Further important site update.


Christopher Spivey


Hi all.

First off, thank you all for your support.

The situation is this.

I have spoken on the phone to the warrant officer who has a warrant to arrest me without bail – meaning that had he done so I would have been slung in prison until a court date was organised.

However, as it happens he was a reasonable sort of chap especially when he learned that the warrant was for £2000 unpaid prosecution costs which he thought overly excessive – as he did the no bail stipulation attached to the warrant – since he had been under the impression that the money was for fines/compensation that he assumed I had been refusing to pay.

He was surprised further to learn that I had no idea that I was being chased for the money and the first that I knew about the warrant was when I contacted the Enforcement Office to try sort something out for the £2000 prosecution costs slapped on me last month – something that I had written in protest to my solicitor about to which he has not responded to in any way, shape or form. 


However, the excessive & vindictive £2000 that the Warrant Officer is chasing represents the prosecution costs from August 2015 and is a different account to the excessive & vindictive £2000 prosecution costs that were slapped on me following the appeal last month, for which I have today received a “Further Steps Notice” – despite me being in contact with the department to try and sort the mess out.

Now there can be no doubt that the original £2000 Prosecution cost were overly excessive & vindictive given my financial situation, and even more so for those slapped on me last month for having the ‘audacity‘ to appeal the conviction due to me not receiving a fair trial… In fact had that not been the case then I would have had no grounds to appeal the conviction and as such refused permission to proceed on that basis.

Indeed, you only need look at the following screenshot to know that the Monsters are out to get me.

And as most of you will know the Archbishop’s crime is far in excess of anything that I have ever done and the £1000 court cost were attached to his trial which saw him back in court for breaching his restraining order 4 times.

Just sayin’.

However, the Warrant Officer that I spoke to was more surprised still to learn that it was agreed by the court in August 2015 that the £2000 – that the warrant without bail had been issued for – would not become due to be paid until after my court-appeal (and only then if the appeal failed) which began on the 16th of last month and ended on the 20th.

Therefore, the Warrant Without Bail for my immediate arrest and incarceration which was issued on the 13th of January 2017 had been done so 3 days before the appeal had even started and a week before the money was even due – let alone issuing an arrest warrant for non-payment.

In fact he told me that he had come round to arrest me on the 19th of January but I wasn’t in, which is ironic since I was in court for the appeal on that date.

Course, not being familiar with the State-Persecution that I am under the Warrant Officer put this anomaly down to “crossed wires” – something that I would dispute given the nigh on year and a half between the court case and the appeal.

Nevertheless and as I say, this Warrant Officer came over as a reasonable kind of fella and instead of coming to arrest me he broke off the phone conversation to contact the Court Office before ringing me back and telling me that he had arranged for me to attend Southend Magistrates Court at 9.30AM on Friday the 17th of February (tomorrow morning).

Therefore, we shall have to wait and see what materialises from there.

In the meantime, albeit quite ironically, Ms Autumn Chandler, a long-time supporter of mine has kindly taken it upon herself to set up a Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page to try and raise desperately needed funds for me, which you can find by clicking HERE

Now although I am extremely grateful to all of you who are donating through the site to help me out of this very tricky situation, I have to stress that anyone wishing to donate will be better off doing so through the Go-Fucking-Fund-Me page for now as the Magistrates will doubtlessly use the influx of site donations when calculating the average weekly total to justify my ability to pay off the court costs… Something that I really cannot afford to do.

I will of course keep you posted assuming that I am at liberty to do so given the obvious intent of the authorities.