Gimme Some Truth


Christopher Spivey


Im sick and tired of hearing
From uptight-short sighted-
Narrow minded hypocritics

All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth

Ive had enough of reading
By nuerotic-pyschotic-
Pig headed politicians

All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth

No short haired-yellow bellied
Son of tricky dicky
Is gonna mother hubbard
Soft soap me
With just a pocketful of hope
Money for dope
Money for rope

Im sick to death of seeing
From tight lipped-
Condescending -mommies little

All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth

Ive had enough of watching
Of schizophrenic – ego – centric
– paranoic – prima – donnas

All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth. – ‘John Lennon, Give Me Some Truth’.

The problem that I have with this Jacintha Saldanha story is that I simply do not believe it… Its bollocks… There is not one single aspect to this story that is anywhere near remotely credible and I am absolutely sickened not to mention disturbed, that the vast majority of the frightened, spineless, mind controlled clones who inhabit this once fine country have embraced the details without the slightest hint of dissent.

Certainly, it is fair to say that with the MSM’s poor standard of reporting on the facts surrounding Jacintha’s ‘suicide’, of which even then they were forever changing their minds, has made this one of the most difficult and complicated articles that I have ever had to write.

Now, before I continue, I should make it clear that while I have no particular desire to offend Jacintha’s family – if indeed, they are a real family – it still has to be said, that they have knowingly or otherwise, been unforgivably exploited in order to further a hidden agenda.

For example, just because Cameron is portraying the dead Nurse as being almost saintly, does not mean to say she was. Fuck me, Cameron’s morals are that polluted that the twat wouldn’t know a saint if one slapped him round the face and shouted “Hey dozy bollocks, I’m a Saint”.

However, with our puppet PM and the MSM dictating how the nation should feel about the suicide – and just about everything else for that matter – people are becoming far too scared to speak out. After all, gods forbid anybody dare be capable of thinking for their selves these days… Fortunately, I’m not scared, I can think for myself and I will speak out. Everything stinks about this story and I’m not buying into it.

I have very closely listened to on a lot more than one occasion, the so called “cruel hoax”, formally known as a practical joke, or wind up and if Jacintha (if that is her real name), felt humiliated by the tiny part she played , then fuck me, she is better off out of this cruel world.

And, as I have just intimated, I don’t believe in the family either. I do know what someone who is devastated and spent hours crying looks like and according to family spokes person, the MP Keith Vaz , the family are devastated. If they are, they certainly haven’t been doing much crying.

Moreover, I’m still not clear as to why Vaz – being the MP for Leicester East – is the spokes person for a Family from Bristol. Does Leicester East not have any suicides this week?

And, while we are on the subject of Vaz, does anyone else but me think that it’s slightly cringe worthy, not to mention creepy, how he keeps hugging the family in tight embraces, despite the apparent lack of tears?

He is particularly fond of doing it to Jacintha’s 14 yr old adopted daughter Lisha, by continually pulling her towards him. Shouldn’t that be her Fathers job?

Then again, obviously not since I haven’t seen him do it once – as you would expect him to have done, since we are continually told by the MSM what a close knit family they are.

However, I have to say that judging from what I have seen, their whole dynamics of a loving family are wrong. They appear more like strangers than a closely knit grieving family. But, once  again, perhaps that is just me.

Never the less, if you think about it, why does the family need a spokesperson at all – let alone an opportunist MP. Do our caring; self-giving, compassionate MP’s do this for all families left behind by those who have topped themselves? If they do, then they have been very busy since on average over 700,000 people commit suicide in the UK every year. Here are some suicide statistics:

  • 1 million people across the globe die by suicide each year. That’s one suicide every 40 seconds.
  • More people die by suicide each year than by murder and war combined.
  • It’s estimated that approximately 5% of people attempt suicide at least once in their life.
  • Between 10% and 14% of the general population have suicidal thinking throughout their lifetime.
  • Suicide is the second biggest cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year olds.
  • 100,000 adolescents die by suicide every year.
  • Suicide is estimated to be under-reported (Not in this fucking story, it’s not – Spivey) for reasons of stigma, religion, and social attitudes. Many suicides are hidden among other causes of death, such as road traffic accidents and drowning.
  • Until 2009 suicide was on the decline in the UK.
  • On average, male unemployment saw suicides rise by 25.6% with over a 1000 cases linked directly to unemployment in 2008-9

(Source: International Association for Suicide Prevention & the Guardian Newspaper.)

I have to say that, it was always my understanding that Suicide was a selfish cowardly act. Course that would explain why Cameron – who next to Gideon Osborne is the smarmiest man I know – felt the need to chuck in his two penny’s worth. After all, a selfish cowardly attitude is exactly the kind of attitude that the scum-bag wants us all to have.

It is however, strange that the MSM have been so supportive of Jacintha since earlier on in the year the Daily Mail described people who commit suicide as generally being:  motivated by their own selfish considerations.

So what is it all about?

Well, the obvious answer as to why twats such as Keith Vas-alene, David Cameron and the family’s local MP Charlotte Leslie (who has obviously just cottoned on to the fact that this old bollocks is a vote winner since she was only mentioned as being involved for the first time a few days ago) are getting involved is that, aside from being a vote winner, the story also takes the focus off the police decorators, who are busy whitewashing Operation Yewtree at the moment.

And of course, the story is centred around the Palace Parasites. People are now starting to cotton on to the fact that there is fuck all gracious or noble about the evil bitch and her inbred family of reprobates. And, as I have highlighted over the past month or so, this change in public perception has meant that the leeches have hijacked the MSM, to act as their own personal PR machine.

However, before, I go about further exposing this story for the sham that it is, you should first listen to the tape recording of the phone call made by the two Australian DJ’s Mel Greig and Michael Christian.

I say this because; you have to understand the very small role Jacintha played in this cruel hoax/bloody good ‘gotcha’. You will hear that she wasn’t made to look a fool – except by the lack of professionalism that she showed in transferring the call – because Mel Greig never once told Jacintha that she was the queen. In fact, as I said in a previous article, I am surprised that Jacintha even knew who to transfer the call to, since Mel only introduced herself as “Kate’s Grandmother”.

Here is the You-tube link to prank call video:

Jacintha therefore could not have killed herself because of the humiliation. She was not, repeat, was not, humiliated by the DJ in any way, shape, or form. Course, according to the MSM there is now a note, one of three suicide notes apparently, which we are told blames the Cruel hoax/ practical JOKE as the reason why the nurse topped herself.

However, it is extremely strange to say the least, that not even Jacintha’s husband was told of the existence of these 3 notes, let alone the contents until nearly a full week after the fact. Moreover, it seems that neither he nor anyone else is allowed to see these 3 notes and as such has had to make do with a typed transcript… Not a photocopy… A typed transcript!

If that does not set alarm bells ringing in people’s heads, ask yourself why he is not allowed to see them. This is supposedly a suicide, which the police have categorically stated that they are NOT treating as suspicious. Therefore, if there is no investigation, why the fuck has Jacintha’s husband, Rocky Barboza not been given the notes.

It has also been categorically stated that Jacintha faced no disciplinary action from the hospital. With that being the case, then to my way of thinking, she should have been celebrating given her lack of professionalism in the way that she handled the call.

And, since she faced no disciplinary action from her employers, you can only conclude that her bosses felt that she did absolutely nothing wrong.

Neither had Jacintha mentioned the cruel hoax/’listen to this phone call it’s funny’, to her family, who we are told she spoke to on a number of occasions by phone in the THREE days between the call and her death. This would indicate that it was hardly playing on her mind.

Think about it, if we were to believe the MSM… Stop laughing that is not funny… If we were to believe the MSM, who have gone on and on and on and on and on, about how closely knit this family is – despite photographic evidence and the forever changing emerging details, suggesting that this is not the case – surely Jacintha would have confided in her husband about how silly she felt? At the very least, if it were such a big deal to her you would have thought she would have mentioned it to someone… But she didn’t.

Neither, had her colleagues or bosses noticed that she was upset – although the guardian says that Jacintha’s  boss told her more than once that she didn’t face any disciplinary action as well as offering her some time off. This is strange in its self because if she didn’t face disciplinary action or even a stiff talking too, then it follows that her boss wouldn’t mention it.

After all, if someone isn’t to blame for something and as such has nothing to be rebuked about, then that persons boss wouldn’t say “Morning thingy, beautiful day today, I’m not going to tell you off”, every time that they passed each other in the corridor, would they?

That means Jacintha must have approached her bosses with her concern. Furthermore, that she was reassured on a number of occasions that she faced no action can only mean that she kept harping on about the subject to her bosses. Never the less, if she was offered time off she didn’t take it, and since she hadn’t mentioned her worry’s to her colleagues or family you can only reach the conclusion that she neither appeared nor sounded upset.

However, we have now been told that another one of these suicide notes, that I can only think must melt your eyeballs if you see them, tells of a dispute that Jacintha was having with one of her Colleagues. The following is from the Daily Mail:

One of three suicide notes suggests that even before the prank call, Mrs Saldanha was ‘unhappy’ that following a misdemeanour by a subordinate the hospital had decided not to discipline her colleague.

A family friend said: ‘Jacintha was involved in a personal disagreement with a colleague several weeks before the prank call.

‘The hospital had decided not to take any formal action but to put the two nurses on separate shifts. Jacintha made clear her disappointment and that she was not happy.

Since a subordinate is someone of lesser rank, it follows that Jacintha was the one who reported the “misdemeanour” to her bosses, which they in turn considered too trivial to warrant  a reprimand. That in turn suggests that Jacintha was being petty or vindictive. However, even if she didn’t report it, the fact that Jacintha was ‘unhappy’ (why the apostrophe’s?) that the person wasn’t disciplined goes a long way to indicate the type of person that she was. No one likes to see a workmate get in trouble do they?

Then, for an argument to ensue, must have meant that the pair had words about the incident that were considered so serious or hostile, they were then allocated different shifts. Since that was several weeks prior to her death and her family have not voiced this as a contributing factor in her suicide, you can only conclude that Jacintha was over it.

Never the less, common sense should tell you that the bad feeling between the two employees is much more likely to have been the reason Jacintha hung herself. Certainly, on the evidence so far anyway.

So why does the MSM not report this in much more detail? Perhaps it’s because it would make a mockery of the following claim printed in newspapers throughout the MSM. This from the Guardian:

Following the service, Saldanha’s widower, Benedict Barboza, and two children, Junal and Lisha, described her as a “kind-hearted, generous, and well-respected woman”.

After all, someone who either reports a work mate for a trivial offence or is angry when a workmate escapes punishment for a trivial offence, could hardly be said to be kind hearted. Neither would I have thought that her actions would have afforded her much respect amongst her colleagues. My thinking is somewhat re-enforced by the following passage taken from the Daily Mail:

He [Benedict Barboza] called the hospital early on Friday morning and asked a colleague to check on her. But apparently, the nurse failed to do that. Another colleague went to her room at 9.30 am and found her body.

The news was broken to Mr Barboza by police. At no point that day or subsequently did any member of the hospital staff visit the family to express their condolences, according to a family friend.

‘They could have gone to break the news to the family but they didn’t do it,’ the source added.

In her final letter, Ms Saldanha is believed to have asked to be buried in her home village of Shirwa, near Mangalore, in southern India. (Note to Daily Mail: it is Shirva, not Shirwa. Fucking Journalists, I’ve shit em).

Just a quick point. Above we have a ‘source’ saying that in one of the suicide notes, Jacintha asked to be buried in her home village in India. And, even before the notes contents were divulged, the Guardian quoted Jacinthas Mother and Sisters as saying that they would like her to be buried in India. Jacintha’s Husband and Children also appear to share this sentiment. But why? Once Jacintha qualified as a nurse, she couldn’t wait to leave India. Furthermore, with her Husband and Children being so ‘close’ to her, you would have thought they would have wanted her close by in Bristol. Just saying.

Never the less, the MSM continue to suggest that it was the hoax call that led to Jacintha’s death – This fact is evidenced by their constant sensationalist headlines, which are in fact, in contravention of Press Complaints Commission (PCC) regulations. The following is taken from the Samaritans website:

  Media affects suicidal behaviour

Research has shown that young people often get their information on suicide from the media, and high profile cases of suicide can sometimes lead to copycat effects.

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has guidelines on reporting to make sure reporting is not sensationalist.

We have published media guidelines, encouraging media outlets not to publish details about suicide methods.

Now, Coming so close after the release of the Leveson Report which called for tighter press control (which Cameron rejected), you would have thought that mindful of that fact, Cameron would have been wanting to play down the prank-call aspect of the story. Instead, he is continually harping on about the woman, giving the press even more fuel to add to the fire.

Mind you, given Levesons comments while on his all expenses paid junket to Australia of all places, and Harriet Harmans article in last Sunday’s Daily Mail; it is quite obvious that there is an elaborate government game being played out here, which I suspect will end with censorship of the internet. Especially since Cameron first rejected the idea of censorship and subsequently changed his mind… As if that wasn’t in the script from the start. Still, I suppose you could describe the pantomime as being a real ‘act of parliament’.

Meanwhile, Leveson, The Lizard in Oz, had already stated in so many words, that if we here in the AM are not silenced, then MSM journalists… What? Stop fucking laughing!

Okay, point taken…

Leveson has said, that if we here in the AM are not silenced, then the standards of the MSM repeaters will decline… What a lying old bastard! The journalistic standards of the MSM couldn’t drop any fucking lower. This fairy tale about a nurse, proves that.

In fact, the details to this story – reported by the MSM as fact – have changed so much over the course of the week that even I, who have been following the story closely have been left confused at times. In truth, the MSM  might as well have made the story up as they went along; they have been that off key with the facts.

Still, as you would expect from the corporate controlled MSM, what hasn’t been reported on is the fact that: The same day that the prank phone call was made from Australia, just so happened to be the very same day that Lord Leveson arrived in Oz.

Now, since it would seem apparent that the prank call was not entirely Mick and Mel’s idea – being as they were handed the phone number for the hospital – anyone with a suspicious mind may find that a bit more than coincidental.

Course, with this story being designed to deflect attention away from the rather more important matters that the Government want out of the spotlight, the MSM wouldn’t report on such coincidences, would they. After all, t0 do so would only cast more suspicion on the government and Royal family.

However, the unbelievable hype surrounding what is at best, an ordinary suicide, and at worst, the deliberate murder of a woman, if indeed there ever was a death at all, means that the details surrounding the story make as much sense as going on a MacDonald’s diet plan.

Then again, Given the real purpose of this story would also explain as to why the MSM, who seemingly intent on getting their proper money’s worth out of it, are never the less refusing to acknowledge a massive anomaly that has cropped up. Course, they wouldn’t would they since it doesn’t do to throw a spanner in the works when there is an ulterior motive for exaggerating a story, don’t cha know.

You see, at least two – And I’m sure there are many more – Asian based websites have been running a story about our MSM getting Jacintha’s identity incorrect.  The following is taken from an article about that mistaken identity and which can also be found in full at the following link :

Jacintha, a nurse at King George VII hospital in London, who hailed from Shirva in Udupi district, died on Friday. The problems beg­an for Jacintha of Kinn­agoli after news of her ‘death’ spread in the media on Saturday.

“I got a phone call from my cousin in Canada on Saturday saying my photo was being flashed in the media. When I switched on the TV, I  found several TV channels showing my picture. I found many messages in my Facebook account too. I received about 200-300 phonecalls from India and abroad asking what was happening,” she said.

Shirva to Kinnagoli is only about an hour’s drive away, so it is I suppose quite understandable that identities could get mixed up. Poor Journalism never the less, but hey ho.

You can find the other article at the following link:

The aforementioned article, also displayed the following photo:

Now, while the article does not make it clear if that is the picture of the Jacintha that died or the jacintha that is alive and lives in Kinnagoli, I will presume that it is the dead Jacintha, since she is pictured with two teenage children – a boy and a girl. However, Jacintha’s son is very dark skinned where as the boy in the photo is very light skinned, although that could be down to the lighting of course.

However, what is strange is that this photo was obviously selected from a batch taken at the same time, place and day as the one used on the order of service pamphlet for Jacintha’s memorial service as well as a cropped version of the above photo being used on a memorial picture that her husband is seen holding in a photo.

“So what”, I hear you say.

Well, does it not strike you as odd that photos of the ‘much loved’ Jacintha appear to be in such short supply that they all have to come from one batch? And, why Are photo’s of Jacintha so few and far between that her husband is forced to use edited photo’s of his beloved wife on a memorial picture and one from the same batch on the order of service pamphlet?

Apart from the fact that of the limited variation in photos that have appeared in the media, the photos being used on the order of service and such like, appear to be the least flattering. Yet surely, a loving tight knit family would have more than enough photos not to have to use the same batch, time and time again. Small point, but then again, a lot of small points add up to make a big one.

Meanwhile,, an Indian website or at least a website that carry’s Indian adverts reported that:

 The funeral of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse found dead after a prank call was made to the Duchess of Cambridge’s hospital is taking place in Shirva in Udupi District today afternoon

OK, so far so good. The funeral location confirms what the mistaken identity article claims, namely that the dead Jacintha is from Shriva in Udipi. The article then continues:

Ms Saldanha’s family have flown to her home country for the funeral, which will take place at Our Lady of Health Church in her husband’s home-town of Shirva, Karnataka, near Mangalore.

So, we are now being told that the village/town of Shirva is Jacintha’s husband’s home town also. This is confirmed as being accurate by a piece in the Guardian:

On Saturday, relatives gathered at the Barbozas’ smart single-storey home in Sorkala, near the town of Shirva in Karnataka, to grieve and to share their memories of Saldanha.

Hmmm! Another small ‘coincidence’ is that both Benedict and Jacintha’s Mothers are called Carmine. As far as I am aware, no media outlet has mentioned the two Mothers within the realms of the same article and indeed, I only made the connection while researching two different stories.

The Daily Mail has Carmine Saldanha down as being 69 yrs old and the Guardian has Carmine Barboza down as 70 years old. Now, when you consider that some newspapers have Jacintha’s Son down as being 16 yrs old and other have him down as 17 yrs old it follows that the 1 yr age gap between the two mothers of the same name isn’t necessarily accurate… Again, just saying.

Jacintha also happens to come from a family of 6 children, 3 of whom were older than she is. Since her husband is only 3 years older, it figures that in a small Indian village/town , the Barboza’s  and Saldanha’s would have know each other. Apparently not according to theDaily Mail:

 Both Jacintha and Mabel trained as nurses and went on to work together in Saudi Arabia before Jacintha was offered a new job nursing in Muscat, Oman. It was there Jacintha met her future husband, Benedict Barboza.

Course, knowing that the MSM are prone to make massive mistakes in their reporting, it could be a case that the Guardian has Jacintha’s home town wrong. However, that then, would in turn beg the question as to why Benedict would bury his wife in his home town and not hers, especially since he no longer lives there.

The website also carries’s the following obituary photo:

Straight away, you will notice that the photo is one that hasn’t been seen in the British MSM (at this time of writing, some 7, or 8 days following the story breaking). It is to my mind a much more fitting photo than the recycled photo used on the order of service, and  from the same batch as the inexplicably cropped  photo used on the picture Benedict is seen clutching in a photo that appeared in the Daily Mail.

Interestingly enough, there is a photo of Benedict sitting with his wife that has also appeared in the MSM. This photo too, is from the same batch. Therefore, in total, the British Media all seem to be using the same 3, possibly 4 photos of Jacintha in their reporting, 2 of which are from the same batch Meanwhile Benedict has used two photos in memorials to his beloved wife, also from that batch. Therefore, of the 6 photo’s that have appeared in the UK, 4 out of a possible 6 are from the same batch.

Course the MSM are only given so many photos to work with, but is it not strange that the photos used on the order of service and the picture Benedict is seen clutching (both of which Benedict would have presumably selected the photos for), are also from the same batch the MSM use? Meanwhile, the photo used for the Indian Obituary is a totally different Photo to those seen over here?

Furthermore, the Indian Obituary has Jacintha’s last name as Barboza nee Saldanha. We also know, or at least we are told by the MSM, that the couple got married in 1993. So why does the MSM constantly call the Nurse Jacintha Saldanha or Ms Saldanah? Never once, have the MSM referred to her as Jacintha Barboza.

Stranger still, why are the children reported as having the surname Saldanaha, as evidenced in the Sun Newspapers photo (above) caption:  Grief … Junal Saldanha, centre, and sister Lisha, right. And, in the Daily Mail, on a completely different photo: Sadness: Lisha Saldanha (right) and Junal Saldanha (centre) arrive at the airport to meet their mother’s coffin.

Even the Indian Obituary photo seems unclear on the children’s surnames. You will notice that all last names are displayed on the obituary photo, except for Junals and Lishas. Strange.

Mind you, the same article that the above Daily Mail photo caption comes from has Junal down as 17 yrs old to start but further down the page he loses a year by twice being reported as only being 16 yrs old. How much is a National Newspaper Journalist paid? How much is a National Newspapers Proof Reader paid? However much it is, it is too much.

Sloppy, sloppy, standards, ever changing facts, misleading information, and outright lies, just about sums up our national press reporting. Never the less, in order to see just how implausible this story is as a whole, we need a quick run through, starting at the very beginning.

This would be when Kate Gold Digger Smith dramatically falls critically not very well, with that life threatening condition, morning sickness. However, in order to avoid any un-necessary comments from irate women, I am aware that there is a condition called Severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) – can’t fucking say it, but I am aware of it. If you are aware of the condition, common sense will tell you that Kate did not have it.

Now, it is a fact that to one degree or another, every pregnant woman gets morning sickness. When they do, they are given emergency treatment, usually administered by their spouse, and which consists of a life saving pat on the back accompanied by the words “you okay love”.

Never the less, with Dim Willie’s “Ok Yah bunny wunny”, having obviously failed to work, Gold Digger Smith – who being a Royal obviously insisted on having the worst case of morning sickness ever before known to man – is promptly installed in an exclusive hotel for the slightly poorly.

Rather pathetically, Kate’s up chucking leaves the forelock tugging, sycophantic nation pale with worry. Muppet’s!

In contrast, my adored, albeit somewhat carelessly  pregnant 17 yr old daughter, who stands around 4ft 10 ins tall in her stocking feet and weighs around 6 or 7 stone, suffered from chronic morning, noon and night sickness. Now I have 5 children in all, and I can hand on heart say that I have never seen morning sickness as bad as my Stacey has had it (she still has a Technicolour yawn now and then but nowhere near as bad as it was).

So what did I do to help my daughter? Well, unfortunately I never mastered first aid so my “you okay love” skills are as crap as Silly Willie’s are. She therefore had to manage without this treatment, although I did cheer her up with my extremely competent impressions of her retching noises.

Now while some may find my seemingly unsympathetic approach disgraceful, I would just politely say to those who do, fuck off.

I have brought my daughter up on my own and absolutely love her to death. Seeing her or hearing her violently throw up was not pleasant but while small in stature, she’s tough as old boots and does not need to be wrapped up in cotton wool.

And, Severe as my daughter’s morning sickness was, common sense told me that since she was managing to drink plenty, I had no need to be overly concerned. After all, Had she gone to the doctors about her severe sickness, the doctor would only have prescribed her some sachets of powdered drinks.

We definitely would not have dashed to hospital like Willie did. Had we done so, the Hospital would have no doubt told us to fuck off once we had waited 3 days to be seen, due to the namby pamby, nanny state hypochondriacs who clog up A&E waiting rooms at the first sneeze of a common cold and which from then onwards they refer to as flu…Phew.

Needless to say then, that Kate’s up chucking didn’t warrant her being hospitalised. The fact that she was and for such a minor, extremely common complaint, led to a lot of speculation that the morning sickness was just a cover story and that there was in fact something terribly wrong with the unborn Royal baby. This in turn led to speculation that Jacintha had found out what was wrong and as such had been murdered in order to stop the word spreading.

The following forms part of an Email that I received the other day from a blogger, appropriately named as Lord Stirling:

I linked your article on the Kate nurse story on my blog EUROPE today and we discussed it on the Nutri Medical Report Show today (third hour) with a viewship of 5 to 6 million people.  The host of the show is a physician, Dr. Bill Deagle. He says that the illness that Kate has may be indicative that the baby has Down ’s syndrome. This may be the secret that caused them to kill the nurse.

Hmmm, plausible I suppose. After all, I am only to well aware of  the lengths that the  inbreeds will go to when necessary. Moreover, Lord Stirling’s Email was far from the first time that I have heard that story or stories very similar.

It is also worth pointing out, that when an assassination or false flag operation takes place, the MSM straight away name a patsy who will inevitably take the rap. Two brilliant examples of this would be Lee Harvey Oswald for JFK and Osama Bin Laden for 9/11. Now, who did the MSM blame from the start for Jacintha’s death? The two Australian DJ’s of course.

And, whilst not wishing to further worry the pair, especially with them being so unfairly vilified, the fact still remains that, Bin Laden and Harvey Oswald died very soon after the deeds.

So, having now, nicely set a patsy up to take the rap, you then have to work out who has the most to gain from the victims death? In this instance, it can only be the Royal family and the government of course.

Course, we already know what the inbreeds had to gain by Jacintha’s death and this theory would also rather make sense as to why the cunt Cameron had so much to say about the ‘suicide’.

However, that is all speculation and I like to deal in fact, where ever possible.

Having said that, I will again remind you that the PR behind this so called prank call suicide is designed to take the media attention off Savilegate, as well as evoke sympathy for the Royal Freeloaders, while at the same time discouraging anyone else from being discourteous towards them… Wankers.

So, while Gold Digger Smith, was busy being dangerously, slightly off colour, in the lap of pampered luxury – at the expense of the mugs, sorry tax payer – a couple of Australian DJ’s played a practical joke that wouldn’t have fooled anyone else in the world other than two highly trained nurses, working in one of the most exclusive hospitals in the world.

It was just my luck that The DJ’s happened to be Australian, because, I like to add a bit of fact and detail to my work and I don’t have a fucking clue who the Queen of Australia is. Not that the fact would be relevant of course… Would it?

Anyway, having answered this prank call, Jacintha – the most Senior nurse on duty at the time – in an inexplicably nonsensical and incredibly nonchalant manner , quickly transferred  the call made by the two DJ’s – Mel Greig and Michael Christian – through to the Royal Ward. This was despite the pranksters not making it clear to Jacintha, to whom it was that they wished to speak.

Then, having been thoroughly humiliated in no way shape or form, she promptly killed herself 3 days later- Three days in which no one including her colleagues, family and friends had noticed anything wrong. Well they wouldn’t would they, because there was fuck all wrong.

On the other hand, the as of yet still unnamed 2nd nurse who took Jacintha’s transferred call, proceeded to give out details of Gold Digger Smith’s condition in a right old willie-nilly fashion, as befitting all highly trained nurse’s when someone announces from the other end of a telephone line that they are the Queen.

The nurse, obviously dumb struck – although she hid any trace of being so; superbly – didn’t deem it necessary to verify the callers identity despite the Queens usually monotonous, crisp and precise speaking voice sounding as if it had a distinct Australian twang to it. Then again, everyone knows that Bizzy Lizzy is forever doing an awful impression of her extremely close friend, Rolf it wasn’t me Harris.

Personally, I wasn’t aware of that fact and as such, to me, the caller sounded like a female Australian DJ trying to do an impression of the Queen and failing miserably. Never the less, the highly trained nurse, looking after one of the World’s most closely protected women, AKA the future Queen of England and for all I know even Australia too – appeared not to notice.

Never the less, even if I had fallen for Mel Grieg’s Queen Impression, Michael Christian’s appalling Impression of Prince Big Ears would have given the game away. After all, Dobby, as Big Ears doesn’t like to be known, punctuates every other word that he mumbles, with a long drawn out “errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, while the Aussie DJ didn’t add a single one into the mix. I’m sorry, but you can’t impersonate Dumbo – as Dobby also doesn’t like to be known – without using a long drawn out Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Not if you want to get away with it anyway.

Then, just when you think that the call couldn’t get sillier, two sound engineers began barking in unison in an effort to sound like Corgi dogs. Never mind that they sounded more like faulty Corgi boilers. And still, the silly nurse didn’t cotton on. Unless of course, she had secretly cottoned on or knew in advance about the surprise call from the ‘Queen’.

Either way, in my view, the two DJ’s were to be congratulated for managing to pull off such a badly executed jape. Course, no one was laughing 3 days later when Jacintha tried to hang herself. In fact, Mel & Mick have now become the focus of the nation’s anger – which has given the so called, ‘scummy benefit scroungers’, a well deserved break, I suppose. In fact, such is the backlash that Mel & Mick have had to go into hiding.

And why is that?

Well, for no other reason than the MSM said it was Mel & Mick’s fault that Jacintha was dead and with that; a nation inhabited by people, now too frightened of their government to think independently of what they are told, got angry.

Whereas, when I first heard about Jacintha hanging herself (although, at one point, if the MSM were to be believed, she was apparently just as inept at doing that that as she was at handling phone calls), it never crossed my mind that the DJ’s were to blame. In fact, I was inclined to think that she must have done the do because she’d been sacked for her cavalier attitude and gross incompetence – and I’m not even choking – Ha, ha, geddit? Choking- Hanging – Joking… Forget it.

Bet that will draw a few nasty comments. Think before you do though. I may top myself with the shame, and then you will be vilified in the MSM, ya fucking hypocrites… I won’t really top myself… I’m not that fucking stupid or selfish. Cue the sheeple’s collective gasps of horror at Spivey’s wicked words.

Mind you, given her apparent level of incompetence, that would explain why she was relegated to being a receptionist instead of tending to Gold Digger Smith, as you would expect a senior nurse to be doing. Unless of course, private hospitals have far too many nurses and nowhere near enough receptionists. Funnily enough, it’s the opposite way round on the NHS… I am of course lying. The NHS has nowhere near enough nurses or receptionists.

Never the less, Jacintha, having bravely tried to kill herself, but failing miserably and then inexplicably dying anyway, quickly became a national hero, with many a tear being shared in solidarity for her husband and his two children – who didn’t appear to be shedding any… You really, really couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.

Inevitably, as I had by now come to expect, the MSM changed their minds again and decided Jacintha was dead by the time the Paramedics got to her. Course, this latest version is much easier to explain away, since alive and conscious (as was the MSM story Wednesday and Thursday of last week), would have made it hard to explain why Jacintha died in the first place.

However, when I again tried to find the Daily Mail’s report attesting to that afore mentioned fact, it had mysteriously vanished. Did I dream it, I wondered. Seems not, because the TapBlog had also picked up on the very same issue and even had a partial print out of what the newspaper had reported. Yet when I clicked on the provided link, I was directed to a Daily Mail story about Jacintha, from which the piece about her being alive had vanished. The following is that snippet that the Tapblog had on their website along with the link to the full article:

“was still alive when found hanging in her staff housing and attempts were made to revive her, it was claimed today.
Jacintha Saldanha, 46, was found alive at her accommodation on Friday morning and was still conscious when police and paramedics arrived – but they could not save her, Sky News reported.”…ging-flat.html

Still, maybe the Daily Mail was just embarrassed at miss-reporting the story and revised the article aye… Yes, that will be it.

Personally, I was thinking ‘what a fucking selfish woman’ taking her life just three weeks before Christmas when she has two, still relatively young teenage children. Not that her boy looks like a child… Psycho killer yes… Child no.

My resentment for her increased all the more when I learned that she worked away from home every Monday to Friday which would mean that she hadn’t even bothered to say a final goodbye to the kids, despite being away from them for 5 days and then killing herself on the day the family were meant to be reunited. Which in all fairness, rather makes a mockery of the statement given by the family after one of the very many remembrance services:

The house is an empty dwelling without your presence. We are shattered and there is an unfillable void in our lives.”

The Newspaper reporting on that statement, then went on to say:

The devastated family, who admitted they barely had the strength to withstand their sorrow, gave a public statement following a special mass, which was held ‘for the repose of the soul of Jacintha and her grieving family’, according to a Cathedral spokesman.

Furthermore, while there is never a good time for anyone to kill themselves, I still would have thought that Junal, aged 17, and Lisha, aged 14, would have drawn more comfort from their Mothers death, if she had killed herself the day after leaving home, rather than going a week without seeing them and then killing herself on the day that they were all due to be reunited… Although fuck living with lurch… The boy ain’t right I’m telling you.

So, despite all this evidence ruling out the prank call as the cause, the DJ’s are still the one’s taking the blame instead of being praised for highlighting the gross incompetence of the staff employed by an elitist hospital.

With that in mind, I began to worry for the safety of celebrities such as Dom Joly, whom I like and who makes a living by humiliating the general public. I do hope he’s ok, because just prior to japes being redefined as cruel hoaxes, prank shows were always successful and enjoyed by the British public.

In fact, until the MSM told the nation that Cruel Hoaxes were bad, very, very bad indeed, the once Great British public loved nothing more than to laugh at the expense of others.

Moreover, so did the MSM who have In fact previously given over their front pages to favourably report on the most humiliating of pranks. So with the Press now baying for the two DJ’s blood, the UK Zombies also equally outraged and Earl’s Court eerily quiet, I personally found this change in perception to be grossly hypocritical.

It also struck me as being strangely unusual, given mind to the British public’s usual bigotry towards Muslims, that this Asian woman’s death should cause so much upset. But why are the British people anti Muslim?

Simply because of the fact that the Government covertly incite racial hatred towards them too, in order to further their divide and rule policy – which has also worked a treat.

So, with that in mind I was still a tad confused as to why so many people were now mourning the loss of this Muslim woman.

Then I thought ‘shut up Spivey, she’s Indian and as such more likely to be a Sikh or Hindu’. Britain is much more racially tolerant towards Sikh’s and Hindu’s. No Al Qeada you see. Course, that fact would also make killing herself – over such a trivial matter – slightly more plausible.

Sikh’s, Hindu’s, and Muslims are all big on honour -Jacintha had been shamed – therefore she took her own life. Mystery solved. Spivey, you are a prat, the MSM were right after all and as such, I would like to sincerely apologise, for having ever doubted the Governments integrity.

However, before I had time to even finish punching my head in, I discover that Jacintha and her family are in fact devout Roman fucking Catholics.

Just my luck! Out of the 1.1 billion people in Indian, only 4 % are Catholics. Worse still, Suicide to a Catholic is a mortal sin. It is a form of killing and a rejection of the gift of life that God has given them. Suicide is labelled being of weak character and faith and anyone thinking of topping their self is or at least used to be, expelled from the Catholic community and denied burial rites. Family members were also shamed.

In short, devout Catholics never fucking kill themselves. Neither do they cohabitate without being married, and as such, I retract my apology.

The fact that being a devout Catholic meant Jacintha was extremely unlikely to top herself, especially over something so trivial, was re-enforced by a website called Kemmannu based in the United Arab Emirates:

Practical, clever, strong… Jacintha worked in Mumbai before Muscat and Kuwait and then the UK, say ex-colleagues based here.
Jacintha Saldhana would have never have committed suicide and her death should be thoroughly probed.

That is the firm belief and opinion of her former classmates, friends and colleagues, many of whom are based here in the UAE.

And what about the other nurse? If anyone was humiliated, it was surely she. Yet, she hasn’t been named. Why not? And, as far as I am aware, neither has she killed herself. Then again, maybe whoever fabricated this fiasco was as unimpressed with her performance as I was and as such sacked her and is still holding auditions for her replacement… Just a thought.

It was also revealed that Jacintha had marks on her wrists. Well, what kind of marks were they? Why, go to all that trouble of persuading the populous that a senior nurse, with a loving family, hung herself after falling victim to a prank which left her humiliated because it involved the Royal Family, and then withhold vital information?

It got even worse the next day when the MSM revealed that there were actually three suicide notes, as opposed to supposedly only being the one – as had previously been reported… Six days after the fact. Hmmm!

Even that revelation had anomalies to it since two of the notes were in the room and the other one was with her property. Wasn’t her property in her room then? Isn’t it a bit strange that the notes were not all together? And most strangely of all, why are the family only allowed to have typed copies of the notes? As I said earlier, why not at least photocopies if they were not allowed the originals – which by law means they are the family’s own property. If nothing else, photo copies would be quicker to do than typed copies and rule out the chance of any errors.

Then there is the involvement of the Old Bill. Their involvement is obviously to be expected in so far as to rule out foul play, but why are they investigating the prank call? If prank calls are illegal, why are they not knocking on channel 4’s and the Phonejacker’s doors? After all, the Phonejacker prankster has well over a million viewers per show.

Neither did the Australian Radio station do anything illegal, yet they have apologised and intend handing over nearly half a million pounds to Jacintha’s family. Since Jacintha’s husband, Benedict ‘Rocky’ Barboza is an accountant (Coincidentally for the NHS), the family are hardly on the breadline, are they.

Apologising and compensating the family is tantamount to admitting liability. Yet, considering the backlash that the station is receiving already, can you imagine if they hadn’t been so generous… Talk about trial, verdict, and execution by media.

Then you have to wonder why Jacintha’s memorial service was held in King Edward VII hospital while another was held in her home city of Bristol? And even that’s not the end of the Memorial services. Another was held on Saturday 15th DEC in… Wait for it, Westminster fucking Cathedral. Just whom the fuck is paying for all this? More to the point Why!

Whichever way you look at it, the fact of the matter is that the woman selfishly took her own life. So quite, why she is being afforded a trio of memorial services, one in a place usually afforded to the crème de la crème of society, is beyond me.

Most sickening of all is the fact that the smarmy, totally inept cretin, Scameron had to poke his fucking nose in? Does he praise all those who selfishly take their own life? Does he fuck!

Here is what the BBC had to say in their sycophantic report on Cameron’s sickening commons display:

The Prime Minister has said “lessons need to be learnt” after the death of a hospital nurse who took a hoax call on the Duchess of Cambridge’s treatment.

Who can see the contradiction in that sentence? How can the cunt say that there are lessons to be learned before the fucking inquest and enquiry had even started? Talk about influencing a verdict.

Furthermore, it is the very fact that he said those five nonsensical words, “lessons need to be learnt”, that anyone who has half a functioning brain should immediately pick up on the fact that this suicide is far more sinister than we are supposed to know. The BBC continued:

Mr Cameron told the House of Commons: “I’m sure the whole House and indeed the whole country will join me in paying tribute to this nurse and giving all our sympathies and condolences to her family.

The whole country probably will you smarmy cunt. You have certainly manipulated their fucking minds into thinking that she was a heroine.

Yet, I didn’t hear the fucking hypocrite singing the praises of Helen and Mark Mullins who killed themselves because they could no longer afford to eat after having their benefit stopped. Still, no doubt, the Great British public who have jobs and the “ I’m alright Jack” mentality to match would say, “He [Mullins] should have got a job then. No sympathy for the lazy bastards”.

After all, that is how the Government encourage you to think… However, Mark Mullins was a fucking disabled Army Veteran, for fucks sake:

The Mullins had physical and mental disabilities to contend with and had spent months fighting the notoriously complex disability process at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Starved, literally, of sufficient financial assistance, the couple’s weekly food intake was bolstered by the vegetables they received from a soup kitchen in Coventry, a 12-mile round trip that they made weekly on foot.

The Mullins couldn’t afford a fridge and so kept food in the garden shed. Eventually they could no longer stretch their non-existent budget to heating their home and they spent their remaining months living in one room. Source-The Daily Mail.

Where was the Prime ministers bleeding heart then? Where was the public sympathy? Where was the £500,000 for his family. Where was the photo opportunity MP from another constituency to act as spokesman? Where were the three memorial services? Just where is your fucking heads at people… Unlike Jacintha, whatever her fucking name was, the Mullins’ were proper humiliated.

Yet, Ima Dickead Smith is looking at ways to complicate the benefit system further… And the contemptuous cunt is proud of himself.

Want another one? Try this, also from the Daily Mail and pay particular attention to the penultimate sentence:

In the last few months of his life, Craig Monk attempted several overdoses and was described as ‘vulnerable’ by his family.

An accident a few years before had resulted in the partial amputation of his leg and he had suffered unnecessary, and anxiety-inducing, obstructions in receiving state assistance – even though his disability was clear for all see.

Over time he slipped further into poverty, the ends could no longer meet.

Finally, the fear of there not being a light at the end of his personal tunnel overwhelmed him and Mr. Monk, a 43-year-old from Burnley, was found hanging in his home in October last year.

I would love to say this is an anomaly, a one-off. That here was someone who was psychologically unhinged and motivated by his own selfish considerations. I cannot. For there is far more to it than that.

Where was your praise for Craig Monk , MrCameron, you totally deranged stinking arsehole? Best keep that one quiet aye, you fucking opportunist cunt.

Are the Police investigating you, Mr Cameron?  Because you are far more to blame for the deaths of Mark, Helen and Craig than the Australian DJ’s and radio station are to blame for the death of Jacintha Saldanha; a woman, who as a senior nurse should have known just how precious life is. Or, as the Daily Mails would have described her, had they been allowed: A woman “motivated by her own selfish considerations.”

Are you going to pay out £1.5 Million to Mr Monk and Mr & Mrs Mullins families, Mr Cameron? Because for those three people Mr Cameron, life was not precious was it? And why was that Mr Cameron? It was because of you, along with those pond life plankton colleagues of yours, Iain Cuntin Smith and George smarmy army Osborne, who made their lives unbearable. All three of you, most certainly have their blood on your hands, you horrible cunts.

Now, Can you people not see that when looked at using your heads instead of your hearts, just how ridiculous and flawed the Jacintha suicide story is?

If you cannot, I have one more piece of information to try to convince you.

Let’s assume that you people are not mind controlled by the MSM and you have decided for yourself that being humiliated by a practical joke… Sorry, cruel hoax is what drove Jacintha to suicide. Therefore, your outrage at the two Aussie DJ’s is genuine, yes? I would therefore imagine, that if you found out what a shower of two faced arseholes the national press really are, then you would never buy another newspaper again, correct?

Well in that case, the Daily Mail is fucked for starters, because amongst their many headlines on the 17th of December, is one which reads:

Goodbye, Jacintha: Grieving husband and children of hoax call nurse weep by her graveside as they say farewell at Indian funeral


While on the very same page  there is another which reads:

The office worker who is the butt of EVERYONE’S jokes: Norwegian delivery man is labelled Most Easily Scared Man after falling for series of hilarious pranks

The article pertaining to the latter headline, is about a company who are forever playing practical jokes, formally known as Cruel Hoaxes (see what I did there?) on each other. The article also carried around half a dozen photo’s just so as you, the reader, can share in the laugh at seeing people humiliated.

However, if you are unable to gauge just how funny and humiliating the Practical Jokes are, The Daily Mail has thoughtfully added a video, which they describe thus:

And the results make for a classic – even award-winning – video.Doubters who are looking to see if this is a hoax, perhaps inspired by the regular pranks seen on shows such as The American Officer, can rest assured that Basse is not in on the joke.

Read more:


However, what I find most disgusting about the hypocrisy of the MSM, Our Politicians, and the Royal Family, not to mention the totally fickle, indoctrinated, mind controlled Muppet’s of Britain, is that none have the fucking brains to even realise their own hypocrisy.

People, you have to realise that although laughable when viewed in its entirety,  this is no laughing matter. By me having to point out to you, how unlikely stories such as Jacintha’s are and that you are aiding to your own downfall, means that one day, maybe even very soon, I may just find myself ‘suicided’. And I personally find fuck all funny about that very real prospect. Wise the fuck up.

Until the next time,

Much love,