Fukushima Going From Horrible To Horrendous




If you listened to my radio conversation last weekend you will have heard me talk about the Fukushima nuclear power plant leak and how some scientists are saying that it is the single biggest threat to mankind ever.

Personally, I think it is the second, the biggest threat being the Elites plan for WW3, which is now looking inevitable.

You can find the many, many articles that I have posted on here by typing Fukushima into the search bar on the home page… They make for scary reading to say the least.

The following is a link to a recent You Tube video detailing the amount of radioactive water pouring into the sea day in day out. Click HERE

Popular resistance.org  also published the following excellent article on the 1st of August 2013 detailing how TEPCO, the corporation tasked with fixing the leak have no fucking idea how to stop it. 

Think this is Japans problem? Think again.

Tepco Has No Idea How to Stabilize the Reactors

You’ve heard bad news about Fukushima recently.

But it’s worse than you know.

The Wall Street Journal notes that radiation levels outside the plant are likely higher than inside the reactor:

NRA [Nuclear Regulation Authority] officials said highly contaminated water may be leaking into the soil from a number of trenches, allowing the water to seep into the site’s groundwater and eventually into the ocean.


Both radioactive substances are considered harmful to health. An NRA official said Monday that the very high levels were likely to be even higher than those within the reactor units themselves.


It was by far the highest concentration of radioactivity detected since soon after Japan’s March 2011 earthquake and tsunami ….

How could it be more radioactive outside the nuclear reactors? The reactors have lost containment, and experts have no idea where the nuclear cores are.

And the problems which have been detected at ground-level are only the tip of the iceberg.  Japan Times points out: