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There is fuck all in the Guardian article below to suggest that this was a terrorist attack or that the fella involved had his head cut off.

Except of course the woman in the articles testomony which contradicts the MSM reports.

So why are the police treating it as a terrorist attack?

The fella wasn’t in army uniform so why was it straight away suggested that he was a soldier?

Okay, the bird in the article says the attacker told her that the victim was a soldier, but how did they know he was if he wasn’t in uniform?

So why are so many MP’s calling it a terrorist attack?

Why has Cameron and Miliband cut their trips short? Why has Bizzy Lizzy been informed?

Why has Cameron been so irresponsible by calling it a terrorist attack and thus inflaming the situation.

Already reports are coming in of attacks on Mosques. Isn’t inciting racial hatred a crime when the government do it?

What is going on?

I will tell you!

Its because these no good cunts are purposely whipping up racial hatred.

They HAVE to go. They are the enemy, not the Muslims.

More to follow later, but I can tell you that I have proof of things that make no sense at all and which are now quickly disappearing off the net.

Even the article below is contradicted by the photo evidence. This is staged and I will prove it to you very soon.

Don’t believe the truth.


Woolwich attack: first-person account

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett spoke to the two men who have since been arrested over the attack. She told Conal Urqhart her story

Woolwich attack, suspect on street

A man appearing to be holding holding a knife following the Woolwich attack. Photograph: Pixel8000

“I was just on my way home after a trip to France. I was visiting my children in Plumstead and I had taken a 53 bus to get to Parliament Square where I was going to meet my children and walk to Victoria coach station before getting the coach to Helston in Cornwall.

“I was sitting on the lower deck and the bus stopped. I could clearly see a body in the road and a crashed car. I trained as a first aider when I was a Brownie leader, so I asked someone to watch my bag and then got off to see if I could help.

“I went over to the body where there was a lady sitting there and she said he was dead. She had comforted him by putting something under his back and a jacket over his head. I took his pulse and there was none. I couldn’t see the man’s face but I could see no evidence that suggested someone had tried to cut off his head. I could see nothing on him to suggest that he was a soldier.

“Then a black guy with a black hat and a revolver in one hand and a cleaver in the other came over. He was very excited and he told me not to get close to the body. I didn’t really feel anything. I was not scared because he was not drunk, he was not on drugs. He was normal. I could speak to him and he wanted to speak and that’s what we did.

“I spoke to him for more than five minutes. I asked him why he had done what he had done. He said he had killed the man because he [the victim] was a British soldier who killed Muslim women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was furious about the British army being over there.

“There was blood on the pavement by the car where the man on the ground had been hit by it.”At first there was no blood by the body but as I talked to the man it began to flow which worried me because blood needs a beating heart to flow. But I didn’t want to annoy the man by going back to the body.

Ingrid Loyau-KennettIngrid Loyau-KennettI asked him what he was going to do next because the police were going to arrive soon. He said it was a war and if the police were coming, he was going to kill them. I asked him if that was a reasonable thing to do but it was clear that he really wanted to do that. He talked about war but he did not talk about dying and then he left to speak to someone else.

“I went to speak to the other man who was quieter and more shy. I asked him if he wanted to give me what he was holding in his hand, which was a knife but I didn’t want to say that. He didn’t agree and I asked him: ‘Do you want to carry on?’ He said: ‘No, no, no.’ I didn’t want to upset him and then the other man came back to me. I asked him what he wanted to do next.

“At that point, there were so many people around that I didn’t want him to get scared or agitated. I kept talking to him to keep him occupied.

“Then I saw my bus was moving and I knew that the police would arrive very soon. I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him because my bus was about to leave and he said no.

“I got on the bus and, after 10 seconds, someone came on and told everyone to get down. I saw a police car pulling up and a police man and policewoman getting out. The two black men ran towards the car and the officers shot them in the legs, I think.

“When the shooting started, I was not scared. There was so many women screaming and crying on the bus, it took me a minute to calm them down. I didn’t have a moment to think of myself.

“I could see the man with the black hat on was badly hurt as he was being operated on but both were still moving.”The bus then started to move away. They dropped us in the middle of Lewisham which really annoyed me because I had no idea how to get from there to Parliament Square. “I am just happy that I managed to do something that might have prevented more trouble. I feel fine at the moment but I suppose the shock could hit me later.”

  1. Ingrid appears to be a very sensible and courageous lady, and it will be interesting to see how this develops in both the Mainstream and Alternative media. I hope that Ingrid doesn’t end up feeling more threatened by the establishment than she was by these two “killers!”
    An odd story for sure!

  2. it always used to be that terrorists and fanatics weren’t to be given the oxygen of publicity… obviously in this case the BBC are ramming it down everyone’s throats 24/7… could it be the agenda is to spread fear and make joe public believe he could be bombed, shot, hacked to death at any moment… only Dave, Boris, Willie, IDS and the boys can save us…

    its a great shame the ‘crazed attackers’ went for a soft target (assuming that an attack actually happend) and didn’t wait a few days so they could try and hack their way into the Bilderburg meeting in Watford…

  3. what a load! at least they didn’t bomb any tube trains or busses this time.completely stage managed and not very well at that.shame that the vast majority will take it in and believe it.

  4. I’m all for live and let live. And each to their own, an all that… Although in recent weeks I have met quite a few militant Muslims. They do exist.

  5. Watch the video, mysterious woman with shopping cart vanishes into thin air. Perp. has very little blood on him. Victim has practically no blood on himself or around his body.
    They should have put a disclaimer on the video. ” no animals or persons harmed in this production”

  6. I agree Chris….this whole thing stinks….
    the way that cameron immediately called it a “terrorist” attack?
    the guy had a south london accent ffsake
    the way he said “get rid of your government…they don’t care about you”
    I’m thinking so now most of the population will maybe associate you with being a terrorist “lone wolf” if you talk like this
    and yes, the way the general public only need one incident to turn them into raving fascists…..it’s making me want to throw up…scary :(

  7. Why doesn’t this suprise me??
    Unfortunately the sheeple are lapping this up with glee
    Won’t be long before we start putting muslims in concentration camps

  8. How annoying! I am Muslim and its things like this that will firstly make people have the wrong perception of Islam if they havnt already and more importantly treat us ‘Muslim’ with hostility and resentment. I mean we (the young’ens) can manage but I feel sorry for the uncles, aunties and my parents generation who will undoubtedly get hostile treatment from the less educated media followers.

  9. I’m so glad someone has already pointed out that the guy had a SOUTH LONDON Accent! My daughter found a copy of the video that does NOT show blood on his hands when the guy is talking with his axe and knife- even in the one with blood on his hands- there is NO blood on the knife or blood splatter on his clothes or face?????????? Why is there a woman that walks past him when he is talking ?? She isn’t afraid! Watch it and everything around the guy.

    Apparently it was a local resident and Whitehall source that first called it a Terrorist attack Hmmmm I smell BS.

    Now, if this did happen, perhaps these 2 guys drew acting out from the video of the Terrorist in Syria that murdered a Syrian soldier who was protecting his country against Terrorists that are being funded by the UK Govt & USA Zionists. Remember? He cut the soldier’s heart out and ate it!! So Mr. CaMoron and Hague-you are sending the British TaxPayer’s £££££ss to fund Terrorists in a foreign land to try and topple the legitimate Govt. of a foreign Land.

    By inciting Racial Hatred, Mr. CaMoron you are responsible for the EDL later being on the streets, you are also responsible for inciting the invasion of Foreign Sovereign Countries!!

    I wonder was this to take the heat off of the Pedo’s being arrested in this country or to quell your minions from rebelling??

    BTW BS

  10. the woman doesnt disappear – she walks straight past BUT NO BLOOD CHRIS PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO AND POST -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzfSJZYvfuY&feature=player_embedded#!

  11. This whole scenario is very disturbing. Having read the article, I am unable to say whether this was fake. Maybe I am more than slightly inclined to believe this was a genuine attack. First impressions are, that it seems quite real. There were a lot of witnesses. I personally thought it would not be long before an event of this kind happens. I also believe it will not be long before armed police are being killed for their weapons.
    There is a massive amount of unrest within the population of this country on many levels. You need to take how you feel, and evaluate the extremes on either side of your viewpoint to have a grasp on what may be going through other peoples minds at a certain time. This can be a good indicator of possible future situations. It works, trust me. I said nearly a year before Jill Dando’s death, that she needs to be very careful about who she offends for her £20,000 a show crime watch. She went merely from describing the actions on t.v to vehemently pushing the governments agenda and trying to influence the public perception.
    What I find very perplexing about this present situation, is how the politicians use it to try to get us all to rally around them, as if, they and the police are our divine protectors. They also try to say how barbaric and deluded such people who commit these acts are. Yes, its all very shocking and in your face, that’s for sure.
    I find it quite surreal, that the guy who had supposedly just killed, was so calm and eager to offer his objectives for the benefit of the passers by. I can see that this point may lead some to think the attack was staged and false. That being said, it certainly undermines Theresa May’s claim, that this was an attack on all people of this country.
    Furthermore, it is no more deluded than the soldiers who are led to believe they are fighting on our behalf for the freedom of others in a far away land, while we the British people are forced to struggle and endure massive hardship as a direct result of political financial corruption within our own society.
    What Theresa really means, is that it is an affront to their views, and that which they like to project for us all. In addition, it is very hard to call and abhor such acts, when the likes of William Hague, are, at this time, actively trying to pursue a policy of supporting people with the same supposed mind set as these killers in the hope of removing, what was, a fairly stable and tolerant regime in Syria. The contradictions are in fact endless !
    The reality is, no matter what really occurred, that the government and the police fail time and time again. If this happened as said, then you have a nation of people, armed with nothing more than mobile phone cameras to document such acts. Not one person attacked these attackers. Britain, by and large, is a nation of impotents, moulded into place by the successive governments.
    It must be noted, that many innocent people have been shot dead by the metropolitan police, and other forces. Thus, there is definitely a strange incidence, in that. When a situation arises, where you would and could expect to see two people legally killed, they only end up wounded.
    The fact that they were only wounded, could lead to speculation of another staged event, or so called drill. Where live rounds used ? The body looked quite real.
    In closing, I must stress, that funnily enough, I feel quite sorry for a lot of your average decent people who just happen to be Muslim’s. There is not a lot they can do about events such as this. Probably about the same amount that we can do regarding our fucked up vile political classes and their minions. Which is talk and discuss, until such times as the shit can be taken no more, and a lot of people have to get off their asses and become aware of the fact, that if this situation is real. It has been brought upon us, by those same political classes on all sides, who have poked our noses into too many situations that are not of our direct concern, only for the purpose of them securing ever more financial and political power. Once again at our expense.

  12. As usual we are expected to believe what we are told. We are not going to see the car running down this man. We are not going to see the assault and the butchering of this man. The man has been identified as a soldier, but who knew he was a soldier? Good point Chris.

    The “attacker” doing the talking doesn’t appear to me to be a person who has just taken someone’s life.

    I have more than a suspicion that we are being conned and that the sheeple are gonna bleat and tweet nonsense.

  13. interview with guy with machete.

    there is footage online showing blood and one with no blood on the machete guys hands.

    folk are saying its a fake,because someone has just removed the blood using technology.

    When i watch both videos side by side,I see two different camera angles.
    In one vid the one without blood,the guy is talking directly to camera.
    In the other,the cameraman is more to the right of the machete guy and there is blood on his hands.

    two different camera angles suggest what?

    thats right


  14. As far as I’m concerned, whatever type of attack the parasite Camoron thinks it is, it is directly the fault of the inbred, Westminster paedocretins and their little game of Risk they play for their masters. These (literal) c***suckers need to be tried and then put to work at gunpoint.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzfSJZYvfuY&feature=player_embedded

    Bob the second link you posted requires that we sign in to view it. I’m weighing up whether that’s worth my trouble and whether I will compromise my Google account if I do.

    However I do believe that I have already viewed it because I can agree with you that both vids have been shot from different angles.

    It does appear as if the guys hands have been pixlelated red in an apparent finishing touch to the vid.

    The car has got far to much damage for it to be attributed to only hitting a pedestrian. And where’s the blood?

  16. ‘Blood needs a beating heart to flow’ err gravity can do the job quite nicely as well.

  17. ………..the photo above, where the woman is inches from the so called murderer speaks volumes…. who in hell would go that near to a loon, thats just cut/ hacked someone to death!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE!

  18. As soon as I saw this live on the News I called ‘Bullshit’. This is our Boston Bombing moment. Just got to wait and see what it was a pretext for. But don’t worry it wont be long in coming.

  19. ha ha ha ha ha….. she got off the bus and gave her bag to a complete stranger to look after!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN LONDON? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she went and looked at the dead body knowing she could be next !!!!!!!!!!!!!! spoke to a complete mental case, diognosing he wasnt drunk or on drugs !!!!!!!!!!!! she needs bloody pysciatric help herself, if you believe owt she says then I AM A FU*KING FAIRY…………………….

    excuse spelling but rage and humour makes for mistakes L O L

  20. One Thing for Certain it will Help to Divert Public Attention away from the Greed
    and Arrogance of Politicians and the Child Abuse Scandals and Sheople being
    Sheople will Believe whatever Politicians Say

    This Country Needs to just Wake Up

  21. Sigh. I was waiting for this government to stage a ‘terrorist attack’ since the US did at the Boston Marathon last month. This should stir up some anti-muslim feeling amid the masses and it could also be ‘a good day to bury bad news’.

    Stay vigilant folks.

  22. You could tell the whole charade was more fake than Madonna’s tits from the get go!

  23. The two video’s are from different angles , the first one i saw had the Sun logo on it and the woman was clear to see , she was pulling her shopping trolley and the big nasty man with weapon’s had to slightly step aside as she passed , guess that was not in the script that clip has been lost , then the armed police turn up cue stop filming , yeah of course you stop , we have all watched 1000′s of film’s etc that they never film the climax , then its they been shot , cue film again and manic cop screaming “get back get back the car’s not taxed” the fucking twat , how come the lorry driver hasn’t spoken or those stood around the body ?

  24. People need to be very careful now. As the government are already overtly and subliminally suggesting, through the likes of that soft twat, b.b.c. political correspondent Nick Robinson. That there needs to be an appraisal of how much of a reduction in civil liberties we will have to take. In order to allow the powers that be, to be able to catch the likes of those involved in this act.
    The security services already had knowledge of these people ! They failed once again. They, “The Government,” want even more power through the likes of the communications act, to sniff and snoop on everyday disgruntled citizens. They are not concerned about this soldier, or those who killed him.
    They are concerned, and bothered about what threat most of the people of this nation present to them. The likes of MI5 and their kind probably spend more time reading this site and David Icke than they do unearthing terrorists. Let’s face it, there are hardly any terrorists. If there were, you would have dead politicians everywhere.
    The self anointed elite want the nation to look towards them for help, direction, and comfort in times such as this. It allows them to feel self assured in their authority. Like all the x factor and football fans who go on like they are actually part of the contest or the club ! They want a nation of followers, and to be fair they have mostly got it.
    As long as there are only around 20 percent of the population against the government, and, its falsely believing they are loyal to this country security services, they don’t give a fuck. This is a historical fact. Now, the percentage against those in power must be reaching dangerous proportions and something is going to have to give.
    The people of this country are woefully under prepared for conflict with these elites. That’s why we have no guns, and basically all weapons are banned; even those that could be used for self defence. They want a nation of people of many cultures to be diverse for a reason. They want it to be a catalyst for conflict when it suits their needs. Also, they ultimately desire that their position be the dominant one forevermore, and everyone else be lorded over by them, whatever the mess they have created. They do the best job they can to create sectional interest groups within society, rather than addressing the concerns of that society as a whole. This allows them, as many have pointed out, to divide and rule. They will be praying for a cool summer to decrease the chance of violence, or they will actually welcome it, if it gives them the chance to put people behind bars as Mr Spivey pointed out the other day, with no chance of real justice, by way of reducing your access to legal aid when they come after their targets.
    Are people really going to stand by and let this happen ? fuck that Chris Grayling too.

  25. Ingrid was a first aider when she was in the Brownie’s .. just back from a trip to France and on a number 53 bus .. heading to Devon when she met her children .. to be fair, maybe this lady was still in shock when she made her statement to the Guardian .. it took police 20 minutes to half an hour to show up and when they did, they shot the two suspects in the legs, injuring but not killing them .. it’s even more surprising then, when you consider the number of onlookers, the absence of video’s of police in action .. will this case ever reach the Old Bailley for trial ? .. too many ridiculous unaswered questions ..

  26. I don’t believe the woman that supposedly got off the bus. Who the hell is going to approach the alleged perp, holding a knive and cleaver? And she talked too much, too many details. In that kind of situation, who remembers all that?

    The whole thing stinks.

  27. I was hoping this would be posted of course Im scrawling this before I read this report This is what I said to some soon as I saw it coming up on the news .. This is regardless of whats happened nothing but a power surge for Zionist cunt Cameron and all the rest . The MSM will be full of shite about terrorists or a loonie with a gun or whatever again . And Zionist Cameron will gloat on tv about how the fucking elite are correct in all they do and never give in and shit . Then folk got in touch and said You re right how did you know that would be said in the media . I said ive told you to wake the fuck up . Now we ll get a hero funeral with shite about a god where the fuck is he when All this happens More shit A funeral with all the trimmings and shit and speeches and fucking religion the fucking lot . All the sheeple seem to forget that Cunt Cameron and the rest of the Zionist fuckers and OO fuckin bammy are butchering people in the middle east every fucking day and night Ive see some shocking terrible terrible photos of parents holding bits of their kids but you wont see any of this in the Zionist controlled media . What s the main thing that shocks the sheeple more than anything? Kids being murdered or abused or a fucking troop . The elite have to keep proving to the folks of the troops and the sheeple that they are heroes and are doing right for the country . Are they fuck . They are nothing but cannon fodder for the fucking Zionist cunts in power . Kill ten we ll say they re heroes and fire in another ten to protect the poppy fields for our multi million heroin scam . Why does this country seem to forget that not so long ago Brit troops murdered people in Ireland and not one of them as I recall was punished . And who gives the orders for all this , tha ts right the False Fucking Zionist top freemason sitting in Buckinham fuckin Palace like a maggot living of us. It ll be fascinating to watch what goes out in the fucking Zionist controlled media in the coming week and we ll be sick fucking looking at cunt Cameron and the rest and there s no fucking way i m tuning into Question Time this or ill smash my fucking brain washing box . Cheers Chris everyone ill read the post now know doubt itll be good

  28. Does it not stike everyone as being just a little bit strange that as soon as Zionist controlled Amerika gets a shooting or 9/11 we get something similar like the London Bombings then who ever is in power gets a big boost up for illegal wars power and all the fucking rest to justify what They re doing and to to keep the sheeple under control

  29. Classic Tavistock inspired psyop!
    In early reports local Taxi drivers had noticed the ‘flashy’ Vauxhall Tiagra continually driving around the Woolwich Army depot for the last 2 weeks!
    Two Black Dudes driving continually around in a flashy car in South London is usually enough for the Met Gestapo to pull you over & get their fucking tool boxes to your motor.
    I grew up in Surrey South London & was getting pulled up by Plod every 5 minutes & that was in the 80′s.If one of me Black mates was in the car we’d be lucky to move 5 metres before the Masonic scum searched every crevice.
    This whole incident is just another chapter from the Satanic Jesuit inspired ‘Morals & Dogma’ written by Albert Pike to provoke WW3(although 9/11 was the official KO).
    Keep up the good work Mr Spivey,your a fucking LEGEND!

  30. By saying this is all fake therefore we must fight curtailment of civil rights you’ve already set yourselves up to the lose the argument.

    You’re just implying it’s wrong when terrorism is fake, but OK when it’s not.

    We have to fight the idea that terrorism justifies big brother taking more power.

    If we just argue that big brother cannot have more power because all terrorism is a set up then big brother will win.

  31. I live nearby, and i have to say, I don’t believe that this attack is a fake.
    I believe that they ran him over and hacked him to death – i don’t doubt it with all the eye witnesses & the murderers confession.
    There are too many first hand eye witnesses and camera phone accounts no to doubt this.

    I also believe that I have come across this murderer before who used to preach on Woolwich high street & i think in the Greenwich town centre many times before.

    However, I do believe that the Government & powers that be have manipulated & created the environment that helped create them & cause them to to this. They will then use this tragedy to further pursue their agenda.

    They’ll never let a good tragedy go to waste as they say!

  32. I noticed on Tuesday a huge armed police presence at underground stations. I guess they got the date wrong?

  33. The whole thing looks so sureal. I mean, a deranged man and his accomplice runs over a man, drags and then butcher’s him all in public view, who don’t seemed to be alarmed at all. Either, the vewing public or should I say paying public are so desensitised by the daily mindless acts of violence on the streets of London or they were watching some sort of script being played out. To me, the onlookers seemed like as if they were watching a movie scene being played out. Similar to a Youtube video I watched a year ago when a passerby in a town square presses a very conspicous looking button and then all hell breaks out as a staged (acted) MI5 type misson ensues. Take away the obvious signs and the whole scene looks real.


    The body language of the 4 – 5 people surrounding the main Woolwich assailant in one video still, suggested that they did not feel threatened at all or feared for their life since they were in the proximity of his space.

    Why was the MSM were so quick to lead the narrative of events instead of a statement by the Metropolitan Police and the MOD?

    How did the MSM determine that the slain man was a soldier, without confirmed formal indentification from the MOD?

    How the *!%* did the camera man manage to keep his footage so still without quivering in his pants, standing so close?

    Where’s the irrefutable evidence that the victim was decapitated? Which sources stated that he was disembowelled?

    According to Islam’s teachings mutilation of the dead is considered an abhorrent and despicable act. Prophet Muhammad was said to be deeply aggrieved at the death and mutilation of the body of his paternal uncle at th hands of the Pagans, who cut out his heart and ate it, hence, he forbade mutilation of the dead. Ironically, David Cameron’s Government supports terrorist insurgents (Mossad+CIA+Salafis+AlQaeda) in Syria who mutilate and eat the hearts of Syrian soldiers. As long as these cannibals fight the bad guys, it’s o’kay?

    It would be interesting to know in the coming days, weeks or months who stands to gain most from this tragic event. According to the dictates of the ‘Powers to be’, never let a good crisis go to waste! The media are having a field day.

    My thoughts are with the family of the slain soldier. The MSM really need to reign in their overkill coverage, show some respect to the family.

    @ 4.disenchanted
    Spot on! I believe the BBC had Anjem Chaudhory (MI5 asset) on Newsnight. He enjoys a cordial relationship with the MSM, who love his silly, inflammatory soundbytes and the protection of the Police, who allow him to get away with hate speeches. He serves their agenda by riling the general public on topics that they hold dear to, with maximum publicity. Main stream Muslims consider him a loony and reject his idealogy.

  34. This article is ridiculously one eyed and dangerous. It is the whole recent concepts of “fake flag Olympics”, “New world order” etc or documentaries such as zeitgeist, loose change etc that cause these killings. People get so involved with conspiracy that they feel a sense of one-upmanship over the general population, thinking they know the truth when everyone else doesn’t. The internet makes this dangerous as people overload on this uneducated information and reach points of extreme aggressive behaviour. People stop thinking for themselves and consider it all to be govt plots and staged events. I suggest opening your mind and reconsidering all sources of news, have an educated attempt at de bunking the conspiracies. Once you can honestly say you have given it an honest month long attempt, then have your views. Because we already live in a free world. Any free world needs law, just so happens no matter how these laws are designed, people want to break them.

  35. Ok who is a first aider? Whatever happened to the ABC i.e. checking airway not blocked. You cannot administer first aid without knowing whether there is a head or not.
    It is possible that the witness didnt have enough time to administer the first aid or that it was obvious the soldier was dead but one of the fundamentals of administering first aid would be to check breathing and in order to do that if you were in a position to take someones pulse wouldnt the logical thing to do would be to lift up the jacket covering the face.
    Maybe there wasnt time to do so but whether this was an engineered event doesnt make a difference to the outcome which was to cause the death of a bloke in London.
    It plays right into the agenda on multiple levels for the global gangster squad if it causes an escalation in division between people.
    The public in recent months have been served with reminders about the threat of extremists, particularly coincidentally in time for garnering more support for the global war on terror when they call for intervention in Syria via the UN.
    In relation to the recent Boston and Woolwich events, both of these have the same story line – Islamic extremists and both domestic terrorists as the same story.
    Of course the timeliness of it all will
    boost support for calls for further intervention in the middle east by the gangster squad who will probably want some more of your NATO dollars to implement it.

  36. The BBCs webpage had incident in Woolwich flashing up on their website at about 3pm, pretty much not long after it happened, quickly followed by the crazed madman’s words on a loop 24/7 from about 5pm… now the point is if i were to run out in the street and kill a passing schoolchild with my rusty old stanley knife then stand about in the street spouting off ‘kill all children’ ‘pedophilia is great’ the queen made me do it’ ‘i love the rothschilds’ ‘Jimmy Savile is innocent’ would my words and picture be on a loop on the BBC & ITV 24/7… probably not… but then the terrorism threat is an agenda that must be pushed forward… this incident has certainly been used big-time by the mainstream but as to whether it was staged i’m not so sure! there are after all genuine uncontrolled nut jobs out there… one thing is for sure that the death of a soldier means nothing to the puppet politicians or their wealthy owners!

  37. Some people seem confused by the video editing…..that’s how you make a woman disappear! The main eye witness has said that they did not cut his head off. She also said that the police shot them in the legs, which is highly irregular. If they had had a chair leg, they would definitely be dead.

  38. We Need to be on our Guard against State Totalitarianism and Repression

    We Must Not let what Happened in Woolwich be a Pretext for Regime Control

    After all the Country is in enough of a Mess as it is

  39. THE PLAN :


    VOILA !

  40. As for the second video supposedly showing no blood; the video has been edited to show no blood, ie the red has been lightened, look at the yellow lines they should be yellow but are actually a sort of orange. There is blood on the hands but some one has been messing with the hue and saturation controls in the editing software! Thats a fake!

  41. You know, I just figured it out:

    There are two different men. One is the one with red hands, knit cap and blue coat- has a knife and cleaver.

    The other is talking to blond woman – this one is bare headed, with blown coat- has only a knife, clean hands.

    That’s confusing at first. And that’s how the public is worked, tptb have their lazy reporters going back and forth on the photos, so people have a conflict, & struggle to keep tabs of each step. And finally give up, trying to understand just accept what they’re being told.

  42. Elld, I don’t see Chris’s article as any more ridiculously one eyed and dangerous than the MSM blitz that had already made up their minds and planted a host of supporting campaigns to reinforce the manipulation of our civil liberties. If you want to wait a month, most of the public will already have gone with the MSM viewpoint, but then maybe that;s the point. I rarely read newspapers and often turn off the radio during BBC news as the programming is so obvious. The glaring errors and misrepresentation of many “events” has become more obvious, and it is only to be expected that many people will question things. I really can’t see why you bother to comment or visit the site, unless you are just trying to reinforce MSM bullshit with your comments. I stopped doing the same thing on the DMonline because my comments were blocked, so I visit the alternative news media. But I make up my own mind what I choose to believe, and bless you, I certainly don’t need your help!

  43. This stinks to high heaven to me……….nobody’s tackled this guy yet? Everyone is just TOO calm. The “attacker” is still standing and waving a knife and machete?For many minutes after??? Oh please…….there would be total fear and chaos, and everyone’s just milling about? They would be running for there lives….and this woman is saying the man was hit by a car? What the hell is going on here?? But of course, the public will swallow every lying morsel they’re fed about this.

  44. News at ten reporting chief suspect was approached by the fbi 6 months ago to spy for them

  45. I’m glad you answered that dogman. I did a reply but didn’t post it as i did not want to seem too aggressive lol. The watershed version is, Elld, What free world are you living in ? who’s law is overriding everything you do ? what benefit do they get, as opposed to you ? is everyone happy living under the law of these people you so keenly point out, as allowing us freedom through their laws ?
    The news that you like to cite, is nothing more than distributed Reuters and Associated Press, and has been for the last 200 years..Rothschild owned ! it is already tainted. They discovered this served their purpose when they pretended Wellington lost the battle of Waterloo in order to swindle the city and have been at it ever since !! That is why it is the same on every fucking channel !
    This country and its ruling elite have been staving off the threat of revolution since 1789, and the successive Napoleonic wars. It was their largest fear and still is. The only reason people get the vote is due to fear of revolution. You mean nothing to them.
    One thing that always get’s me Elld, is how people like you, like to think you are more knowledgeable by refuting conspiracy theories: Which is so funny, as i see lot’s of people behind bars for conspiring against the governments of the world, but for anyone to suggest things could be the other way round is oh so wrong, and they must then be stupid lol..Listen mate, 90 percent of what goes on in government and politics and law is conspiring in one form or another.
    The people you are looking at, to keep us all safe, have been responsible for around 250 million deaths in the last 100 hundred years, and that is only through wars and the odd bit of allowed starvation. Furthermore Elld, don’t think it is too hard to fool the general public. It seems quite easy to me, especially as lots of them follow a similar line of evaluation to you.
    By contrast to your assertion that knowledge from the internet is useless and false e.g 9/11, N.W.O, etc. etc. ( 2 planes into 3 buildings just does not go ! N.W.O is actually the ancien regime, attempting to control the developing world for heir own aims in the future.)

    As another point, most law breakers are those who are either marginalized by the system, or those that are high enough in it, to exploit it for their own aims. The Crown still prosecutes you, not the people.
    The Royal Family, that a lot of people like to think of as “oh so nice and sincere,” are a darker bunch of vultures than you and those like you could even begin to imagine. I like how they let their cousins die, you know, the Romanovs, in that other little inter family dispute they had called World War 1, in order so as they could keep control of our uninformed ancestors and subsequently us ! Yes, good old cousin Kaiser Bill. He was the nice Prussian, who managed to fool all the people of the unified Germany, via that exceptional conspirator Bismarck into doing his bidding, for his large expansionist ego driven imperialism. This only led to around 40 to 50 million deaths, so nothing to worry about there hey ! They love that phrase don’t they “Lest We Forget” yeah, you’re damn fucking right i won’t forget !
    p.s Elld you say people should consider all sources of news, and then say they are reading nonsense on the internet, which was developed in the 1st place by the u.s dept. of defence for exactly that purpose. Except now, they are trying to curtail the little beast they gave birth too,as they no longer have control.

  46. Attacking no other bystanders and making no attempt to flee is odd behaviour not entirely unlike that of Chapman (Lennon murder) who also stayed around waiting for the police to arrive, though in his case he simply sat down to read a few pages from a book (Catcher in the rye). Was Chapman under mind control? As for Woolwich, known to MI5 so the opportunity was there for mind control – just saying!

    Exploring ‘not a false flag’ raises its own questions. How random was the choice of victim? The ‘Help for Heroes’ being worn COULD have been the red rag to the bull but too early to assume that. It didn’t make him to be a soldier and yet they seem to have KNOWN he was a soldier. Apparently one of them had been preaching outside Poundland and Woolwich High Street recently – and note ‘smartee’ in the comments who writes of taxi drivers who’d been seeing the vehicle continually driving around Woolwich Army depot for two weeks. They must have seen lots of soldiers walking around during those drives – though perhaps not the one they were looking for. A not so tactful remark made to to the preacher along the High Street perhaps? It’s possible.

  47. Was up there friday at Woolwich to leave flowers in respect for the young lad Lee Rigby,there was no space to leave flowers,they were tied to the railings,left on the wall,pots of flowers on the floor,flowers everywhere,spoke to lots of local people and servicemen who gave their views.

    It seems the two men knew he was a soldier,because he had spent the day at the centre????(local or central London I didnt ask)as he had been busy doing an army recruitment drive all day

    The locals said when the attack happened a lot of people left their cars/vans and ran away,and didnt try to help,one lady who lives in the high rise flats where the attack took place outside,described the attack in detail,she didnt see how lee ended up outside the flat,she just saw the spot where he was killed,she could see the crashed car and all the blood, but didnt know how it ended up there.

    There were TV crews from all around the world,Swiss,Spanish,Al Jazeera,US,ITN,Eastern Europeans and numerous other trucks all with satellite dishes on scattered all over the place.

    The area was a very sombre most people were walking round with tears in their eyes even policewomen/men,the flowers were being put down every minute.

    We then walked up too Woolwich Arsenal the Barracks ,where we came upon an equally large ammount of flowers,and actually witnessed two Squaddies in uniform leave a bunch of flowers,I got a good shot of them ,lol but the waiting press rushed over but missed the opportunity to get a photo,lol needless to say we got a perfect shot.

    The whole situation is very ,very sad and solemn experience. ,

  48. Fake from start to end. Its really sad to see how this attack has caused so much publicity that has done NOTHING for the victim but instead just spiraled hatred and division between our multicultral society.

  49. @Guy Jones.
    As soon as I saw this live on the News I called ‘Bullshit’. This is our Boston Bombing moment. Just got to wait and see what it was a pretext for. But don’t worry it wont be long in coming. -….you are not wrong
    problem- woolwitch killing-or not?
    reaction-edl/msm hysteria.
    solution-snoopers charter.
    never let a crisis go to wast..
    Hegelian Dialectic… At its best..

    http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2013/05/tory-ministers-bid-revive-snoopers-charter-after-woolwich-attack …..

  50. I think this is my last post on this incident. Please understand that either way, this situation is of vital importance to the defence of the people of this nation, no matter who the enemy is. What I point out here could be very significant, and I don’t say that lightly.
    First of all, I am becoming more inclined to believe it may be completely false. Why has the car got such a huge dent, which goes into the engine block area on the left hand side ? It is only 40 metres from the junction to the point the car has come to rest at most. I’ve measured it on google earth. That means that the crappy N reg Vauxhall I think it is, would have got up to around 50 m.p.h in 40 metres up hill ! That’s the kind of speed you would need for that much damage in one impact, especially against a human body. Then mounted the kerb, after crossing the opposite lanes of traffic. Then veered around the lamp post without hitting the full length wall that ranges in height from 2 to 6 feet. Then, they would have successfully ran over their victim.
    Has anyone here ever hit a kerb at high speed and tried to maintain control ? It’s not fucking easy. That is when the wheel covers would have come off, not as it came to a halt. Then the body appears to have come to rest up to the right hand side of the large road sign that the car did not hit either, before it was dragged down to the road. The only other possibility is, that you had 2 black men parked up on the pavement, facing up the hill, outside a military barracks, illegally and highly suspiciously without ever being questioned or being reported to law enforcement authorities. This is highly unlikely, especially if there is a camera on the lamp post directly behind where they would have had to have been parked.

    Now I get to the juicy bit. I have watched the footage filmed from above several times of the attacker; As in one, going towards the police. Three armed response officers are in this A.R.V. Two of them are male and one is a female, all are right handed shooters. The female appears to be the driver. The Males are armed with what appears to be MP5 A2’s and the female is armed with what appears, at first, to be a pistol, probably a semi auto Glock. Well it isn’t.. she is armed with a tazer ! WHY ??? Shots have already been fired ! And, she does not seem to be very fucking proficient with it either ! Did Boyadee or whatever his name was, say the woman had a machine gun in his tweets ? That were all over the B.B.C and I.T.V – And was like Robocop ? Hmm !
    Now anyone can analyze the following. The Black guy starts running towards the police at the 4 second mark. Why were the armed response just sitting in the vehicle anyway ? Were they waiting to be attacked ? At 5 seconds he throws one of his knives to the floor, why ? Bear in mind the police are still in the vehicle, doors shut, he could have dived in and knifed them, if the windows were open. Which they would have to have been for the officers to shoot him. The attacker is to the left hand side of the doors, so as they would open towards him further obscuring the officers from a decent centre of mass shot, but certainly not making it any easier to hit the legs. Why would you aim for the legs if you were still stuck in the A.R.V. With a knife wielding maniac coming at you ?
    At 6 seconds the first 2 shots were fired. This is the time the attacker starts to drift opening up the biggest possible target of himself towards the police; who are still in the vehicle with the doors shut.
    At 7 seconds, he completely starts his swan dive away and to the left of the vehicle. To avoid the still less than half open doors !!! Very strange if you are intent on an attack.
    For a full 3 seconds from the shots were fired, the other black guy is walking along with his back to the wall aiming some sort of pistol, I hear it’s a revolver .45 at the police, before they were fully out the car. Not one shot fired !!! Didn’t he have a big knife as well ? Why did they both not attack the emerging police ? Could have got
    another kill at least between them !
    For some reason the film between the 7 and 8 second mark jumps and changes to a different scene. Thus, you don’t get to see all the officers exiting the vehicle, again this is strange. It jumps to the guy with his back to the wall as he is slightly scuffling towards the junction.
    Now here is a really strange thing, because, at 9 seconds we see a figure appear to the left of the police. At this time the attacker is rolling and kicking his legs on the floor near the railings. This strange individual is walking right towards the gun battle right in front of him or her. I swear, it’s almost like a chief firearms instructor making an appraisal of tactics, look for yourselves !! The police do not tell him to “ move, move, move , Get back, Get back etc. etc “ who the fuck is going to walk so casually right up to such an event ? Especially given the other black guy still has a gun in his hand ? You tell me.
    Between 9 and 11 seconds a further 4 shots are fired. The female officer is the furthest on the right of the film, with a male officer to her right. Both the male and female, her armed with her tazer are covering the attacker who dived to the floor. Meaning that the officer who was furthest to the left on the film had to be the one doing the 4 shots at the guy with his back to the wall. This was also allowing his mates to approach his arc of fire, not a very good tactic when you are all moving, and they are on your left coming into your arc.
    It then takes a full second for the black guy to drop to the floor by the other large road sign. All the while the stranger is getting ever closer and viewing the events with much interest, this is so odd.
    From 12 to 15 seconds, the police all end up bunched together. Certainly no special forces history here ! And have to shuffle and regain their firing and covering positions
    all this time the female is trying to make it look like she is armed with a pistol !! It’s quite laughable when you see how incompetent she is. She is fumbling everywhere ! From the 12 second mark, both male officers are covering the second “non” attacker on the floor. So now, both males are allegedly shot and incapacitated. This last point is very important, I shall illustrate why.
    From the 11 second mark both males are out of action. Now get this… a shot has not been fired for 3 seconds, you know you have them down and covered. Two MP 5’s aiming at the second guy on the floor. Situation under control, so you would think. The men are covering the baddie.
    O.K here it is…she raises her tazer at the 14 second mark aiming right through her colleague and ducking as she aims in the general direction of the guy on the floor and 2 more shots ring out !!!! The men had him on the floor for 3 seconds, she raises her tazer and 2 shots pop off !! This is diabolical. !! She then drops the tazer to the floor at the 15 to 16 second mark. Please people, watch this clip, it’s on several sites I think most have a mirror watermark on them. Her colleagues did nothing different, they were covering the guy on the floor !!! She raises her tazer and 2 shots ring out. I know this is long but this is a very serious topic, and at the least I have pointed something out to you that I have not seen appearing anywhere !!!

    • It iss difficult to see Police car 1 with the first shooter, it appears the officer shot from the back of the car. The noise would have been later than the shot.

      They repeatedly shout to the person in black ” Stay back”.

  51. i will take your word for that. as long as you don’t tell me she had a machine gun next !

  52. ALL HYPE, ALL STAGED, BY CORRUPT POLITITIONS [cameron continuing where blair left off] ETC ETC ETC



  53. oh well, i guess i should have clicked onto to that mirror link sooner. you mean to tell me i watched that fucking vid 10 times when i could have clicked that link..dear me, ” me culpa ” oh well, my analysis was right and in good faith. it still, showed holes in the m.s.m portrayal of her with the machine gun. also right handed shooters from within a vehicle aiming to the right, ain’t cutting it for me. one more thing…wouldn’t the traffic police still have showed up to take all the measurements ? for how they initially attacked him ? you know, with the car…were you fucking humouring me ? oh shit. had you already read that ? lmao

  54. hi chris! ,great site only found it since the woolwich hoax.
    being a dot connector, the one strange difference about this hoax compared to 9 11, 7 7, boston etc, is the lack of a “coinciding drill”.
    i guess TPTB realised that or maybe they simply forgot, just like the lack of blood at the scene.

  55. re my comment,
    considering how close they were to buggering up the whole scenario they could really have done with some “cover” story.

  56. Chris your argument has more holes in it than a colander. Like the vast majority of conspiracy theorists you have a lot to say, but appear to have lost the capacity to listen. I’ll take you up on a couple of points. You asked: How did the attacker know he was a soldier? Well, he had been watched perhaps, he was close to the barracks at Woolwich, and he was wearing a Help For heroes T Shirt. Also the police response time was reported by the bystanders as 20 mins, but in actual fact was 14 mins. At that time of the day, in that area, it is quite normal. I lived in the area for a time and know it well. I agree that the real enemy are not muslims, and I mistrust our government, but your general thesis appears at odds with reality.