Funeral heartache for Jades parents.


The Bolton News


Another absolutely disgusting piece of news that highlights just how far down the social scale the UK has dropped.

That a 14 year old girl was mauled to death by four out of control dogs is both criminal and a tragedy. 

That her already heartbroken parents now have the extra heartache of scraping the cost of her funeral together is another stain on the corrupt, useless, self serving government.

However, it has to be said that the measures that the MP Julie Hillings – who is  speaking for Jades parents – want brought in to kerb dangerous dogs are wrong, wrong, wrong.

The fact that Hillings is calling for these new dog controls, reaffirms that our politicians are just as I have described above, as well as having no foresight, and the clear intention of leading us into being a nation of people who cannot think for themselves and who are restricted in every aspect of their lives by a totalitarian government.

By blaming the dogs, and putting restrictions on them such a muzzles in public is definitely barking up the wrong tree. 

The dogs are not at fault. It is irresponsible owners. They are the one that need punishing.

A dog, given time and love is truly mans best friend, yet politicians seem intent on vilifying them.

People, you need to fucking grow up and take responsibility for your own shortcomings, instead of allowing the corrupt to take us somewhere we really do not want to be.

Funeral heartache for Jades parents.


THE funeral of a teenage girl mauled to death by dogs has been delayed because her family cannot afford it, a Bolton MP has said.

Jade Anderson was savaged by four dogs, believed to be two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers, when she was alone at a friend’s house in Chaucer Grove, Atherton, on March 26.

Speaking during a House of Commons debate, Bolton West MP Julie Hilling claimed the funeral had been delayed because her family did not have enough money to bury her.

She told the House of Commons: “Jade Lomas- Anderson, the 14-year-old child killed by dogs in my constituency, still has not had her funeral, because her parents and the community are still frantically trying to raise enough money to pay for it.”

Ms Hilling later told The Bolton News: “They didn’t have any money and had to raise it.

“It just adds tragedy to tragedy really, doesn’t it?

“I think it’s terrible that people in this position then have to undergo something like this. As a civilised society we should be doing more to help people in this position.”

The death of 14-year-old Jade, a pupil at Fred Longworth High School in Tyldesley, has sparked calls for tougher laws .

Ms Hilling has been working with Jade’s parents for new measures, including the introduction of dog control notices, which could allow conditions such as muzzling, keeping dogs on a lead, keeping them away from children and limiting the number of dogs in a household to be imposed on owners of animals judged to be out of control. The dogs that killed Jade were shot at the scene by police marksmen while a fifth, judged to be no threat to the public, was contained.

A police spokesman said prosecution was unlikely, although one may be brought in the future.

Ms Hilling said the campaign for tighter controls was gathering pace with a petition due to be introduced across the Bolton area.

She said: “Jade’s parents are determined to fight until the law is changed.

“They want people to know the misery this has caused them, and that this is what happens if you don’t protect children.”