Christopher Spivey.

I still can’t for the life of me figure out the real agenda behind the Jefferey Epstein bollox.

Indeed – as you know – my best bet is that it is an attack on the royal family with Princess Andrew taking the majority of the flack.

Certainly, America’s nonce President Donny Fart is being kept out of it… Yet everyone knows that Donald and Jeff were thick as thieves.

Nevertheless, Trump is being covertly put forward as the person responsible for bringing about Epstein’s downfall:

Actions speak louder than words.

President Trump has not said much about the arrest of his former friend Jeffrey Epstein, but court documents suggest that he made his opinion of the convicted pedophile well known years ago.

An ongoing lawsuit between Epstein and Bradley Edwards, who represented multiple underage victims in their civil suits against the convicted pedophile, reveals that President Trump banned Epstein from his private club in Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago.

The reason for that, according to the filing, was that Epstein had ‘sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club.’

That same filing also claims that Epstein and his girlfriend-turned-platonic companion Ghislaine Maxwell used the club as a hunting ground for new girls.

President Trump finally commented on Epstein’s arrest Tuesday afternoon while speaking to the media at the White House, saying: ‘I had a falling out with him a long time ago. I wasn’t a fan. I was not a fan of his. That I can tell you.’

He went on to refer to Epstein as a ‘fixture in Palm Beach.’ Source

Meantime, the nonce Clinton’s who were much closer to Epstein than Princess Andrew ever was are being kept right out of it.

I also noticed that the vile cunt Peter Mandelson has now been bought into play:

Two middle-aged holidaymakers walk into a fashion boutique in one of those exotic millionaire’s playgrounds where the sun always shines and endless palm trees sway in the afternoon breeze.

One is Jeffrey Epstein, a mysterious financier fond of very young girls, many of whom have for years been systematically exploited and sexually abused in his various luxury homes.

The other is Peter Mandelson, the former British Cabinet minister and long-term friend of Epstein’s closest chum Ghislaine Maxwell, who was staying on the luxury resort island of St Barts… Source

Course, I have recently – and in the past – written extensively about the evil kiddie-fiddler Mandelson and see no point in repeating it here.

However, as you might already be aware, Epstein allegedly had 10 phone numbers for Mandy in his “little black book” along with an email address which I found very telling – peter@mandelson.demon.co


You can find the names of all those who appear in Epstein’s phone book HERE

However, Epstein is not really the purpose of this article – although it did all start with him.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, the Chimp tried to claim that the photo of Andrew and Virginia Roberts was fake.

Course, in their crusade to get Randy Andy, the Monkey-Kuntz later published a farticle in which Epstein’s lawyers claimed that the photo was real – which it probably is:

Lawyers for one of paedophile Jeffrey Eptein’s victims have slammed claims the photo showing Prince Andrew’s arm around her is not real.

Friends of Andrew’s have said there are questions over the veracity of the picture, amid claims the hand round Virginia Roberts waist does ‘not look right.’ 

The Duke of York has faced allegations that he had sex three times with Ms Roberts, 36, who now lives in Australia, when she was 17.

Now, lawyers for Ms Roberts have sent Andrew a letter asking for a face-to-face meeting to ask about his relationship with Epstein, who was found hanged in a New York prison cell on August 10… Source

However, a couple of days after publishing that story about the photo being fake – despite it being real as far as I can tell – the cunts published a farticle about a photo that had surfaced of Trump, his ex-prostitute wife, Princess Andrew and Epstein:

An astonishing photo has emerged of Donald and Melania Trump, Prince Andrew and disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein all in the same shot at a party in the year Epstein’s accuser claimed she was recruited to become a sex slave. 

Pictures from the event – held at Mr Trump’s Palm Beach club Mar-a-Lago in Florida in 2000 – also show Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of helping Epstein procure underage girls for sex.

Virginia Roberts, who was at that time working as a ‘towel girl’ pool assistant, has claimed that a few months later Maxwell recruited her to become a sex slave for Epstein… Source

And that photo really is as fake as fuck!

I mean for starters it is a posed photo by Trump & his old sort whereas no one else is looking at the camera except Epstein in the background.

In fact all three photos that appear in that farticle are faked. Here is the other two:

Now those last two photos appear to be really posed for and central to the camera… But they are still fake. You see, that design thing supposedly on Melania’s waist is in fact a hand.

Moreover, Andrew looks too young in the photos. I mean the main photo below was supposedly taken 3 months after the above photos.

Mind you, the Chimp has been publishing fake photos all week. I mean first there was the photo of Boris and his fake bird in a car:

I mean, come on, what the fuck is that all about!

That was followed by a fake photo of the Queer, with Prince Big Ears at the highland games:

I mean, are the seats 3 deep or 5 deep for fucks sake?

In fact, total, total bollox and I remain convinced that the real Elizabeth is already dead and is played by an ever increasing number of impostors!

And that old bollox was then followed by more fake photos of Boris and Carrie leaving Aberdeen:

Now quite where Carrie is in that photo is anyone’s guess but Boris certainly isn’t walking up those stairs and that has got to be the weirdest shaped plane ever… But there ya go.

Mind you, the Chimps faked photos are not helped by the faked photos published all over social media by people supposedly wanting the truth.

I mean take the following photo which went viral:

Now, someone did actually ask me to comment on the blatantly fake old bollox on my Christopher D Spivey Facebook page… Which was too easy since a Harley Davidson motorbike is quite wide so Trump would have to be leaning more.

Neither do his hands match his body unless he is double jointed and a contortionist to boot.

The girl has a deformed hand and is either floating or standing on a box. And Epstein is supposedly standing a distance in front of Trump and the girl yet his body is behind the motorbike handlebars.

And besides, here is the original of Epstein:

I despair at times… I really do.

Just sayin’.