Hang ’em high


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I don’t know how many more times I have to say this, but however many that may be then so be it; Your Government is meant to be scared of you, and not vice versa.

Unbelievably, Instead of being stood on the gallows, the most that these hypocritical, thieving, spoilt nonces living over in posh Lala land face from the governed, is being subjected to a rare, barely audible, grumble rumble of mass discontent every now and then.

How Cameron & Co must cack their pants… Not.

Is it any wonder that they are all photographed in the Commons, laughing their bollocks off as one or another of the pasty faced arseholes announces the latest crackpot scheme to make life that much harder for us all?

They laugh, and rightly so too, because they are being allowed to take the right fucking piss out of a Nation infested with, spineless, backward thinking, self obsessed clones, acutely lacking in the common sense that they were born with.

They know it, we know it and the clones know it. Fuck me! Keep kicking a dog and eventually it will turn round and bite you. It’s no wonder that I prefer the company of dogs. They are a lot smarter than your average British Clone. They certainly cotton on a lot fucking quicker, that’s for sure.

We’ve got Smarmy Cunt 1, David Cameron. Gatekeeper to kiddie fiddler Lala land. An unsavoury spoilt tosspot, telling you mugs time and time again how we are all in this together… Are we? Cos from where I’m fucking sitting I can’t see much evidence of those wankers cutting back on anything.

Cameron is a smug, lying cunt who publicly lambastes people who try to save themselves a few bob on the unfair, unnecessarily high tax system in operation. Meanwhile he’s having it off at our expense as well as living off the millions he inherited from his old man. And how did Cameron Snr make his fortune? By avoiding paying errrr… Tax. Smarmy Cunt.

We’ve got Smarmy Cunt 2, Nick Clegg. What the fuck does that cunt do for a living except fast track millions of pounds of your money to charities connected to his family. If I want to give to charity then I will fucking choose which one I want to give my money to. Fucking thieving dick-splash.

We’ve got Smarmy Cunt 3, Gideon Osborne. And oh boy isn’t that piss taking Mr Bean look-alike my all time favourite pet hate. Gideon, “call me George, I’m just one of the lads” is a prime advert for pro-euthanasia if I ever saw one. Once again, another spoilt imbecile who was no doubt  mercilessly rogered up the arse at school – Only to find that he liked it.

Thick as two short planks, the twat doesn’t have a fucking clue what he’s doing. He knows it, they know it and we know it… So that apparently makes it ok. He does deals with that lame cunt Iain Duncan Smith that are purposely designed to cause millions of  skint people further hardship, right in front of your very eyes. And you let him get away with it… Come here for fucks sake, let me kick you as well!

Meanwhile, the snaky, puss boil thinks he’s repeatedly entitled to first class travel on a standard rail ticket… “Golly, old chap, genuine mistake on my part… Again, guffaw, guffaw”.

A traditional ‘family man’ with good moral standards, albeit he has a penchant for prostitutes and Cocaine, Georgie boy owns a £3 million pound house, makes copious amounts of money from his share of the multi million pound family firm, earns more in a year in his job – which he is totally inept at – than most people do in 7 or 8 years doing theirs – And still the long streak of Class A contaminated piss pleads poverty!

Fuck me, it wasn’t even a year ago that the fucking cretin was bleating that he didn’t earn enough to pay the 50 pence tax rate, “Guffaw, snicker…shhh… snicker”. Meanwhile, people who earn a lot less are now facing a 65 pence tax rate…

Now, while I can understand that not everyone is clued up on the monetary system. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to work out that he’s full of shit and taking the right fucking piss… Come here, I want to kick you again.

We’ve got smarmy cunt 4, Iain Duncan Smith. And hasn’t he just come into his own handkerchief of late. When the cunt was leader of the Tory party, you couldn’t get a word out of him. Now the big mouthed idiot don’t fucking keep quiet. Talk about a sick fucker gloating over the misery he’s causing. He is fast catching up with Giddyant Osborne on my favourite pet hate list. So let’s take a bit more of an in depth look at the bald headed soppy cunt… Not that there is fuck all wrong with being bald headed… Quite attractive actually. But I digress.

This fucking Psycho is directly responsible for a 25% rise in the suicide rate amongst the unemployed and responsible for the deaths of 100’s more, who despite being too ill to work, were never the less forced into slavery by the parasitic, sick fuck.

Iain Dickhead Smith, a man who does fuck all and lambasts those who do fuck all for a lot less than he gets for doing fuck all. He’s found his fucking niche now all right.

In fact, all of a sudden, the pampered pilchard finds he gets a hard-on by playing the role of a hard man. And thats all these sick nonces do; Play a role. They are actors, doing the bidding of the Rothschild Dynasty.

Mind you, if that fucking joke of a bloke is a fucking hard man, then Julian Clary must be in the SAS. So let’s examine the fucking hypocrite’s background, and see if he’s justified in his actions.

It would seem that after he stopped pretending to be a Soldier, the comfortably off Dickhead-Smith spent a ‘period’ of time applying for jobs. Despite, his family’s prosperity and him being in the privileged position of being able to pick and choose a  job he liked doing, he must have spent quite some time deliberating on which one to go for. I say that, because the cunt spent that long choosing his career, that he found it necessary to claim UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT.

In 2002 the TV program ‘Newsnight’ caused Dickhead-Smith considerable embarrassment after the shows presenter, Michael Crick revealed that the fraudulent Dickhead’s CV – which had been for the past 10 years open for inspection in the authoritative annual Dod’s Parliamentary Companion  – was in fact a tissue of lies. 

Dickhead-Smith’s non existent Degrees, attained while attending the prestigious University of Perugia, were in fact as fake as his hard man act. In reality, the lying cunt actually attended the University for Foreigners Perugia in Italy, – very la-di-da -which at that time, did not grant degrees.

Moreover, his claim to have attended the prestigious sounding Dunchurch College of Management turned out to be a few months of weekend courses at GEC Marconi’s staff college.

If that wasn’t bad enough to warrant Dickhead Smith getting his Dickhead kicked in, Michael Crick (who is he, I like him?) revealed in 2003, more embarrassing evidence that the robbing Toerag – who at the time was the Tory Party Leader – had been making dubious salary claims for his wife, that were paid to her with your hard earned money between September 2001 to December 2002.

The scandal later became known as “Betsygate” – The name of his very rich, very posh wife.

This next bit would be laughable, if it wasn’t so fucking serious. After the useless cunt was kicked out of his job as party leader (Obviously a failed Scots Guard Army Officer, since he couldn’t lead a scout pack let alone an odious, bunch of corrupt nonces), Duncan Smith established the Centre for Social Justice in 2004… Yes, you read that right, The Centre for Social Justice.

This organisation is a centre-right think tank which works with small charities with the aim of finding innovative policies for tackling poverty. The Right Orrible Dickhead Smith served as the centre’s Chairman until he joined the Cabinet in May 2010, and to THIS DAY, remains its Life Patron.

He also served under Derek Laud’s good friend, Michael Howard on the Conservative Party’s ADVISORY council (CPAC), along with the philanderer, John Major (god knows how Norma fucked the boring cunt let alone anyone else) who is quick to sue if you get the name wrong of the slag he’s shagging at the time.

Other notable parliamentary giants also serving alongside IBS  IDS on the CPAC were odious pond-life such as the fella who condemned Children in Care to years more horrific child abuse, the closet queen William Hague – a posh twat who despite never doing a day’s work in his life is intent on getting us all nuked – and Derek Lauds, partner in crime Ian Greer’s good friend, Kenneth ‘i will sue, i fucking will, you just watch me sue your lazy no good arse’ Clarke, a man who is fond of touching 15 year old boys penis’s.

Dickhead-Smith is married to the 5th Baron Cottesloe’s daughter, Elizabeth “Betsy” Fremantle. They have four children for whom each of which the honourable hypocrite claimed child benefit. And, while claiming that BENEFIT, the useless, good for fuck all, piss taking laughable ‘hard-man’ was in the privileged position of being able to sponge off his very rich Pater in Law.

A fact of which, the tight arsed fuck wit takes full advantage of  by living in a ‘rented’ home on his Aristocrat Father in laws, rather large Freemantle Estate in Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire…. You are excused from being kicked; let me kick that snivelling, odious prick instead.

Please, please wake up people, I’m wearing my fingers to the bone here.

Until the next time,

Much love,



Middle class families face paying 65% tax rate under Osborne’s ‘incoherent’ clawback of child benefit, IFS warns.

Hundreds of thousands more families could end up losing some or all of their child benefit, it emerged yesterday.

Financial experts say they would join the ranks of the more than a million who will lose an average of £1,300 this year.

With the benefit starting to be means-tested from Monday, the Institute for Fiscal Studies issued a withering verdict on the ‘incoherence’ of the policy.

It said that while 85 per cent of families would continue to receive the benefit following this year’s reforms, more and more families will lose it in the years ahead as wages rise but the threshold for losing the benefit remains at the same level.

‘The number who will lose at least some child benefit will just increase indefinitely as you go further and further into the future,’ said Robert Joyce, of the IFS.

The Government says it has no plans to change the threshold at which child benefit is lost from the current £60,000.

The IFS estimated that 820,000 families in which one partner earns more than £60,000 will lose all their child benefit this year, while a further 320,000 families in which the highest earner is paid between £50,000 and £60,000 will see some of their payments cut.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies released this graph which shows how the marginal tax rate faced by parents earning between £50,000 and £60,000 could top 65 per cent for anyone with three children in 2013-14

The Institute for Fiscal Studies released this graph which shows how the marginal tax rate faced by parents earning between £50,000 and £60,000 could top 65 per cent for anyone with three children in 2013-14

It said the average loss is £1,300 a year. Its report warned that larger families will face crippling marginal tax rates – the effective tax rate on every extra pound of income, taking into account both extra tax paid and withdrawn benefits.

This is because for every £100 earned between £50,000 and £60,0000, 1 per cent of child benefit will be cut.



The marginal tax rate between £50,000 and £60,000 will increase by about 11 percentage points for the first child, to 51 per cent, and a further seven points for each subsequent child, the IFS said.

So, for example, while about 320,000 people will lose more than 50p  in every extra pound they earn between £50,000 and £60,000, about 40,000 of them – those with three or more children – will find that their marginal tax rate jumps to at least 65 per cent.

QA Sam Dunn Whats Up
David Gauke said he is 'pleased' with how things were going despite the confusionDavid Gauke said he is ‘pleased’ with how things were going despite the confusion

Families with four children with one earner on between £50,000 and £60,000 will face an extraordinary marginal tax rate of 71.5 per cent.

Experts say this will create huge incentives for people in this income band to reduce their taxable income – for example, by contributing more to a private pension or working less.

Mr Joyce said the reforms,  which were watered down by the Chancellor following protests from Conservative MPs, will create ‘a series of administrative complexities, including the need for up to 500,000 more individuals to fill in self-assessment forms’.

He added that the ‘biggest concern’ is the incoherence the change will create in the welfare system.

Families will have to get to grips with the different ways child benefit and child tax credits – soon to be the child addition within the universal credit – are assessed, Mr Joyce said.

A Treasury spokesman said: ‘Withdrawing child benefit on the basis of the combined family income would require intrusive means-testing of all eight million households getting child benefit.

‘The way we are doing it is simpler for the vast majority of families.’

Now workers face waiting until 70s for a state pension: But new flat rate means mothers won’t lose out in most radical reforms for a century

Women will benefit from the most radical pension reforms for a century – but younger workers will have to delay their retirement into their 70s and beyond, it emerged last night.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg will next week outline plans for a new, more generous flat-rate pension, expected to be worth £155 a week.

But the sting in the tail is that the state pension age – already set to rise to 67 for both men and women between 2026 and 2028 – will increase further in the years ahead.

Prime Minister David Cameron
Nick Clegg

Reforms: David Cameron and Nick Clegg are set to outline plans for a new flat-rate pension, expected to be worth £155 a week

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said women, who often fail to qualify for the full basic pension because they have taken time out from work to bring up children and have not built up enough national insurance contributions, will benefit from the reform.

‘This is brilliant for women,’ he told the Daily Mail.

‘In those years when they have been doing things like caring for a child, we will give them a notional contribution, a top-up, so that they get the full flat-rate state pension.

Support: Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary, said women will benefit from the reforms Support: Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary, said women will benefit from the reforms

‘A woman who stays at home for a period will not now lose out in the pension stakes, which is phenomenal.’

Ultimately, the Coalition plans to link the state pension age to average life expectancy, a move which experts say could see it hit 73 for today’s 33-year-olds and 77 for those currently finishing their A-levels.


The flat-rate payment will also hasten the end of the so-called ‘state second pension’, which tops up the weekly basic state pension for better-off people who make national insurance contributions over their working life.

Mr Duncan Smith also said the move would be ‘massively pro-saving’ as it will mean an end to the indignity and bureaucracy of means-testing for millions.

‘One of the things that stops people saving is their view that what will happen is that their savings will take them into the means-test territory, but won’t go far enough to give them a decent income,’ he said. ‘A single-tier pension really makes saving worthwhile.’

The reform of the state pension, the boldest since its inception 100 years ago, is the most dramatic proposal due  in a ‘mid-term review’ to be unveiled by the Prime Minister and Mr Clegg.

The document is designed to provide a ‘progress report’ at the midway point of a five-year fixed-term parliament.

But it will also set out a fresh programme designed to prove that the coalition partners have a shared vision beyond austerity.

Other expected measures include:

■ Childcare reforms to reduce costs for working families

■ An overhaul to the way that Britain cares for its elderly, with a cap on the sums people have to pay towards their care

■ Private firms and investment funds to compete to build, operate and maintain new tolled motorways and trunk roads, and plans to reduce youth unemployment 

Welcome: Iain Duncan Smith said that the changes will be 'brilliant for women', adding that single-tier pensions make 'saving worthwhile' Welcome: Iain Duncan Smith said that the changes will be ‘brilliant for women’, adding that single-tier pensions make ‘saving worthwhile’

Mr Duncan Smith has embraced the single-tier pension, the brainchild of Lib Dem pensions minister Steve Webb, and persuaded sceptical colleagues, including Chancellor George Osborne, to go ahead.

The Treasury’s doubts about the cost of the reform are understood to have been met by reassurances that as the state pension age rises, and the state second pension is phased out, it will largely pay for itself.

Under the reforms, a new payment, worth £140 a week today, will be introduced for all soon after the next election in 2015, by which time it will be worth an estimated £155 a week.

The flipside is that the state pension age will rise further.

After the Second World War, the state pension age in the UK was set at 65 for men, at a time when life expectancy for a man was 66.4 years and 72.5 years for a woman.

But life expectancy has risen to 77 years for a man and 82 years for a woman in England. The latest estimates suggest that by 2056, it will be 84 and 89 years respectively.

If the pension age rose from now in line with the change in life expectancy over the past three decades, someone born in 1970 could be forced to wait until 71 before getting their state pension. But if life expectancy and improving mortality rates continue at their current levels, the state pension age could hit 77 by 2071.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2257472/Now-workers-face-waiting-70s-state-pension-But-new-flat-rate-means-mothers-wont-lose-radical-reforms-century.html#ixzz2H5i9j0x7
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