From Sopot to Southend


Spivey and The Daily Chimpanzee


Hands up who knew about the Bulgarians?

I thought it was only the Romanians who were going to invade come January.

Boy do I feel fucking silly. No wonder the government are having a fucking heart attack.

No one mentioned the Bulgarians!

But don’t you worry people. Our Take Monsters will look after us because they care – they really fucking do.

What do you mean “fuck off”?

I live here pal, I’m going no fucking where. Let me explain.

If our Take Monsters didn’t care about us there would not be “dozens” of the nonce ponces set to tell the Cunt Cameron to impose a further 5 year term before we start letting the cut throat, child stealing, warty nosed, Eastern European Gypsies in.

Don’t you just love the accuracy of the Chimps reporting? I mean, what kind of total sum is fucking “dozens”? Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not looking for the Chimpanzee to run a headline along the lines of : Between two and eight dozen MP’s set to call for a further five year ban on Romanian Migrants.

Dog forbid, That would just be fucking madness.

No, all I would like from the Chimp is that they give us a ball park fucking figure on the number of MP’s involved instead of somewhere between 24 and 96.

I mean have a fucking word!

Just how in the name of fuck are we suppose to ascertain if we are talking about a few racist rebel MP’s here or a credible call for action out of real concern for the country?


Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?

To be honest, I couldn’t give a fuck how many of the self serving lard tubs are involved because its all a load of old fanny anyway.

Course, it wouldn’t surprise me if this old fanny isn’t used in some way or other to further the Cunt Cameron’s plans to opt out of the Human Rights agreement.

I mean – as the Chimp correctly reports for once – the country will face the wrath of the other EU member states if old Cunty Lips insists that we continue to keep our borders closed come January 2014… Well keeping them closed as far as the Bulgermanians are concerned anyway – not that they will want to come and live here in the first fucking place.

That is to say if I wasn’t English, I wouldn’t want to live amongst such unwelcoming, mean spirited, rude, unkind, snobby cunts even if the perks were good… And believe me, they fucking aint.

Course, every time that the Cunt Cameron threatens to dump the human rights act, can’t you just envisage our clueless Joe Average-Brits giving their collective heads a sharp nod whilst uttering in unison:  “Too fuckin right a’nall… Bout bleeding time the knob did something for his own people”.

Couldn’t agree more Joe Average-Brit.

Then when The Homo Secretary, the transvestite Terry May has kicked the pair of Islamic extremists out of the country – for which to do so  had necessitated the UK to stop adhering to the Human Rights Act – you cant moan when we are all working for our weekly allowance of Potatoes can you… Clueless cunts.

Never the less, now that the Chimp has pointed out that we are also going to be invaded by Uncle Bulgaria, which should please AUN (see what I did there MTG – Fuck me, the half wits at MI5 will be shitting themselves now, thinking that we are talking in code. Just sayin)… Fuck, and I’ve also forgotten what I was just about to type now… … Oh yeah, I remember.

Now that the Chimp has pointed out that we are going to be invaded by Uncle Bulgaria as well as Auntie Romania… Although I have to say that  judging by the Chimps headline, Bulgaria does appear to have been added to their article as an after thought.

Which would mean that I don’t need to feel silly now after all.


And I can safely stand by what I fucking wrote last week. THE FUCKING ROMANIANS DON’T WANT TO COME HERE BECAUSE ITS FUCKING SHIT!

I mean to fucking say; even after the Chimp had added the Bulgarians to the anticipated influx of Romanians in order to try and make a case for spreading their vile racist propaganda, the anticipated numbers of immigrants are still not enough to worry about because the Bulgarians don’t want to live here either.

You see, just like the Romanians, the Bulgarians don’t want to move here BECAUSE THEY TOO KNOW THAT ITS FUCKING SHIT.

In fact, you only need look at a map of the world while using a bit of imagination to see that Shit Britain looks like a turd falling out of Europe’s arse.


Course, whilst the Chimpanzee talks in vague terms of the number of MP’s opposed to letting the Gypsies in, the propaganda rag is much more specific in terms of numbers when applying the racial scaremongering.

While quoting the Take Monster Niggle Mills, whom between 7 May and 31 August 2010, claimed £13,942.93 in expenses, the Chimpanzee stated the following:

Mr Mills pointed to 2004 when Labour ministers did not adopt temporary restrictions on migrant workers from Poland and seven other new EU countries. More than a million migrants  arrived in Britain  despite official predictions that just 13,000 would come.

As it happens, the Polish are the UK’s second largest community of people who were not born here.

I also believe that I am correct in saying that the vast majority of poles are tubes made of metal… Just stating the facts.

That said, the vast majority of people from Poland are of the Roman Catholic faith.

Betcha can’t guess the largest community of people living in the UK who were not born here?

Indians as it happens, whom are much more likely than not to be Hindus.

Now, I live very close, and I mean very close to Southend on Sea in Essex, which just so happens to have a massive Polish community.

So large in fact that Southend is twined with Sopot, a Polish seaside resort.

Just last month, for the fifth year running  Southend held the Polish Art Festival.


Course, being a seaside town, Southend also has a huge number of nutters.

And by nutters, I mean, people with mental health problems. They usually live on the  other side of Southend which is also a dumping ground for paedophiles, drunks and junkies.

All Seaside towns are like magnets to nutters apparently… I can’t see the attraction myself.

Come Summer, we also have a huge number of day trippers, usually from the East End of London.

Now, out of those 3 groups, you can give me the Polish any given day of the week.

However, what Naughty Nigel Mills MP neglects to mention is that Britain in 2004 was a lot better prospect for immigrants than Britain in 2013 is.

Think back to 2004 and compare your memory with present day… Fucking frightening isn’t it?

Of course, I’m not saying that the Romanians and Bulgarians have a better standard of living than us… They do have a completely different way of living mind.

But what I am saying is the decline in this country is terrifying.

People are now going without food and heating.

People are now become homeless left right and centre.

People are now being murdered indirectly by our Take Monsters after being made to become forced labour when they are clearly unfit for work.

People are now living on no money after being sanctioned for not applying for non-existent jobs and as a consequence being driven to suicide.

So, if you think that the Romanians are going to head on over to here and be given houses, benefits and top medical care, you are living on a fucking different planet pal… Certainly the Romanians and Bulgarians are more than aware of what they can expect should they be foolish enough to come.

And that fact is reflected in the anticipated numbers.

Moreover, the government are not going to let themselves be mugged off again, like they were in 2004 with their estimates in numbers of Polish immigrants.

So, what kind of numbers are we looking at?

Well, the unofficial combined number of Bulgarians expected to arrive over here within the next 5 years is quarter of a million… Get that? 50,000 people per year.

To put that in perspective, 250,000 people die in this country every year.

And fuck me, we already have that many Romanians coming over every year anyway as temporary workers.

You see, just like back in the day when Londoners went Hop Picking in Kent for their summer holidays, so do twenty thousand Romanians come over here fruit picking every fucking year… And then fuck off back home.


The reason they are allowed to do this is because English workers don’t want to do fruit picking… Well, at least according to the government.

The stupid cunt Idiot Dumfuck Smiff thinks us Brits are much happier stocking shelves in Poundland for no wages… Bald headed useless Dick fuck.

Never the less, if you really want to know how insignificant the estimated number of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants is, consider this:

  1. Between the 1st of April 2013 and the end of June 2013, the UK issued 144,554  full time work permits to foreign workers… THREE MONTHS!  Of those work permits 31,702 were given to Indians. Not one was given to a Bulgarian or Romanian citizen.
  2. Three months prior to that, 141,772 full time work permits were issued to foreigners and so on and so on.
  3. Over the past 3 months: there were 5% fewer study visas issued (to 204,469 including dependants), mainly explained by smaller numbers of Pakistani and Indian students, although there were increases for other nationals, including Chinese and Libyans. Over the same period there were 2% fewer sponsored study visa applications (206,871, main applicants), of which there was a 4% increase for the university sector, compared with falls for the further education sector (-25%), English language schools (-16%), and independent schools (-3%).
  4. In the past 3 months 60,079 the partners of those foreigners living here have also been given leave to stay in the country permanently. To put that in perspective,l 50,000 Romanian and Bulgarians per year equate to 12,500, three times less than those 60,079 ‘partners, given leave to stay in the country.
  5. If you still think that Britain is an easy touch, check out these Asylum seeker figures for the last 3 months: There were 23,499 asylum applications, a rise of 18%, with increases in applications from a range of nationalities, including Syria, Pakistan and Albania. This remains low relative to the peak in 2002 (84,132), and similar to levels seen since 2006.
  6. Between April and June of this year, 204,541 people have been granted British Citizenship.

There is however one occupation that has 80 percent of Romanians – qualified to do the job – desperate to come either here or Germany… They are Doctors.

Or are they cut throat Gypsys too?

Don’t you ever get fed up with being taken for mugs by your government?

Y’all have a fucking nice day now.


Don’t lift curbs on Romanian migrants, Tories tell Cameron: Dozens of MPs set to call for five more years of restrictions for jobseekers

  • Restrictions on arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria to expire on January 1
  • Dozens of Tory MPs likely to back plan to extend restrictions for five years
  • Proposal heard by committee of MPs today, with Commons vote in weeks

By JACK DOYLE PUBLISHED: 22:40, 18 November 2013 | UPDATED: 23:15, 18 November 2013

Plan: Tory MPs will challenge David Cameron over immigrants from Eastern Europe, telling him not to open Britain's borders on January 1Plan: Tory MPs will challenge David Cameron over migrants from Eastern Europe, telling him not to open Britain’s borders on January 1

Tory MPs will challenge  David Cameron over Romanian and Bulgarian migrants today – urging him not to  throw open Britain’s borders from next year.

Backbench support is coalescing around a plan to extend restrictions on new arrivals from the two eastern European countries, due to expire on January 1, for a further five years.

Dozens of Tory MPs are likely to back the measure and put huge pressure on the Prime Minister to defy the European Union over its cherished free movement rules.

The proposal will be heard by a committee of MPs today and could come before a full vote in the House of Commons within weeks. Nigel Mills, the MP for Amber Valley in Derbyshire, is spearheading the campaign.

His proposed changes to the Government’s Immigration Bill currently passing through the House of Commons would extend restrictions until the end of December 2018.

Extending restrictions on migrant workers would provoke squeals of outrage – and likely legal challenge – from Brussels. But supporters say it would prevent huge pressure being placed on public services, including the NHS, and on jobs at a time when many British workers are struggling to find employment.

It would also allow Mr Cameron to make a defiant stand over two crucial issues for his supporters – Europe and immigration – where he is seen to be leaking support to Ukip.

Last night Mr Mills warned the economy ‘cannot cope’ with another large influx of migrants. He said: ‘The Government is putting through a very worthwhile Immigration Bill which introduces a number of measures most people concerned about immigration will welcome.

Controls: Police and Border Agency officials evict Romanian migrants. In 2007, when the country joined the EU, 'transitional controls' were applied which meant those coming to the UK must have a job offer to cross the boarder Controls: Border Agency officials evict Romanian migrants. In 2007, when the country joined the EU, ‘transitional controls’ were applied which meant migrants must have a job offer in order to cross the border
Proposals: MP for Amber Valley, Derbyshire Nigel Mills is leading the campaign to change the Government's Immigration BillPlan: Nigel Mills MP, pictured, proposes that restrictions are extended for five more years – until 2018. His plan will be heard by a committee of MPs today

‘But what we don’t have are any measures on Romanian and Bulgarian migrants, which is what people mention if you ask them about immigration. ‘Quite rightly, people want to know what will happen from January. The unofficial forecast would mean a quarter of a million people coming here over the next five years.

‘People are quite rightly concerned about whether public services can cope, about what benefits they will claim and about the number of jobs they will take.’ There is no official estimate of possible new arrivals in the UK when working restrictions are dropped for 29million Romanian and Bulgarian nationals, but migration campaigners predict it could be 50,000 a year.

Any movement of this order would decimate Mr Cameron’s pledge to cut yearly net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’ by 2015. Currently that figure stands at 176,000 which is down from more than a quarter of a million in 2010 but still short of Mr Cameron’s target.

Mr Mills pointed to 2004 when Labour ministers did not adopt temporary restrictions on migrant workers from Poland and seven other new EU countries. More than a million migrants  arrived in Britain  despite official predictions that just 13,000 would come.

A Home Office spokesman said last night: ‘This government has extended transitional controls to the maximum period of December 31. There is no power to extend them further as we are bound by the terms of the Accession Treaties negotiated by the previous Government.

‘We are focusing on cutting out the abuse of free movement between EU member states and addressing the factors that drive European immigration to Britain.

‘We are working to ensure our controls on accessing benefits and services are among the tightest in Europe to protect the UK from abuse.’ Eight out of ten newly qualified Bulgarian doctors are planning to work abroad, a study has shown.

In a questionnaire put to graduates from Bulgaria’s largest medical school in Sofia, the majority said they planned to leave their country, with preferences for working in Britain and Germany.

One vascular surgeon told the BBC he could earn seven times more in the UK. But most Bulgarian doctors cite their reason for wanting to move as being due to corruption concerns within their own health service.


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