“Fancy another, or you off to school”?


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Is it any surprise that:

The number of children aged 11 and under being taken to A&E after drinking too much has soared by a third in the last year.

Or that:

Across the UK, 293 youngsters were admitted to hospital after abusing alcohol – a rise of 35 per cent.

As well as this fact:

Another 145 in the same age group were taken to hospital for drug abuse – up by 14 per cent.

So, why the fuck do you act shocked and appalled when:

Doctors say that most hospitals have patients in their 20s  dying of liver disease, having started drinking at 11 or 12.

Worse still, if you really want to take the high moral ground, there is a case of a 7 yr old having been treated for Alcohol Addiction. In Britain.

Way to fucking go.

Yet, the vast majority of these kids must surely be getting their supply of drink and even drugs from home?

I mean, when I was 12 newsagents would serve me fags… Not that I looked old for my age. Newsagents would serve anyone fags back then.

Occasionally, a newsagent might have said “they’re not for you are they”?

To which you would give a definite shake of your head, tell him you didn’t smoke and add that they were for “me dad”.

But such questioning was rare.

In fact, a lot of newsagents used to open damaged packs, put them into a biscuit tin and sell them to school kids by the fag.

Those days are long gone, mores the pity, what with the price of fags and all.

Yet while it was far from uncommon to see little yobs like myself smoking a fag at eleven, you very, very, rarely saw them pissed.

Fifteen maybe, sixteen often, but never eleven year olds.

Course, parents have to shoulder some of the blame for this, but by and large, it is the governments fault.

Now, obviously the right minded, critical thinking, mushy peas for brains brigade have the embedded, fine tuned response of “Oh its always the governments fault isn’t it, never the parents” delivered with eye lids half closed and exaggerated head shaking movements, at the ready.

Which never fails to put the recipient on the back foot unless they are armed with the facts.

If they are, they will rightly reply “as it happens it is. How can it not be”?

Now, briefly straying off topic, but never the less relevant; whilst I can’t speak for you, I have been concious of the decline in people standards for at least the last twenty years or so… Dog, I sound fucking old.

Never the less, its true.

I have always had a close association with the public, usually on a one to one conversation basis.

Moreover, these encounters range from Doctor to dosser, old to young, black to white, straight to gay etc, etc

This close association with every type of person imaginable stems from the time when I had my own building firm – throughout the 20 years of tattooing – up to and including this lark.

And as such. I can chat to people on any level.

Which is how I was in a position to became acutely aware of the rapid decline in people standards.

And when I think about it: that decline is absolutely fucking frightening.

I mean, I was a proper naughty little fucker from around the age of 12 or 13 right up until I was around 18 or 19, when I first started work on the Oil Refinery’s.

You see, they were all travelling men, much older than me that I was working with and any cheek would have led to a severe battering… There was some proper nasty cunts on there I can promise you that.

Mind you, I had worked in various other nothing  jobs right from the age of 16 up until that point when I started on the refinery.

You see, despite the cliché, you really could walk out of one job and into another back then… Shit jobs obviously, but not as shit as today… If you are lucky enough to have one.

Moreover, I knew when to keep my fucking mouth shut. I knew how to show respect – at least outwardly – for those I was meant to. I did and still do have manners and I knew the difference between right and wrong, even if I didn’t always adhere to the principle.

But most importantly, I could always think for myself and as far as I could see, so could those that I grew up with.

Common sense still existed.

Yet, over the past 20 years the dumbing down of the population is truly, truly alarming.

Teenagers now really are as thick as fuck, and unable to think for themselves.

Neither is that age talking because I can still clearly remember my capabilities, attitude and behaviour from when I was 16… Twenty years ago.

And I was nothing special, albeit I was maybe a bit more quick witted and probably a little bit naughtier than your average 16 yr old of the time.

But, I can tell you without doubt, that those fellas that I worked with on the refineries would have hung every young fella that I know today, had they started work on the refineries back then… They were not known for their patience or compassion, trust me.

In fact, just thinking about the scenario is making me grin like a wide mouth frog, despite the fact that it isnt a joking matter.

Fuck me, I left school at the first available opportunity without a single exam under my belt but I could still read and right properly… See what I did there.

You probably wont have done if you are under the age of 18.

Loyalty, which as far as I am concerned is one of the most import attributes a person can have is none existent.

Don’t get me started on manners and respect. And as for knowing when to keep your mouth well and truly shut… Well, lets just say you had too know back then else you would end up a crumpled mess on the floor.

And that decline is down to the government.

They alone are responsible for the dumbing down of school standards.

We were terrified of our teachers, so even the likes of myself who had no interest in what the cunts had to say learned respect if nothing else.

In fact, I’m fucked if I know how teachers keep any semblance of order in the class rooms these days… I certainly haven’t the tolerance or patients.

There is no respect because kids know that there ain’t a fucking dickie bird that the teachers can do to scare them.

So no one learns, which aided by water fluoridation and vaccines has finally led to the semi retarded, ill mannered Herbert’s we see leaving school today… And that is the governments fault.

And once they leave school, there are no jobs for them to go to – even the ones that are employable.

Obviously, teenagers are always lazy at the best of times – its their job to be. But if they have no jobs to go to, no money to go out with then they are only going to get lazier… And that is the governments fault.

And, for all their mouth and bravado, they have no backbone, or pain threshold… Believe me, as a Tattoo Artist I know better than most what a nation of wimpy cry babies the young fellas have become.

And I am not exaggerating when I call them pathetic. Yet the government are to blame for that too.

Fuck me, what games can you play these days that you don’t have to were a bubble suit and crash helmet to play?

Apart from the brain destroying computer games.

And after being wrapped in bubble wrap throughout their school years, those lucky enough to get work are bound by that many health and safety laws that I’m surprised any work gets done… Danger is a rush, and pain is the consequence of fucking up.

Experience it and you soon learn not to fuck up.

But, if you never experience it, your fear of danger and pain only increases as you get older.

Hence today’s wimps have a tendency to call an ambulance for a splinter, think a slight headache is a migraine and mistake a cold for the flu…  And that’s the governments fault.

Then there is the disintegration of the family unit. Both parents have to work these days just to keep afloat. And even those families who could get by on one wage are made to feel like right lazy cunts if they both don’t work.

Its just as bad for single parents. Fuck me, they are under pressure to get a job now before their little one is even fucking walking.

Looking after the home and children is a fucking full time job in itself … I know, I brought my Stacey up alone from the age of 6 months… And I mean alone. No Mother to take a turn, and no real help thats worth mentioning from my parents.

Luckily enough, by then I had enough customers to allow me to tattoo on a night time.

But fuck knows how I would have coped had I had to go to work every day between 9-5.

I certainly wouldn’t have let her go into a nursery.

But parents, be they a couple or a single parent have no fucking choice most of the time.

And, as I said the other day, I don’t see the point of having kids if there isn’t one parent on hand, 24 hours a day.

They are your fucking kids not just a means of keeping the family name going.

By having a child minder as the main influence in a youngsters life means the bond between parent and child  is no where near as strong  as it should be.

This is why the likes of the Royal ponces are so remote with each other.

And once again, I know what I’m talking about because I am speaking from experience.

I love all my kids but with the older ones I was at work all day and being self employed with a wife and family I worked long hours so rarely saw my kids except on a weekend.

Stacey on the other hand, who obviously has a different mother, was with me every hour of the day, separated at most by a couple of rooms.

Now like I say, I love all my kids but mine and Staceys relationship is totally different to mine and that of my other kids… Because of the bond.

Never the less, my other kids always had their mother on hand where as more often than not kids now have a child-minder as their biggest influence or kids are coming home to empty houses… Where they can read their dads porno mags and help themselves to the drinks cabinet.

By the time the parents get home, they have the dinner to cook, the housework to do and they are far too stressed and knackered to even notice that their child is pissed as a parrot – let alone talk to them.

So, parents then try to make amends for their absence by showering them with the latest ‘must have’, which they neither need or look after because there is always a ready replacement waiting on the kitchen table when they get home from school instead of a meal and conversation.

That spoilt attitude carries on into adulthood and if they can’t afford it, they will nick someone else’s… And that then is the governments fault.

The government interferes in every aspect of your life, telling you what to think, what to do and when to do it.

Over the past twenty years the deteriorating cycle has accelerated to the stage that we are at now.

A nation of brain dead, self obsessed, ill mannered, molly coddled, emotionally crippled, spineless, useless fucks without an ounce of common sense between them… And that my friends, is the governments fault because the shit bag governments masters planned it that way.

In fact, they planned it so well that the fucking idiots who think they have life sussed and believe that they are doing okay, attach no blame what so ever onto the government that is responsible for their arse about  face, sad little lives.

And then they wonder why 11 year olds need a drink to face the day.

Not that the government discourage it in anyway. Fuck me, our young adults are that namby pamby even their alcohol has to look like pop.

Personally, I find the fact that 11 year olds are getting pissed abhorrent, disturbing and a national disgrace.

However, if someone buys a puppy and orders a trainer to only reward the puppy with food for being aggressive, you can only blame its master when it grows up to bite people.

So, until we get rid of these psychopathic cunts and take back our lives, society is going to get more fucked up with every passing year.

Think about it.

It aint fucking rocket science is it.


Almost 300 11-year-olds admitted to A&E for alcohol abuse… up by a third in a single year

  • Number is a 35 per cent increase on previous 12 months
  • Another 145 were treated for drug abuse
  • Expert says it is now ‘common’ for 20-year-old to die of liver disease


PUBLISHED: 00:19, 30 September 2013 | UPDATED: 02:59, 30 September 2013


Hundreds of chidldren aged 10 and under have hospitalised suffering from mental and behavioural disorders due to alcohol useWorrying: The sharp rise in the number of children aged 11 and under being treated for alcohol abuse comes as figures for older age groups appears to be steadying

The number of children aged 11 and under being taken to A&E after drinking too much has soared by a third in the last year.

Across the UK, 293 youngsters were admitted to hospital after abusing alcohol – a rise of 35 per cent.

Another 145 in the same age group were taken to hospital for drug abuse – up by 14 per cent.
Doctors say that most hospitals have patients in their 20s  dying of liver disease, having started drinking at 11 or 12.

The figures show that alcohol problems appear to be worsening in young children just as trends for older age groups appear to be stabilising.

Doctors are also worried about teenage girls who are leaving themselves vulnerable to assault by becoming so intoxicated.

According  to an investigation by BBC Radio 5 Live’s Victoria Derbyshire Programme, there were 6,580 alcohol-related admissions for all youngsters aged 18 or under last year – which although very high has fallen from 7,821.

Dr Morten Draegebo, an A&E consultant, said: ‘We have had many cases where young teenage females have come in saying that they may have been sexually assaulted.

‘They’re that intoxicated and are distressed and say I may have been but they don’t even know if they have been or not.

‘On a humane level that is very distressing. I’m a parent, I would hate for that to happen to my daughter.’

Dr Draegebo. who works at Cross House Hospital in Kilmarnock, Scotland, added: ‘There is a problem with their ability to defend themselves. 

‘The typical patient may be found in a field.

‘They often need to hide away from any sort of adults in the area so they’re picked up by the ambulance service.


‘They have difficulty locating where they are because the description comes through from a distressed half-drunk teenager potentially saying that they’re under a tree somewhere in a large park.

‘They have vomited. The vomit may go down the wrong way into the lungs. They are unable to defend themselves even from assault.’ 

Andrew Langford, chief executive of the British Liver Trust, said there was a growing number of young people with liver failure or liver cirrhosis as a result of heavy drinking.

A young girl drinking alcoholDangerous: The growing number of young people who are drinking earlier means it is now common to see 20-year-olds dying of liver disease, one expert said (picture posed by model)


‘What we know is that 30 years ago it was very unusual to see someone in their twenties with liver cirrhosis,’ he said.‘Now it’s quite common for units to have young people in their twenties dying of liver disease because they started drinking so early.


‘That has really affected the average age of death from any liver disease. 

‘It’s now 57 and it used to be high up in the 60s. The earlier someone starts drinking to excess, the worse it is because their livers are immature.

‘Alcohol will damage all of our livers but if young people are drinking to excess at 11, 12 or 13 then that really is storing-up a real disaster.’

The study obtained figures from 125 of 189 NHS trusts and health boards across the UK.

It also found that there were a total of 1,897 admissions for a drug-related condition among the children aged 18 and under last year, down from 1,908.

The findings contradict recent NHS reports implying that the number of children drinking alcohol was beginning to fall.

The survey involving 7,500 school pupils showed that the percentage of 11 to 15 year olds who had ever tried alcohol had dropped to 43 per cent, down from 51 per cent two years ago.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2438153/300-11-year-olds-admitted-A-amp-E-alcohol-abuse-number-single-year.html#ixzz2gLEFUScS
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