Gropecunt Lane

Chris Spivey.

Wouldn’t this be a great place to live? Then again, perhaps not:

Gropecunt Lane (play /ˈɡrpkʌnt ˈln/) was a street name found in English towns and cities during the Middle Ages, believed to be a reference to theprostitution centred on those areas; it was normal practice for a medieval street name to reflect the street’s function or the economic activity taking place within it. Gropecunt, the earliest known use of which is in about 1230, appears to have been derived as a compound of the words grope and cunt. Streets with that name were often in the busiest parts of medieval towns and cities, and at least one appears to have been an important thoroughfare.

Although the name was once common throughout England, changes in attitude resulted in its replacement by more innocuous versions such as Grape Lane. Gropecunt was last recorded as a street name in 1561.