Government ‘Pushing Poor Out Of London’




They will be pushed a lot further than that if people don’t start to wise up pretty sharpish…

This article written by Adrian Roberts was first published in the Morning Star on 21 April 2013.

London will become a place “only for the wealthy” as the government’s welfare changes start to bite, South East Region TUC president Martin Gould has warned.

Mr Gould told the Sertuc annual conference in London on Saturday that the government was sticking the knife into the poor with the introduction of benefit caps on households.

The government has claimed that imposing a nationwide cap on benefits will “encourage people into work” as the plan is rolled out in four London boroughs.

Couples and lone parents in Haringey, Enfield, Croydon and Bromley will not receive more than £500 a week, while a £350 limit applies to single people.

The cap will be imposed across England, Scotland and Wales from July.

And Mr Gould warnd that because of the bedroom tax those on benefits and have a spare room will lose £14.

He said: “All this is drawn up by people in most cases who have several houses never mind a spare room.”

This was the real legacy of Thatcher, he said, following all the pomp of last week’s funeral.

“You will have noticed that on the day of her funeral, unemployment rose and wages in real terms fell,” he told the conference.

“It was Thatcher that de-regulated the money markets, the big bang in 1986 that lead to the current bankers’ financial crisis.”

Despite all the glorification in the media over the last week, Mr Gould pointed out that Thatcher “was the enemy of the people.”

He said: “She was backward, divisive and vicious in dealing with Britain’s industries and communities,” he said.

He praised last Wednesday’s edition of the Morning Star for reprinting the 1979 poster.

Mr Gould also didn’t spare Labour’s blushes as he denounced its failure to overturn any ofThatcher’s anti-union laws, despite its 12 years in government.

“The attacks she made on democracy and the anti-union laws are still with us thanks to Blair and Brown failing to keep pledges made in opposition.

“The Con-Dems are now building on this with the further loss of work-place rights.”