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Blimey! Rolfs finances have taken a battering haven’t they?

He signed the latest company figures off 15 days before his arrest. Or put another way 4 months after he was first questioned. 

Mind you. He may end up glad his finances have dried up. After all, if he is found guilty he could be liable for large compensation claims and he can’t pay what he hasn’t got can he?

Meanwhile, police say they are set to interview under caution another household name. The Mirror aren’t naming the “much loved comedian”. 

I’m fairly sure that I have named him on this site as being suspect. We shall see won’t we.

And before the pathetic whingers start. Prosecution witnesses do not get interviewed under caution… Just saying.

Rolf Harris’ fortune shrinks from £5.5million to just over £1million

 He signed off the figures 15 days before he was arrested on sex abuse claims last month


Arrested: Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris has suffered another setback as his fortune has shrunk.

Profits for his company dropped from £5.5million to just over £1million last year.

He signed off the figures 15 days before he was arrested on sex abuse claims last month.

Rolf, 83, was already under strain after he was questioned under caution by Jimmy Savile cops in November.

Company records show that early last year he had almost £4million in the company account but by June that had shrunk to £1.1million.

Rolf’s wife Alwen has revealed that he is coping by painting daily. “We’re still laughing. I hope it will be okay,” she said.He has been released on bail until May and denies all the allegations.

Rolf’s company was set up in 1963 and involves his brother Bruce.

Alwen is a director and company secretary.

The accounts say its ultimate holding company is RHE Holdings.

Rolf is director of a company called RHEL Holdings, which was set up 14 months ago but has never filed accounts.

He is also director of RHE Investments, set up at the same time, which has also not filed accounts.

A fourth firm, Cobshoe Holdings, is in liquidation according to Companies House.

Also, Rolf has been dropped as the face of British Paints advertising in his native Australia. DuluxGroup said the move was unrelated to his arrest.

A spokesman said: “The Rolf Harris format aired in the 1970s and was revived two years ago, receiving a positive response from consumers and the community.

“However, we recognised that this would have limited appeal in the future, given the younger demographic for the brand.”

Allegations surrounding Rolf are not linked to Savile and are understood to be historic.

Jimmy Savile police: Ageing comedy legend in new sex abuse quiz


The Sunday Mirror knows the identity of the man, now in his 70s, but we have decided not to name him

Another household TV name is being investigated over sex abuse allegations by Jimmy Savile police.

A case file has been opened on a much-loved comedian.

Sources say police are in the process of preparing to interview him under caution.

Allegations of historic sexual abuse have been made against the TV favourite, who denies the claims.

Police yesterday refused to confirm who the much-loved comedian was.

The Sunday Mirror knows the identity of the man, now in his 70s, but we have decided not to name him.

PR man Max Clifford

Action against the celebrity – who has been investigated over several months – was brought as PR guru Max Clifford was charged with 11 counts of indecent assault against teenagers.

And it comes as the cost of Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree, set up to investigate sex abuse claims in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, has reached £1.8million.

There are now 69 officers working on the various cases.

Detectives have so far formally arrested 12 men including entertainer Rolf Harris, pop star Gary Glitter, DJ Dave Lee Travis and comedians Freddie Starr and Jim Davidson. All deny the allegations.

Police have been inundated with calls in recent weeks from potential victims of even MORE celebrities.

Sources say victims of alleged abuse, who have previously not come forward, are emerging because of coverage in the newspapers about celebrity arrests, feeling their cases will be taken seriously.

But some politicians argue that people who have been arrested should remain anonymous after Lord Justice Leveson made the controversial recommendation in his report on Press standards.

One source told us: “The comic being investigated is another on an increasing list of those who will have to answer to allegations of abuse.

“But if it wasn’t for the Press publicising these arrests it’s doubtful whether the alleged victims would ever have come forward. They simply did not think anybody would listen.

“Officers will investigate further before deciding whether the comic should be formally arrested.”

In a separate development a woman yesterday claimed to have been a victim of a celebrity sex assault on Twitter.

Max Clifford yesterday said he felt sorry for the other celebrities under ­investigation for sex assaults.

Speaking outside his Surrey mansion he said: “I just feel really sorry for Freddie (Starr) and David Lee Travis and Jim Davidson and people I have known for many, many years because I know they are not that type either.

“I wish they (the police) would concentrate on the kind of Jimmy Savile types and those around Savile and the like, because surely that is what should be going on now. Until you are in this situation it is difficult to fully understand just how it feels.”

He claimed the allegations were “nonsense” and that he was “100 per cent confident” that he would clear his name. Mr Clifford added: “There is no way I have ever assaulted anyone in my life. I just have to face it but at least now my lawyers will get to know all the information.

“This is something I have to deal with and I will. I’m not looking forward to it but I am looking forward to the whole truth coming out.”

He claimed he could not remember his alleged victims and added: “I have problems remembering the score when I’m playing tennis. Have I ever met any of them? That is possible but I know that what has been said is absolute rubbish.”

The PR man questioned police use of resources, revealing eight officers had raided his home while another eight searched his office and a third unit rifled through his holiday home.

He said he was being “held up to national shame” but had received hundreds of messages of support and his clients were staying loyal. He added: “If the Jimmy Savile situation had not come along none of this would be happening.”

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