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Nothing is ever straight forward these days is it?

“What’cha talking about Baldy”?

Oh ello Voicey.

I’m talking about the Ashya King story, that’s what.

Indeed, it is true to say that the deeper I dig, the murkier it gets.

“Stop with the old fanny Spiv and just admit that you ain’t finished it yet fer’fucks sake”!

I ain’t finished it yet… Alright? Happy now?

Anyway, to cut a long story short I found out early on into my research that the King family’s MP is non other than one of my ‘bestest friends‘, the Right Orrible Mike Hancock MP

Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South has commented on the case of Ashya King who is from Southsea which is in his constituency.

Mike Hancock said: “I have contacted the Chief Constable of Hampshire Police and the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner asking them to ensure that the case is looked at very sympathetically as far as they are able to and Ashya is reunited with his parents as quickly as possible.

“While there might have been some uncertainty initially it has become clear that his parents have been acting in his best interests to try and get him the best possible medical treatment.

“I am also contacting Southampton Hospital and the NHS to ask them to look again at the options for his treatment and that they consider the treatments that Ashya’s parents want for him.” Source

And interestingly enough, Hancock was also the elected Lib/Dem Councillor at Portsmouth Council – indeed he may still be, I couldn’t be arsed to check.

Course, Portsmouth are the council that controversially made Ashya King a ward of court in this staged travesty.

Now, I have in the past written quite extensively about Hancock, who has indeed been accused of being a paedophile on a number of occasions.

But then again, that goes with the territory… Diplomacy that is, Hancock tends to sue.

Never the less, the fact that he is the chairman of the southern region of the NSPCC and has been since 1989 along with the fact that he was awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Sweaty Betty that very same year, sort of adds weight to the accusation… Just sayin’.

Course, there is a lot more to the horrible cunts past than that – which you can read all about by clicking HERE

Hancock’s name also appears on the list of Satanic Paedophiles that I published back in January, which you can find by clicking HERE

And if you haven’t read that list yet, then I would really advise you to do so.

Now, when I wrote that aforementioned linked article, Hancock was at the time facing charges of sexual assault on one of his constituents.

However, after a 3 month spell in the Priory for ‘depression’, Hancock settled with the woman out of court in June 2014, after which he admitted that he had “crossed the line” with his “inappropriate behaviour”… The press kept that fucking quiet!

But in other words, he was guilty as fuck despite denying for years that the assault ever took place whilst having had the full backing of his boss, Nick the lot Clegg, who it transpires knew the true story from the start.

Indeed, the Lib Dem party had actively put obstacles in this poor woman’s way in order to prevent Hancock being dragged into court.

Course, inappropriate behaviour appears to run in the family after Hancock’s son attacked a photographer outside the family home.

The Press were camped outside Hancock’s home at the time because of an offshoot from that sexual assault story.

You can read about Hancock JR’s  assault on the press by clicking HERE

Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock's son has been charged with assaulting a photographer outside his father's home.

The confrontation left photographer with a bloody nose

Never the less, more controversy was to follow the crook MP’s time at the Priory Clinic when the BBC questioned who actually paid the bill for the serial adulterer’s stay there:

BBC South News has spilled the beans on what’s been keeping Mike Hancock away from the local election campaign trail — a three month stint as a hospital inpatient being treated for depression.

The controversial MP and councillor, who is shortly due to fight a civil claim of sexually harassing a vulnerable constituent, was apparently admitted to the private Priory hospital in Hampshire days after citing his health as he refused to answer journalists’ questions but then going to France to attend the Council of Europe.

Details of Hancock’s treatment emerged in court as he attempted to block the case against with a psychiatrist’s report claiming that he was mentally incapable of instructing his legal team. Hancock’s bid was rejected along with attempts to keep his medical treatment a secret from the public — and notably voters in his Fratton ward.

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Quite why these monsters are allowed to continue to take the piss is beyond me.

Indeed, I hold in my possession some very incriminating evidence of wrong doing by Mr Hancock, but now is not the time to release it.

After all, I am supposed to be cutting a long story short.

So anyway, it seems that I was not the only one who picked up on Hancock being the King family’s MP.

You see, Mike Green from ‘The Dig’ website had also found out, albeit in a very different and much more interesting way than I had.

And as such, as a sort of prelude to my forthcoming article about the Ashya King debacle, the following is what The Dig had to say about the Hancock connection:


What You Up To Hancock?

The Dig

Mike Hancock

Saturday 6th September 2014

Following an interesting story I came across online by Journalist Chris Spivey regarding Ashya King and the alleged lies about the kidnapped ill child that has caught the attention of everyone all over the world, headlined ‘What times kick off’ which can be read on http://chrisspivey.org/what-times-kick-off/

Quite a remarkable and disturbing story by Mr Spivey and if its true, well, a damned disgrace of what is happening here. Reading the story I had a funny feeling myself that this could be true, so off I went and began researching Ashya King. What I discovered is eye opening and shocking to say the least.

The Ashya King story is Chris Spivey’s so i will leave that to him to finish, however, what I have come across is this man pictured above. His name is Mike Hancock an MP allegedly from Portsmouth with a questionable and possibly a dark past and certainly someone I wouldn’t want as a local MP in my area.

Mike Hancock CBE MP Portsmouth South is a money grabbing scoundrel, sex pest who claims thousands of pounds in MP’s expenses claiming £95,899 since 2010 with £22,500 in the past financial year.

How on earth has this man become an MP is mind boggling, sexual assault has been uncovered along with claiming expenses, but what else has this fraudster been upto?

Last night while looking into the Ashya King story I found the facebook page for raising money which has been named ‘Fight for Ashya’ Facebook group’, on studying the groups page I noticed a website link www.mikehancock.co.uk and a contact email which I cannot recall the email address and I will explain why further down. Noticing the Hancocks web site address I immediately thought Chris Spivey had got his story wrong, the Ashya facebook page has a local MP involved and a contact point.

At this point im still thinking the Chris Spivey’s story is just that, a fictional story. So I click on Hancocks site address and I get this message…..

“Adguard has blocked access to this page”

This web page at mikehancock.co.uk, has been reported as a phishing page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Adguard has found that this page may be a forgery or imitation of another website, designed to trick users into sharing personal or financial information. Entering any personal information on this page may result in identity theft or other abuse.

Now I’m thinking WTF! And I’m back with Mr Spivey and thinking “You could be right mate”.

Message pops up when clicking on www.mikehancock.co.uk

Now this Adguard message has got me alerted, so I close all browsers, open a new browser and off I go searching for Mike Hancock MP.

What I came across was this Hancock guy who in 2008 employed a Russian national called Katia Zatuliveter, On 8 August 2010, Katia Zatuliveter and her friend were questioned at Gatwick Airport on returning from celebrating her 25th birthday in Croatia. Hancock had met Zatuliveter in Strasbourg where she worked for the Council of Europe.

She started working as an aide to Hancock in 2008, after having been an intern at the House of Commons for a while and undergoing security vetting. Until Hancock was ousted as chairman of the All-Party Group on Russia in June 2010, Zatuliveter had been the group’s secretary, giving her direct access to all MPs with the greatest interest in Russia and legitimate reason to liaise with the Russian authorities; according to sources at Westminster, Zatuliveter had access to Hancock’s private emails, and virtually ran the UK-Russia group.

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