Filthy Rich Satanists Part 2


Christopher Spivey.

Okay, carrying on from Part 1 (found HERE) with the list of rich & powerful Satanic paedophiles and straight away we move to Page 7:

And the first name of importance on Page 7 is the now deceased former Chief Cuntstable, Terry Grange.

Course, that won’t be a surprise to most reading this because we all know that our top cops are all high up in the Freemasons – who at that level ALL worship Satan… And of course the two go hand in hand with paedophilia.

Nevertheless, while there is no evidence that Grange was a nonce, the following taken from the Telegraph in September 2008 would suggest that he is at the very least a nonce protector:

Police have been ordered to reconsider a case where a judge was accused of sexually abusing children, one as young as 18-months, after claims that they failed to properly investigate because he was a friend of the chief constable.

The judge’s ex-wife claimed she personally witnessed him naked with young girls and had seen him download child pornography. She also claimed that he had passed on a sexual infection to a child and that he had brought home court transcripts of sex trials for his sexual gratification.

The judge, who is only known as Judge X for legal reasons, has denied all allegations and claimed his ex-wife was trying to get back at him over their divorce.

She has also claimed that the judge beat her up and lied on a mortgage application.

The woman, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, made the allegations in June 2006 to Dyfed Powys police who investigated and rejected the claims.

She then claimed that the investigation had been inadequate and was biased because Judge X was a friend of the force’s then chief constable Terry Grange, an allegation that Mr Grange, who has since retired on an unrelated matter, has denied.

Moreover, Grange was most definitely on the fiddle – A crooked Chief Cunstable, imagine that!

The following is taken from the Guardian newspaper and published in May 2008:

A chief constable used his force credit card to wine and dine a woman he was having an affair with and sent her emails containing “inappropriate comments and sexual innuendo” from his office computer, it emerged yesterday.

Terry Grange shared hotel rooms with the woman paid for by the police and missed at least one important meeting to spend time with her, a report from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) revealed.

And once again, all of the above goes on to add even more credibility to this report/list.

We can then skip the next few names since they are not members of the filthy rich until we come to Lord Porchester.

Now, I have already mentioned Porchy whilst discussing Page 6 but once again it is difficult to know which Lord the list is referring to… Nevertheless, and suffice to say Satanic child abuse is passed from generation to generation where the aristocracy are concerned.

Next on the list worthy of mention in order to add further credibility to the list is Ann Mahoney.

You see, in October 2005 the BBC reported the following:

Ann Mahoney was considered a pillar of the community on Merthyr Tydfil’s Gurnos estate.

A mother-of-two and a grandmother, she was known more than anything for her work with children, helping with three youth football teams and becoming a school governor of an infant school.

In 2002 the retired nurse was even voted citizen of the year by the local police crime prevention panel for helping improve quality of life in one of the most deprived parts of Wales.

But she lived with a terrible secret for more than 40 years.

While she had two children, no-one suspected she had also given birth to three stillborn babies, and then hidden their bodies.

Sick Bitch!

Which brings us to the Marquis of Blandford AKA James Spencer-Churchill… A very, very suspect family line.

Nevertheless, according to Wikipedia:

Charles James Spencer-Churchill, 12th Duke of Marlborough (born 24 November 1955), styled Earl of Sunderland until March 1972 and Marquess of Blandford until October 2014, and often known as Jamie Blandford or Jamie Marlborough, is an English peer and the current Duke of Marlborough.

He is the eldest surviving son of the 11th Duke of Marlborough and his first wife, Susan Mary Hornby. As a member of the Spencer family, he is a distant relative of the war-time Conservative Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. He is also a stepbrother of Christina Onassis by the second marriage of his father with Athina Livanos.

Jimmy Churchill is a former junkie whose son hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in December 2018:

Frisky guests at one of this year’s biggest society weddings got a bit carried away on a cricket pitch, the bride has revealed.

Camilla Thorpe became the Marchioness of Blandford when she married George Spencer-Churchill, the Marquess of Blandford, at St Mary Magdalene Church in Woodstock in September.

Now she has revealed some details of the big bash, among them implying that an unnamed couple enjoyed some adult behaviour during a raucous party that followed.

The party at Blenheim Palace, in Oxfordshire, also saw the bride and groom crowd surf and one guest strip off on stage.

Speaking to Tatler magazine, Camilla, 31, said: “One couple ‘enjoyed’ the cricket pitch, which was played on the next day by the unsuspecting local team.” Source: The Mirror

But like I say, it runs in the family… Just ask Prick Charles and Princess Andrew.

Next up is the former MP Paul Boateng who predictably is now a Lord… And just as predictably, Boateng is as corrupt as they come and can be linked to many a scandal.

In fact his latest bit of skulduggery was unearthed just last year:

And of course that is far from the first time that he has been exposed as a criminal. I mean in December 2000, Boateng was implicated in an Asian slave labour scandal. The following is from the Guardian newspaper:

Documents seen by this newspaper show how Home Office Minister Paul Boateng regularly intervened to help directors of the company building the London temple to overcome Foreign Office objections and obtain visas to bring workers from India to the UK. This firm, Shrico, has been paying its employees ‘slave labour’ rates of as little as 30p an hour – £3.40 less than the national minimum wage – and has been investigated by a number of government departments, including the Home Office.

Boatteng was of course a Minister in Tony Blair’s nonce infested government and as such it can be no surprise that he is linked to paedophilia via the Lambeth care home scandal.

Now in that photo we also see the highly suspect Uri Geller and the nonce Michael Jackson… Birds of a feather and all that jazz.


And like I keep saying; it runs in the family. You see, in 2011 Boateng’s son was jailed for a serious sex assault on a 23 year old woman having been cleared in court the year before of double rape… This from the Daily Mail:

In a damning testimony that shames her swaggering attacker, Benjamin Boateng’s sex assault victim recounts her ordeal, and her battle for justice against the son of political royalty.

The words were cruel and unequivocal. ‘What,’ asked a female member of Benjamin Boateng’s family ‘was he doing with trash?’ 

The ‘trash’ she was referring to was 23-year-old Clare Walker, the victim of a serious sexual assault by Benjamin, the son of Lord Boateng, Britain’s first black Cabinet Minister and a senior member of the New Labour establishment.

They were spoken in the public gallery at Kingston Crown Court – where the 27-year-old was in the dock – and were intended to be heard by Clare’s mother and aunt, who were watching proceedings. 

They illuminate a sense of ‘droit de seigneur’ which characterised Boateng’s attack on the lithe blonde dancer, and the colossal misjudgment he made in believing his pedigree would protect him from its life-changing consequences.

Last month the party-loving playboy was jailed for three years and ten months. 

The jury that found him guilty in a ten-two majority verdict was not told that he had previously been cleared of the accusation of the double rape of a teenager in South Africa in 2006 when his father was British High Commissioner in the country. 

The cunt should have got life.

Moving on and we get to the Marquis of Bath, aka Alexander George Thynn, aka the Loins of Longleat.

Thynn is a former member of the notorious posh-knob, Bullingdon Boys club and is the personification of a dirty old man since he is best known for his harem of young sluts that he kept at his home in Longleat… Kinda like England’s answer to Hugh Heffner.

And the final name of interest on Page 7 is Lord Moyne AKA Brian Guinness – a member of the Satanic Guinness family.

Guinness was married to Diane Mitford until she upped and left him in 1933 for Oswald Mosely, the leader of the British Union of Faccists.

And that takes us to Page 8 of the list:

And the only member of the filthy rich on that page who I haven’t already mentioned is JOSEPHINE MULJI – another member of the Satanic Guinness family.

Therefore, we will fast forward to Page 9:

And straight away on this page we see three journalist – one of whom was the former Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry… In other words an expert in mind games.

Now as I earlier explained, journalists – especially at senior level – help form the guard to la-la nonce land as do social workers and doctors.

Therefore, it can be no surprised that we also have two doctors mentioned on Page 9 one of whom was an expert on Psychosexual Disorders… The transgender agenda then!

Furthermore, we have two members of the clergy. Indeed, the clergy tend to kiddie-fiddle for fun rather than Satanic Ritual Abuse and we see that in the case of Father Michael O’Kelly, who was jailed in 2002 for possessing child porn:

ENGLAND’S Catholic leaders cannot expel Father Michael O’Kelly from the priesthood over his child porn shame because his jail sentence is too short.

O’Kelly – jailed on Monday after he was caught with thousands of perverted sex pictures of children – will never work as a priest again, they pledged yesterday. But their hands are tied over removing him.

If he had been handed a 12-month jail sentence instead of the nine he received at Reading Crown Court, the Diocese of Portsmouth would have started the expulsion – or laicisation – process under the guidelines in the Nolan Report, Bishop Crispian Hollis said… Source

As for the bottom two names on Page 9 – Linda & John – I am guessing that they were caught up in the Langley Estate Satanic abuse scandal of the 1990’s.

The following is taken from an article based on a BBC documentary about the scandal, called “When Satan came to Town” – broadcast during January 2006 (part of the Real Story series):

Over six months in 1990 a Satanic panic spread over North Manchester. Sixteen children from the Langley Estate, near Rochdale were taken into care. It was alleged they had been forced into a devil worshipping cult and sexually abused by their parents. After a year long investigation the parents were proved to be completely innocent. What drove these social workers to separate these children from their parents for months – and in some cases years.

Now I should remind you at this point that everything has to connect with everything else in the Satanic Realm.

So let’s explore some of these connections further – starting with a fella named Robert Stewart.

Stewart was/is the racist thug with a cross and the letters RIP tattooed on his forehead, who 19 years ago beat his Asian cellmate to death with a table leg at Feltham Young Offenders Institute… The following is from the Guardian:

At 3.35am on March 21, 2000, an alarm sounded in an office on Swallow wing at Feltham young offenders’ institution. Malcolm Nicholson, a guard, thought it was the usual night-time request from inmates for toilet paper, so went to cell number 38 armed with a roll.

The cell had been shared for six weeks by Zahid Mubarek, 19, who was due to be released later that day, and Robert Stewart, who was so dangerous, yesterday’s report concluded, that he should have been incarcerated on his own.

The prison officer opened the flap on the cell door to see Robert Stewart holding what appeared to be a stick. Lying on a bed, covered in blood, was Zahid Mubarek. Stewart said Zahid had had an accident and Mr Nicholson, realising Zahid was seriously injured, returned to his office to raise the alarm.

Stewart, from Manchester, had broken a leg off a table and bludgeoned Zahid to death. He was covered in Zahid’s blood, and was taken to another cell, where he used the heel of his boot to scrawl a swastika and the words “Manchester just killed me padmate”. Staff told the inquiry that Stewart was calm, and within half an hour of the murder was sound asleep.

How mind controlled was that cunt?

Mind you, the fact that he was mind controlled was inadvertently given added credence by the BBC who stated in a news report:

[That] Some of the other inmates described Stewart’s behaviour at Feltham as “strange, weird and aggressive” – and there was no indication that he had made any friends.

However, more to the point is that Stewart was from the Langley estate.

Moreover, when we talk in terms of ‘mind control’ we usually associate the term with the CIA.

So lets see what connections we can make with Langley and the CIA

And indeed, the animated adult TV series ‘American Dad’, created by Zionist Seth Macfarlane immediately springs to my mind.

American Dad is about a family headed by CIA agent Stan Smith and set in the fictitious suburb of Langley Falls, although Langley really is indeed the home to the CIA headquarters.

Furthermore, Langley is in the State of Virginia and in turn the Manchester Satanic Child abuse on the Langley Estate was covered up by Virginia Bottomley.

Stan Smith shares the same surname as the Paedophile MP Cyril Smith who was born and raised in Rochdale.

Smith went on to become the town’s Mayor after which he became the Member of Parliament for Rochdale.

No surprise then that the Langley Estate actually falls under control of Rochdale Council.

Cyril Smith was for 40 years a close friend of the Satanic Paedophile Jimmy Savile, who also has close links with Manchester… Both were knighted by the Queen.

Moreover, American Dad – now in its 17th season – does, as you would expect i.e frequently makes references to ‘mind control’.

Now, people from Manchester are called ‘Mancunians’.

And Mancunian is very close to the word Manchurian from which the novel ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ – which is about mind control – spawned two film adaptations, both of which focused more on the mind control aspect rather than the sexual perversion included in the book.

The following is from Wikipedia:

Both adaptations discard several elements of the book. The book spends more time describing the brain-washers and the facility in Manchuria where the Americans were held. The head of the project grants Raymond a “gift”; after his brainwashing, he becomes quite sexually active, in contrast to his reserved nature beforehand where he hadn’t even kissed his love interest, Jocelyn Jordan.

In the novel, Mrs. Iselin and her son travel abroad, where she uses him to kill various political figures and possibly Jocelyn Jordan’s first husband. Rosie, Marco’s love interest, is also the ex-fiance of one of his associates handling the Shaw case for Army Intelligence, making things between them tense.

As a child, Mrs. Iselin was sexually abused by her father but fell in love with him and idolized him after his early death. Towards the end of the book, as Raymond is hypnotized by the Queen of Diamonds, he reminds her of her father and she sleeps with him.

And as we know, Satanic abuse involves sexual perversion.

Indeed, it is worth checking out the American Dad characters, which you can do by clicking HERE 

For further details also check out my article entitled: Satanic Child Abuse That Never Was According To Whitehall

And that brings us nicely to Page 10:

And straight away we see that the first two names are those involved in the aforementioned Manchester child abuse case – quickly followed by a child psychiatrist and another journalist.

Course, Cyril Smith was a close friend of Jimmy Savile and like Savile the corrupt police knew about Smith’s activities with boys back in the 1960’s… Yet they took no action until after both of the perverts were dead.

It is also worth pointing out that both Smith and Savile were rewarded for their “services” by the Queen.

As for the vile former MP Mark Oaten, I will return to him as he is further mention in greater detail later on in the list.

We then have another journalist – Richard Ingrams – who founded the magazine “Private Eye” and has all the right credentials for being on the list.

Which brings us nicely to Peter Mandelson. Now Mandelson has surely got to be one of the most perverted, corrupt evil cunts still walking this earth today.

Therefore, I feel it important to spend a bit of time talking about the criminal nonce.

For instance, did you know that a court case took place in January 2012 between Nathaniel Rothschild and the Daily Chimpanzee aka the Daily Mail newspaper.

You see, Rothschild was suing the propaganda rag after they had alleged that he had arranged Peter Mandelson’s 2005 visit to Russia to help ensure the smooth running of a £500 million business deal that he was trying to clinch.

The Chimp had even labelled Rothschild as being the vile Mandelson’s ‘puppet master’… And guess what?

Unbelievably, Nat Rothschild, a former Bullingdon boy and former friend of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Gideon Bean Osborne, only fucking lost the case didn’t he.

You see, Rothschild had claimed that Mandelson’s presence was “purely recreational” but the judge was having none of it.

So there you have it. The nonce Mandelson is officially a Rothschild puppet.

The following is from the MI5 controlled Telegraph reporting on Rothschilds denial that Mandelson was flown out to ensure the deal took place:

Lord Mandelson travelled to the region on Jan 30, 2005 as a guest of Mr Rothschild, scion of the banking dynasty, and Oleg Deripaska, the billionaire owner of Russia’s biggest aluminium plant. Also present was Peter Munk, a Canadian gold magnate, and Sebastian Taylor, a friend of Mr Rothschild.

During the trip, the men were thrashed with bundles of birch twigs by a 25-year-old male banya keeper before jumping into ice water to improve circulation and cleanse the skin.

Often wearing nothing but a conical felt hat to protect the head from the intense 200F heat, Siberians have bathed in banyas for more than 900 years.

Mr Rothschild said: “The whole point of the Siberia trip was that we went there, spent a nanosecond at the [aluminium] smelter, we then went to the most delightful banya.

“We were beaten by a 25-year-old banya keeper man, who has spent his life perfecting the art of banya.

“Then we jumped into ice-cold water. It is the best way in the world to beat jet lag and everything else. It was incredibly enjoyable. Everyone woke up the next day feeling revitalised and excited about the day.”

Mr Justice Tugendhat, who is hearing the case without a jury, was told that Lord Mandelson flew to Russia on Mr Rothschild’s private jet after meeting him at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. According to the Daily Mail article, Mr Rothschild acted like a “puppet-master”, inviting Lord Mandelson along to a dinner in Moscow to “impress” Mr Deripaska, who was in the process of signing a £500 million deal with America’s biggest aluminium company, Alcoa.

It was alleged that Lord Mandelson’s presence was required to assure both parties that EU aluminium import tariffs would not rise in the near future. Mr Rothschild insisted that he only invited Lord Mandelson along because he was a long-standing friend who had expressed an interest in visiting Siberia.

The court was told that Lord Mandelson did not attend the dinner at the Cantinetta Antinori restaurant but instead held an informal meeting with a Russian minister in one of the restaurant’s private rooms. Later that evening, the group took Mr Deripaska’s private jet to Abakan in Siberia, where he has business interests and a vast estate.

Now, just for the record, the gold mining magnate Peter Munk is an honorary board member of the Toronto Jewish National Fund (JNF).

JNF is an agency mandated by the state of Israel to manage the lands of historic Palestine for the benefit of Jews worldwide. Source: Wikipedia.

Right, back to the court case and whilst being cross examined by the Chimps QC about the trip being business rather than pleasure, Rothschild had strenuously disagreed with him:

It was a wonderful weekend and he enjoyed it.” In his witness statement, he added: “This invitation was to Lord Mandelson as a personal friend. It never occurred to me that it could constitute any kind of declarable gift or that he might be exposed to allegations of impropriety. I took him on the flight to Moscow as a friend and not for any business reason.” Source

Course, everybody knows about the Turkish Bath type thrashing body cleansing routines and indeed on there own, they are innocuous.

However, you can’t help but feel that where that pair of cunts are concerned these ‘banyas’ as they’re called, take on a much more sinister, seedier connotation… Or is that just me who thinks so?

Now, the offending article that had sparked the court case had been published in May 2010, which Rothschild had claimed subjected him to “sustained and unjustified” attacks which portrayed him as a “puppet master” to Mandelson,

The reason that Mandelson was flown out according to the Chimp was that there had been a “stumbling block” over the EU import tariff on Russian aluminium.

The Independent had this to say on the matter:

Enter Lord Mandelson, then a lowly Mister, but at the time the EU Trade Commissioner. The deal is done, costing several hundred British jobs, and the tariffs come down.  Source

Now, Mandelson had first been brought into politics after being given the SAFE SEAT of Hartlepool by the then Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock

Course, if you are given a safe seat then quite obviously you are wanted as a cabinet member and marked down as being destined for very big things – if you play your cards right.

So, safe to say then that Kinnock thought very highly of the nonce cunt Mandelson.

It is also fair to say that at that time, Mandelson was far from rich in terms of the wealth accumulated by other politicians, yet in the space of a few years the corrupt arsehole went from being moderately well off to super fucking rich.

Course, how Mandelson made his vast fortune is not known, but he nevertheless certainly fucking has one now… The following is from the Telegraph:

His declarations on the House of Lords register of members’ interests give little clue as to how the 58-year-old career politician has made his fortune.

Neither his public speaking and writing firm Willbury, which collects proceeds from the sales of his memoirs, nor his consultancy firm Global Counsel have published accounts yet.

And the remuneration for his senior advisory role at Lazard investment bank has not been disclosed, although some reports have suggested it could be as much as £1 million a year. Under restrictions imposed on Lord Mandelson by Whitehall watchdogs, he was banned from lobbying ministers and civil servants after leaving government. But there are no restrictions on his work overseas.

He has developed close links with the rulers of oil-rich Kazakhstan and recently spoke at two events organised by the Kazakh investment company Samruk-Kazyna. He has also made shrewd property investments. In 1997 Lord Mandelson was living in a one-bedroom flat worth £250,000. Earlier this year, he and his partner, Reinaldo Avila da Silva, moved into an £8 million home in north London.  Source

There ya go, concrete proof of ‘its not what you know, its who you fucking know’.

Now remember, Mandelson was twice drummed out of the Labour Government whilst his great friend, the psychopathic Tony Blair was Prime Minister (not Blairs doing) and brought back for the third time by the vile, one eyed nonce, Gordon ‘likes-it-in-the‘ Brown.

Indeed, it was the nonce Mandelson who was credited with getting the nonce Blair into the top job, despite the awful Cherie Blair’s supposed dislike for the sub life Mandelson whom she labeled one of the most profoundly corrupt figures in politics… Which was a bit hypocritical considering the calibre of the cunt that she’s married to.

And up until Mandy gave Blair his backing – no doubt in more ways than one – Mandelson and Dead-Eye Brown had also been bum chums.

Course it is quite ironic – some might even say sinister – that Mandelson was so instrumental in getting Blair to number 10 considering the fact that the man Tony replaced, the former party leader John Smith whose cause of death was allegedly a heart attack – most likely artificially induced – fucking hated Mandelson:

 Mandelson was never particularly favoured by John Smith, who replaced Kinnock as party leader, and he might well have been condemned to a life of comprarative obscurity as a backbench MP where it not for Smith’s unexpected and untimely death in 1994. In the resulting leadership contest, Mandelson decided to back Tony Blair and is believed to have played a significant (if clandestine) role in ensuring Blair’s eventual victory, and thus earning the enmity of Gordon Brown who had believed up until that time that Mandelson was one of his supporters.  Source

Now, as I said, Mandelson was twice drummed out of politics, the first time for accepting a dubious loan for a mortgage.

Again, this takes on a sinister undertone when you consider that the loan had come from the MP Geoffrey Robinson who was closely linked withe the scumbag Mirror Group owner, Robert Maxwell:

Mandelson’s then London residence was a rather modest flat in Clerkenwell which was not quite up to the standard required by his new social position. Thus in 1996 he acquired No. 9 Northumberland Place, a four storey Georgian terraced house in fashionable Notting Hill Gate at a cost of £475,000, with another £50,000 spent on a similarly fashionable and minimalist remodelling by the architect and designer Seth Stein.

At the time there was a certain amount of speculation regarding how Mandelson had managed to afford such luxury. All was eventually to be revealed when the the Daily Mirror journalist Paul Routledge (who was was writing Mandelson’s biography due to appear in January 1999) established that another Labour MP, the millionaire businessman Geoffrey Robinson had lent him £373,000 on an interest free basis.

Mandelson failed to declare this loan as an interest as he was required to do, but what was worse was that Geoffrey Robinson had himself been under attack since February 1998, when his links to the now disgraced businessman Robert Maxwell had been made public and was under investigation by the Department of Trade and Industry, the very ministry of which Mandelson was now heading.

When it became apparent that these details were to be made public on the 22nd December 1998 in The Guardian and the Mirror, the government held a council of war. Blair’s legal advisers, Charles Falconer and Derry Irvine considered the matter and decided that as Mandelson was not in direct control of the Robinson investigation there should be no problem. Thus Mandelson duly appeared on television to argue that “There is no conflict of interest so the question of resignation does not arise.”  Source

Interestingly enough Robinson owns a spectacular villa in Tuscany which should he wish, has a clause written into the purchase agreement allowing him to run the place as a hotel – Rather like the hotel run by Lard McAlpine in nearby Puglia then!

Moreover, Robinson – in typical political fashion – also appears to be above the law having been caught in possession of cocaine when arrested for drink driving.

I will leave you to read about the defence that he came up with at your own leisure.

As for Derry Irving, well he is fond of painting as it happens, especially when it comes to painting Cherie Blair naked – allegedly.

Certainly Irving was instrumental in persuading the future prime ministers wife to pose for his friend the artist Euan Uglow for the sum of £3 per hour:

But there is a charming account of Mrs Blair’s time as a nude model in the late seventies, knitting tea cosies as gifts for the artist, Euan Uglow.

As she describes the scene, the two met at a dinner party of Derry Irvine, her legal boss, later Lord Chancellor, who was a serious art collector and, as she less than admiringly describes, an even more serious consumer of fine wine. Source

Interestingly enough, the Blair’s eldest child is christened Euan… Just hinting.

However, I’m straying off topic.

Now, if you have ever watched the BBC comedy show, Little Britain you will know that David Walliams plays an Iron Hoof called Sebastian who is chief aide to the British Prime Ministers, Michael, played by the actor Tony Head… Mandelson is of course really gay.

And fuck me, if those two characters are not based on Blair and Mandelson then Hale & Pace didn’t base their characters The Two Rons on the Kray Twins

Sebastian is Clingy, bitchy, insanely jealous and wants nothing more than to have the Prime Minister all to himself. and as the series goes on you find out that Michael feels the same.

There is even one sketch where Michael gets his wife pregnant, and of course, Blair also became a father whilst still in his role as Prime Minister.

The following is taken from the Little Britain sketch where Sebastian confronts Michael’s wife on becoming pregnant:

Sebastian (On hearing the PM’s wife is pregnant): Very clever.

PM’s wife: Excuse me?

Sebastian: What you’ve done, very clever…

PM’s wife: I’m sorry?

Sebastian: Got yourself up the duff. What, did you say you were on the pill, you tricked him into it?

Now obviously I found Walliams & Head much funnier than Blair & Mandy – neither of whom there is fuck all to laugh about… Well, that isn’t exactly true.

You see, according to Wikipedia:

In 2008, melamine added to milk in China caused kidney stones and other ailments in thousands of Chinese children, and killed at least six. To show his confidence in Chinese dairy products, Mandelson drank a glass of Chinese yoghurt in front of reporters. The following week, he was hospitalised for a kidney stone; the events were probably unconnected.

It is also fair to say that the Blairs enjoyed a good holiday as much as Mandy did:

Jonathan (Powell) told me that Tony and Cherie were going to stay with Cliff Richard in the Algarve. I called him and said I thought it would become a real problem, parody material, if it became public … Why couldn’t they just chill out without always having to see famous people? His argument was that they couldn’t have normal holidays partly because of security.

Birds of a feather, and all that jazz… Just sayin’.

And as I said earlier, Cherie and Mandelson hated each other with a passion.

Moreover, Alistair Campbell – whom Mandelson also appears to have resented – gives a clue to Mandelson’s acquired overnight wealth whilst talking about that mutual dislike between Cherie and Mandy in his diaries:

Cherie’s obsession with money is illustrated in a row with Mandelson on September 16, 1997, after Blair says he will not take his full salary.

After Mandelson broke the news to the Premier’s wife, she ‘turned on’ him, saying: “It’s OK for you, swanning around with friends who don’t need to worry about money.”  Source

Course, it is a bit harder to tell what kind of relationship Campbell had with Blair but when two grown men – Campbell & Mandelson – come to blows over what tie their boss should wear, it can’t be classed as fucking normal. Neither can going to visit your boss only to be ushered in and find him stood stark bollock naked reading the Chimp:

Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair developed an intense friendship and at times, their relationship was more like that of an old married couple than a politician and a senior aide.

On one occasion in December 1994, the spin doctor went to see Blair at his Islington home to discuss the press reaction to his decision to send his son Euan to a selective school.

He recalls: “Up just after 6… I went in to see TB, who was standing stark naked reading the Mail.”

It was not the only time the men would share intimate moments, nor by any means the only occasion on which the PM is describes as being in a state of undress.

July 3, 1996: “He was sitting there, in his dressing gown and underpants, his hair all over the place.”

January 5, 1996, Tokyo: “The Japanese saw in TB a very new and attractive kind of leader. I wondered if they would have felt the same if they had seen him later, sitting in the bedroom at his residence, wearing nothing but his underpants and an emergency earth-quake helmet … pretending to speak Japanese.”

April 8, 1998: “I got a message to go and see TB before I was even up. He was in the bath, and said he was worried.”

April 5, 2002: “Up to see TB in the flat. Another Austin Powers moment. Yellow/green underpants and that was it. I said what a prat he looked. He said I was just jealous – how many prime ministers have a body like this?”

On February 4 1995, Campbell, Blair and Mandelson traded actual blows in a three-way punchup – triggered by Mandelson fussing over whether the Labour leader should be wearing a shirt and tie for his famous speech on Clause 4 to the party’s spring conference in Brighton.

Campbell said: “The speech was a priority. His shirt wasn’t. I could feel myself losing it, said he ( Mandelson) could not just swan in, upset what we were doing, then waltz out again.

“TB was like a dad trying to shush two squabbling brothers. “Cut it out you two, for heaven’s sake.” Then we moved through to my room and PM (Mandelson) was on the edge and eventually tipped over.

“I said I just wanted to be able to do a job. He started to leave then came back over, pushed at me, then threw a punch, then another. I grabbed his lapels to disable his arms and TB was by now moving in to separate us and PM just lunged at him, then looked back at me and shouted, “I hate this. I’m going back to London”. Source


Nevertheless, Mandelson came to Cherie’s rescue after the press had discovered that she had enlisted the help of convicted fraudster Peter Foster, the ex boyfriend of page 3 model Samantha Fox, to buy two flats in BRISTOL… A very important place to Satanists:

Cherie is not infrequently mocked for her faith in alternative medicine. She has something of a penchant for magnetic bracelets, turned up to the 2001 Labour conference sporting an acupuncture needle in one ear, and once spent £239 on a crystal pendant which was supposed to counter negativity. (If such claims are to be believed, her husband might be advised to invest in one before he next speaks to Gordon Brown.)

Cherie was reportedly introduced by her personal trainerCarole Caplin, to a dowser called Jack Temple, an Ayurvedic therapist, and Caplin’s own spiritualist mother Sylvia. Caplin the younger, a former topless model, had also been involved during the 1980s with a therapy cult called Exegesis.

Unfortunately for Cherie, Caplin also recommended her Australian boyfriend Peter Foster to Cherie in 2002 so that he could help her buy two flats in Bristol for her eldest son Euan, currently at university there. The money, according to 10 Downing Street, came from the sale of their old Islington home when they moved into the official residence.

Foster himself is no stranger to dodgy deals, and has convictions for trading standards fraud in three countries after marketing a series of questionable slimming aids, therapies of which the somewhat gaunt Cherie is likely to have little need.

Initial allegations, inevitably dubbed Cheriegate, that Foster had used the Blairs’ name to obtain a discount of over £30,000 on the properties became overshadowed by the couple’s evasiveness concerning Cherie’s relationship with Foster. Had the disgraced Peter Mandelson still had Tony’s ear, he might have counselled them that it’s not what you did, it’s the fact that you lied about it.

The tabloid press gratefully weighed into the affair with all guns blazing, one newspaper even going as far as to suggest that Caplin and Cherie were in the habit of showering together in the nude for the purposes of washing out the toxins.

After new allegations surfaced that Cherie had attempted to interfere in Foster’s appeal against his deportation from the UK, she went public on December 10, 2002, saying that she had only engaged him because she was too busy to handle the negotiations herself, and had only misled the press office to protect the privacy of Euan, already well-known to the media after his drunken post-GCSE celebrations in Leicester Square.

Seemingly on the verge of tears, Cherie wheeled out an arsenal of doe-eyed glances to camera and references to her vulnerability which seasoned British scandal-lovers might just have seen before.  Source

Interestingly enough, Caplin used to date Adam Ant… He’s bonkers too.

Course, you will now be wondering how Mandelson helped the Lesbickan Blair if he was out of office.

The answer is: Quite easily when you are only out of office as far as the public are concerned:

in June 2001 Mandelson joined the advertising agency, Clemmow Hornby Inge and despite his exclusion from government continued to act as an unofficial advisor to the Blairs helped them out in 2002 over the minor scandal that erupted when it emerged that they had used the services of a convicted fraudster named Peter Foster to help them in acquiring some flats in BristolSource

How that cunt made it back into politics the first time is beyond me, let alone the second and third time.

And still it gets better.

You see, as well as showering with Cherie, Caplin was also rumoured to have been shagging her husband:

Tonys latest problem is the current media speculation about whether he did or didn’t shag his wife’s former quasi-guru, and one time topless model Carole Caplin.  Source

Course, it is also now common knowledge that Blair protected Mandelson from being exposed as a nonce via a D Notice:

Let us not forget that Harriet Harman is an open supporter of paedophile pornography. Her friend Margaret Hodge Oppenheimer tried to cover up a paedophile scandal in Islington Council children’s homes in the eighties. Hidge Oppenheimer went on to enter parliament and propose the pervert Tony Blair as leader immediately after the poisoning of John Smith.

She then went on the become the UK’s first Minister for Children in 2003, where she facilitated the transfer of children from their natural parents to the state paedophile supply system. Blair issued a D-notice to protect Peter Mandelson, when the latter was caught purchasing paedophile pornography in 2002 by Operation Ore. All the above supporters of paedophilia. All the above supporters of paedophilia are jews with the so-called right of ‘return’ to Israel, including Blair, whose mother’s name was Lipsett.  Source

Now, as you no doubt know, Harry Harman was not to many years ago under the spotlight for her love of PIE… And I don’t mean the pastry kind. You see, the PIE in question stands for: Paedophile Information Exchange.

Indeed, the slag cunt should never ever be allowed in a million miles of a child and as you have just read, the  same is true about children where both Hodge and Mandelson are concerned.

Yet the contents of the following passage seem to count for fuck all:

Peter Mandelson is controlling director of the NSPCC, and when Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer) was children’s minister she lived next door to Tony Blair, they also knew childline funders Sarah Caplin and Esther Rantzen, who are connected to TV mogul Michael Grade. Source

And I see that Esther Ratzarse name has cropped up again and of course Sarah Caplin is her cousin as well as a former Deputy Secretary at the BBC.

She is also the wife of Nick Ross, the former presenter of Crimewatch whose co presenter was of course Jill Dando.

Caplin left the Buggering Boys Camp after being head hunted by Granada TV –  the makers of Coronation Street –  but was later given the boot for allegedly bullying young members of staff.

The term ‘bullying’ is of course open to interpretation.

And as far as I can see, ITV has just as many paedophiles walking its corridors as the BBC:

A senior ITV executive who helped launch the children’s charity Childline has lost her job amid allegations she bullied junior members of staff.

Sarah Caplin, 55, wife of former Crimewatch host Nick Ross, set up the helpline with her cousin Esther Rantzen 25 years ago. But now she is to leave her high-profile TV job, where she is head of features and factual entertainment, as part of a ‘strategic shake-up’. Source

I did have a quick scoot around to see if Sarah is related to Carole Caplin, but I can’t find any link so I will assume that they aren’t.

PHOTO: Carole Caplin

In turn, Nick Ross has also courted controversy with his views on rape and child porn:

DAYS after provoking outrage with his outspoken views on rape, former Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross has admitted he’d “probably” watch child abuse images.

Speaking at the Hay Festival, Ross said humans are naturally inquisitive creatures, an instinct that is unlikely to be suppressed even when the object of their curiosity is as appalling as child abuse images, the Daily Telegraph reports. Source

Golden TV couple: Sarah Caplin relaxing with her husband, Nick Ross

PHOTO: Nick Ross & Sarah Caplin

Just what the fuck is wrong with our Cuntry?

I mean, if any of the people mentioned above lived on a council estate – given the wealth of evidence about their vile nonce tendencies – they would have been found battered to fucking death in their homes a long long time ago.

Yet these vile cunts enjoy a luxury lifestyle we can’t even begin to imagine.

Course, the RAINS list is not the first time that Mandelson has been linked with Satanic worship. I mean, he isn’t called the Prince of Darkness – a name he apparently revels in – for nothing:

The Dark Lord, Peter Mandelson, apart from being openly gay, is one of the highest initiates in the United Kingdom. He was trained in the hebdomadry system of Magick, the same system used by both the Alpha Lodge and the Order of Nine Angles. His close association with international business figures and the Bildberg group have been of great, indeed inestimable use to the left-hand path. Following well thought out and well honed traditions, his dream is a prison-grid global community. He loves to control. And ‘Mandy’ as he’s known to those who know him best, is as sharp and dangerous as a stiletto.

It is Mandelson who has helped turn Europeans into serfs for Europe’s banks. Europe is now reverting to a neo-feudalism structure with bankers as the overlords of their indentured citizenry. Britain, America and the rest of the world will go the same way. Kleptocratic politicians are merely vassals. If current debts were simply wiped off of the books the only tragedy would be the destruction of the ‘too big to fail’ banks. While politicians call that a catastrophe it would actually be freedom for millions of disenfranchised debt-serfs. That’s why it must not happen – and won’t!

Wages will continue to be cut even as taxes are increased to service the debt owed to the Banker Lords. Politicians everywhere are bowing and scraping before their Lords, promising deeper cuts and higher taxes. This is as it should be and will effectively cripple economies around the world. Protectionism under the guise of ‘Fair Trade’ will be shortly implemented after the American crash. This is what the filth want and we will give them what they want – taxation, poverty and war.

The next war will start in Iran but will bring the entire Islamic world into conflict with the [Christ]tian west. Right-hand pathers like nothing better than wars and killing. For long before I was born the Alpha Lodge has been orchestrating to give them what they want. After the next big war we will be in a position to take over everything that is left. “For these fools of men and their woes care not thou at all! They feel little; what is, is balanced by weak joys; but ye are my chosen ones…Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve.”

Living most of his life as a repressed homosexual urolagnist and having been taught to be cautious; Mandy’s viciousness, cunning and polished, diplomatic persona are his enduring trademarks. Just don’t get in his way. He lives by the left-hand path code of honour, loyalty and revenge. It was Mandelson who was instrumental in the death of James Rusbridger, particularly in the sordid way his ‘suicide’ was made to look. Source

We also know that Mandelson spends far too much time in Brussels, especially when he has had a tiff with his toyboy lover Rene Hi Ho Silver – or whatever the cunts name is.

Not that Rene apparently takes too long to get over the heartbreak.

I mean, any old port in a storm will do when you’re fucking desperate.

And on one of those occasions, the port in question was the disgraced BP CEO Lord Browne – a good ‘friend’ to the dangerous predatory paedophile Derek Laud:

Former BP chief executive Lord Browne has struck up a ‘close friendship’ with Peter Mandelson’s partner, Brazilian Reinaldo Avila da Silva, it has been revealed.

The peer, who was forced to resign from the oil giant last month after lying to a court about his relationship with rent boy Jeff Chevalier, has socialised a deux with Reinaldo.

The disclosure of the close links between multi-millionaire Lord Browne and Reinaldo follows reports that 53-year-old Mr Mandelson has become close to Italian fashion designer Marco Coretti.

A well-placed source, who is in contact with both Lord Browne, 59, and Reinaldo, who is 25 years his junior, said: “Reinaldo has seen John a couple of times. They are close friends and know each other well.”

It is understood that Lord Browne and Reinaldo have met in London while Mr Mandelson has been working abroad as European Trade Commissioner.

“Peter spends most of his time in Brussels and has never worked as hard in his life,’ said the source.

Reinaldo is currently not living in either of Mr Mandelson’s homes in London, but in a £1,500-a-month one-bedroom flat in the capital’s exclusive Covent Garden. The first-floor apartment is down a narrow foot passage off St Martin’s Lane and has a video entry phone.

The flat is a five-minute walk from Trafalgar Square and close to St Thomas’s Hospital Accident and Emergency department, where he is training to be a nurse.  Source

So, I feel sure that it will come as no surprise to you that the repulsive, Sniffenpissin Mandelson was part of a powerful paedophile ring operating out of Brussels and allegedly headed by disgraced former IMF chief, Dominic Strauss Kahn.

Moreover Mandelson and his toy boy Hi Ho Silver are also linked with Princess Andrew’s nonce mate Jeffrey Epstein… Who has just made international headlines as I write (07/07/19).

The following is from the Daily Mail:

Jeffrey Epstein was charged with sex trafficking on Saturday by federal prosecutors with the US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan, according to an individual who is familiar with the proceedings.

That same individual said that Epstein, 66, will make his first court appearance on Monday in New York, confirming a report that first appeared on The Daily Beast.

It had been reported for the past few months that Epstein was being investigated on unknown charges by the Southern District of New York. 

Epstein was taken into custody after his private jet touched down from France on Saturday at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

Around the same time, agents with the FBI were seen breaking down the door to his Upper East Side mansion to execute a search warrant in the case.

Course, when Mandelson was grilled by the press about his association with Epstein, the dirty cunt refused to answer… Nothing to fucking see here folks, move along, move along:

Lord Mandelson yesterday maintained his silence over the extent of his contact with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The former Business Secretary did not respond to questions about why the convicted paedophile’s ‘little black book’ featured ten entries for him and his partner Reinaldo da Silva.

The online contacts book had 16 numbers for Prince Andrew and home numbers for politicians including Lord Heseltine and former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward. There were also details of girls working at massage parlours. Source

Now, extremely worryingly enough, Princess Andrew, like Mandelson was also very much involved with the NSPCC… Just so as I know, is it okay for dirty shit house nonces to be working with a childrens charity? Because if it is I will shut up!

Silence: Peter Mandelson did not answer when asked about why convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein had ten entries for him and his partner Reinaldo da Silva

PHOTO: Mandelson & Princess Andrew

Mind you, the vile cunt Epstein is just about ‘good friends’ with everyone, including the Satan worshipping ex US President, Bill Clinton:

A new lawsuit has revealed even more shocking details about the secret lives of the all-powerful “elites.” Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile and good friend of former US President Bill Clinton, kept children as sex slaves on his private island, Little St James, in the early 2000s. If you are already shocked and disgusted, please bare with me a little longer, because you haven’t heard the worst yet. According to flight logs, between the years 2002 and 2005, the former President Bill Clinton made multiple trips to Epstein’s private island.  Source

This really does get too easy, don’t cha know.

PHOTO: See what I mean?

And neither can it be understated how close Princess Andrew and the nonce Epstein were:

‘Prince Andrew’s convicted paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein was given permission to land his private jet at an RAF base to visit the Duke at Sandringham.

The flight log of Epstein’s Gulfstream revealed it touched down at RAF Marham on December 7, 2000, before he was hosted by the Andrew at the Queen’s Norfolk residence.

Aboard the jet that day were someone with the initials ET – thought to be Miss Maxwell’s assistant Emmy Tayler – a woman called Kelly Spam, Epstein’s friend Tom Pritzker and an unnamed female.’ Source

You don’t get that kind of permission for being a nobody.

And then there is this:

‘American Epstein, a registered sex offender who has been jailed for soliciting underage prostitutes, was pictured in British media last week with his friend the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

Virginia Roberts, now 27, and living in Australia, says she met Prince Andrew three times while working as Epstein’s personal masseuse.

While Ms Roberts was employed as a 15-year-old by Epstein, she was 17 and above when she met the prince and there is no suggestion of any sexual relations between the pair, London newspaper The Mail on Sunday reports.

However, in Ms Roberts’s civil writ against Epstein, she alleges being “sexually exploited by Epstein’s adult male peers including royalty”, the paper reported.’  Source

You may also be aware that the short arsed, incest loving, film director Woody Allen is a good friend to Epstein.

Course, Wood Ed Allen denies any wrongdoing where his step-daughter, Soon Come – or whatever her fucking name is –  is concerned and insists that he isn’t a nonce.

Yet I beg to differ and will remind you again that birds of a feather and all that jazz:

Woody Allen has been spotted strolling on New York’s Upper East Side with millionaire child sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein, who served time for hiring minors to ‘massage’ him at his Florida mansion.

A source told The New York Post’s Page Six the former hedgefunder was ‘hugging (Allen) and taking close to his ear’ on Sunday, with the eccentric film director’s effective step daughter-turned-much younger wife, Soon-Yi, in tow.

‘[He] had his arm on Woody’s shoulder,’ the spy added.  Source


The article then continues by stating that Wood Ed was a guest at “a celebrity-filled soiree Epstein threw for his best pal Britain’s Prince Andrew in December 2010″.

And as you may have noticed, Epstein, like Nat Rothschild was a hedgefunder

Course, Princess Andrew, unlike Rothschild & Epstein has no head for business… Then again, none of the royal parasites are good for fuck all.

from one disaster to another.jpg

Now take note of Princess Andrew friendship with the murdered Libyan leader Gadaffi Duck’s favorite son, Saif.

Because Mandelson and Rothschild are also good friends with him:

He talked of being “intensely relaxed” about the filthy rich, and no one could say that Lord Mandelson doesn’t like their company. After twice facing criticism for consorting with billionaires in Corfu, it emerged tonight that the business secretary joined Colonel Muammar Gaddafi‘s son at a country house shooting party.

Mandelson and Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi were guests at Lord Rothschild’s Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, the Spectator said.

Mandelson is particularly close to the Rothschilds and spent part of the past two summers at the family’s villa in Corfu. In 2008 he infamously spent time there with the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and the shadow chancellor, George Osborne.

The opposition questioned tonight whether Mandelson should be associating with a man who played a key part in Libyan jubilation over the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. Source

And finally there is the rumour that refuses to go away… You know the one. The rumour that has Mandelson treated in a French hospital for internal anal injuries after having a small rodent inserted up his jacksey.

Course, whether the rumour is true or not is anyone’s guess… But I like to think that it is.

Which brings us nicely to Page 11… Which I will continue with in Part 3.