Fucked if I know


Chris Spivey.


As you have probably gathered I have been too busy preparing for Thursday to have had much time to do anything else.

And as you will see shortly (before thursday anyway) they really are in it all together.

Nevertheless, time and tide and all that shit demands that the site is kept afloat with new material.

Therefore, have a look at these two pieces of information that were sent my way, which could both be something or nothing.

In other words, I haven’t got a scooby-fucking-do if there is any mileage in either because I have not had time to look.

On the flip side, they could make for an interesting debate, and I know that you all like to mass debate.

The first bit of info is from a forecasting website called Deagel.com and to be fair, it certainly looks the real deal.

Now amongst other things, Deagel put the UK population at 64 million in 2014.

I should however point out that all of their forecasts are based on 2014 figures with all of their projections charting at 2025 – ten years from now.

So, it is interesting to learn that Deagel – who claim that their data comes from Government & military sources, the world bank etc, etc – forecast that the UK population in 2025 will be 23 Million… A reduction of 41 million people, taking us from a density of 260 inhabitants per sq km to 92 inhabitants per sq km.

Moreover, the website gives the total world population in 2014 as being 7.1 billion people. However, by 2025 they forecast that the world population will be 6.7 billion – a reduction of 400 million.


Mind you, the country that seems to come of worst is the USA with a 2014 population of 318,890,000 reducing to a 2025 population of 64,879,100.

Meanwhile, Germany will see nearly half of its population wiped out, going from 80,990,00 down to 48,123,620 and Japan doesn’t fair too well either going from a 2014 population of 127,100,00 down to a 46,640,420 population in 2025.

You can find a country by country forecast and the websites blurb by clicking HERE

And as I say, I have no idea if the website is talking bollocks or not, but on the other hand bear in mind that the evil cunts running this world like to make us aware of what they have in store for us.

The second bit of info is a self explanatory photo – It could be right, it could be wrong.