Giving money to the NSPCC is funding child sex abuse.


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You have to admire the shear gall of this perverted ‘Charity’ the NSPCC.

I mean, what kind of charity employs a mass murderer in a management position?

Yet when confronted the NSPCC refused to answer questions about the MK terrorists employment with them.Source

Course, you also have to ask yourself; what kind of Charity employs paedophiles to front their campaigns for that matter!

I am of course talking about the vile, perverted cunts Princess Andrew, Peter Madelson, Jimmy Savile and Slaggy Maggie Thatcher.

The NSPCC has in fact had social workers in their employ who were taking part  in Satanic Child Abuse. Social workers in their employ taking part in child sex abuse along with the notorious care home boss Frank Beck. And more recently, an NSPCC employee was exposed giving the Paedophile Stuart Hall a character reference for his recent trial for child rape.

In fact, if you look at all the big cases of child abuse that have received  a lot of MSM exposure, such as Fred & Rose West and Victoria  Climbe, the NSPCC were at fault in them all. (see newspaper clippings at bottom of page)

That is because the organisation is nothing more than a cash cow for perverted rich cunts who also take their pick of the children for their sick and twisted pleasure.

The ‘Charity’ receives huge government funding to investigate cases of child sex abuse, yet merely passes on any information they receive to the Social Services.

The donations that you so generously give over are spent on huge wages for greedy nonce fat cats, expensive company cars and air flights to conferences and such like.

In fact a quarter of all donations that the NSPCC receive is officially syphoned off to keep these perverts in luxury – although the real amount is probably far more.

In the last financial year 75.3% of our expenditure was spent on activities to end cruelty to children. You can find more detail of this in our financial report (page 5).  Duty Enquiries Officer NSPCC Safeguarding Information & Library Service Source

My advice would be to tell your friends and anyone who will listen that donating to the NSPCC is helping to fund paedophilia.

I would rather roger myself with a brillo pad on a stick than give this perverted free for all any money.

After all, If the fat useless cunt Tom Watson MP gives the organisation his backing… It has to be iffy… Just saying. Source


British charity launches campaign to help prevent child abuse

A leading British charity for child protection has launched a major campaign to help stop child abuse amid a surge in sexual abuse cases in the UK.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) launched its “Now I Know” scheme in the county of Hampshire. It also paid visits to children in schools in York.

The ChildLine Schools Service initiative, which trains volunteers to have regular visits with children on a two-year basis, highlights the dangers of sexual abuse and covers basic protection guidelines.

The charity chief executive, Peter Wanless said he believes promoting greater awareness of the terrible and harmful lasting effects of child abuse among the young will stop it before it starts.

“We want children to be able to say ‘Now I Know’ – and not, ‘I wish I had known’. And we want everyone to play their part by looking out for children and reinforcing the message about speaking up”, said Wanless.

The service has already visited over 4,300 children in 47 schools in Hampshire and almost 2,500 children in 17 schools in York, which has received praise from parents and teachers.

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