Far From Normal


Christopher Spivey

I don’t know about you, but I am getting mixed messages from the press in regard to the transgender-agenda.

I mean, on the one hand they are trying to portray the he-she’s as being ‘normal’ and supporting the perverted government in their sick agenda to bend over backwards to help them achieve that goal… A goal that I personally will never celebrate.

Yet on the other hand the press are [covertly] going out of their way to prove otherwise.

Now before I continue I should point out that I am a firm believer in the notion that a person is entitled to live his or her life as they see fit and what they do to their own bodies is up to them.

Furthermore, neither should they be persecuted for doing so as long as what they are doing is kept to themselves (not celebrated) and does not act to the detriment of the majority.

Yet that is exactly what the transgender agenda is about. Indeed, it is without doubt being forced on us and transgender people are equally without doubt being celebrated – and that is wrong… Very wrong.

Course, we are being programmed to believe that these he-she’s are born in the wrong body and the fault lies in their genetic make up and not in their head – which is total, total bollox.

In fact the truth of the matter is, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to show a difference in the genetic make up of a heterosexual person, a homosexual person or a transgender person… Therefore no one is born in the wrong body.

And with that being the case, logic dictates that the fault must lie in the brain and occur at some point after birth. Moreover, with no scientific, genetic reason for a person wanting to change sex, along with the huge number of people apparently wishing to do so, you would be justified in coming to the conclusion that the monsters are behind the huge rise in numbers.

Now whether the monsters are achieving this through chemtrails, the water and/or food supply, sound/radio waves or vaccines is unknown, but there has to be a reason.

I mean according to a recent story in the national press there are SEVENTEEN children in ONE school alone wishing to change sex:

An astonishing 17 pupils at a single British school are in the process of changing gender, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Most of the youngsters undergoing the transformation are autistic, according to a teacher there, who said vulnerable children with mental health problems were being ‘tricked’ into believing they are the wrong sex.

Taking a quick break from that report and it is interesting to note that most of those youngsters are autistic. And of course the cases of children with autism since 1975 has gone through the roof:

And that graph only goes up until 2010 and as such I would guess that the current statistic is now somewhere around 1 in 50. Yet once again, that alarming rise can only be down to something that the Monsters are doing to us.

Nevertheless, the article continues:

The whistleblower says few of the transgender children are suffering from gender dysphoria – the medical term for someone who feels they were born in the wrong body – but are just easily influenced, latching on to the mistaken belief they are the wrong sex as a way of coping with the problems caused by autism.

Earlier this year, The Mail on Sunday revealed that a third of youngsters referred to the NHS’s only gender identity clinic for children showed ‘moderate to severe autistic traits’… Source

Now when I went to school there was not even 17 children from ethnic minorities attending mine – as was the case with most schools outside of big cities – let alone any kids wanting to have their dicks chopped off.

Therefore, you would have thought that the press would be demanding to know why there is such a rise in children and adults wanting to mutilate themselves… Because mutilation is certainly what it is.

After all, you cannot change sex… Cutting your cock and balls off does not make you a woman… It makes you a man who has allowed himself to be mutilated.

Mind you, it is hardly surprising that the press are pushing this very sick agenda:

THE BBC has been left stunned after a confidential internal survey revealed that it employs more than 400 transgender staff – four times higher than the proportion in the population at large.

The 417 employees, which represents more than one in 50 of its total workforce, was described by the executive behind the research as “very, very high”.

Following the findings, the BBC’s Director of Diversity Tunde Ogungbesan has launched a major reform to make the Corporation more “trans-friendly”.

He also revealed that 11 percent of BBC employees were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), but said he still did not consider the Corporation to be diverse enough.

Almost a quarter of its 21,239 staff declined to reveal their orientation and from the remainder, 2.2 percent said they were bisexual, 4.8 percent were gay men and 1.3 percent lesbian.

Mr Ogungbesan said the BBC wants eight percent of its staff to be from the LGBT community by 2020… Source

And after reading that, it is no surprise that certain quarters of the press are playing their part in furthering this perverse agenda.

Yet whilst doing so, at the same time some of the shit-rags are subliminally communicating that an unequal proportion of those “suffering from gender dysphoria” are either criminals or plain bad shit crazy:

Almost one in 50 prisoners is transgender, according to a survey of inmates conducted by the official jail watchdog.

Inmates at notorious top security male prisons such as Belmarsh, Long Lartin and Wakefield said they identified as female or ‘non-binary’.

Transgender prisoners are allowed to choose whether they are kept in a male or female jail and can receive other perks, including showering alone. Critics fear that some inmates are falsely claiming to be transgender to win privileges.

The survey numbers are far higher than those published by the Government. Ministry of Justice statistics published last year found only 139 prisoners said they were transgender… Source

Now although accurate statistics are hard to come by it would seem that at best only 1 in 500 hundred people are he-shes, so the fact that 1 in 50 prisoners are transgender suggests that they are far, far more criminally minded than – for want of a better word – normal people.

Moreover, according to a Chimp farticle earlier this month, those he-she’s in prison are far more likely to top themselves that your normal prisoner:

Almost a fifth of women who died in prison during the past two years had been born men, according to official figures.

The Prison and Probation Ombudsman recorded 33 female deaths in custody between 2016 and 2018. Of those, six were men who ‘self-identified’ as women.

Critics last night warned that the inclusion of transgender women risked skewing the figures and creating confusion.

Richard Garside, director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, said: ‘I hope the ombudsman reviews its approach and starts classifying accurately these tragic cases. The causes and contexts of male and female deaths in prison are not always the same… Source

Hmmm… You would think that those fellas in frocks would have been happy as a pig in shit in a female prison since as far as I can see, many transgender fellas still prefer women… Which in itself is fucked up!

In fact if the national press is to be believed then some of the most dangerous men in the cuntry want to be tarts… Despite being heterosexual:

A violent transgender prisoner has sent letters begging friends to fund an expensive gender reassignment surgery so she can return to a female jail. 

Karen White, previously known as David Thompson, is currently locked up in HMP Wakefield alongside some of Britain’s worst criminals, including Soham killer Ian Huntley.  

She was sent to nearby New Hall prison for attacking a male neighbour with a steak knife claiming that he sexually assaulted her, when her dark past came to light… Source

Mind you, if you think that is fucked up then it is interesting that Ian Huntley is mentioned in that farticle since the press recently reported that he too now wants to have his cock chopped off:

Although all three of those articles are no longer available… Very strange, albeit I did manage to find the following:

CHILD killer Ian Huntley has hatched a plot to change sex so he can start a new life at a women’s prison using the name Nicola, it is claimed.

The 44-year-old is said to have asked pen-pals to send him a tweed dress and a blonde wig and stockings for Christmas.

According to reports, Huntley, who murdered ten-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002, wants to be moved from HMP Frankland in County Durham.

‘He believes that he will have a much cushier life in a women’s prison,’ a source told the Daily Star Sunday.

‘But he will get a far harder time from female prisoners. There’s a growing number of trans prisoners in Frankland and Huntley is desperate to be a member of a group who will offer him a bit of protection.’ He is reportedly trying to prove to doctors that he is serious.

School caretaker Huntley was handed two life terms — later set at a minimum of 40 years — for the murders in Soham, Cambridgeshire… Source

Mind you, I am not sure that Huntley wasn’t married to a transexual himself… I mean his ex wife, Claire looks very suspect:

And with Levi Bellfield, Mark Bridger and Raoul Moat all sharing at least some transgender tendencies…

Its no wonder that by and large people do not support the transgender agenda.

Beam me up Scotty.

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