For the Children


Christopher Spivey


Hi all,

As some of you know, after well over TWO years my trial started this morning at Basildon Crown Court… Two years. Think about that.

Nevertheless, will first point out that although Dogman – through no fault of his own – stated earlier on today, after speaking to my daughter Stacey, that the trial judge dismissed the charges against me for the Goldin Image and a ‘planted image of bestiality’, that is not strictly true. 

There were in fact three counts on the illegal indictment… I say illegal because that is exactly what it was. You see, the charges were such that prosecution for the offences can only commence with written authorisation from the Director of Public Prosecutions… No ifs, no buts, THAT IS THE LAW for the offences levelled against me.

However, the CPS and Essex Police, for reasons known only to themselves decided that they didn’t need to follow the Law and as such, in the case of Count 3, Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh decided he was authorised to do so.

I have not yet found out who authorised Counts 1 & 2 but it was not the DPP… Not that I was cleared of the charges because of a technicality. Oh noooo, Dog forbid that should happen. After all, a gross abuse of the law, and disregard for procedure set in stone started on the 30th July 2014 and from that point onwards carried on with gay abandon until today.

Count 1 of the indictment was for Possession of Nan Goldin’s photograph, Klara & Edda Belly Dancing – a legal image owned by Elton John, of which the Essex Police backed by the CPS decided was a Class C indecent image of a child.

That is to say that it was a class C indecent image of a child in my case. Indeed, for anyone else the image was perfectly legal… And despite my belief at the time, that I fell into the same category as everyone else and as such published the image with scathing criticism of what the ‘Elites’ idea of ‘Art’ consisted of, this proved not to be the case.

This was despite Acting Chief Inspector, Garry Biddle of the Essex Police being aware of the image on this site in the summer of 2013. Biddle did in fact write to me about the image possibly being illegal, but since he did not pursue the possibility, I could only conclude that the image was – as I believed it to be when I posted it – perfectly legal.

Course, when I was illegally arrested on October 6th 2014 the police must have known about that communication between ACI Biddle and myself because they had a copy of the letter, which for some reason they chose to ignore, but under the law of disclosure, had no choice but to include it on the list of evidence that they were not going to rely on in court.

I say that the arrest on the 6th of October 2014 was illegal because the arrest on the 6th of October 2014 was illegal and did in fact meet the threshold of all three reasons set out by the government for the evidence to be deemed as inadmissible in court.

Those three reasons are:

  • A breach of my human rights under Article 6
  • Abuse of PACE
  • Bad faith on behalf of the police.

Except unfortunately those three reasons only apply to everyone else… But not me.

The arrest was illegal because:

  • The evidence was obtained from my computers which were illegally seized by the police in the very early hours of the 30th of July 2014.
  • In that two month period between the 30th of July 2014 and October 6th  2014 the police decided that they did not need to apply for an arrest warrant or a search warrant and instead thought it much more fun to batter down my front door, kick my garden gate down and smash my bedroom window… Despite knowing that my 1 year old grandson and 18 year old daughter were on the premises.
  • Instead, of any warrants, I was arrested under Section 32 of PACE, according to the officer filmed by my neighbour, which had changed by the time the other 2 officers had finished their illegal search to Section 17 of PACE

The illegal arrest, illegal search and illegal seizure of my computers on the 30th of July 2014 was also carried out with the police not bothering to obtain an arrest warrant or search warrant, despite them having a two week period in which to obtain both (which can be done in as little as 6 hours).

However, the reason that they did not bother would probably be down to the fact that no Magistrate, unless bent as a nine bob note would have authorised either, being as I was arrested on suspicion of a summary offence (a misdemeanour), for which standard procedure was not followed.

Nevertheless, the Essex Police – despite not having just cause to arrest me as set out in law – decided that it would be a wheeze to send 4 thugs to do so at 1:30 in the morning in blatant breach of Code B of PACE.

Moreover, having abused their powers under PACE and arrested me under Section 32 which only allows for a search and seizure if the arrested person has been done so for an Indictable Crime, decided that the law does not need to be followed and stole my two computers anyway… But only after conducting a fingertip search of my Daughter and Grandsons bedroom, where they had been sleeping prior to the four thugs arrival.

To add to their mirth, they decided that it would be a wheeze to make a malicious referral to the Social Services, who acted upon it, despite the fact that no referral would usually be forthcoming as a result of anyone being arrested for a summary offence and it being later proved that there was no basis for the police allegations made to them.

In fact so intent were the Social Workers involved that they had started an assessment before I was even released from custody… Indeed, despite there being no basis for their involvement they only dropped the assessment when my grandsons health visitor refused to partake in their insidious agenda.

Now strangely enough, the same social workers started a new assessment on my grandson on the 1st of October 2014 after a referral from the Essex Police following my arrest on that date – despite me not being arrested until the 6th.

More sinister still, the assessment was commenced using the same assessment sheets that had been started on the 30th of July and which should have been destroyed.

Course, with me not being arrested on the 1st of October they could not logically make contact with me and my daughter, which they were then going to do on the 3rd of October, according to the assessment sheet “following my arrest on that date”… Despite me again not having been arrested.

Now, it has to be said, that since both those dates were included on the assessment as fact, the only logical conclusion is that the assessment sheet was filled in before those two days arrived pointing to collusion between the two criminal organisations, in a conspiracy to steal my Grandson for no other reason than to get at me.

Think about that… The police and social services were prepared to remove a much loved, well cared for little boy from the only home he had ever known, based on criminal acts on their part, for no other reason than to get at me… Sick in the mind, at best.

Nevertheless, the indisputable evidence to back all those claims – and it gets a lot worse I can assure you – can be found HERE 

I therefore do not need to go through it all with you again here.

So, getting back to Count 2 on the indictment.

Count 2 relates to an easy provable photoshopped snappy snap that the corrupt police took off my computer. However, it was the police who photoshopped the originally innocent photo into something that they classed as Extreme Pornography… Except even after doing so, it still failed in content to constitute a criminal offence.

Or put another way, the police fabricated evidence in order to try and convict me of an offence that I hadn’t committed.

Unfortunately, what the police didn’t allow for was the fact that the photo was actually a screenshot taken from a video that I still have in my possession, although they did not know that until I finally saw the photo in May of this year.

Now the thing is, when I was questioned on October 6th 2014 following my 2nd illegal arrest for what amounted to 70 images, mostly of Child Pornography that I had never before seen in my life and which were without a doubt planted on my illegally seized computers on the 30th of July 2014 – hence the social workers were so quick off the mark to act on the malicious police referral in the knowledge that I was going to be arrested at a later date for child porn, most likely on October the 1st thus giving them grounds to take my grandson Clayton into care and as such, was also the reason that they kept the original assessment form  – the image making up Count 2 was not so much as mentioned, let alone shown to me in that interview.

Course, it wouldn’t have been because the photo in its original form is innocent and at that stage the police did not need to alter anything because of the planted images.

However, when it came to charging me, I had long ago cottoned on to their game and had therefore taken steps to protect Clay, which resulted in their conspiracy going tits up – all of which is again well documented and evidenced at the above link.

Therefore, it was no surprise that when I was charged, every single one of the planted images had been dropped which left the plod with 21 legal images to charge me with. These legal images were made up of things like the Led Zeppelin cover for their big selling ‘Houses of the Holy’ album, which the police were now self categorising as a Class C indecent image of a child’.

And once again that fact is also documented and evidenced in the above link.

It was at this point that the Count 2 photo was slipped into the bundle with the 20 other images – all legal and mostly all used to highlight the horrors of child abuse –  that the police were going to attempt to try and get me convicted on.

Therefore, I was never arrested or questioned about the image that later made up count 2. Nevertheless, by August 2015, another 19 images were dropped at a mention hearing before I even stepped through the court room door.

It was also at this hearing that I was unbelievably denied the right to have the stolen computer hard drives independently analysed – thus preventing me discovering that around 50 photos had been planted on them.

That just left the legal Goldin image for Count 1 and the unbeknownst to me, newly modified screenshot to make up Count 2.

Course, in turn that meant the number of images was now far below the threshold for a prosecution to be in the public interest, but with the investigation having gone on for a year and which at that point must surely have cost over the Million Pound mark the police still unbelievably carried on.

Now at this stage, they definitely knew that ACI Garry Biddle must have investigated the image and found it to be legal.

They must have also known that THE CPS had a whole page on their website stating that the image was legal and they must have known that a simple google image search would have brought up photos of the image in its 1000s – which were also being sold on websites such as Amazon and E-bay

Tellingly, the trial was on the warned list for October 2015 yet the two week period for the case to begin came and went meaning that instead of the trial starting it had to go back to case management and mention hearings… But that is okay, it is only the publics money being wasted on what now had gone from a trial based on legal content to a malicious prosecution – a serious criminal offence for those responsible for bringing the action.

Yet all this criminal activity and blatant abuse of the law was suppressed and ignored by the judges sitting at these new pre-trial hearings, with the trial BY JURY set to go ahead in May 2016.

Course, by this time a friend of this sites Moderator, the legendary Fabooka Da Stait had been illegally arrested in December 2015 by the corrupt Greater Manchester Police for uploading the Goldin image onto his Facebook a year prior to the arrest.

Moreover, the reason that he had done so had been in solidarity and protest at me being prosecuted for what was blatantly obvious to everyone except the CPS (despite their own website stating the image was legal) and the corrupt Essex Police, who were determined not to make themselves look corrupt and inept by having to admit that that they were involved in a blatant affront to justice, thus making themselves look even more corrupt and inept in the process.

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Now, when Fabooka’s mate went to answer bail for the image in March 2015 the charge was dropped because the Greater Manchester Police investigation into the image, between December 2015 and March 2016 had revealed that the image was LEGAL.

So, despite the fact that the GMP were able to find out in 3 months – although it took me less than 5 minutes to come to the same conclusion, based on the same sources – what the Essex Police, the Prosecution and the CPS had still not found out in 18 months, at my request my Solicitor gave them a helping hand.

In other words, the  information was then passed on in writing to the Prosecution, the CPS and I believe the Essex Policethings in charge of the investigation, along with the contact details for the officer at the GMP that they needed to speak to should they require oral confirmation… Yet still they pushed ahead with their malicious prosecution.

Therefore, in exasperation on the 20th of May – the eve of the trial – I published an article severely criticising those involved in the criminal act and published a SCREENSHOT OF A GOOGLE SEARCH that I had just made which  brought up 6 or 9 thumbnail pictures of the image without me having to even go into Google images to look in order to show that the image was freely available.

However, what would have been hilarious had it not been so fucking serious was the fact that when I arrived at Basildon Crown Court on the 21st of May – the next day – I was informed that the trial had been cancelled whilst a police investigation was launched into me now DISTRIBUTING a “Class C image of a child”.

Course, why the trial had to be postponed being as this bizarre investigation should have been treated as a new criminal offence – stop laughing – is anyone’s guess.

It was also at this postponed trial that I finally got to see the photoshopped image making up Count 2, shortly after which they learned that I was accusing them of fabricating evidence, that I could prove this and better still requesting the image so as I could provide the photos that they had used to embellish the photo… Which they refused to do.

Meantime, the most bizarre police investigation bar none, into distributing a Google Screenshot got underway and thankfully, instead of sending 4 thugs around in the middle of the night to steal my property or 3 thugs in the middle of the afternoon to batter my front door down, the investigating officer contacted my solicitor to invite me to attend Rayleigh Police Station for a voluntary interview… Which I declined as the invitation was voluntary and I wanted no part of the madness.

Course, I suppose that it would have been pointless employing the heavy handed illegal tactics since my daughter and grandson were no longer living with me – thus no one there to scare to death – having been given a house as a priority because of the danger that the libellous, deliberate lies told about me in the MSM had put them in by living with me, along with the fact that the police – who were blatantly harassing me at the time – meant that she was living on her nerves.

However, my decline of the invitation resulted in the investigating officer repeating the offer to attend a voluntary interview with the added incentive of should I not accept, then he would send some thugs to come and get me – and indeed he still sent them round anyway, although I was out when they came.

Nevertheless, the invite was clearly not voluntary and as such I attended with my solicitor who drafted a statement which he then read out in the interview, after which I gave 5 minutes worth of “no comment” answers to his questions.

At no time was I arrested and I was told that I was free to leave at anytime although from recent experience, I didn’t really believe him.

Now the statement read out by my solicitor – amongst other things – gave details of who to contact at GMP to verify that not only was the Goldin Image legal, but the image I was being questioned about was in fact a Google screenshot, of images deemed legal by the CPS, along with where to find that information, and pointing out that I was there under duress and that I was being harassed by the police.

Therefore, I was a bit surprise to be given a postal requisition to attend a court hearing for the crime of DISTRIBUTING A CLASS C INDECENT IMAGE OF A CHILD – which then went to make up Count 3 of the indictment.

I then came across something that finally changed the course of this madness, namely the case of Regina V Neal.

Neal had been convicted on 5 counts of possessing Class C indecent images of a child, which were photos used in some Art books that he had bought at legitimate, high street book shops.

However, on appeal, the judge was scathing in his criticism of the CPS for even mounting the prosecution being that it was unfair to test the legality of the photos in court by prosecuting someone who had purchased the books in good faith.

He then went on to say that the correct course of action would have been to prosecute the book sellers and publishers, before quashing Neals convictions.

And that is exactly the same as the Goldin Image, which is freely available to buy in the book: The Devils Playground.

Which brings me to today when the trial was due to begin at 10 AM.

However, the first part of the trial was to be made up of Legal Argument before the Jury was sworn in and to my absolute astonishment, based on the many, many other judges I have been up before over the past two years, the trial Judge – a woman – immediately laid in to the prosecutor about the blatant disregard and wastage of public funds used to prosecute me, whilst bringing up the case of Regina v Neal .

She then adjourned the trial for 15 minutes so as the red faced Prosecutor could go and speak to his superiors.

Fifteen minutes later, the Court was reconvened and as the Judge took her seat, the Prosecutor stood up and announced that the prosecution would be offering no evidence for Count 1, Count 2 and Count 3. The Judge nodded and ordered it into the record that I had been found NOT GUILTY on ALL Charges.

She then proceeded to do some summing up in which it became obvious that she knew much more about me than just what was within the scope of the trial by stating that:

‘Mr Spivey may well be a pain in the backside but he is entitled to free speech and just because you don’t like what he says that is not a reason to try and shut him up by charging him with criminal offences’.

In doing so, the judge has now – be it inadvertently or otherwise – attested to the fact that the prosecution was malicious – a criminal act on the part of the Essex Police and the CPS.

However, instead of feeling chuffed to fuck, or relieved I have felt angry ever since leaving the court. Indeed, there is no celebration to be had from being found not guilty for something that I have not done. Especially as the charges relate to a crime that is one of the most abhorrent an innocent man can find himself charged with.

Nevertheless I always knew that the two illegally seized computers which also contained the contents of a hard-drive, meaning that the two computers held content acquired between 2009 and 2014, had absolutely nothing on them that could constitute a criminal offence – forcing the WHOLLY CORRUPT Essex Police to manufacture and plant illegal content on there.

Indeed, I doubt that there are many people who can say the same within the scope of what constitutes legal and what doesn’t.

Neither does the fact that Parliament, our Police Forces, our Social Services, our Judiciary and other such like official bodies are infested with sewer rats prepared to stitch up an innocent man for exposing their criminal behaviour form the basis of my anger… I couldn’t give two fucks about myself.

Neither am I angry that my barrister wanted me to write nothing about the past two years that could antagonise the Monsters, the implication being that we live in a country where it is in a persons best interest to keep quiet about the perverted criminals making our lives miserable, because to do other wise will get you stitched up or worse… There is more chance of hell freezing over, than me doing that.

My anger lies in what these sick fucks were actively seeking to do to a sweet innocent little boy who idolises his Grandad… And for that alone and all of the other sweet and innocent children that they rape, torture and murder, I will never forgive, never forget, and never stop being angry… I’m coming for you.