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Well, there really is fuck all of interest to write about at the moment. I mean there was the Lebanon explosion which may or may not have been deliberate, but there is no way of proving it and as such; there is fuck all to say about that.

Apart from that, the press are preoccupied with people going to the beach… So fuck all to write about there either.

All of which makes my job fairly hard to do, in fact I can’t wait till the terrapins come out of self isolation.

Mind you, it was nice to see that Boris Johnson took the time to comment on my last post – least I think the comment was from our beloved Prime Mincer… After all, the post he commented on was about nonces:

The fucking pitiful vile, unpleasant and downright fucking nasty and very fucking fat lascivious sex-obsessed twat, Christopher D. Spivey’s (convicted criminal) still on the fucking ear hole for money for his fucking pathetic, miserable bleedin’ dreadful, dreadful website.

Are you not fucking dead yet, Spivey, you parasitic fucking totally workshy bald headed fat grotesque daughter bedroom-inveigling vile psychopathic lousy fucking useless crossdressing closeted queer cunt?

He is very articulate isn’t he. I mean only a properly educated cunt would use a term like “bedroom-inveigling”.

Carry on Bo Jo:

And I’m fucking chuffed to fucking bits that the fucking totally corrupt NHS did the right fucking thing in putting your also fat and gross dad into a permanent sleep and they fucking helped him to fucking die, the miserable bleeding exceptionally foul rotten smelly twatting, cunting depressing sod, long before he fucking should have!

See? He gives himself away there by admitting that the NHS is totally corrupt – back to you Boz:

Did they successfully manage to blame it all on COVID-19 too? Always a fucking good “cause of death” that one is!!! LOLOLOL. All they fucking need to concentrate on next is your very fat appallingly and repellently fucking fish smelling mother who, like you, has become totally fucking useless to both herself and Society and she’s costing a fucking absolute fucking fortune in paying for her fucking State Pension that she never fucking worked for in the fucking first place, the dreadful fucking abysmal twatting cow!!!!!

Just fuckin’ askin’ like, Spivey!

Told ya that I was short of things to write about didn’t I? Course, the nonce supporting, fat fairy cannot be that clever if he thinks that kinda shit bothers me!

But then again, anyone who is a kiddy-fiddler (or protector) would be annoyed with the likes of me at the moment what with our sex pest, child-raping politicians taking so much flack at the moment… Albeit they are taking nowhere near enough of it in my opinion.

Indeed, Bo Jo is having a hard enough time as it is just keeping his pond-life cronies from being named:

Senior Tories have defended the Conservative Party’s decision not to suspend an MP arrested on suspicion of rape.

The accused MP, a former minister, was arrested and taken to an east London police station on Saturday morning before being released on bail later that day.

The Metropolitan Police said the allegations of sexual offences and assault related to four separate incidents which are said to have taken place between July 2019 and January 2020… Source

Now personally I find the decision not to name the politician abhorrent, but these cunts do not live in the same world as we do… And it must be hard on them, what with this story coming fast on the heals of that other Tory sex pest, Charlie Elphicke being found guilty of sexual assault on two women:

The Conservative ex-MP Charlie Elphicke is facing jail after being found guilty of three counts of sexual assault against two women in a verdict that prompted his wife – who represents his former constituency – to announce the end of their marriage.

The father of two, who represented the Kent constituency of Dover from 2010 until last year, had denied the three charges, two in relation to a parliamentary worker in 2016 and one in relation to a woman at his family’s central London home in 2007.

He lost the Tory whip in 2017 when the allegations were referred to the police, but was reinstated in December 2018 before a vote of confidence in the then prime minister, Theresa May… Source

Not that the Labour Farty are any better… I mean, the former MP, Eric Joyce who I mentioned in that article of mine which Bo Jo commented on has just been let off for having child porn on his computer:

A former Labour MP and ex-Army officer who admitted making an indecent image of a child has been sentenced.

Eric Joyce had a 51-second film on a device that showed “the sexual abuse of very young children”, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

The former shadow minister and ex-MP for Falkirk was arrested in 2018.

Joyce, 59, of Worlingworth, Suffolk, was sentenced to eight months in prison suspended for two years, and must complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

The court heard the category A film – the most serious there is – was accessed by Joyce between August 2013 and November 2018.

It featured what appeared to be seven different children, aged between 12 months and seven years… Source

Mind you, whilst Joyce is a horrible nonce cunt, he has fuck all on the former Labour Councilor, Roger Spackman:

A paedophile Labour councillor who worked in a children’s home has walked free despite being caught with over one million child porn images – including of 12-year-old girls being raped. 

Roger Spackman, 50, who was a Labour councillor on Exeter City Council until his arrest in 2017, worked at a secure children’s home at the time he started collecting the enormous hoard of images.  

Exeter Crown Court heard that he was part of an underground internet network called The Other Place.

A police investigation in 2017 charged the two front runners with offences and other members were exposed.

But Judge Peter Johnson jailed Spackman for ten months, suspended for two years, with 40 days rehab for possessing a ‘huge number of images’. 

Judge Johnson said it was ‘an astonishing number’ of images which included the most serious category A images and others of category B and C.

The judge said he was of good character working hard in public service as a councillor in Exeter before his ‘fall from grace which has been dramatic’… Source

Judge Johnson must be some kind of cunt mustn’t he? I mean he said of Spackman: “he was of good character working hard in public service as a councillor in Exeter before his ‘fall from grace which has been dramatic”.

Do me a fucking favour, the sick nonce-cunt worked with vulnerable children for fucks sake and given the huge number of images that he was caught with, along with his position of power & job in child services; the sick-fuck should have gone to prison for life.

Nevertheless, this is the photo that the nonce infested press used of the sub-life sick fuck:

And whilst you can’t polish a turd, there are much more telling photos of the vermin politician that the presstitutes could have used.

This one for instance:

Yet using that photo could have raised tricky questions as to how the dirty nonce cunt was ever let anywhere near a child!

Mind you, it is also worth pointing out that Boris called me a “convicted Criminal” in his vile comment, whilst ignoring the fact that I am a victim of a gross miscarriage of justice having been convicted of voicing my opinion and pointing out press inconsistencies on this website… A website that NO ONE is forced to read.

Worse still, for doing so I received a harsher sentence than both Eric Joyce and Roger Spackman were given for being convicted of paedophillia… And anyone who applauds that – especially in theses draconian days – has to be a massive cunt.

Mind you, Bo Jo has a lot more to worry about than just being a member of the elite nonce club. I mean this Covid old bollox is now starting to blow up in his Hamster-jowled-boat-race.

I mean, did you know that if you type any three digit number followed by the words; “new cases” into your Google search bar you will get a result for that many cases of Corona virus.

For instance: ‘675 new cases‘ typed into Google will give you the following:

Not convinced?

Well let’s try 831 new cases then:

In fact don’t take my word for it, go try it yourselves… It’s fucking amazing.

But of course, we are not being conned – well at least according to our government we aren’t.

It is also a shame that the media doesn’t show the same care in picking the photos of Covid-19 victims as they do when picking photos of nonce politicians:

Course, the real wake up call that we are being played came for the public with the compulsory wearing of masks in the shops.

You see, whilst many are complying I do believe that it is a step too far for the general public and they are now beginning to get angry… My 82 yr old mother is anyway and she is very compliant to authority.

And who can blame them. After all, just five months ago, one of our “most senior” doctors told the nation that wearing masks would increase your chances of catching the bollox virus:

Members of the public could be putting themselves more at risk from contracting coronavirus by wearing face masks, one of England’s most senior doctors has warned.

Jenny Harries, deputy chief medical officer, said the masks could “actually trap the virus” and cause the person wearing it to breathe it in… Source

That fact was then confirmed by the WHO – the organisation; not the band fronted by the nonce Pete Townshend:

Face masks do not stop people from catching coronavirus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in light of recent studies suggesting the opposite.

The United Nations’ health body was forced to review new evidence from Hong Kong claiming mass-issuing masks may have helped contain the pandemic. Source

Yet 5 months later, the fact that masks don’t protect you from fuck all now counts for nothing… You have to wear them or risk being fined.

And then to add to that evidence that masks don’t do fuck all is the scandalous fact that our government bought 50 million masks for the NHS at a cost of £150 million Pound to the taxpayer, that cannot be used because they do not work:

THE UK Government spent more than £150 million of taxpayers’ money on 50m face masks that cannot be used because they don’t meet NHS safety standards.

The payment was part of a £252.5m PPE deal struck with a UK Government adviser.

The masks, ordered from Ayanda Capital, have ear loops rather than head loops, and there are concerns over whether they are adequate… Source

After all, by far the vast majority of the masks being worn by the public to enter shops have ear loops and as the Government have now admitted, these masks offer no protection from Covid 19 whatsoever… Although we do not need any protection from this made up virus.

Mind you, there is a certain contingent (or should that be cuntingent) amongst the general public who are now using masks as fashion accessories. This cuntingent is mostly made up of girls in their late teens or early twenties… Dog help us!

In fact I am still not certain whether the Maskini is a joke or not. (see photo below):

I mean I would like to think that it was a joke, but you never fucking know these days!

However, the biggest outrage about these ineffective masks that the government has just wasted £150 Million Squids on, should be the fact that they were bought from a company owned by an adviser to the corrupt MP Liz Truss… Talk about fucking sleaze – a fact that even the MSM has picked up on:

This week came word of at least £156m of taxpayers’ money wasted on 50 million face masks deemed unsuitable for the NHS. They were bought from a private equity firm through a company that had no track record of producing personal protective equipment – or indeed anything for that matter – and that had a share capital of just £100. But this company, Prospermill, had a crucial asset. It was co-owned by one Andrew Mills, adviser to the government, staunch Brexiteer and cheerleader for international trade secretary, Liz Truss… Source

Yet there will be no police investigation into that fraud because the Government can now do as it fucking likes without reprisal.

Indeed, all they do is get the national press – the government propaganda wing – to report on some other old bollox in order to divert the public’s outrage elsewhere – which on this occasion it is back to the good old illegal immigrant old fanny.

I mean, anyone who reads the shit rags can’t help but fail to have noticed how prominent this old bollox has once again become, over the last couple of weeks.

Sadly, racism is still rife in this cuntry spurned on by the disgusting national press who are without doubt trying to spark a race war. And unfortunately, most racists are below average intelligence and have not got the sense to realise that they are being played for fools.

You see, there really can be little doubt that all this immigration propaganda really is old bollox, but at least the MSM has now stopped reporting that these illegals were paying up to £20,000 for a place on a leaky boat with only a 50/50 chance of making it over here.

After all, even the dim witted public were beginning to question how these poverty stricken immigrants – dressed head to foot in designer clothes with the latest in mobile phones – were able to save up such a huge sum just to waste on a perilous sea crossing!

But then again, the press would have you believe that these poor immigrants are willing to risk it for our generous benefit system.

I mean, you only need ask anyone on benefits how long it would take them to save up 20 Grand and it quickly becomes obvious why these poor illegal immigrants are willing to risk it all… Not.

Yet the great British public fall for that old crap, because they do not realise that a person claiming Job Seekers Allowance receives a pittance of around £79 per week to live on… Which is an absolute fortune to your average asylum seeker who can expect the British government to dole out £37.75 per week to live on.

Indeed, if you smartly dressed illegal alien has £20 Grand to spare, then why the fuck don’t they just buy plane tickets over here and then just disappear instead of making a run for it when they hit the beach… If indeed they don’t drowned on the way!

So they stopped that old fanny and the latest propaganda is that the average price for a seat on a leaky dingy is £2000… And for that, they get unlimited attempts:

We paid 2,000 euros [£1,800] to the Iranians who say they will put me on a boat as many times as it is needed to get across to England. They are telling the truth because I know others have got across this way.’ Source

Yet once again, you can buy an airline ticket for a fraction of that cost… And of course, you have to ask how these traffickers keep a record of the 1000’s that supposedly made it over here and those who didn’t… Total total bollox.

And you can forget all that propaganda about them being given free council houses and other such bollox… At best, those entering the cuntry illegally can expect to be housed in a flea pit hotel where they are subject to strict conditions, which I suppose is better than where the majority go, namely a detention center.

Course, the truth is that people are not dying to get into this country because it is anything but the desired prospect that the press would have you believe the UK is.

In fact immigration is down and migration is up, especially amongst the Polish immigrants who are returning to Poland in their droves, because the pavements of this shit hole are not paved with gold.

Indeed, “the UK currently accommodates at most 44,000 asylum seekers in total.‬
‪That figure accounts for just 0.06% of the UK population.‬
‪Asylum seekers are entitled to an allowance of £37.75 a week to live on.‬
‪In total, this allowance for every single asylum seeker in the entire country comes to, at most, £1.6m a week, or £86m every year
(Words by EvolvePolitics)

Now that sum may sound a lot but in reality it is chicken feed, especially when you compare it to the £150 million wasted on useless face masks by the nonce thieves in Parliament.

And when you do make the connections, you then quickly realise that you are being taken for a cunt by the gobshites.

Just sayin’.

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