckle duster would have been sufficient. Yet the Elephant is still in the room since the mob on the abandoned sea-fort did not belong to Radio Caroline.

In fact I am not altogether sure who the mob on the sea-fort belonged to.

Nevertheless, the farticle continues:

Efforts to shut down remote HM Fort Roughs continued despite Radio Caroline’s chiefs being evicted by another pirate, former Radio Essex DJ Roy Bates. 


And I will repeat that Wikipedia’s detailed page on Radio Caroline makes no mention of the pirate radio station EVER broadcasting from anything other than ships so fuck knows who Master Bates is.

The government’s focus on Radio Caroline coincided with the station launching a smear campaign against Mr Wilson.

The dirty old cunt needed smearing but there is no record of Radio Caroline ever doing so although there were various legal challenges brought about by the radio station after the Labour Government brought the 1967 Marine Offences Act into force and later started blocking pirate radio station signals.

Indeed, if anyone was smearing anyone it was the Labour Government smearing pirate radio stations:

The government had claimed that the pirate ships were a danger because of radio frequency interference to emergency shipping channels, and to overseas radio stations and the pirates were paying no royalties to artists, composers or record companies Source: Wikipedia

Or put another way: The government were not getting their bite of the cherry.

The farticle continues:

Documents – from the Cabinet Secretary’s separate ‘miscellaneous papers’ archive – show officials spent hours monitoring the station’s output, fearing they planned to broadcast slurs about Mr Wilson’s alleged affair with his private secretary, Marcia Williams

HOURS??? For fucks sake, the lardy arsed government spend fucking hours deciding what make of bog-roll to use. Yet in that sentence there is no evidence to suggest that Radio Caroline was going to to broadcast slurs the truth about Wilson’s infidelity… Paranoia by any other name then!

A Postmaster General memo from July 1967 records that the PM ‘decided that the Defence Secretary [then Denis Healey] should prepare plans to deny to pirate broadcasters the use of abandoned off-shore forts’.

BUT CAROLINE WAS NOT – AND NEVER HAD BEEN – BROADCASTING FROM OFF-SHORE FORTS… Am I fucking missing something here… Am I being a bit thick, because I am fucked if this Chimp farticle makes any sense to me whatsoever.

If a demand to leave voluntarily was ignored, ‘the next step would be to blockade the fort or make an assault on it’.

Demand? What fucking demand?

And how is an “assault” on the fort – note not “shelling” – relevant to Radio Caroline and Harold Wilson? Mind you, that would have gone down well with the British youth of the time – warships stopping British supply & passenger boats getting to and from a pirate radio station… Even if the pirate station in question is a secret.

I mean it must be a fucking secret since the shit-rag has not named the station as yet… And just for the record, neither do the cunts name the station later on in the farticle.

Officials were especially anxious to demolish the fort as soon as the occupiers had left, lest Radio Caroline – which famously broadcast from an old trawler – recapture it in the interim.

“Officials”… Who are these “officials”? I thought that we were talking about Harry Worth Harold Wilson and his basket cases Cabinet! Yet to re-capture something, you have to have had that something in the first place so how could Radio Caroline “re-capture” something that they never had?

Did Harry Worth’s government think that the DJ’s were really ‘Pirates’?

Did they think that Emperor Rosko was the head buccaneer?

Was Harry outraged by the fact that if you put a finger in either side of your mouth and stretch it apart then try to say “buccaneer“, it sounds like you are saying “fucking Ear“.

Was Harry even more outraged by the fact that one hundred percent of people who knew that information, tried it?

Did you know that I am still nearly £50 short of this months site fees… I thought I would just get that in whilst I am attempting to provoke outrage.

PHOTO: Emperor Rosko

A military assessment of the situation noted that an assault on the fort was risky and that ‘the casualties that might result could have a very bad effect on opinion generally’.


Well I suppose that a crack team of soldiers would be no match for Tony Blackburn wielding his sword… Although the military would have been wiser assessing why so many soldiers take crack, since Tony Blackburn wouldn’t have been on the fort… He was on the Radio Caroline SHIP… Dick-heads.

PHOTO: Fuck all to do with this article… It is just funny as fuck.

Discussing the idea of an airborne assault, the memo records: ‘There would be a risk to the life of both the occupants and the soldiers, and a lucky shot could, of course, disable the helicopter with the possibility of considerable loss of life.’

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA – stop it, my sides hurt – HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA… It is a good job that the Monsters voted for us to win WW2 because if that last Monkey sentence is to be believed then we would never have won the fucking thing on merit.

The report also stated that ‘it is possible that the presence of, say, a frigate and a couple of helicopters would lead to the surrender of the occupants. If it did not, we would either have to land men on the fort or threaten to shell it’.

So is the report credible or is the Chimp just attempting to change history on behalf of the Monsters?

Course, although the farticle is lacking in detail if it isn’t made up bollox then it is safe to assume that this military assesment was made before the 3rd of March 1968.

You see on that date, both of Radio Caroline’s ships – the Mi Amigo and the Caroline – were boarded and seized by a Dutch “salvage company” in order to secure “unpaid bills”. Those real-life pirates then towed the ships to Amsterdam… And not one drop of blood was spilled.

The farticle then continues:

In the event, Mr Bates did quit the fort in 1968 to face firearms charges after he fired warning shots at a nearby ship, although he was acquitted as the offences took place outside UK territory.

So we are back to talking about the mysterious Master Bates – an Essex Radio DJ – who has fuck all to do with Radio Caroline or Harry Worth-Wilson… I wonder why he was firing warning shots at a nearby ship?

Mr Bates returned to Roughs Tower, setting himself up as the ruler of his self-declared state, Sealand, which persists to this day.

That didn’t answer the question.

In response to legislation seeking to ban pirate radio, Radio Caroline had started broadcasting ads in the summer of 1967 claiming the station would soon reveal ‘certain facts about Harold Wilson’.

And although this is nearly the end of the farticle, full credit to the imbecile monkey’s for finally getting on topic… Cept we only have the lying cunts word that Radio Caroline started issuing threats to Harry Worthless Wilson… I mean it was before my time and Wikipenis certainly makes no mention of such threats… Do any of my older readers recall the Fucking-Ears making such threats?

Aides in Downing Street desperately tried to establish what the scandalous material was, with the assumption being it related to Mr Wilson’s alleged relationship with Mrs Williams.

Paranoid guesses then.

However, I will soon be revealing certain facts about the transvestite, prime mincer, Terry May… And going on the Chimp farticle, that should keep MI5 busy for a week or two.

In the event, nothing was broadcast beyond political attacks against Wilson. One rotating ad, dutifully recorded by the Postmaster General, said: ‘Radio Caroline would like to congratulate Harold Wilson for having finalised his parliamentary action to deprive 25 million Britons of their commercial radio, their only free source of pleasure and entertainment.’

So, in other words a complete waste of time and money… Nothing ever changes with our wholly corrupt, total immoral governments then.

After the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act 1967 was passed, pirate stations were banned and the BBC capitalised by launching Radio 1 and hiring many former pirate DJs. Source

The End… Cunts.

However, as I wrote in “Sutch As It Was“, there is a real link to Radio Caroline and an off shore fort. You see, in 1963 the useful government stooge Screaming Lord Sutch and his manager Reginald calvert took over Shivering Sands army fort just off Southend on Sea in Essex – Which just so happens to be about 6 miles from where I live, don’t cha know?

And indeed the idea was that they would use the Fort as a pirate radio station, which was launched as Radio Sutch in 1964… The same year as Radio Caroline was launched from a fucking BOAT.

Moreover, in addition to Radio Sutch playing all of the latest hit records, Sutch would also have his friend, the Mossad agent come prostitute Mandy Rice Davies read from the erotic novel, “Lady Chatterley’s lover“.

Mandy Rice-Davis, as you no doubt know, allegedly frequented the notorious Astor parties of the early 1960’s which led to the government sponsored John Profumo hoax.

And, as you also no doubt know, the Astor in question is the former actor/prime mincer, David Cunt Camerons wife’s step-grandfather.

Now obviously, Radio Sutch was in direct competition with other pirate radio stations such as radio Caroline which – with around 23 million listeners – just so happened to be the Radio Station started by Ronan O’Rahilly.

Ronan O’Rahilly who ran the ‘Scene Club’ just off Windmill Street in London’s Soho district, recorded a Georgie Fame record on his own independent label which was unheard of at the time.

He took the record to the BBC to try to get it played and discovered that the record industry and the BBC was corrupt and dominated by EMI, Decca and the 3 Grade brothers (Winogradski).

He then tried to get it played on Radio Luxembourg and again found out that the shows were ‘owned’ by EMI, Decca, Pye, and Philips, which were essentially shows to promote their own records.

Frustrated at not being able to get the record any air time, O’Rahilly hit upon the idea of starting his own radio station, free from interference and domination by the big movers and shakers in the record industry.

Now, O’Rahilly also had links to the sinister Sir Anthony Fisher who had instigated 150 think tanks worldwide – which has since blossomed to over 400.

‘Think Tanks’ are the subversive way to alter thinking and perceptions, which pave the way for important world changes, although Screaming Lord Sutch allegedly did not like Fisher and what he stood for.

Meanwhile, Radio Sutch’s co-founder Reg Calvert also came to a very sticky end.

The following is taken from the Reg Calvert Story:

Calvert had been the man to discover Sutch, and further original acts followed, including the Fortunes and the Rockin’ Berries. Many of their acts stayed — indeed, virtually lived — in the Calverts’ home, Clifton Hall, near Rugby, Warwickshire, which became known as the “School of Rock & Roll”. 

Calverts wife, Dorothy played a particularly close role in the career of Sutch.

She later recalled: “He was playing in Nuneaton when the news about the Profumo scandal broke and Reg suggested that he stood for Parliament as a publicity stunt. That was a lot of work for Reg and me as David didn’t have a clue.” 

When Sutch did stand at the ensuing Stratford-on-Avon by-election in 1963 — the first of his record-breaking number of candidacies — Dorothy wrote his “manifesto”.

Although his candidature was a blatant stunt, Dorothy incorporated some serious politics into the campaign: having married at 18, she regarded it as ludicrous that she had then been made to wait three more years before she was eligible to vote and she made “votes for 18-year-olds” Sutch’s campaign slogan.

Sutch contested more than 40 elections, mostly under the banner of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.  Source

Nevertheless, Sutch soon began to feel stifled by the radio station, which led to Calvert buying out Sutch’s share and changing the radio stations name to radio City.

In 1966, Calvert was shot dead by Oliver Smedley… There’s a lot of it about don’t cha know.

Smedley was a liberal party politician who wanted to keep Britain out of the EU which he said would abandon British farmers, although for some unknown reason, Wikipenis does not mention the fact that Smedley was a politician at the time of the shooting. Smedly had also wanted Calvert to amalgamate with Radio Caroline in exchange for a new transmitter:

In 1964 Reg Calvert joined the pirate radio boom and launched Radio City, broadcasting from Shivering Sands, a Second World War marine fort in the Thames estuary, seven miles from Margate.

Two years later he went into a fateful partnership with Oliver Smedley, a director of the rival Radio Caroline. Smedley installed a more powerful radio transmitter at Shivering Sands but then declared he was pulling out of the deal.

When Calvert refused his demands for payment for the transmitter, he sent a crew of thugs to seize and occupy Shivering Sands. Calvert visited his home the following day to remonstrate with him and was shot dead in the quarrel that ensued. Smedley was charged with murder, but subsequently acquitted on grounds of self-defence. 


Vital evidence was mysteriously ignored and valid witness statements were overlooked- the whole case was a farce and resulted in a murder charge being dropped and diluted to ‘manslaughter on the grounds of self-defence’ thus allowing Oliver Smedley to walk free.

These case notes are now available to be seen at the National Archives in Kew, after being hidden for some 40 odd years and perhaps the truth might emerge, despite many of the involved people having passed away.

Dorothy Calvert took over the running of Radio City and was herself soon in court.

As the government moved to ban pirate radio, she was charged with offences under broadcasting law. Although she fought the case vigorously, she lost and in 1967, just eight months after the death of her husband, Radio City was forced off the air.  Source: as above

So, make of that what you will… Just sayin.