Giz a Grand and don’t get lemon


Christopher Spivey


Boy you would have to be one dumb fuck to believe a word that Dacre’s Dunces print.

Take their latest hysterical rantings about the migrants in France who according to the half-witted apes are desperate as fuck to get over to this draconian shit-hole of a dictatorship so as to claim our benefits!

Benefits! What fucking benefits? 

If you don’t apply for 30-40 nonexistent jobs in the fortnight between doffing of caps you get sanctioned – hence the record number of people having to use foodbanks:

The archbishop of Canterbury has revealed how he was left more shocked by the plight of Britain’s hunger-stricken poor than by suffering in African refugee camps. Source

Fuck me, you can’t walk out of a supermarket without walking past a food collection bin for the poor.

Course, if you don’t get a job within a year then you are made to do community service… Or put another way, you are treated in the same manner as a criminal.

And the migrants can forget about a nice big council house. After all we have a record number of children living in temporary accommodation.

And why have we?

Well the scum paedophile, Slaggy Thatcher government sold off all the council houses that they could. What was left was transferred to housing associations who had signed strict agreements to build so many new affordable-housing, homes a year and then they simply broke their agreements.

Meanwhile, the government turned a blind eye to the fact… And continues to do so.

Not that the migrants would be able to claim benefits anyway since they are illegal aliens.

“No problem” says the Monkey-Kuntz, “we will put them down as coming here to work in the black economy”. 

Do me a fuckng favour! What black economy? This is not the 1980’s.

Employers can no longer get away with employing people cash in hand… Far too risky, far too many rules and regulations and they have no need to.

After all, why would a businessman risk all he has worked for – with stiff penalties if you get caught – when there is minimum wage slave pay?

Remember, the thing with cash in hand is that back in the day the worker would be claiming benefits and also getting his rent paid and with everything not being computerised back then it was worth the risk and beneficial to all… But not so anymore.

And those people on minimum wage get benefits so as they can [just about] survive.

Whereas these migrants get fuck all in benefits and as such would not be able to survive in this country even on a cash in hand job paying equivalent to minimum wage.

Yet according to the Chimp, these shanty towns in France are now run by British armed gangsters who charge theses immaculately dressed migrants £1200 a pop to smuggle them into England.

So what happens when these armed gangsters get caught? I mean I don’t recall reading about any gun fights at the OK Coral Port of Dover.

Yet fuck me, if the ‘migrants’ can afford to wear spotlessly clean designer clothes and have a spare Grand in their pockets then they are heading the wrong fucking way.

Even more so when these immaculately dressed, rich boyz living in dirt will have already shelled out another Grand or two for one of the 900 sea-crossing places in a 6 man dinghy… Its a fucking good job that I am not sarcastic.

Mike Hookem UKIP MEP, you disgust me you low life cum-bucket. The Monkey-Kuntz always have so nothing new there… Just sayin’.

Offering an obscene gesture, the driver of a British-registered VW Passat speeds out of a migrant camp in northern France where London gangsters are believed to be offering one-way illegal passages across the Channel for £1,200 cash.

His aggressive sign was followed by violence, including rocks being thrown at a MailOnline photographer’s car by others around the camp.

It follows similarly dramatic scenes at the same camp in Teteghem, near Dunkirk, on Monday when UKIP MEP Mike Hookem was allegedly threatened with a gun as he tried to visit. Source