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I like this article. Its borne out of fear.

People are not paying their TV licence… Why not?

Well, the Daily Mail article doesn’t actually put forward a reason strangely enough.

However, I can give you at least 6 reasons for people not paying.

1) When you pay the licence you are funding what amounts to a paedophile paradise.

2) People can no longer afford to pay it

3) The BBC obtains funds from sources other than the licence fee, contrary to the law.

4) The BBC is meant to be a non biased, impartial network. It is anything but that. The BBC is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the elites.

5) Collection for a TV Licence falls under the Governments communications Act. Acts are statute and only enforceable by consent.

6) The elites don’t pay, why should the rest of us?

Now, according to Wikipedia:  The licence fee made up the bulk of the BBC’s total income of £5.102 billion in 2012-2013

It is also estimated that 5.2 percent eligible to buy a licence don’t.

That equates to around 1.56 million homes or £226. 2 Million pound in lost revenue every year.

In 2008 the BBC said that 3.6 percent of licence money was spent on tracking down licence evaders. Being ultra conservative, that sum must be at least around 4 percent now. That figure equates to £208 million.

I suppose that kind of financial commitment – if one hundred percent successful – could be justified since the financial sum laid out would produce an £18 million pound profit – albeit, the true total of expenditure is likely to far exceed 4 percent of the licence fee.

However, the article below states:  More than 180,000 people were hauled before magistrates last year after being accused of watching television without paying the £145.50 fee, which funds the BBC.

Now, again, according to Wikipedia: In 2007/8, 371,000 evaders were caught, which led to 177,000 cases but only 150,000 convictions

In other words 27,000 cases were unsuccessful. So, once again lets be generous and say of those 180,000 plus cases hauled up before the beak, 155,000 resulted in conviction.

I will tally this number on what Wikipedia  says is the average fine. This equates to £153 including court costs. However, I will be generous and afford the full amount to the BBC. This equates to £23.7 million pound.

Therefore, the BBC are throwing away £85 million pound a year on wild goose chases.

Then there is the huge salary’s and pay-offs to the Beeb’s incompetent bosses, not to mention that 4 million pound compensation that we know about, being paid to the victims of the beebs paedophiles.

And, lets not forget that £185 grand paid to Nonce McAlpine for not naming the paedophile as a nonce.

Moreover, in 2015 the mugs who still pay this perverted, criminal corporation’s extortion money will also be paying for the BBC’s  world service and BBC Arabic Television.

Talk about being taken for a cunt.

There are also many more ways that you are being mugged off by these cunts. For instance, you do know that you are also paying towards the TV licence via your income tax, don’t you?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to explain the many ways you are being ripped off… But you could always turn off your TV and find out for yourself.

Makes sense? Of course it fucking does.

Now, I very rarely watch TV these days, in fact for the past 2 weeks there has been a problem with my Ariel point meaning I cant watch fuck all… Not that I feel I am missing out.

However, it is only over the past 2 or 3 years that I have stopped watching TV. Prior to that, I watched regularly, albeit my viewing was never the be all and end all of life… It is to many. How very sad.

Yet, despite having a TV,  I haven’t had a licence for at least 13 years probably a lot longer.

And, make no mistake, this site is government monitored, but I have constantly told you I pay fuck all – even encouraged you to do the same.

I’m sure the PTB would love to see an end to this site given the numbers that I am reaching. So, ask yourselves why they haven’t tried taking me down that way… After all, they used tax evasion to take down Al Capone.

NOTE FOR THE THICK CUNTS: There is no implied comparison between myself and/or  my activities and that of Capones. 

I’m wise to them there perverted, greedy cunts, that’s why they haven’t.

I would strongly urge everyone to stop paying their TV licence. Educate yourself, it is very easy to get away with it.

Then again, I would strongly advise everyone to stop paying all taxes and utility bills such as Water Rates, Gas and Electrics. Obviously the latter two cannot be avoided if you have a key meter.

Every time you pay. You feed a system that is out to destroy you… Think very carefully about that.


Nearly 4,000 prosecutions a week for not having a TV licence: Critics say ‘draconian’ crackdown is clogging up the courts

  • Number of prosecutions has increased by nearly 30,000 in 12 months
  • Figures show women are disproportionately represented in prosecutions
  • TV Licensing authority says they are more likely in when inspectors call


PUBLISHED: 17:28, 21 August 2013 | UPDATED: 08:23, 22 August 2013


'Absurd': Lord Pearson of Rannoch, former UK Independence Party, says TV licence non-payment should be treated like a parking ticket‘Absurd’: Lord Pearson of Rannoch, former UK Independence Party leader, says TV licence non-payment should be treated like a parking ticket


More than one in ten of all cases coming before the courts are for TV licence fee evasion, official  figures reveal.

Last year 3,700 people a week were prosecuted for not having a licence. In total, some 193,049 cases went before magistrates in England and Wales.

The number of prosecutions has increased by nearly 30,000 in 12 months, and two out of three defendants are women, many caught during the day when enforcement officers call.

Critics described the prosecutions as ‘draconian’ and warned they were clogging up the courts.

The BBC, which uses licence revenue to pay for its radio, television and internet services,  contracts a body called TV Licensing to administer the system and bring prosecutions.

It employs an army of enforcement officers who visit around four million homes a year.

Anyone caught watching TV without paying the £145.50 fee can be prosecuted and face a £1,000 fine. Those who refuse to pay face jail.

This compares with £80 spot fines handed to shoplifters, petty vandals and drunken yobs.

Similarly, thousands of drug users who are caught smoking cannabis are given fixed penalties and dodge court action.

The revelations have raised concerns that licence fee evaders are being treated with a heavy hand and face tougher penalties than real criminals.


UKIP peer Lord Pearson of Rannoch said the figures were ‘horrifying’ and the number of prosecutions ‘absurd’. He said: ‘It is outrageous that so many people are brought into the criminal justice system through this means. It is absurd that the courts are being clogged up by such a minor offence.’

Simon Richards, of the Freedom Association campaign group, said: ‘It’s draconian to haul people before the courts to pay the licence fee.

‘The days of the TV licence are numbered. Technology has changed everything.

‘I now watch television on the internet and mobile phone, and that’s the way things are going.

‘It doesn’t work, it’s not fair and it’s a form of poll tax that falls disproportionately on those least able to pay it.’

Magistrates have called for the offence to be decriminalised so defendants are dealt with outside the courts.

A TV Licensing spokesman said: ‘We work with money advice organisations to inform the public of the many payment methods available, including small weekly cash payments. However, we have a duty to enforce the law on behalf of the 95 per cent of people who pay.

‘TV licence evasion cases take up a small proportion of court time as they are dealt with in bulk in dedicated sessions, and very few defendants attend court.’

Prosecution for licence fee evasion is not a recordable offence,  meaning it does not appear on any criminal record search.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘As part of our work to make court processes more efficient, we are looking at the best ways to manage high-volume, low-level cases such as TV licence evasion.’


Criminals should be given a bill to cover the cost of processing their case or jailing them, a report says today.

The influential Policy Exchange think-tank says charging criminals for the costs they incur could act as a disincentive to offend, although it might be difficult to extract money from offenders on benefits or with hidden assets.

The suggestion emerged in a report calling for elected Police and Crime Commissioners to be given control of more aspects of the criminal justice system.

That could include more tax-raising  powers, and powers to hire and fire prison governors and probation chiefs. They should also be charged with carrying out inspections of criminal justice agencies and running youth justice.

The think-tank says the current system is too centralised and PCCs should be given greater involvement in policymaking.

The report’s author, Max Chambers, said: ‘Currently PCCs are operating with one arm tied behind their back. They must be able to hold local criminal justice agencies to account.

‘That includes the ability to appoint the right people as well as to set the local strategy.’

Breaking the law: More than 180,000 people were hauled before magistrates last year after being accused of watching television without paying the £145.50 fee, which funds the BBC. (File picture)Breaking the law: More than 180,000 people were hauled before magistrates last year after being accused of watching television without paying the £145.50 fee, which funds the BBC. (File picture)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2398973/TV-licence-Nearly-4-000-prosecutions-week-Critics-say-crackdown-clogging-courts.html#ixzz2clUeyJEb
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