Game, set and match.


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It seems to me that Alex Jones has become a liability.

Never mind all that old bollocks his fans repeatedly churn out; “yes he fucks up, but he does get the word out there and that’s the important thing”. 

From where I’m sitting, I’m afraid that Jones is just re-enforcing the brain dead Zombies perception of us as a bunch of tinfoil hat wearing, wild eyed nut jobs.

This is the second time now that Jones has had a chance to shine in the MSM.

And, this is the second time now that Jones has made a monumental prat of himself

The first time he did was in an interview with the Moronic Piers Morgan, whom Jones should have been able to destroy. Instead he fucked up spectacularly by going completely off his head before resorting to mimicking Morgan  in a ridiculous, fake, upper-crust English accent… What the fuck was that all about.

Jones often interviews people on his show so he had no excuse. Moreover, he cannot claim that Morgan hijacked him. Jones knew what the cunt was like and should have readied himself.

So, come Sunday, he had a chance to redeem himself after being invited on Andrew Neil’s Sunday show. Yet once again Jones lost it… No excuse what so ever.

What the viewers were left with is Andrew Neil on screen making ‘cuckoo’ gestures and telling Jones to shut up, while in the background Jones could be heard ranting and raving like a lunatic.

With that kind of behaviour, don’t be surprised to see Jones appearing regularly on the MSM. After all, he has now be exposed beyond all doubt as an easy target.

The man has the ability to destroy any credibility we manage to gain and in-roads we make, by just appearing in a five minute TV interview.

And that I’m afraid, more than nullifies any of the good work that he has done in the past.


Alex Jones rants on BBC’s Sunday Politics show, Andrew Neil calls him an ‘idiot’




Sunday Politics with Andrew Neil.nnHe describes ranting guest Alex Jones as "an idiot" and "the worst person I have ever interview"nhe kept telling him to "shut up"nThen Neil mimes lunatic gestures to describe him.nnnnPicture by Pixel8000 07917221968
Alex Jones ranting on the Sunday Politics programme (Picture: BBC)



American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones launched into a rant on the BBC’s Sunday Politics show, prompting host Andrew Neil to call him an ‘idiot’.

Mr Jones was invited on to the programme to talk about the meeting of Bilderberg group of business leaders, politicians and policymakers.

The volatile radio show host believes the group is part of a shadowy network governing the world, among his many other conspiracy theories.

He told host Mr Neil the creation of the euro was a ‘Nazi German plan’, ‘Bilderberg is heavily involved in the EU plan’ and ‘it is a Nazi plan’.

‘We have forced them from cover to admit they’re puppeteers above the major parties,’ he said.

Fellow guest journalist David Aaronovitch, who has written about conspiracy theorists, pointed out that if they are so powerful and ruthless ‘why are you still alive?’.


But Mr Jones became increasingly agitated claiming he had received calls threatening ‘to cut my head off’ when he revealed a previous Bilderberg meeting.

As he shouted Mr Neil was forced to tell him to ‘shut up’ and told him ‘this is not your own radio show’.

As Mr Aaronovitch tried to explain why conspiracy theories are believed, Mr Jones kept intervening prompting an ‘oi, shut it!’ from Mr Neil.

But Jones went into meltdown, bellowing: ‘I’m here to warn people. You keep telling me to shut up. This is isn’t a game.’


Watch the You Tube video by clicking HERE

Mr Neil replied ‘you are the worst person I’ve ever interviewed’ as he tried to bring the show to a close but Jones kept ranting off camera.

Eventually a smiling Mr Neil said ‘We have an idiot on the programme’ and later accused him of playing up to the cameras.

He tweeted: ‘And the moment Alex Jones knew he was no longer on air he stopped. All an act.’

Earlier this year, Mr Jones spent 15 minutes shouting at Piers Morgan, who invited him on to his CNN show to discuss gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre.

Mr Morgan said the interview with Mr Jones was the ‘best advertisement for gun control you could wish for.’

Jones called him a ‘redcoat foreigner’ and threatened a re-run of the American revolution.

‘Let me say, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms.

‘No matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging for them to be taken. We will not relinquish them.’