Getting away with it.


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When Judge Graham Cottle gave the elite protected paedophile artist Graham Ovenden a derisory 12 month suspended prison sentence for child abuse stretching as far back to at least 1970, I made mention that Cottle had been specifically selected to be the trial judge.

It would now seem that Judge Anthony Russell was specifically selected for Stuart Hall.

You see, as well as giving Hall a paltry 15 months, Russell was also responsible for the following sentences:

December 2009: A PAEDOPHILE who had sex with a 14-year-old girl has walked free from court. Dean Seedle, 33, had sex with the youngster on numerous occasions. Judge Anthony Russell QC gave Seedle a suspended sentence

March 2006: In 2006, Judge Russell gave 23 year old Aaron Porter a community order for child abduction involving a young girl in Accrington and having indecent images of a child. In 2008, Porter broke the terms of this order and went back in front of judge Russell. But instead of jailing Porter, judge Russell issued a fresh three year community order

July 2008: RADIO DJ David Blaxhall, 49 who secretly filmed a 14-year-old schoolgirl from under a desk was caught out after pupils turned their mobile phone cameras on him. Police officers found a tape on the front seat of Blaxhall’s car, containing 41 minutes of camcorder footage from which several stills had been taken. His personal computers were seized, and a number of indecent images of children. Sentencing the defendant, Judge Anthony Russell QC said he had wanted to impose a suspended jail term


Course, if that isn’t enough to convince you that Judge Russell is a paedophile protecting fat cunt – read this:


A 45-YEAR-OLD man was jailed for two years for contempt yesterday after calling a judge a “fat crank”. 

Paul Butler had been brought to Liverpool Crown Court so a date could be re- arranged for his trial, which should have begun on Wednesday. 

But it had to be adjourned because he had not been produced from prison because of an oversight. 

When Butler appeared in court yesterday,in handcuffs, he refused to sit down. 

And when the charge he faces,dangerous driving, was put to him he said he refused to recognise the court’s authority. 

The judge,Recorder Anthony Russell,QC, warned Butler about his behaviour. 

At this point, the judge warned him that if he did not behave appropriately he would jail him for two years. 

Butler,of Grasmere Avenue,Warrington, then hurled abuse at the judge, describing him as “a fat crank”.He was then taken down to the cells to begin his sentence. Source


Get that? For dangerous fucking driving… Obviously much more serious than kiddy fiddling in the eyes of the law.

I have a good mind to write to the Fat Crank and tell him what I think of him… Mind you, If I did that I would probably get 15 yrs for threatening behaviour.

Never the less, don’t you get fucking sick of these Nonce Cunts, being given lenient sentences by Nonce Cunts because they are being protected by Nonce Cunts… I know that I fucking do.

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