Germalism For Muppets


Christopher Spivey

Let’s talk about terrorism because I am finding it increasingly difficult to tell if the Germalists at the Chimp – AKA the Daily Mail – have lost all sense of reality or they are just taking the right piss out of their readers gullibility.

Now, what prompted me to ask this question is two farticles that the Monkey-Boyz have written within the past two weeks about the ludicrous ‘Isis Beatles’.

The first of these two absolutely nonsensical farticles appeared on the 10th of this month:

And the second farticle written eight days later carries an even more pathetic headline:

I mean are we really supposed to believe that these cut-throat, no-nonsense, hard-line terrorists are so immature that they revel in being dubbed as John, Paul, George and Ringo in honour of the 1960’s musicians collectively known as the Beatles?

Do me a fucking favour!

After all, we are supposedly talking about people who hate everything about Western culture including pop music, yet these four guys apparently bask in the glory at being referred to as people who they wish to rid the earth of… In fact the more that you think about it, the more the Isis Beatles sound like a bunch of white, middle-class, 14-yr-olds pretending to be gangsters… In other words; Chimp Germalists thinking back to their not so long lost youth.

Moreover, the two headlines do not make sense being as the first clearly states that “the two men have been stripped of the British Citizenship” yet the second states that “Ringo” hopes to bring his “secret” wife and three children “home” to the UK!

PHOTO: Alex Kotey, AKA “Ringo” – Presumably because he is a short arsed, big nosed drummer.

Mind you, the big surprise is that he has a “secret” wife as opposed to the usual 3 or 4 runaway 15 yr olds from East London.

Yet this brutal man who allegedly lops of heads as easily as a tree surgeon lops of branches admits that he cried like a little girl when his fellow Beatle, Jihadi John Lennon was murdered… Talk about history repeating itself!

Course, quite where Jihadi Paul McCartney is is anybody’s guess… Again, history repeating itself.

Nevertheless, despite supposedly being in prison, both “Ringo” and “George” appear clean, well fed, and able to give TV interviews whenever they feel like it – and without being handcuffed to boot.

PHOTO: Ringo & George although personally I think that Ringo is more like George and vice versa.

And there was me thinking that them there Middle-Eastern prisons were hell holes!

Mind you, I am not sure why they are awaiting extradition to America. I mean if I murdered an American while visiting France I would be tried in a French court, not extradited to America or even England.

Course, some might say that I am being misguided since it was John, Paul, George and Ringo’s victims who supposedly coined the nicknames – despite the Isis Beatles appearing to be at ease with the silly monikers. However, I would say to those making the claim that the only ones seeking to misguide are the press.

They are the ones who in reality coined the nicknames and they appear to revel in using the childish monikers at every given opportunity. I mean why the fuck would a bunch of men facing the threat of imminent beheading refer to their captors as the four lovable mop tops?

The four jihadists certainly do not bear any resemblance to the Beatles and they are certainly not musicians… Actors yes, musicians no.

And that is why I ask if these child-like germalists have lost all sense of reality or are they just taking their readers for cunts?

Personally I would opt for the latter, especially with the release of today’s latest fear-mongering farticle:

Thousands of ISIS sleeper cells could be ready to launch revenge attacks on Britain in response to the fall of the ‘caliphate’ in Syria, it has been warned.


Fighters still loyal to ISIS following its destruction at the hands of Kurdish-led forces are now thought to be prepared to continue the fight on Western soil.


That was the warning issued by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which said ‘thousands of sleepers’ had disappeared and fallen from its radar falling ISIS’s defeat in Syria.

OMG!!! Did they all hop on planes and head to Blighty to claim our generous benefits of £70 pw in return for 35 hours a week job searching for non-existent decent jobs that barely pay a living wage?

I certainly hope none of them are disabled because if they are, then they are truly fucked… Sorry, I lost track of reality then but to be fair the Monkey-Kuntz did start it.

Carry on the Chimp:

It is feared tens of thousands of ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ currently in refugee camps could join the next generation of ISIS fighters ready to strike back at its enemies. Read More Bollox

ERRR… If they are in refugee camps then how the fuck have the Syrian Democratic Forces lost track of “tens of thousands” of them and how are they our enemies? I mean, surely as refugees they are fleeing ISIS?

And anyway, I thought refugees had fuck all, especially not money for plane tickets to England.

Mind you, I thought that we already had “tens of thousands” of sleeper cells in this cuntry? After all the government has allocated a staggering £816 Million squids this year alone to watch over them.

Yet it appears that these terrapins have all overslept being as they appear very reluctant to carry out any attacks.

But when you think about it logically, there is no planning whatsoever needed in buying or renting a motor and driving it onto a crowded pavement. Indeed, just driving a motor into the gates of Downing Street or Buckingham Palace would make a huge statement.

In fact even if there were only 1000 terrapins in this cuntry as opposed to tens of thousands they could still carry out an attack similar to the Westminster bridge bollox, twice a week, every week of the year for the next 10 years… Yet these sleepy-cell terrapins prefer to stay undercover.


The same applies to them buying an axe and having a bash at decapitating a copper or soldier. In fact can you imagine the damage a group of four terrapins armed with long handled axes could inflict by driving an old Ford Cortina onto a crowded Oxford Street pavement, running over two or three dozen tourists and then jumping out and going to town – no pun intended – on those still standing?

There is no planning needed in that, so why are the sleepy-heads not carrying out these kind of attacks twice a week, 52 weeks a year… In fact better still, they could launch 3 or 4 attacks at the same time in one city.

Now if they did that, imagine the strain that would also put on the police, ambulance and fire service.

After all, that would really instill panic in the population which I think that I am right in saying is the name of the game. It would also dramatically affect tourism.

Course, if attacks were to happen that often then the government would topple within weeks and since the government are the real instigators of ALL terrorist attacks in this cuntry they are not about to shoot themselves in the foot are they.

Not that Isis can afford to buy guns or axes for that matter… In fact the actual Isis budget only appears to have enough money to buy half a dozen kitchen knives per year.

And besides, our soon to be Prime Mincer, the totally corrupt, Boris Johnson only has so many ‘suitable’ friends available to film the action as it evolves.

For instance, take the former Polish Defence Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski... Sikorski supposedly filmed the Westminster Bridge Attack. Talk about being at the right place at the right time but if you believe that old fanny then you will believe anything.

You see, Radish Coleslaw – or whatever the fuck the Monster Minion’s name is –  is an Oxford educated member of the ‘elite’. Indeed he was a member of the ultra elite Bullingdon Boys Club – as was Boris Johnson and most of the Cuntservative Party.

And therein lies the reason for the lack of terrapin attacks in this cuntry because as I say, they are ALL staged by the government which is very, very expensive to do… In other words, the cost of staging these fake terrorist attacks eats into the huge anti-terror budget and means less siphoning off into their own pockets.

On the other hand, if the attacks were real they would be staged twice weekly minimum in order to cause maximum fear because they take no planning and are very, very cheap to carry out… I mean what is the point of having these tens of thousands of sleeper cells if the cunts don’t do anything… It just doesn’t add up does it?

Therefore, with staged attacks costing so much and being a logistical nightmare it is much easier for these elite cunts to get the national press to print total bollox in order to spread the fear. For instance, what better way than to have a hardliner Muslim pop up and ask ridiculous questions during the Tory Leaders debate:

After all, the leaders debate is totally pointless since the public do not get a vote on who becomes our next corrupt, puppet, Prime Mincer anyway?

Yet it is an excellent opportunity to promote racist propaganda and keep the [unreal] threat of terrorism at the forefront of peoples minds – whilst at the same time keeping up the illusion of democracy.

Just sayin’.