Good Old Jeff

Christopher Spivey.

Now whilst I really hate to piss on anyone’s cornflakes, I have to tell you that as far as I can see, you are all approaching the Jeffery Epstein fiasco from the wrong fucking direction.

I mean, as always in these situations the public opinion is divided into two camps… Yet there are always more than two ways to look at things.

Nevertheless, in camp 1 we have the people who believe that good old Jeff was suicided. In fact this camp is cock-a-hoop at the moment because they all predicted Epstein’s suicide two weeks ago… Usually after finding a meme on Facebook:

Mind you, who doesn’t like to be proved right… Just askin’.

Course, their ‘predictions‘ were based not only on memes such as the above, but also on their belief that Epstein would never be allowed to live because he had too much ‘dirt‘ on the rich and powerful such as the Clinton’s and members of our not-so royal family.

Camp 1 is also now pointing out that Epstein would never have been able to top himself because he would have been on suicide watch – especially after trying to top himself last month.

Therefore, Camp 1 is convinced that Epstein was murdered by the “deep state“.

Camp 2 however have a different theory, although they too do not believe that Epstein would have been able to commit suicide. However, instead of being murdered by the “deep state“, they believe that Epstein’s death was faked and that he is now busy sunning himself either in Israel or on some tropical island some where.

And of course, by having his death faked, all those rich and famous nonces can now sleep easily in bed.

However, what neither Camp is addressing is the question as to why the fuck Epstein was arrested in the first place.

I mean such a thing just does not happen unless the powers-that-be want it to happen. Yet why would they want that to happen when they are the very names or relatives of those that Epstein could name as nonces?

Indeed, if you are going to tell me that the authorities had no choice but to arrest Epstein because a bunch of underage girls had made allegations against him then I suggest that you unplug your head from your jacksy.

After all, you only have to look to the likes of Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, Leon Brittan, Greville Janner, Cyril Smith and so on and so on to know that they were all well known for being nonces yet the police did fuck all about them even though their kiddy fiddling was common knowledge whilst they were active.

Indeed, all of the above had noncing allegations made to the police about them whilst they were still alive but (with the exception of Janner), not one of them saw the inside of a court room… And I am still not convinced that Janner did either.

Course, whilst those mentioned above are all British, you don’t really believe that the American authorities are anymore honest than ours do you? In fact, if anything they are probably worse.

Therefore you have to ask yourself why Epstein was arrested in the first place. I mean, let’s just say for arguments sake that the FBI or whoever were brave enough and were given the go ahead to arrest Epstein by the very people who Epstein could bring down, why didn’t those powerful people simply have him bumped off before it got that far?

After all, that would have been so much easier than having his suicide faked in prison wouldn’t it?

Likewise, these powerful people must have known about his impending arrest even if they could do nothing to stop it – which I don’t believe.

So it would have been equally as easy to have him fake his suicide before his arrest as it would of been having him bumped off, rather than wait until he was banged up to do the deed.

So as I say, for me it all comes down to the question as to why Epstein was arrested in the first place, especially given mind to the fact that he has dirt on the most powerful people on earth… And the fact that he was allowed to be arrested (or agreed to it in the first place), makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Therefore, there has to be a much greater agenda in play here than we are being led to believe, because people as rich, powerful and connected as Epstein do not go to prison for noncing. I mean fuck me, if they did there would be no one left to rule the fucking world.

Indeed, you only have to look at the names in Epstein’s “little black book” (found HERE) to know the kind of people that he rubbed shoulders with. They include Presidents, the Rothschilds, British & American politicians and members of royalty.

And you expect me to believe that the police would defy such power and go ahead and arrest him anyway!

Indeed, if you do then you need a check-up from the neck-up.

Yet I do have a slight problem with that little black book.

That is to say, how the fuck do you print the names and phone numbers in a personal notebook when you would be continually adding names to the pages and such household names would be constantly changing their phone numbers.

Therefore, in conclusion I would suggest that we are deliberately being fed a conspiracy theory of the Monsters choosing and in reality things are far different to what they appear.

Quite why we are is anyone’s guess but for now, don’t believe the truth… Just sayin’.