For the Benefit Of No One.


Chris Spivey, Dale Martin, Jerome Don.


It was good to see justice prevail for Bus driver Fred Hazle who took his severely disabled son to protest outside of Downing Street just over a week ago.

Sadly, it was a hollow victory of sorts since Fred would never have had to take the course of action he did, if we were not being ruled over by gangsters.

You see, Fred along with his Son James turned up on the Cunt Cameron’s doorstep to protest over constant threats to cut his sons paltry £71.95 weekly disability allowance.

The following is from the Barking & Dagenham Post:

A father has won a victory for his severely disabled son by going to Downing Street to demand the Prime Minister hire his boy if the government thinks he is fit to work.

Fred Hazle, 46, from Grafton Road, Dagenham, was protesting a string of “bullying” letters sent to his 19-year-old son James, who has the mental age of a five-year-old, threatening to stop his £71.95 a week in benefits unless he could “prove” he cannot work.

James needs round-the-clock care and has autism, blindness, epilepsy and severe learning difficulties.

Speaking exclusively to the Post, Fred said he has now secured a promise that the letters will stop, and that James will receive benefits “indefinitely”.

Fred, who works as a bus driver, said: “First they put me on to some call centre. I told them I would go back down there to Downing Street, and about 20 minutes later they got me on to the manager of the Employment and Support Allowance.

“I told them, ‘All you people want to do is fob me off, leave it a year and send more letters. I’m not having it.’”

The manager apologised and said James would receive financial support “for the rest of his life”, and promised to send written confirmation of this to Fred.

“I’m very happy,” he said. “It was never about the money for me.

“No-one with a disability should have to be humiliated in front of people to prove they cannot work.”

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James Hazle received

Photo: James Hazle, the young man our government officials deem fit for work 


Fred is of course one hundred percent right, “no-one with a disability should have to be humiliated in front of people to prove they cannot work.”

My friend Dale Martin, who has written a handful of articles that I have previously published on this site had this to say about the decision:


Benefits victory for disabled son after Dagenham father goes to Downing Street. 

Its a victory, but why do I feel like it isn`t really? Could it be that the fact is that this young man, just like many others that are harassed by this Ian Duncan Smith directed nightmare, should never have been harassed in the first place like he was.

Could it also be because I just don`t believe their bullshit PR damage limitation statement that there had been a “misunderstanding”, because I don`t believe it at all, I believe that there is such a single bloody minded push to throw people off of ESA, such an uncompromisingly obsessional drive toward meeting the totalitarian requirements of Duncan Smith that their focus is not on assessing who should be on ESA because they are too transfixed on hitting the targets Duncan Smith set in the first place, which was originally recorded at the time they were announced in the press as being a financial reduction of £2.4 billion.

A £2.4 billion reduction, even though at the point they set this target according to the DWP`s own figures fraud in the area of disability benefit was running at a rate of 0.4%, which would have indicated that to remove fraud from the disability benefit system would only have required the removal of 0.4% of £12.5 billion, which would equate to £50 million that was actually fraudulent.

But yet £2.4 billion targeted. a particular mathematical anomaly that I could never quite get my head round at all and one that I could only conclude meant going way way beyond the bounds of fraud removal and one that I could see as leading nowhere other than to throw many real and deserving recipients off to achieve. A conclusion I had that we are seeing played out in reports in the media daily.

How many more are there, how many more have to take the extreme step of marching on Downing street in the glare of the press to be heard and taken seriously and what the hell is going off with Duncan Smiths program that that would seem the only bloody way to be heard and get anything done?

As I say, I am absolutely delighted that the young man`s ordeal is over…. but I do not see a victory because I know that just as this young man was suffering under this inept, inhuman and degenerate regime of Duncan Smith`s, because of the length his family had to go to to get that position set right, there are thousands more out there being treated just the same and I find it hard to see any overall victory in that at all.


Now, to my way of thinking, anyone who begrudges families caring for a disabled relative £72 per week wants a severe kick in the Cunt Cameron – See what I did there AUN. No charge.

Fuck me, bringing up children is hard enough as it is, never mind bringing up a severely disabled child and I’m fucking positive that £72 nowhere near covers James’ weekly costs.

Course, for Fred and his wife Jackie, it was never about the money. They are good, honest, decent people, who love their son and would have muddled through raising James regardless.

With me however, it is all about the money.

You see, Fred and Jackie Hazel are far from unique in their situation. And to be fair, the fact that the Daily Mirror took up the Hazle’s case meant that James’s weekly disability benefit was always going to be safe from that moment on.

And in saying that, I am not taking anything away from the Hazle’s since the Newspaper did not get involved until; Fred had embarked on his course of action.

Had the family not had the backing of a National Newspaper however, the outcome could have been very different, just like it is for family’s up and down the country everyday of the week.

That is because the government do not give a fuck about the dedication, hard work  and sacrifice made by thousands upon thousands of financially hard-pressed families who are caring for a severely disabled relative, as long as it isn’t brought to their doorstep.

You see, the Cunt Cameron, the bald woman Idiot Dumfuck Smiff, the Chancer of the exchequer Gideon Bean, the transvestite Homo Secretary Terry May, the bald embryo Homo Hague, Jeremy Cunt, Michael Smelly Guff and the other six hundred and odd MP’s  – and fuck me they are odd – are what you would call ‘Take Monsters’.

REVIEW News 131605


You can bet you’re fucking life that nigh on every one of the Muppet Puppets holds the same view as the evil, vile dog shit pile, Colin ‘Steptoe’ Brewer – the Cornish Councillor who publicly declared his view that all children born disabled should be held by the ankles and have their heads slammed against a wall.

Quite how that monstrosity is still breathing air is way beyond my comprehension.

Never the less, on merit you would have thought that the Cunt Cameron would have been a Prime Minister who ensured that disability allowances were a cast iron, forgone conclusion for everyone caring for a disabled family member.

After all, the sick fuck Prime Minister had a severely disabled child of his own – A child that the evil sub-human, tosspot has used in both life and death to further his career and government agenda … YES YOU CAMERON YOU DESPICABLE, LOW LIFE CUNT.

There is actually proof of that fact elsewhere on this site should anyone be in the slightest doubt or should the fat titted, chubby cheeked, perverted, actor take exception to the remark … And that is without going into the circumstances surrounding Oliver Camerons death.

Neither am I being harsh. I have great empathy and compassion for anyone deserved of such… David Cameron most certainly is not.

This government is deliberately, and quite unnecessarily plunging the poorest, weakest, most vulnerable, hard pressed families in the country into abject poverty and misery, make no fucking mistake about that.

People are fucking dying in this country because of the greedy cunt and his fellow take monsters… And I mean as an actual direct result of them and their policy… The shower of shit are condemning people to fucking death while we sit around scratching our bollocks.

People are being systematically murdered. Yes murdered; because the reality is that these austerity measures do not have to be put in place.

Therefore, the fact that the shit house cunts in Westminster tell you that this is how it has got to be proves that they are purposely killing off the poor, the sick, the disabled and the elderly.

Either that or hypothetically speaking, they are corrupt, clueless chancer’s having a bash at a job that they are clearly incapable of doing.

Course, If it is the latter and they genuinely do not know how to run the country so as the population benefits then they need to fuck off because I certainly know people more than capable of running this shit hole so as no one goes hungry, cold or fucking homeless.

So, you tell me are the paedophile cunts killers or are the paedophile cunts  just totally  incompetent?

It really doesn’t matter either way, because they should be made to stand down, arrested, and investigated properly after which I fucking guarantee that you will want the paedophile cunts put to death once the depth of their depravity is revealed.

Fuck me, despite what the MSM would have you believe, I cannot believe that anyone seriously believes that foreigners want to get into this country because of the generous benefits, free housing and good standard of living.

In fact you would need to be a right dopey cunt to actually want to come here!

Never mind the old fanny the MSM comes out with… Its just propaganda to stop the heavily sedated, selfish population from realising just how bad things are now in this Dog forsaken country.

And believe me, things are very, very bad.

Millions homeless yet people are that dumbed down they actually believe that Johnny foreigner can walk into the country and demand a house with all mod cons provided.

The NHS is close to collapse, poorly managed and staffed, unhygienic, poorly equipped and if you are not left to die on a trolley somewhere, or if Doctor Bob isn’t operating on you and giving you one infection or another, then you will be lying in a grubby bed, eating warm shit and wondering when some cunt is coming to help you to the toilet.



Yet people are that dumbed down they believe people want to live here for the free health care. Fuck me, I’m English born and bred but I wouldn’t wish the NHS on anyone.

And most laughably of all, people are that fucking dumb that they believe people are desperate to get here because of the generous, easily accessible, freely available benefits which are handed out to all and sundry… Deluded dumb-fucks.

We have already seen how difficult it is to get benefits when you are severely disabled.

Moreover, everyone knows that our old and infirm will die in great numbers this winter for want of not being able to afford the heating costs.



That headline alone should have been enough to trigger revolution… Had Britain not evolved into a nation of Jellyfish of course.

And it is the majority of those Jellyfish who think that those claiming JSA are having it off at their expense… They are not.

Worse still, most haven’t a fucking scooby do as to the nightmare and degradation that the unemployed face every two weeks when they sign on for their pittance.

So for all those devoid of a backbone, there now follows a first hand account of what Johnny Foreigner can expect for his money when he comes to put his signature to a slip of paper every fortnight.

To back the accounts authenticity, the author, Jerome Don – a regular commentator to this site – is happy for me to publish his name.

I have not changed the account in anyway other than to put spacing in between sentences in order for you to read it easier:

Hello Chris,

love the website I just wanted to tell you a little about the way the civil service is treating its customers nowadays…

On the 22nd of October 2013 I went to Newton Stewart signing on point at 9.50 am to sign on for my jobseekers allowance.

There was a woman at the desk where I sign, she was explaining why her jobsearch had not been filled in properly because she said that she had filled it in online using a computer at the library but she had no idea why it wasn’t logged into the system.

The woman was allowed to sign on and left at 10.03, making me 13 minutes late for my appointment.

I went to sign but I was asked why I hadn’t filled in my 10 jobs that I am supposed to apply for every 2 weeks,  I explained that I couldn’t fill it in because I live in a rural village and have no internet connection and to log onto their website I need to walk about half a mile from my house to a place where I can log onto the internet using my smart phone and that I frequently get booted off the internet due to loss of signal, which might be bad weather or some other reason unknown to me.

I was told I would not be allowed to sign for my jobseekers allowance. I asked why I wasn’t allowed and she said I hadn’t fulfilled my 10 jobs in 2 weeks application so I was not allowed to sign.

She wouldn’t listen to my reason so I said if she wouldn’t listen to me then I wanted to talk to someone above her so I could get some answers. She then passed me to her colleague who told me to sit down but I refused because they were attempting to control me and I do not want to be treated like a child.

I then told the woman who signs me that she would be on the same side of the desk as me within 3 years, as soon as they get a machine that can do her job. I did not raise my voice, shout or swear, I calmy told her what my opinion was and there was no threatening behaviour on my part.

Meanwhile her colleague cannot access their system on her computer because it wasn’t working, now there’s a surprise. Let me also point out that I have had several people who work for the jobcentre admit to me that the system for searching for jobs and the online jobsearch recording of peoples search does NOT work properly.

The woman who was trying to get me an appointment to talk to someone higher up the ladder had to phone Stranraer office due to the technical problem with the computer and book me an appointment to talk to someone at 4pm in Stranraer which is 26 miles away, I had already travelled 8 miles to Newton Stewart so this would make my entire round trip 52 miles from my house to the jobcentres and back home again, fantastic news for my carbon footprint and Mother Earth………….NOT !

Ok so I go to Stranraer jobcentre to see a woman called Lorna.

Upon arrival a man asked me why I was there before telling me to take a seat on some office waiting couch, it’s like being guided around like a piece of cattle, very degrading. After a few minutes he came back and told me to follow him to the interview room.

The interview room is a locked room with a camera watching you and looks almost identical to the sort of room prisoners have to sit in when they are allowed to speak to visitors through a pane of glass.

Well its not long before Lorna turns up and tells me why I have been sent there, hmm actually Lorna I wasn’t sent there at all, I requested that I was allowed to speak to someone in a higher position than the woman who signs me on, but I thought better of pointing this out because these people take things very personally and do not treat people like me with any respect even when I am being a good little boy.

I explained to Lorna that in the last 2 months there were only 3 jobs that I could have applied for on the government gateway website and that I had been asking local tradesmen and farmers for work but without farming experience the chances of work were slim and the local tradesmen said they were struggling themeslves.

Now Lorna admitted to me that asking people in rural areas to apply for 5 jobs per week was ridiculous and that the government were completely out of touch but I hadn’t fulfilled my jobseekers agreement.

I tried asking her who I could speak to about the rules we were forced to comply with and she told me that I would never get to see those people, they were unknown faces that worked from an unknown room in a building in an unknown location and that people like me would never find out who they were or where they were.

Hmm that was a very odd thing to say and I was beginning to think Lorna was getting bored with my presence and this was confirmed when she suddenly smiled at me and said that I was beginning to raise my voice to her, I said I had not raised my voice and she stood up and lifted the piece of paper she had in front of her then waved it in my face smiling smugly and told me that I would not be signing on today.

At this point I lost my temper called her a fucking arsehole and she shouted back at me that it was going in the report, I told her to watch her back because I was now absolutely livid, she started shouting at me I’m not scared of you, I’m not scared of you, I replied you won’t even see me coming and I tried to leave.

That is when I found out I was actually locked in this room ! I tried to open the door and leave but I was trapped, and as I looked through the toughened glass door I saw the security guard approach, he looked me in the eyes and looked away, he didn’t want to know, which is nice because I quite like him and I didn’t want to have to hurt him if he assaulted me.

Lorna then shouted to me that the other door was open and I should leave that way so I exited the building and went home.

I then received a letter from a solicitor in Glasgow threatening me with police action if I went near either Stranraer jobcentre or Newton Stewart signing point, it also claimed I had been constantly raising my voice and shouting abusively at members of staff at Newton Stewart and that I was barred from these 2 places for 6 months when it shall be reviewed and that any breach of these conditions would result in the police being called and possible legal action taken against me.

Now I admit I lost my temper with the old witch in Stranraer jobcentre who should be working for the Nazis, or maybe she is, but I did not shout at anyone or abuse them in Newton Stewart. So they have lied and the solicitor has accused me of something I did not do.

On Monday the 11th of November at approximately 8 pm the doorbell went and I open my door to find 2 police officers there, a woman and a man.

They started explaining to me that because of the incident at Stranraer jobcentre I was going to have to come with them to the police station to be charged.

I said ok and asked if I could get my jacket because it was cold, the male police officer then barged his way into my house and me being the father of 2 young children suddenly felt very threatened, especially since the police officers had not identified themselves properly and were not acting in a professional manner.

I stepped in front of the male police officer and asked him where he was going and said you can’t just walk into peoples homes.

He gave me the same look that the woman in the jobcentre gave me just before she accused me of raising my voice to her and then he grabbed my left arm with both arms and started trying to bend my arm up my back, I was absoultely flabberghasted and I bent my arm back to where it was which made him very angry, he then tried to grab my thumb in a jiu jitsu lock but failed because I was a 2 time British amateur wrestling champion and I know how to counter these attacks.

I then asked him why he was doing this and offered to cuff myself if he would stop attacking me.

All during this ridiculous episode I was using only 1 arm to defend myself and he was very angry and embarressed by his incompetence at actually restraing me, although I wasn’t trying to fight with him, just trying to stop him injuring me.

If he had said he was going to have to cuff me then I would have said ok but he didn’t, he attacked me in my own home when I was doing nothing.

He wisely allowed me to put my own wrists into the cuffs and I asked the woman police officer to get my partner from the living room to let her know I was being detained. When my partner came out she was in shock to see me being led away by a very angry and guilty looking policeman and she was trembling with fear. Fortunately my American bulldog did not try to defend me or things could have got very nasty.

Needless to say the policeman didn’t even notice my 100 pound bulldog enter the hallway and it was only down to my good training that the dog went and lay down at my command.

I was then taken to Stranraer police station and subjected to a thorough search and questioned about my only previous conviction, 23 years ago at the age of 21 for possession of cannabis resin which I paid a £100 fine to her Maj’s Courts.

Oh that awful plant marijuana, it’s been around long before humans walked the face of the planet Earth yet it must be banned because it is evil. Yeah it’s so bad that nobody has ever died from it and we must wage a war against it’s cultivation and use.

Never mind that pharmaceutical drugs kill more people every year than all of the illegal drugs combined.

The police officers joked about my attempted suicide when I was 17 years old, what did you do they said, I replied that I had drunk a bottle of whisky and ate 100 paracetamol then went to bed and was lucky to wake up, so did it work the desk sergeant quipped, yeah ha ha ha fucking ha, you fucking retarded fat bastard I am dead and your talking to a ghost.

The police really fucking piss me off with their judgemental, arrogant, righteous bullshit. They asked me several times if I understood why I had been charged and I said no I didn’t understand, fat desk sergeant asked what part I didn’t understand I said all of it.

The 4 of them took it in turns to explain to me the same old bullshit and each time asked me if I understood and I explained to them that I didn’t stand under any of their statements or laws.

They looked at each other and then I asked if it was civil law or corporate law but Mr. Weakling pussyboy policeman who can’t manage to bend my arm up my back barked at me that it was criminal law, I asked him what that meant but I got no reply.

I think they were getting a bit pissed off with me by now and went off to find me a pair of police issue shorts without any draw string in case I hung myself.

Well it turns out that my refusal to let them cut the drawstring on my track suit trousers was a good move because they informed me that they were going to let me go because they couldn’t be bothered to fill in the paperwork to issue me with the shorts, lazy bastards !

So now I await the letter ordering me to go to court to allow them to punish me further but they are in for a shock because I am not easily intimidated and I don’t give 2 fucks about the law.

When the police and the politicians start obeying the law then maybe I will start to respect them a bit more but they are not my leaders and they are not authority either.

Wearing a police officers outfit does not give someone the right to barge into peoples homes and assault them. These are allegations against me, not true events and lets face it who was really the injured party ?

I swore at someone who was being a total cunt, their choice, nobody was holding a gun to her head she fucking loved it, her moment of power, I bet her dry, wrinkled, old pussy was almost moist with excitement.

Every one of them shall be dealt with in future, you see what goes round comes round and just because you are given authority by the queen or the prime minister, it means fuck all to me, it means fuck all to whatever god you believe in and he who judges shall be judged.

J.D 14/11/13.

Now, if anyone is maybe thinking that if Jerome hadn’t been so uncooperative he wouldn’t have been in that position, then you seriously need to review your fucking thinking.

It is through cooperating with these Little Hitler’s, who are now purposely being employed solely for their lack of empathy and their ability to follow out orders to the letter – without question – that has helped steer us into the mess we are in now.

All that Jerome did is what you should all be doing namely, taking back your dignity. And I for one applaud him.

And finally.

If you haven’t yet had enough food for thought then consider the following written by Dale Martin in January of this year and explains how he came about the figures he quoted earlier on in this article.

Thats it from me, byyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


What is so “Great” about a Britain that destroys its most vulnerable?

Dale Martin

19 January 2013 at 09:22

Incapacity benefit as it used to be called here was notoriously hard to get, it took over 12 months and the involvement of doctors and specialists to attain it, plus even then, the benefit office would send the prospective recipient to their own doctors who would file reports on it too before the ultimate decision to award full incapacity benefit was passed.,,,,,, There has been a common misconception amongst the general public that people on incapacity benefit literally just filled out a form and received it, that is so not the case and never was. The governments own figures of 0.4% fraud in this area were indicative of how hard it was to get.

Now incapacity benefit was costing the taxpayer a figure of £12.5 billion a year, so lets first equate that 0.4% of fraud that the government itself said existed into money terms, which gives us a figure of £50 million a year out of that £12.5 billion actually being down to fraud according to the government.

Now lets look at that £50 million a year fraud in terms of how many people must have been making fraudulent claims according to the governments figures, or to put it another way, how many should have been removed from the incapacity benefit system to remove that fraud.

Now the average incapacity benefit claimant was paid a benefit of around £98 per week, thus multiplying £98 by 52 weeks = £5096 per year, therefore divide the £50 million a year by £5096 to give how many claims which were fraudulent that needed to be removed, which equals 9,811 claimants.

At this point everyone should also consider the following, those 9,811 fraudulent claimants once removed would have been rejected by ATOS and the DWP and those people would then be placed onto Jobseekers which pays a benefit rate of £71 per week, so the saving was never going to be £50 million in the area of fraud anyway, 9,811multiplied by £71 multiplied by 52 weeks = £36,222,212, so that amount in real terms would have been transferred to Jobseekers allowance, making the actual saving from fraud a pitiful £13,777,788 per year from the process if targeting fraud based upon the governments own figures.

At this point let`s look at reality, any move by the government to remove genuinely disabled people from incapacity benefit is an absolute attack on one of the most vulnerable sectors of society. We live in a capitalist system where employers aim to make the most profit they can from their employees, wage to profit ratio is everything in that game and as much as everyone makes wonderful noises regarding caring and helping the disabled back into work for their benefit, the system of capitalism works absolutely counter to that notion and no amount of bullshit and rhetoric is going to change that situation and reality. So the disabled being forced onto the Jobseekers system is absolutely nothing else but a sentence of misery and hardship to them, anything beyond removing fraud from the system is knowingly doing that.

So let`s recap……..

Total cost of fraud as per government figures per year = £50 million.

Total claimants required removed to address that fraud = 9,811.

Real terms saving per year when those claimants have been transferred from incapacity benefit to jobseekers = £13,777,788.

So now tell me why the government target is to save £2.4billion per year, remove 500,000 claimants from incapacity benefit, has paid hundreds of millions of pounds to ATOS to do so and is creating a cost of over £50,000,000 a year so far which is being spent on tribunals appeals which are overturning ATOS decisions at the rate of around 40% of them at present?

Can any of this insanity be viewed as anything less than a degenerate attack by a posh and over privileged government that is detached from both reality and any empathy whatsoever?