Freaks out on acid *Updated 12/8/17

Christopher Spivey


Just so you know, this months site fees have not been paid as there wasn’t anywhere enough to do so. I did inform Wolfie of the fact yesterday in order for him to let the hosts know but I haven’t spoken to him since so I don’t know what is happening or going to happen.

Now I only mention the fact because whilst having a cup of tea and a butchers at the Chimp – a totally abhorrent excuse for a newspaper – I clocked an article that was such an in-ya-fucking-face piss take that I felt I had to comment on it, if for no other reason than to let off steam over the contempt I hold for the right-minded-turnips who by & large make up the vast majority of the population.

Indeed it is right that I should do so because these pathetic, spineless, insecure, needy, insipid, half witted thingies are dragging me and my family along with them as they blindly make their way to the deep end of the sewage infested river, without so much as a life boat or even a life belt amongst us.

As for the site, well it will either stay online or it won’t… To be honest I am fed up with the lack of support from all but a dozen or so loyal supporters, especially when I think back on the risks that I have taken, not just with my safety, but that of my young family.

Course, regardless of whether or not the site remains accessible I will still continue to write until we drown in the shit, simply because I have to. My deep rooted instincts as a man will not allow me to stay silent about the shit-storm coming our way… If for no other reason than I don’t want me, my family and the innocents of today and tomorrow to live in shit… Especially when we could all just as easily live happily and content in a place where [metaphorically] the sun never stops shinning.

But all the same, nuff said about that, let me tell you why I am more pissed off today that my usual level of pissed off.

You see, it all started with the following Monkey-Shite:

The Home Secretary and Britain’s most senior police officer have backed more stop and search checks in a crackdown on acid attacks.

“Have backed”!!!

Are those two genetically defective Muppet-criminals for real? They “have backed more stop and search checks“! … They haven’t “backed” fuck all.

What they have done is given the wholly-corrupt-thug-cops-in-uniform carte blanche to stop and search any right-minded-turnip that they want to, any time that they want to… Rather like the Gestapo in fact.

Worse still, they have done so under the premise of an increase in “acid attacks” that are simply not taking place… They are not happening… No one is throwing fuck all in the way of acid at anyone. Indeed anyone who thinks that they are needs to lock themselves away and have a serious word with themselves… The thick fucks.

Amber Rudd gave her support to using the controversial powers to take out the ‘appalling weapon of violence’.

She “gave her support“?  The tiny dicked fruit-loop gave her “support” to fuck all… She implemented the “controversial powers” in order to bring about fascist rule… No one is walking about with discarded bottles of “Fruit Shoot” filled with acid.

Yet they are implementing our subjugation in plain sight:

Everything they do is done in plain sight.

And fuck me, I am beginning to think that the population would believe Santa was real if the Freaks in Westminster said he was… The propaganda then continues:

And Cressida Dick, the Met Police Commissioner, said she will ‘support my officers’ if the number of stop and searches increases in response to the growing threat of acid and knife crime. Source

I think she means “support my goons” as the criminal half-wits are certainly not fit to carry the title of officer. Nevertheless have people become so brain-drained that they believe that Cress Dick really thinks that there is only half a chance that ‘corner & bothers‘ will rise?

Indeed if she believes it herself then the mad-cow wants to stop taking acid never mind anything else.

Mind you, Moo-Moo Dick has gone one better than the yellow-fish, Homo Secretary by including the non-existent threat of being involved in a knife attack alongside the fuck-all-chance of getting a fruit-shoot sized gob full of accciiiidddddd squirted at you.

However, by bringing “knife crime” into  the old bollox I take it that the crime-committing-actor posing as a force of good is referring to those ‘mega-rich‘, ‘highly organised & dangerous‘ terrapins, who believe that carrying a chef’s stash-full of knives with them will more than be enough to take out the Westminster armed thugs protecting Parliament – leaving them free to go on and stab the prime-mincer to death… As long as they shout “Action Man“, or “Ally-Up” or “Aloe Vera” or whatever it is the paid actors are meant to shout as they go about their stab-fest.

Indeed I take the insult to my intelligence personally.

I mean I warned you about these non-existent acid attacks (that is to say acid attacks are extremely rare and are never random) back in 2015 and in doing so I stated that I was at a loss to think why the huge rise in fake acid attacks were taking place… In fact the following is how I started that first article which was published on the 30th of October 2015:

Now as you know a lorra, lorra mischief makers try and pour scorn on the many news items that I expose as being fake stories by demanding to know the motive for staging such an event – their illogical thinking, or the doubt in others minds that they are looking to create being that; if the motive isn’t obvious or known, then I must be talking bollox.

And of course, the fact is that it is those mischief makers who are the ones actually talking bollox.

Now, whether they do that to simply try and make themselves appear intelligent – whilst being anything but, since when compared to a bucket, their arguments don’t hold water, or whether they are government employed 3D skid-marks, paid to cast doubt on the stories credibility is irelivent.

Indeed, both groups exist and to be frank, I have no time for either.

I mean, those trying to make themselves look clever at my expense or desperate to prove me wrong are just parasitical wannabes and the latter are at best nonce protecting sub-humans.

After all, if I see one man shoot another man dead then I do not need to know why the shooter did it to know that he did.

So, in terms of these fake news stories I do not need to know why any particular hoax was staged to know that the evidence before me proves that it was.

And then all you need do is wait until the the reasons start to emerge. For instance, you must have noticed all of the stories of late about people having Acid thrown in their faces… At least you must have noticed if you read the papers. Source

Now I did in fact write that article after pretty, 23 year old Adele Bollox Ballis allegedly had acid thrown over her by her ex-boyfriend.

Indeed, such was the potency of that acid that it supposedly melted Adele’s wing-nut clear off – leaving her with just a keyhole in the side of her head.

Look at her. I mean one minute she is a fun loving pretty girl in the prime of her life, who doubtlessly took great pride in her appearance – and the next minute she is a horribly scarred curiosity with a keyhole for an ear, who now has to get used to being stared at as people point and whisper behind her back.

And as a further consequence, all those days of wrapping fellas around her little finger have become a thing of the past… Indeed Adele will now have to content herself with dating fellas smelling of B.O and wearing ill fitting, baggy arsed jeans, whom in all probability will be called Kevin… Look at her… She is fucking delighted at the prospect.

Indeed I haven’t seen a bird so happy since those two teenage birds who lost a leg apiece on that Alton Towers ride,  the Smiley Miley Mileage Time… Or whatever the fuck it is that ‘The Smiler‘ is called.

Mind you, meeting Elvis would make anyone smile, although with all the money that they have had come their way the pair of tight cows still go shoe shopping together… Probably.

And Adele is that chuffed to fuck with her scars that she keeps her keyhole on display – as do the two birds who lost a leg each keep their stumps in eyesight

Who knows, perhaps she gets turned on walking the streets when it is windy? The fucking attention seekers.

But at least we now know the agenda behind the acid attack sick-fuck frauds… In fact let’s rejoice at the fascist regime quickly being implemented for our own good.

Mind you, don’t you dare go to a hardware store if your sink gets blocked… Fuck the washing up, just live with it, you will get used to the smell coming up through the drain and at the end of the day the dog can always lick the dirty plates clean.

After all, with the new changes to the law that has to be better than walking out of B&Q only to find yourself on the wrong end of the ‘Corner & Bother’ policy, carried out by the filth parked in the lay-by across the road… Although it is safe to take your car to the pub now without getting pulled by the plod who no longer have to sit in the ‘Dog & Duck’ car-park waiting to pounce:

Anyone caught carrying acid will now be charged with carrying an offensive weapon – the same charge used to convict people unlawfully carrying a knife or a gun.

This gives the courts the power to sentence defendants up to four years in prison – even if the acid hasn’t been thrown or used as a part of a crime. 

The changes mean anyone now arrested for throwing acid deliberately – even if not intended to harm – could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

The Crown Prosecution Service has tweaked the guidelines to give the judges and magistrates more power to sentence defendants to longer prison terms. Source

Got that?

So if you are silly enough to go and buy some drain cleaner, whatever you do, do not trip over with it else you will spend the rest of your life being banged up and bummed by those other lifers caught coming out of Thomas Cook with a ‘Syrian Holidays‘ brochure.

Am I exaggerating? You will wished I fucking was soon enough. The Third Reich was only a test run.

Yet what hope is there when people cannot see through the total bull-shite stories put out by the nonce protecting, nay nonce assisting press?

I mean take today’s daily acid attack:

Dramatic photographs show a teenage cyclist being hosed down by firefighters after a suspected acid attack near Kensington Palace this morning.

The first mention of KP… Carry on:

Emergency services rushed to the scene just after 10am after a 17-year-old boy was sprayed with a substance.

A fireman could be seen rinsing the side of the teenager’s face with water while a police officer assisted him, near to the London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Bingo… Altogether now, 1, 2, 3: OH MY FUCKING DOG NO? Please tell me Willie & the Wally are alright…

Were they rushed to safety? Well were they?

Yes, yes thinking logically about it now that I have finished over reacting they must be okay – thank fuck. I mean had they not been then the Monkeys would have said…

PHEW… The nation breaths a collective sigh of relief… Has the Queer been told that her Grandson & Klingon were involved in an acid attack?

Have any Go-Fucking-Fund-Me pages been set up for the poor lad… And Gold-digger-Smith too obviously?

And what about for the 17 year old victim?

Are we all being resilient?

Are we Acid Strong?

Carry on:

A spokesman for the London Ambulance Service said the teenager had been taken to a major trauma unit for treatment. 

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard said its officers were called at 10.09am following reports someone had been sprayed with an unknown substance.

The fire and ambulance service rushed to the scene shortly after. 

This incident comes days after prosecutors announced a crackdown on acid attackers following a spate of crimes across London. 

Now thugs found carrying acid face four years in jail while those who throw it could get life behind bars.

And that is the article in full cept for the following two photos and the bit published in big font that I republished above informing us about the changes to the law… Which are being put in place for our benefit don’t cha fucking know?

OH MY FUCKING DOG… That poor boy… Pixelated for life after some nutter or other mistook him for being his ex-girlfriend.

After all, that has to be the reason for the attack doesn’t it since there is no mention in the article of anyone called Mohammed, carrying 37 knives and a spoon, shouting “How-do How-far” – or whatever the fuck it is that the paid actors shout.

Oh deary, deary me, we really are fucked.

I mean the Baboon-Bummed-Barn-Pots at the Chimp don’t even try to disguise their contempt for their right-minded-turnip-readers by making up stories that are at least half credible… Instead they write fairy-tales with all the imagination employed by a ten year old.

So here for the benefit of the terminally fucking stupid, who:

  • believe that spending £300 each on their children come Satan’s Day makes them good responsible parents
  • swear vengeance by means of a drawn out painful death to anyone who tries to hurt their off-spring… “So help me God”
  • would die for their kids rather than have them suffer
  • protect the tiny bundles of love against mumps & shit by pumping them full of liquid death

… are the reasons why that Nonce Assisting Press Story is total, total bollox… And not least because of the incredible lack of detail.

You see, we are supposed to believe that a young lad out on his own, for a nice bike ride in the park, randomly had acid AKA “a substance” thrown in his face by someone  – or possibly even someones, since the old bollox doesn’t actually say… Doesn’t water also come under the category of “substance“?

The lad – whom had he been doused in acid would have been running around screaming louder than a Maria Carey concert – then called 999 (or at least someone did, possibly some helpful good Samaritan, before fucking off), after which he calmly waited for 5 to 10 minutes as his face pixelated beyond recognition.

And then, presumably on arrival, the firemen type men wrestled the ambulance crew type crew to the floor so as they could add to the agony of the poor lad, by squirting water all over his melted face… Once they unraveled the hose – capable of knocking the skinny young man 6 ft backwards through the air – and attached it to a water main obviously.

Furthermore, there is no need to take the Monkey-Nonces word for it since there are two “dramatic” photos in full colour to prove the attack really, really happened.

Meantime, back at the ranch the calm albeit deeply pixelated boy is then rushed to “a major trauma unit” formerly known as A&E… Albeit exactly which “major trauma unit” is being kept secret, no doubt for fear of a follow-up attack.

Indeed I wonder how many Armed-Muppets are guarding the unidentified fella’s bedside.

But even that total pile of shit didn’t really get me angry. Indeed I read total bollox in the shit-rag on a daily basis.

You see, what got me really angry is the fact that we are being ushered into a nightmare regime far, far worse than the arse-wipe-apes would have us believe North Korea is.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, the creatures that are mugging us off are not only perverted, sick-fuck criminals – they are people born with defective genes.

Course, no one can be help the hand that they were dealt when they were born, but that doesn’t mean that we all have to live in awe at how well they cope with being a screw-up.

Yet even then, having been elevated to a position in life which allows them the opportunity to rightly oppose discrimination, their wrongly wired thought processes mean that they have to take things a stage further and elevate their sexually oriented misfortune to that of someone superior to us heterosexuals.

Indeed, these mentally-unstable narcissists are obsessed with trying to make their defects the new norm, giving those of us not afflicted no [apparent] choice but to just accept their warped ways… Despite their rogue genes being totally contradictory to and in violation of the Laws of Nature… That is to say “Mother Nature” was most definitely not a bloke wearing a fucking designer frock.

Now it is bad enough that there are no MP’s that are not self-serving, greedy, egotistical, criminals, but the fact that the vast majority – if not all – are not heterosexual should be cause for major concern… Nay, it is an extremely dangerous state of affairs.

Yet the mug punter, apathetic British public are letting these deeply disturbed pond-life get away with ruining their children’s lives… In fact the sick-fucks are putting forward policies hugely detrimental for our children, grandchildren and children of the future. And as such, biting my tongue about these sexual deviants – who will approve any legislation that they are told to by their Monster-Masters, in return for a debauched lifestyle – is simply not going to happen.

I mean we have a prime mincer who is a man pretending to be a woman for fucks sake… And if you think that I am talking bollox (as opposed to bollocks) then look very closely at the next lot of photo batches.

You see, Terry May is without doubt in my mind a persona mostly played by the fuck-up, Mark Thatcher… A weak, sniveling parody of a man who was brought up by seriously deranged Monsters.

And yes I do mean that in a nasty way… Fuck him and his sadistic, perverted, whore mother.

Fuck me, how the Monsters must have loved that achievement.

I mean engineering two generations of Thatcher into becoming Prime Mincer with the twisted addition that the latter is really a man – and successfully carried out openly in front of the eyes of the world.

Indeed, Thatcher was the personification of all that is evil and her two favorite house guests, for eleven consecutive new year celebrations – Jimmy Savile & Alistair McAlpine – are testament to the fact. Course so was the former Prime Mincer, Winston Churchill, yet our warped history books inevitably refer to the pair as being amongst the greatest Brits to have ever lived.

Quite bizarre, not to mention repugnant when you consider that Winston Churchill was not very bright, Ginger and a Rothschild puppet – having married one. He was also sexually perverted and a chronic alcoholic who died with the blood of millions of innocent & duped people on his hands.

Course, anyone who knows a chronic alcoholic well will know that the outstanding achievements attributed to the greedy, grossly overweight buffoon was just more pie-in-the-sky propaganda.

Indeed, an alcoholic by definition spends his days under the influence and it is a matter of public record that Churchill was drunk whilst at work… Which kinda makes you wonder why everyone cannot get pissed at work if the nonce was that brilliant.

However, it is also a matter of record that Churchill was knobbing the Queer Mother – but then again who wasn’t – and he is in fact quite widely believed by many historians to be the real father of Sweaty Betty – what with the simpleton, King George VI not being up to the job.

Churchill is also quoted as saying:

I wonder how he knew that?

And as it happens, Churchill was also a Spencer – of the Diana Spencer crew.

Course, Slaggy Maggie Thatcher has often been compared to Winnie the Shit Poo and as soon as the Monster became Prime Mincer in 1979, the second most ambitious hoax ever to fool the world was commenced, i.e the introduction of Lady Diana Spencer.

However, although the Diana Chronicles were the 2nd most ambitious they were far from the first.

Course, this was at a time when Jimmy Savile – the close friend of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Phlip Flop of Duck & Prince Bugger Lugs of Dobby – was perceived by the public as being worthy of a sainthood and as such he was a natural choice to appear in some of the 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of fabricated photos put together to give credibility to the persona, Diana.

Shall we continue with some more examples of fabricated images taken from the Diana photo stock made up in its entirety of forgery’s?

Of course we shall:

Just a  few of thousands where I can show you how & where the photos have been altered. Want some more?

Of course you fucking do:

One more batch?

Why the fuck not aye.

And you ain’t seen fuck all yet in terms of them taking the piss… But you will have to wait for that.

Now, as I said, these actors usually have latex skin (or some other form of fake material) applied and the photos below are examples of exactly  what latex skin looks like… The first photo is an actor, and the rest are of Billionaire Financier, Nathan Rothschild and Lord Lucans son.

And below is an example of what can be EASILY achieved.

Nevertheless, if its not bad enough that our prime mincer is a transsexual, he is also married to one… That is to say the fella who plays Terry’s husband has a penchant for dressing up as a woman too.

And of course, Terrance doesn’t run the country. Indeed, the freak has trouble functioning at the best of times.

I personally find that extremely disturbing but apparently most right thinking turnips don’t.

Indeed they do not seem to mind that Terry – and there has been at least four playing the role – is making a fortune for doing fuck all.  And by that I mean that Terry and the other 649 MP’s on the pay list literally do fuck all… Despite there only being around 250 of the thieves, yet they don’t make policy.

Neither do they help their constiucunts on anything of substance and Terry certainly doesn’t go abroad to meet other world leaders or represent the country at remembrance ceremonies for our war dead… Neither do the fraud Royal Family for that matter… But the tax-payer certainly pays the cost just as if they had done. It’s called fraud.

And this is the reason that these VIP’s always wear the same suits, shirts and ties… Or in Terrys case, the 5 year old orange suit.

The last photo on your left is from 2012.

Yet it is not just Our-Terry & her crew that operate the dress-the-same-way policy.

It is in fact a common global practice for first-world-leaders to do so… Germany’s Angela Merkel for example:

Possibly also in part played by a fella.

Indeed, there can be little doubt over Michael Obama’s gender:

PHOTO: This press photo was put out as being a young Barack Obama. However, on closer inspection I believe it to be Michael Obama and just another of the Monster Minions in-jokes design to belittle our gullibility. 

That way no one questions when their leaders are meant to be abroad yet the furthest that they go is the cutting room floor to get a new background added to an old photo… Kerching.

Although there are drawbacks to cutting old photos on to a new background. You see there will inevitably have to be a bit of photoshopping done, hence Terry or whoever will occasionally end up with an extra long fucking arm or something.

Now you can see the cheek implants a mile away in the first & last photos above… And do take notice of Terry Terrapin’s smug smile in the top photo. I will also point out that she is being played by a woman in the bottom photo hence she has a cleavage.

But if you wanna believe Tel the tart exists just stroll on.

However, I will finish this section about Tel the tramp by reminding you of the guy in the photos below. His name is supposedly Sammi Nair and he is being interviewed about the Diana car crash.

Yet he is taking the piss out of the viewers by tracing his fingers along the lines of the implants he is wearing under his fake skin… In fact he does it three fucking times just to proper mug them off.

And after he does that, he lets the viewers know what he thinks about them.

Yet not one wanker noticed.

So I will tell you who he really is now. He is Dr Alan Farthing, the queen’s fanny doctor… I can’t spell gynecologist.

I will however give you more detail about the fact in the third & last part of my Diana Trilogy, so you will have to wait for that information too.

However, anyone looking to pour scorn on the use of latex masks let me tell you that the CIA were using them to deceive as far back as the 1950’s.

In fact, don’t take my word for it – Dog forbid my life would be that easy – instead have a read of the contents seen in the following screenshot, which is taken from Stephen Kinzer’s book: The Brothers: John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, and Their Secret World War, and is in regard to a CIA plot to try and destabilize Indonesia by framing the country’s charismatic President Sukarno.

Well of course the dirty trick had no evident effect. I mean our MP’s are never faithful to their wife or husband yet no one gives a fuck despite the fact that if nothing else their infidelity proves that they are deceitful, dis-loyal, invariably liars, manipulative, underhand and cannot commit to anything.

In fact the dirty, perverse slugs are forgiven for fucking kids if they are popular enough.

Still, that too must be bollox aye? … Although the deceivers are very adept at giving actors bald heads these days:

Course, Dr Farthing was supposedly engaged to Diana Jill Dando when she got shot dead in the head… And Dando was of course one of the Diana players.

As for the perverted top-cop, Cressida Dick who like Terry is also just an actor, well funnily enough, according to Google the name Cressida originated from that of a heroine & Trojan princess who was the main protagonist in the ancient tale of “Troilus and Cressida“.

And “Dick” is associated with being a Cock… So, Cressida Dick, a Princess with a cock… How very novel.

Nevertheless, as I have told you in the past, Dick started out by playing the role of Lois Jenkins – foster mother of murdered schoolgirl Billie Jo Jenkins who wasn’t really murdered at all because she was just another made up persona.


However, more recently she – although quite possibly a he, lesbian at best – has been doubling up as a victim of terrapinism of late.

Yet she is backing HER officers as they morph into the gestapo! Got that?

The country has a criminal for the top copper who backs her orifficers stopping random people in the street on the off chance that they might get lucky… And that ‘getting lucky‘ goes way beyond the scope of just acid.

Yet the Dick is also played by more than one person too.

PHOTO: The Dick gives a HD tv interview in a full face mask.

I mean it proper fucking irks me that these slugs are placed as front men for the real power behind the curtain. They are easy to persuade because they are without morals and in most cases sexually compromised… Which again is easy for the intelligence agency bosses to do because these dysfunctional-freaks cannot control their sexual urges.

And in the vast majority of cases those urges are either of a homosexual or paedophile nature. Either that or they are drag queens and to be frank, I do not want my grand-daughters sharing a toilet with someone who is basically a boy in a dress. Neither do I want my grandsons being taught that sticking a cock up a blokes arse is normal… Because it isn’t fucking normal by any standards and that has fuck all to do with homophobia… It is just a fucking fact.

After all, If it was normal we would all be hermaphrodites and capable of giving birth.

Indeed, I couldn’t give two fucks what two adults get up to in the bedroom be they man-woman, man-man, or man-chick-with-a-dick, but don’t teach kids that the latter two are something to be proud about because they fucking ain’t.

And as an aside, do you reckon that the couple in the photos below are Dave & Sam?

I’m asking, not telling, but it really wouldn’t surprise me if it was and I have in fact provided evidence on this site in the past that the Cameron’s are exhibitionists – although I could flabbergast you with some of the people that I have naked photos of.

Which brings me to Amber Rudd, the last pervert in this sorry acid saga… How come so many of our prominent MP’s have surnames connected to fish? Probably summat to do with the smell?

Nevertheless, let me start by showing you a screenshot of the “related articles” that appeared half way down that Rudd & Dick article that I have just shown you.

Now you maybe wondering exactly how those two “related articles” actually relate to an article about fake acid attacks… And to be fair, so did I at first… In fact I still am in the dark where Donny Drop-Ya-Guts is concerned.

However, after doing a bit of research lasting all of 5 minutes, all became clear.

You see, the first related article is about the Chancellor, Philip Hammond and “Philip” apparently means “Friend of Horses” whilst “Hammond” means “She Knows“… Don’t cha know.

And I have no doubt in my mind that Philip Hammond is Amber Rudd:

But please, once again don’t take my word for it… In fact I positively urge you to get a selection of different photos of each and do your own comparisons.

Course, you could also pose the question: ‘What’s in a name’ – to which I would of course reply: “Fuck all cept a lot of coincidences.

For instance take the government paid nonce-protecting troll, Tom Cahill.  “Tom” is a verb meaning “work as a prostitute”, whilst in modern vernacular “Cahill” is defined as being a large, unsightly penis mole:

Yet I feel sure that it is purely a coincidence that the country-yokel’s name translates as “A whore with an unsightly growth on his cock“. After all there is also a Doctor called Tom Cahill, and despite Doctors playing a huge part in advancing the NWO, I cannot see the Troll with the Mole being one and the same… Here, see what you reckon:

Indeed as far as I can see, apart from the small little ears they couldn’t look more different if they tried.

Anyway, that’s ya lot for now because I gotta get back to editing but do think on. Nothing in this world is as it seems. And all big news stories really really are staged and orchestrated for an agenda. The rest is either propaganda or non-newsworthy.

Just sayin’.