Filthy Rich Satanists


Christopher Spivey

In January 2014 I published an incomplete list of names who were/are allegedly Satanic paedophiles and the places that they operated from.

And most of the names that appeared on that list were very rich and powerful but as I have just stated, the list was incomplete.

However, I now have a copy of the list/report in full which unfortunately is too long to publish in one go especially as I want to comment and add extra evidence on many of those whose names appear.

Therefore, this article will be in at least two – maybe three – parts.

I can also tell you that I now have the full name of the woman who provided the information for the report.

Nevertheless, I will not divulge her full name for now and as such, leave her as she is referred to on the list, namely Helen G.

Helen G is a victim of Mind Control and subsequently she was forced into taking part in Satanic Rituals.

Helen has multiple personality’s.

The report/list appears to have been compiled by the Ritual Abuse Information Network  & Support (RAINS) and had – as far as I can work out – been trying to help Helen.

Course, I cannot say with absolute conviction whether or not the report/list is authentic but I have never seen it debunked and it certainly reads true to me – given what I know about many of the names that are included.

I have also censored the addresses of those that appear on the list simply so as I cannot be accused of starting a witch hunt on the nonces since it is quite obvious to me that TPTB are still looking for any excuse to lock me up – I will tell you more about their efforts in the not to distant future if this website survives that long.

So let’s start with Page 1:

Now unfortunately I cannot find out anything on the internet about Joseph & Julie Stein or their son Matthew – whose name appears at the top of Page 2… However, they are relatively unimportant in so much as they are not part of the filthy rich or household names:

So, swiftly moving on and ironically – or not as the case might be – the second person mentioned on Page 2 (Don Taylor) is a clinical psychologist who specialises in Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief Stress, Sexual Abuse, Childhood Issues… In other words a gate keeper who is an expert at mind control as you will see if you click on the link.

I cannot find out any further information on William Rattray or Les Saunders. However, once again they are not members of the filthy rich.

So, moving on and there is plenty of information to be found on William Rees Mogg – a would be Tory MP in the notorious Thatcher government.

And according to Wikipedia:

William Rees-Mogg, Baron Rees-Mogg (14 July 1928 – 29 December 2012) was a British newspaper journalist, who was the Editor of The Times from 1967 to 1981. In the late 1970’s he served as High Sheriff of Somerset, and in the 1980’s was the Chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain and Vice-Chairman of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Board of Governors.

So there we have another connection to the BBC – home of the paedophile. Rees Mogg was close friends with both Margaret Thatcher and the notorious nonce, the former MP Jeremy Thorpe.

However, most interesting of all is that he is the father of golden Tory boy Jacob Rees Mogg – a future candidate for British Prime Mincer.

As for the Chimp journalist GEOFFREY LEVY, well I can’t say that I am surprised. After all, most of you will be aware that the press and media has always been littered with paedophiles and the Daily Mail is a well known protector of the scum.

Interestingly enough, Levy was also the presstitute behind the 2013 smear campaign on Ralph Milliband – father of Ed and David.

I cannot find out any further information on Peter King, Paul Beadle or Susan James – although they are unimportant – which takes us to Bruce Parker:

Bruce Rodney Wingate Parker, MBE (born 20 July 1941)[ is a British journalist and television presenter whose career spanned the mid-1960s to 2003, when he retired. Strongly committed to regional broadcasting, he was responsible in the mid-1960s for a pilot local radio station in the Channel Islands, which eventually led to the setting up of a string of BBC local radio stations across the UK. In 1967 he joined BBC South in Southampton, where he remained for most of his career, making a name as the main presenter and reporter for South Today for 35 years, a record stint for any regional presenter in the UK. He was also a respected political interviewer and later BBC South’s political editor, hosting South of Westminster and South on Sunday… Source: Wikipedia

So, once again we have another nonce closely associated with the BBC and given an MBE by the Queen… Indeed you would not believe the huge number of nonces decorated by the Satanic Royal Family!

Moreover, Parker’s son Charlie – a cameraman for the BBC – was found dead under mysterious circumstances in 2009:

POPULAR Hampshire broadcaster Bruce Parker has spoken for the first time about the loss of his “adored” son.

Charlie Parker, a BBC cameraman, was found dead at a Winchester flat after failing to respond to attempts to wake him.

His father, a former BBC South Today presenter, has paid tribute to the 34-year-old who, just days earlier, had been filming for the corporation at the G20 summit in London.

“He was lovely, we adored him,” said Bruce, 67. “He always had an impish smile and he lived life to the full… Source

Which then brings us to Lord Montagu. Now since the list was compiled in 2006 I presume that the Montagu in question is Edward John Barrington Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu who died in 2015.

Edward Montagu was a notorious bisexual paedophile who in the 1950’s became “one of the most notorious public figures of his generation,” after his conviction and imprisonment for “conspiracy to incite certain male persons to commit serious offences with male persons,”

And according to Wikipedia:

On two occasions Montagu was charged and committed for trial at Winchester Assizes, firstly in 1953 for having underage sex with a 14-year-old boy scout at his beach hut on the Solent, a charge he always denied. The American Institute of Public Relations had just voted him the most promising young PR man when he was arrested. Although he enjoyed the support of his close family and a wide variety of friends, for a year or so he became “the subject of endless blue jokes and innumerable bawdy songs”

Mind you, paedophilia appears to run in the family. The following is taken from the Guardian and published in 2015:

A senior Conservative politician escaped prosecution for child abuse in the 1970s when he promised the authorities he would not see the victim again, according to files released by the National Archives.

Victor Montagu, a rightwing Tory MP and one-time political secretary to Stanley Baldwin, was let off with a caution by the director of public prosecutions in 1972 for indecently assaulting a boy for nearly two years.

The decision by Sir Norman Skelhorn QC meant Montagu never stood trial and his paedophile activities were never exposed.

Next up on the list is the former MP for Portsmouth Mike Hancock, who I have written quite extensively about in the past.

Nevertheless, in November 2013 whilst serving as an MP Hancock was cleared of an allegation relating to claims of sexual assault committed against a female constituent of his.

Or perhaps I should clarify that. 

You see, the MP wasn’t cleared of the allegations, it was more a case of the Hampshire Police Cuntstabulary deciding to take no further action:

A Hampshire Police statement said it had discussed the case with the Crown Prosecution Service and would not be taking any further action.  Source

Now personally – although I am not surprised at the decision since that appears to be the norm where MP’s are involved – I find it quite appalling given the facts of the case, the evidence and Hancock’s track record.

The victim – who suffered from a mental health disorder and had been sexually abused as a child – had first approached Hang-cock in 2009 after having trouble with noisy neighbours.

Hancock later resigned the party’s parliamentary whip following a meeting with the then Deputy Prime Mincer, Nick Clegg – two fucking years after the allegations were first made, I hasten to add – yet remained an MP & a Lib Dem Councillor for Portsmouth council.

Predictably however, he was not charged with any offence… I should also tell you at this juncture, that I had been informed that the Sniffenpissin Monster was very well protected.

Then again, aren’t they all?

Nevertheless, after Mick the Dick was cleared in 2010, his victim bravely – and quite rightly – refused to let her claim just be dropped thus allowing yet another Politician – in a long fucking line of Politicians – get away scot free.

The term ‘Scot Free’ should in fact have been coined specifically for the Lib Dems after the former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe (A close friend of the aforementioned Bruce Parker) was sensationally cleared – despite the evidence pointing to his guilt –  of conspiring to murder his ex-boyfriend, the Male Model Norman Scott in 1979.

The following is from Wikipedia:

His political career was severely damaged when an acquaintance, Norman Scott, claimed to have had a love affair with Thorpe in the early 1960s, at a time when homosexual acts were illegal in Britain. The scandal forced Thorpe to resign as Liberal Party leader in 1976. He denied the claims of a homosexual affair and was charged with conspiring to murder Scott, though he was acquitted of these charges in 1979, shortly after losing his seat in the general election.

Course, Hang-cock is well know for his indiscretions. I mean, Fuck me! he was even described as being a “renowned womaniser” by the posh Times Newspaper.

However, whilst having affairs with other consenting adults isn’t illegal, it does show how shallow, dishonest, and untrustworthy Hang-cock is – although you only need look to Boris Johnson to see that infidelity is the mainstay of our politicians.

Moreover it also tells us that he has no sense of loyalty or strength of character, all of which an MP should have in abundance as far as I am concerned.

Now I have to say that disturbing as all the above is, it is the allegations of paedophilia that disturb me the most.

You see, at one time Hang-cock had been district officer for Mencap, and in 2010, opposition candidate Les Cummings had a batch of leaflets printed up for distribution alleging amongst other things that Hancock was a friend to known criminals and that he had been seen in bed with children while on charity work in Romania with Mencap in the 1990s.

And whilst it has to be said that Hancock took out an injunction preventing Cummings distributing the leaflets, it was in fact his old friends the Hampshire Cuntstablary who took Cummings to court.

It should also be noted that as well as the injunction, Hancock published a document to be circulated refuting the allegations, yet he didn’t sue Cummings for deformation… Very strange.

Moreover, Cummings was similarly granted a counter injunction prohibiting Hancock from distributing his leaflets responding to the allegations… You couldn’t make this shit up.

Furthermore, the court proceedings relate to a criminal offence which isn’t so much to do with the contents of the leaflets, but more to do with the reason for the leaflets distribution:

Mr. Cummings is charged with a single offence contrary to s. 106(1) of the Representation of the People Act 1983, and which alleges that he on the 22nd April 2010 at Portsmouth in Hampshire, before an election and for the purpose of affecting the return of Mike Hancock, a candidate in the election, made and published a false statement in relation to Mike Hancock’s personal character which he knew or believed to be false.

The sub section reads as follows: – 
‘A person who, or any director of any body or association corporate which – 
(a) before or during an election. 
(b) for the purpose of affecting the return of any candidate at the election,

makes or publishes any false statement of fact in relation to the candidate’s  personal character or conduct shall be guilty of an illegal practice, unless he can show that he had reasonable grounds for believing, and did believe, the statement to be true.

Nevertheless, Hancock was Predictably cleared of the allegations but during the course of the court case he had been made to admit under cross-examination that he had had ‘a few’ extra-marital affairs which he had told his wife about and that had been reported in the newspapers.

Which is presumably, the only reason that he told his wife.

Now, as I say, the scumbag was cleared of the paedophile allegations – sort of, albeit not conclusively – but taking into consideration what I have told you about the power Hancock wields, his apparent police protection and his association with Portsmouth Council – Then consider what we all know about our Nonce Ponce MP’s; and when adding them all together, I have to say that Les Cummings defence of the paedophile allegations leveled at Hancock certainly sound to me to have a certain credibility and more than a ring of truth about them.

See what you reckon:

Cummings told the court he had been abused as a child at a Portsmouth children’s home along with other family members and he had sought an apology from Portsmouth City Council, where Mr Hancock is also a councillor, but he had not received one.

He told the court from the witness box it was his ‘100 percent  belief’ that Mr Hancock is a paedophile.

He said the information about the allegations he printed in the leaflet came from several sources.

This included his electoral agent, Leo Ciccarone, who heard it from another man and a woman described in court as Maria Smythe who said she had overheard her mother talking about the Romanian allegations over family dinners.

‘Each piece of information led to another that led to another and that gave more credence to my beliefs,’ Cummings said.

He said he ‘was alarmed and astounded’ that the city he held responsible for exposing him to abuse had a representative ‘behaving in exactly the same way as the people who were abusing me all those years ago’.

He explained the leaflet had been written at night ‘when the ghosts from the past had come’ to him.

‘I was so disgusted by the situation. I wanted to shock people. On reflection I kind of wish I had not done that. I was acting like a victim at that time. I did not want anybody else to be exposed to what I believe was a sexual predator and paedophile.

Not convinced?

Okay, I should tell you that I purposely left out the most serious allegation of paedophilia levelled against the Monster.

You see, Les cummings also accused Psycho Mikeho of having sex with a 14 year old girl.

Course, allegations are easy to make, but when the accused admits under oath to kissing and cuddling with the girl in question, you cannot help but think – given Hancock’s track record – that in all probability, a miscarriage of justice took place:

A leading Lib Dem MP who was accused by an election rival of ‘having sex with a 14-year-old girl’ yesterday admitted he ‘kissed and cuddled’ her.

Mike Hancock, 64, was branded ‘a paedophile’ in a leaflet by opposition candidate Les Cummings, 66, last year.

Cummings is on trial charged with making a false statement about the character of Mr Hancock with the purpose of affecting the return of the election.

But Hancock yesterday admitted that he had a ‘close and affectionate relationship’ with the girl in question. He also admitted to ‘a few’ extra marital affairs.

He said he first met the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in her late teens in 1985 and the relationship gradually developed until she married in about 1993.

Mr Hancock said the girl was 17-years-old and not 14 as had been alleged in the leaflet. He said that the girl had driven to his office with her mother to enquire about work experience.

‘We were close and developed a personal friendship’, he told the court. ‘It was a very affectionate relationship – it was strong but not sexual.

‘There was physical contact between us – a kiss and a cuddle – but no more than that. Source



Then I shall continue.

Now, Hancock the Toad can claim that the girl was 17 yrs old at the time, all he fucking likes but what is missing from that Daily Chimpanzee report is that Cummings alleged that Mick the Dick was a governor at the girls school.

So, with that in mind ask yourself how many girls were still at school aged 17 back in the 1980’s?

However, to be fair, that claim was later withdrawn by Cummings although that fact could also allude to Hancock’s guilt since that is the only allegation Cummings withdrew.

Moreover, there is another damming allegation about the girl – left out of the Chimp article – which is clearly stated in the official court documentation:

The evidence also developed this point to further assert that the same girl became pregnant by Mr. Hancock as a consequence of which the child underwent an abortion.

Other comments are made to the effect that Mr. Hancock had undertaken numerous trips to Romania, described as a ‘Child Sex Tourist’ destination and had been seen in bed with children in Romania.

Reference is additionally made in the following terms: ‘…Hancock is corrupt, a friend of known criminals, has had numerous extra-marital affairs

Neither does it end there.

You see, in summing up the Judge made mention of another story in regards to Hancocks paedophilia:

when told about this impending publication, Mr. Ciccarone was urging  caution and delay because a much better, amplified and apparently more salacious story could be obtained about Mr. Hancock concerning yet another girl, this time of  Chinese origin, who had apparently visited parliament and had been given a box of  chocolates and a cuddly toy.


Nevertheless, moving on to the last name on Page 2 – Sir Max Hastings.

Hastings is yet another journalist and editor rewarded by the Queer of England… And as I say, she does that a lot.

And predictably, he worked for the BBC. Course, in June 2019, Hastings described the Conservative Party leadership candidate Boris Johnson as “unfit for national office“… So he was right about one thing I suppose.

However, more damning is the fact that in 2012 Hastings wrote in the Financial Times about the “hysteria” surrounding paedophilia in Britain today:

The British like to think themselves a stolid people, but in truth they are prone to spasms of hysteria. One of these is currently taking place, and profoundly ugly it looks. The nation is convulsed about paedophilia. The proximate cause is a torrent of accusations of abuse of minors laid against the late television presenter Jimmy Savile. This, in turn, has triggered a wave of other charges, including claims of systemic molestation in north Wales care homes in the 1970s.

So, once again there you have a perfect example of gate-keeping to the nonces and as far as I am concerned, when it comes to the elites and their love of child sex abuse that “hysteria” is well and truly justified.

Which brings us nicely to Page 3 of the report/list:

First on the list is Ken Bulpitt who owns a large, very successful cleaning Ltd Company and whilst the report does not detail what part he plays in sexual child abuse, his brother Jim is listed further down the page as being an “Enforcer“.

However, I cannot find any further information on John Weston – the 2nd name on the list… Although once again he is unimportant.

Third on the list is the very well known actor and director, Richard Attenborough. Now interestingly Dr Sally Baker intimates that Attenborough played a part in covering up the North Wales child sex abuse investigation and also points out that his father was the Head at Leicester University which “was at the heart of a load of people concealing the activities of Lord Greville Janner, Frank Beck et al, who had close links to Dafydd and the gang in north Wales“.

Just sayin’.

And next up is Jean La Fontaine who according to Wikipedia:

Jean Sybil La Fontaine (born 1 November 1931) is a British anthropologist and emeritus professor of the London School of Economics.[She has done research in Africa and the UK, on topics including ritual, gender, child abuse, witchcraft and satanism. In 1994 she wrote a government report: The Extent and Nature of Organised and Ritual Abuse.

Well she would be wouldn’t she? Nuff said.

We then have the much loved British singer Max Bygraves – although I can’t say that I am surprised. The following is taken from the Daily Mail published in September 2012.

Max Bygraves belonged to another era. Not the abrasive megastardom of today’s stand-up comics, though he earned millions from his mix of family singalongs and genial patter. And not the anarchic, surreal comedy of his contemporaries, who derided him as painfully old-fashioned.

Bygraves, who died on Friday at the age of 89, was the last link to Britain’s Victorian music hall past. He even took his stage name from the variety world, calling himself after the comic Max Miller — he was born Walter, or Wally.

In front of an audience, he exuded bonhomie with an edge of threat, that seemed to warn: ‘You’d better like me if you know what’s good for you.’

But the hint of menace in his act was given full expression in his private life. Bullying, autocratic and cold, he had a string of illegitimate children who he refused to acknowledge and kept secret from his long-suffering wife, Blossom.

If his act was old-fashioned, his attitude to women was prehistoric — more than one visitor to his Bournemouth mansion mistook Blossom for a maidservant, while outside the home he was serially unfaithful.

 ‘My outlook is that life is like a self-service restaurant,’ he commented in his 70s. ‘You have to help yourself. Sometimes when you see what the other fella has got, you want some of it, too.’

The women were drawn easily to him: ‘In every Palladium show there were at least 16 Tiller girls, all pretty high-kickers with big . . . smiles.’ He admitted that he had always been driven by sexual urges — even as a boy, he used to enjoy watching the girls in the schoolyard skipping, ‘because you got to see everything bouncing around’.

Nevertheless, that said I cannot find anything to link Bygraves to paedophillia.

We then come to the actor Michael Jayston who was born in 1935. Course whether he is a nonce or not is hard to say since he is not well known enough to be newsworthy… And that also applies to the rest of the names on Page 3 so we will fast forward to Page 4:

Okay, first on Page 4 is the Duke of Norfolk AKA Miles Fitzalan-Howard. He died in 2002 and I cannot find any scandal on him. However, I note that his daughter was married to the TV presenter David Frost whose name appears 2nd on the page… Not that I can find anything to link Frost with paedophilla either.

Next up is Dr Katrina Prescott who is an expert in Genetics (transgenderism etc) so she certainly has all the right credentials. She is now based in West Yorkshire.

And quite obviously there is no information to be found on the junkie, Darren Jackson. However, Virginia Bottomley is a different kettle of fish altogether.

You see, she was instrumental in covering up the Islington child abuse scandal – as was Jeremy Corbyn. In fact five Islington whistleblowers went to see Jeremy Corbyn in 1992 and told him about the abuse scandal. He said he would discuss this with Virginia Bottomley who was then Secretary of State for Health… Nothing ever came of it.

Moreover, Bottomley is clearly a gatekeeper too:

Moving on and the former Prime Mincer and predatory paedophile, Edward Heath needs no introduction.

However, for anyone not familiar with those Heath allegations, it has been claimed many times by more than a few, myself included, that the disgraceful paedophile ex Prime Mincer, either helped himself to little boys from the Haut de la Garenne boy’s home or had them provided for him via Jimmy Savile.

Heath allegedly took his child victims out on his yacht, the Morning Cloud and many did not return.

The following extract is taken from the Daily Mirror published in August 2015:

Police were warned a child may have vanished from Ted Heath’s yacht – but officers were ordered not to investigate, it has been claimed.

Linda Corby said she watched 11 boys aged six to 11 from Jersey’s notorious Haut de la Garenne home board the former PM’s yacht in the island’s capital St Helier.

A few hours later she counted only 10 as they left the Tory leader’s boat.

Describing what she saw in the early 1970s, Linda, 62, said: “I was with Jersey senator Ralph Vibert who has since died.

“He said he had been warned about children going on Heath’s yacht, Morning Cloud, and some not coming back. We watched as a group of boys from the home got on. They were in shorts and T-shirts and looked as if they were on a day trip.”

And that is from a mainstream newspaper!

Moreover, two years later the spy owned Telegraph newspaper reported the following:

The police chief investigating  allegations that Sir Edward Heath was a paedophile believes the accounts are “120 per cent genuine”.

Wiltshire Police has been carrying out a large-scale investigation into claims made about the late former prime minister and has identified more than 30 alleged victims.

A report, which is expected to be published in June, will allegedly detail how the claims are “totally convincing” and will vindicate Chief Constable Mike Veale’s decision to persist with the £700,000 investigation.

Course – quite predictably – the investigation came to nothing but then again, with only a three quarter of a million Pound budget it is quite obvious that it was more of a damage limitation exercise.

Edward Heath was also apparently warned on more than one occasion by the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner, to stop ‘cottaging’. The following is once again taken from the Telegraph newspaper published in April 2007:

The former Tory prime minister, Sir Edward Heath, went “cottaging” for gay sex, it was claimed yesterday.

He stopped visiting the public lavatories after being warned that it could wreck his career. Brian Coleman, a Tory member of the London Assembly, who is gay, claimed that homosex-uals “ran” the Conservative Party in London.

Sir Edward, who died in 2005, never married but never admitted to being gay.

Mr Coleman, writing for the New Statesman magazine’s online edition, was responding to a call by Peter Tatchell, the gay rights campaigner, to reveal “gay public figures”. Mr Coleman said he disagreed that public life would be “healthier” if voters knew about gay MPs.

He said: “The late Ted Heath obtained the highest Office of State after he was supposedly advised to cease his cottaging activities in the 1950s.”…

It should also be noted that Heath was allegedly blackmailed over his noncing and forced to take us into the Common Market (EU) under very unfavorable terms.

Moving on and we have the former police surgeon, Dr Robert Wells who really adds credibility to the list.

You see, as the report clearly states, he was jailed for 15 years in 2004 for child rape. The following is taken from the Telegraph and published in 2004:

A police surgeon who filmed himself raping and abusing young girls he had drugged was jailed yesterday for 15 years.

Robert Wells, 52, drugged two sisters aged five and 11, abusing the older girl. He twice raped another 11-year-old girl and indecently assaulted her.

Police said yesterday that they feared that Wells could have abused many more young girls. Experts have failed to crack codes on his computer on which they suspect he may have stored evidence of other assaults.

However, it appears that Wells was jailed for a further 7 years just as his 2004 sentence was coming to an end. The following is taken from Wales Online published in April 2017:

A doctor once regarded as “an upstanding pillar of the community” told parents to wait outside his consulting room while he sexually abused their children.

Robert Wells, 65, who is already serving a jail sentence, admitted four counts of indecent assault relating to his time as a general practitioner at Caerleon Surgery in the 1980s.

Speaking at Cardiff Crown Court, prosecutor Matthew Roberts said: “It is hard to imagine a more serious and grotesque breach of trust.”

The court heard Wells was a registered medical practitioner at the time, but has since been stripped of that title by the General Medical Council.

Prosecutors said the offences related to three girls, who were all patients of Wells at the time…

Now, can you spot the Elephant in the room there? I mean, if Wells received a 15 yr sentence in 2004 he should have been released by 2014 at the latest yet he was still in prison when he received the further 7 years in 2017… Very strange.

Mind you, Wells is not a member of the filthy rich and as such, appears to have been thrown to the dogs.

As for Dr Shreyas Deepak Raj, well there is an eminent eye surgeon who resides in Manchester with the very same name although I have no idea if he is the same person as the one mentioned in the report… However,
Dr Shreyas Deepak Raj is not a common name and title.

David Queen, the dead junkie is of no real importance which brings us to the film director, the now deceased Michael Winner – someone who I suspected as being a nonce a very long time ago.

Course, whilst there is no proof that Winner was a nonce, he was without doubt a perverted abuser of women… The following is taken from the Independent newspaper first published in October 2017:

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, three women have come forward with claims director Michael Winner demanded to see their breasts. 

Debbie Arnold (best known for playing April Branning on Eastenders), Cindy Marshall-Day, and another unnamed actress made the claims. 

Speaking to the Sunday People, Arnold said Winner made the demands while she was auditioning for a role at his house. 

“He asked me to take off my top, then my bra and told me to massage my breasts,” she told the publication. 

Moving on to Lord Peter Goldsmith and I better be careful what I say here since he is a top litigation lawyer.

Goldsmith is related to the billionaire, James Goldsmith whose family is closely related to the Rothschild’s and were instrumental in the Princess Diana deception.

And once again, whilst there is no evidence to suggest that Goldsmith is a nonce, like the rest of the filthy rich, he couldn’t stay faithful if his life depended on it.

The following is taken from the Daily Mail:

The Government was hit by a second legal marital scandal last night after it was revealed that Attorney General Lord Goldsmith had an affair with Britain’s leading Asian woman barrister.

Cabinet Minister Lord Goldsmith, who is in charge of prosecutions and is Tony Blair’s senior legal adviser, confirmed that he had an extra-marital affair with attractive Anglo-Indian lawyer Kim Hollis.

Mind you, it is worth noting that Goldsmith is very close to Tony Blair who has himself been accused of being a nonce.

Blair, reportedly a 33rd degree Freemason who displays the characteristics of a psychopath was convicted in May 2012 – along with his pal George W Bush – of war crimes at the Kuala Lumpur War crimes tribunal.

George W Bush’s father, former US President George H Bush has of course long been accused of being a serial paedophile. However, it would seem that Bush senior’s son shares his father’s sick liking for children. Moreover, Bush Junior’s fellow war criminal Tony Blair does too. The following is taken from an article that appeared on the Tap Blog website:

The Tap Blog received a number of bulletins from ex-spy Gordon Logan over the last year.  None of these were more memorable than his exposure of Tony Blair using a male prostitute at The White House, a prostitute named Jeff Guckert, George Bush’s personal favourite, who he lent to Blair. Guckert bragged about it afterwards online, and the story spilled out. It was Gordon Logan who ensured that the story spilled out further at higher levels.

The Tap Blog elaborates further by saying that Jeff Guckert is one of the pseudonyms used for Johnny Gosch who was kidnapped by paedophiles for prostitution purposes, at the age of just twelve… It’s a very exclusive club don’t cha know.

And that only really leaves the disgraced comedian Michael Barrymore worthy of comment from Page 4. Barrymore, as you all probably know lost everything after 31 year old Stuart Lubbock was found floating dead with severe anal injuries in the entertainers swimming pool at his luxury mansion in Essex.

Barrymore then inexplicably fled the scene but was never charged with murder/manslaughter following the botched investigation by Essex police.

Course, if you are a regular reader of my website you will know that Essex police are rotten to the core.

Nevertheless, moving on to Page 5:

Now, although there are some very disturbing allegations made on Page 5 the majority of the names mentioned do not belong to the filthy rich and as such I am just going to concentrate on those that do – or did.

And two of the names that jump out straight away are Lord McAlpine – now deceased – and the ex MP, Michael Portillo.

However, in the case of Lord McAlpine, I do not think that the report is talking about the most notorious member of the Satanic family, namely Lord Alistair McAlpine.

Nevertheless, the family is one of the most evil to reside in this country. Indeed, in 2012 the infamous self-styled lawyer, Giovanni De Stefano wrote the following about Alistair McAlpine:

Lord McAlpine (Former treasurer of the conservative party)

He is known to the police in the UK and abroad, for sexually abusing young boys, including using a coffin to put the boy in, then they simulate burying him by sprinkling gravel on the top of the coffin, the child is screaming with terror and will do whatever he is told due to being so scared of being put in the coffin again. This person is alleged to have murdered at least 2 boys and buried their bodies on his estate. I got this information from a police officer who was involved in investigating McAlpine, and he is certain that he has committed murder several times, but he is too well protected to get him.

He has been named time and time again in N. Wales Enquiry into child abuse, yet he still enjoys total freedom to abuse and kill young children (yes, that’s right, kill children).

His sordid past is so depraved it beggar’s belief. There is a video tape hidden at the moment which shows him with two other child sexual abusers, torturing and raping young boys. The film was made in Wales. A very well-known investigative programme was loaned a copy in order that the story could be revealed and the children could finally get some justice and some peace. What a pity the company decided not to run the story, even though one of the women who watched it admitted to having to leave the room to be sick after only a couple of minutes.

There is a lot more to the abuse side of this case, but as I am still investigating this I cannot reveal any more at this time. However, I would like to know what happened to almost 20 million pounds of Conservative Party funds which I understand are still in an offshore account controlled by him and former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. I would also like to ask the former Prime Minister why she stood up for McAlpine when information was passed to her by the Security Services in relation to McAlpine, and it was only after a large amount of pressure was put on her that she removed him from his post before information leaked out.

Now given how well known De Stefano is it is inconceivable that McAlpine was unaware of the comments yet he never sued… Unlike he did when the TV program ‘Newsnight‘ was set to name him as a child abuser.

And indeed, although the program never did in the end, the nonce still received substantial compensation from the BBC – as he also did from ITV who also never named him as a nonce, so go figure.

Moreover, De Stefano also said the following about Micharl Portillo:

Michael Portillo (former MP Kensington & Chelsea)

Portillo is well known within the conservative party, as are others for his perverse abuse of children. He also likes adults now and again, particularly his friend and fellow MP Peter Lilley. He was giving Portilo a good time in the DTI building on the day of the 92 election, he was on his knees, (I’m sure I don’t have to paint a picture for you). He also likes Morocco Del sol, where he delights in having young boys for sexual abuse. He used to go to the same hotel and on one visit, he left top secret documents behind in connection with the UK’s defence systems, was it an accident, or was he being blackmailed? He also goes to the Isle of White regularly with Lilley and other friends where they have access to children. He is disgusting and I want him in prison where he belongs.

And tellingly, Portillo never sued either.

As for Peter de Savary, well he was filthy rich even back in the 1980’s when I was working for the groundwork contractor who put in the footings for the luxury three story houses de Savary was having built along Canvey seafront.

Needless to say, I never met him and as to the question as to whether or not he is a Satanic paedophile, I haven’t got a scooby-fucking-do.

The same holds for the late singer Alvin Stardust who allegedly died in 2014. The following is taken from the Daily Mail:

Alvin Stardust was the crown prince of comebacks. He found fame as a Sixties teenybopper, in the Seventies with glam rock, and as a post-punk rocker in the Eighties — before launching a successful West End career.

He was planning another musical renaissance right up to his death yesterday aged 72, from prostate cancer.

His first studio album in 30 years, simply called Alvin, is due for release next week. He was still performing on stage last weekend, belting out his beloved Fifties rock standards, as well as his roster of Top Ten hits. Source

Funny how these pop stars manage to release albums immediately before they kick the bucket don’t cha think – David Bowie & Johnny Cash are two others who immediately spring to mind.

However, I did in fact think it rather strange that the Chimp went on to say:

But it is as a strutting, smouldering monster of glam rock — half-cowboy, half-vampire — that he will be best remembered

I mean I certainly never associated him with being a “Vampire”! Although we do know that a lot of the elitist wrong-uns do like to drink blood, don’t we?

Mind you, curiously enough according to The Tap blog, former Radio 1 DJ Tony Blackburn claims that his colleague, Simon Dee, was axed by the BBC for refusing to interview the notorious paedophile pop star, Gary Glitter.

However, Blackburn’s claim was refuted by, Paul Hollingdale, a Deputy Programme Controller who stated:

Simon Dee was offered a mid-morning slot on Radio 210 in Reading. He left the station after refusing to interview ALVIN STARDUST not GARY GLITTER. Source

Hmmm, I wonder why that was then?

And that just leaves the only other notable on Page 5 of the report, namely the former MP Charles Clarke, who according to Wikipedia:

Charles Rodway Clarke (born 21 September 1950) is an English Labour Party politician, who was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Norwich South from 1997 until 2010, and served as Home Secretary from December 2004 until May 2006.

Clarke was the Homo Secretary in the Blair Cabinet and as we have already seen, good old Tony has been publicly accused of being a nonce. Moreover, I once wrote an article – with documented evidence – that alluded to Blair’s daughter attempting suicide because she had been sexually abused.

There are also many claims on the internet that like Edward Heath, Blair was caught cottaging in a men’s public toilet… However unlike Heath, Blair was allegedly prosecuted:

While researching Blair’s early Parliamentary career, The Slog (or Not Born Yesterday as it then was) received the following email content:

‘In the autumn of 1983, a young well-dressed man presented himself to Bow St Magistrates’ Court on a morals charge. He was given a conditional discharge and bound over to keep the peace. The young man gave his name as Charles Lynton. He is now among the highest in the land.’

Blair’s middle names are Charles and Lynton. I have asked for the records of the period (the Court no longer exists) but failed to trace any mention there of the ‘case’ – if indeed it ever existed. Although I found the general attitude of information suppliers to be obstructive, there wasn’t any strong feeling of hiding stuff; frankly, I’d be amazed anyway if something incriminating about Tony Blair hadn’t been removed by now. Another source wrote to us as follows:

‘He was caught importuning in a Westminster toilet. It was all covered up.’

Two things are, however, relevant. Gossip did abound about Blair’s sexuality during his time in the rock band Ugly Rumours at Oxford. And while nobody has ever stood them up, it is widely accepted that Derry Irvine (Blair’s boss in Chambers) regularly referred to him as “the star closest to Uranus”… Source

Right, let’s move on to Page 6:

And I think that I can scoot through this page fairly quick. However, I feel that I should point out that Dr Tony Baker fell under the watchful eye of Cathy Fox who writes a respected blog on child abusers.

Cathy wrote the following about Baker:

Dr Anthony Baker has been brought to my attention. I am told he has complaints against him of false diagnoses and sexual abuse including child sexual abuse.

Baker no longer has a licence to practice as a GP, but he still has a specialist licence to practise child and adolescent psychiatry from the General Medical Council from 29 April 2015.  General Medical Council Doctors Register

We then have the former MP Ruth Kelly who was also a member of the nonce infested Blair Cabinet and it is worth noting that her department allowed convicted sex offenders to work in schools.

The following is from the Telegraph newspaper:

Ruth Kelly’s elevation to Education Secretary at 36 made her the youngest ever woman cabinet minister and cemented her position as one of the cleverest and most ambitious members of the government.

But in fact the appointment in 2004 by Tony Blair proved to be too clever by half. Miss Kelly was overwhelmed by one of the most demanding, high profile, ministerial jobs and was demoted to the Communities and Local Government portfolio after only 16 months.

It was a tumultuous period in which she became embroiled in a damaging row over school dinners with Jamie Oliver. Then it emerged that her department had allowed convicted paedophiles, who were on the sex offenders’ register, to work in schools. Downing Street was forced to issue a statement denying that Miss Kelly was to be replaced.

Moving on and as far as Lord Carnavon goes it is a bit hard to say which one the report is talking about. However, given the year that it was compiled the report could be referring to Henry George Reginald Molyneux Herbert, 7th Earl of Carnarvon – AKA Lord Porchester – although as you will see a “Lord Porchester” does appear on Page 7.

Nevertheless, this is very interesting since Porchester is the fella who is supposedly the real father of Prince Andrew.

Indeed, Prince Andrew’s parentage was called into question shortly after his birth and the murmurings have gained momentum ever since by sly digs in the media such as this one from the Telegraph:

There are those who persist in believing that Prince Andrew’s natural father was the Queen’s racing manager, Henry Porchester, “Porchey”, 7th Earl of Carnarvon, suggesting the conception occurred at some point between 20 January and 30 April 1959 when Philip was away on another of his long sea voyages in the Britannia”.

Moreover, in 1993 The New York Times Magazine exposed the Queen’s penchant for sleeping with her underlings in an article quoting the columnist Nigel Dempster telling the author Christopher Hitchens to, ‘Get hold of a picture of Prince Andrew and then one of Lord Porchester at the same age. You’ll see that Prince Philip could never have been Andy’s father‘.

Tellingly, The Queen did not dare challenge the article. She did however use the tax payer’s money to increase the budget for the Buckingham Palace Press Office – the outfit set up decades ago to buy the silence of media owners and editors.

Likewise,Prince Edward – the Queer of England’s youngest child – is reportedly the son of Baron Plunket.

And that just about concludes Page 6 except to give the two clergymen mentioned at the bottom a quick mention… After all, we all know that the top clergy are all involved in kiddie fiddling… Just sayin’.

Which takes us to Page 7 which I will continue with in Part 2.