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War Vetran (Chris Powis)



Land of hope and glory?

You must be fucking joking… But still the brain-drained Muppet’s think we live in the greatest country on earth.

In fact there cannot be many spectacles more pathetic than watching the fucking retarded morons wave their plastic flags at the nonce ponce cunts in the palace…  Who want them dead.

You are all being taken for cunts.

We are going backwards as a nation, not fucking forward.

For instance, I would well imagine that only a tiny minority of us know about the plans to bring back national service.

And like my friend Chris Powis rightly points out, the reason for that is:

The media is eerily quiet about the National Service Act that is due for a second reading on 28th February 2014. Your daughter and anyone between the ages of 18 to 26 will, if passed, be affected by this.

Well they would be fucking silent wouldn’t they.

Their paymasters want to turn our youngsters into robot fucking slaves.

They are already systematically killing off the disabled.

Moreover, Ian Dumb Fuck Smiff has proper cocked up the new Universal Credit benefit at the cost of Billions in order to save millions.

Then again that useless shit stain has failed at every single fucking thing he has ever attempted in his life.

Unforgivably there will be 850,000 children spending Christmas in temporary accommodation this year… So much for believing in Santa.

Temporary accommodation usually means a whole family living in one room in a hostel. They will have to share a kitchen with the other inmates who will inevitably include paedophiles, the mentally unstable, alcoholics and junkies… And that is no exaggeration.

The unemployed are branded as scroungers, layabouts, and criminals who are responsible for all the country’s ills and in particular the fraudulent national debt… Which continues to rise.

Fuck knows how the scheming corrupt cunts came to that conclusion when there are hardly any fucking jobs, what jobs there are pay below a living wage. Most of the unemployed have paid National Insurance at some point and only three percent of the yearly benefit bill goes to the unemployed.

The thieving cunts are also looking to stop benefits for the under 25’s despite the fact that the majority will also have paid National Insurance contributions.

And to top it all, they have just raised the age of retirement meaning that many OAP’s will not live to draw a pension despite having paid National Insurance contributions all of their fucking lives.

Do you get the feeling that the obnoxious paedophiles are after thieving the National Insurance kitty?

It goes without saying that there will be plenty of brown envelopes handed out to the thieving cunts when they sell off Eurostar – which isn’t their’s to sell… Its ours.

And what do the lying nonces say that they are going to do with our money from the sale?

They are going to build roads… But they won’t.

You see there will be 2 general elections in the road building timeline and you just know that the project will be put on hold… Forever.

Course, some motorists will point out that we pay on average around £200 a year each in road tax – totalling Billions – which is used to update and maintain our roads.

Those misguided fools would be very wrong.

No one pays road tax… Another con brought about by a subtle change in name.

You see, we pay car tax, not road tax.

Our car tax goes to paying the interest on the fraudulent national debt and the roads are maintained via your council tax.

Surely now enough is enough.

Lets take back what is ours.



One More Step Towards Totalitarianism

Photo: Chris Powis with his father David J Powis.

Early 2014 the National Service Bill is due for a second reading. The Bill, if introduced, will compulsorily force anyone between the ages of 18 to 26 to spend one year away from home doing: charitable work, social action, care for the elderly or disabled, overseas development activity, or work connected with the National Health Service, the emergency services or the Armed Forces.


Anything to do with the establishment psychopaths always has a sting in its tail and this is no exception, it’s the thin edge of the wedge! Its like rat poison, 10% sweetener and 90% lethal. Why should anything be compulsory?

All dictatorships, our Rothschild financial stranglehold democratic dictatorship is no exception, endeavour to get youngsters away from their parents. This is so they can brainwash them. It’s as old as the hills!

Currently children are being taken away from loving families via closed courts and a financially led adoption system. The National Service Bill is yet one more money making racket for the elite whilst at the same time helping to turn a future generation into obedient slaves. It’s all part of David Cameron’s Soviet style “Big Society.”

The mass media has been eerily silent on the bill, so silent it’s deafening! The bill will probably be rejected but will raise its ugly head again via the back door; that’s what usually happens.

No doubt government agents will bombard local radio and press stating how marvellous the bill is. Exactly as happened when Britain joined the Common Market. People generally don’t think for themselves and follow like sheep and the establishment know it. If you keep telling people a lie long enough they believe it.

Public reaction is monitored and no doubt another National Service Bill will be introduced. Prior to the bill, the mass controlled media will whip up frenzy by reporting almost every robbery and blaming it on youths. The government will then use the hype to slide another National Service bill in to solve a non-existent problem of youths going wild. The government’s excuse will be, “It’s what the public want!” They did similar with firearms and dangerous dogs etc. It’s all contrived!

I believe The National Service Bill is all part of the United Nations Agenda 21. An ongoing agenda in which the plan is to dramatically cut the world population without the masses noticing it. We are all Tax Slaves, giving up over half of our hard earned incomes to the government who in turn give most of it to the elite-banking cartel such as the Rothschild’s.


Debt is used to control countries and contrived wars get countries into debt. In reality all countries can print their own debt free currencies, but that doesn’t make the Rothschild’s rich! It’s the biggest scam in history that requires mass ignorance to succeed. Governments are not there for us; their job is to continue the scam under the charade they are democratically elected. If we were a real democracy, governments would have told the Rothschild’s to go to hell long ago.

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