Fake people living fake lives.

Chris Spivey


You really have to shake your head at the utter shite being touted in the MSM at the moment.

Course, the biggest load of jobby is that Sammy Lew, AKA the White Widow has been shot in the Ukraine by a sniper.

Cue airheads everywhere asking whereabouts on your body your Ukraine is.

However, what I want to know is what was our very own Sammy doing in the Ukraine in the first place?

I mean fuck me, she does that many air miles you would have thought that Ali Baba Al Baghdadi would have nicked her a Jumbo Jet from Syrian Airways by now… You know, as a sort of  thank you present for helping ISIS out over the past few months.

But I digress… Which isn’t like me at all.

So anyway, it seems that Sammy was in the Ukraine as a volunteer sniper – is there no end to this woman’s talents?

Of course there isn’t. Or at least there isn’t when it comes to MI6 writing the script for a made up character.

I mean honest to fucking Dog, if you even half buy into this old fanny, then you need a serious check up from the neck up.

Indeed, it was only a couple of weeks ago that this fictitious old sort was in Iraq or Syria or some fucking where anyway, teaching ISIS birds how to become suicide bombers.

Mind you, I hear that she was better than the teacher before her who insisted on demonstrating to her class just how easy it was.

Class dismissed!

Course, if she was in Syria last month before moving to the Ukraine, her talents would have been better deployed elsewhere… Like teaching all these jihadist hip-hoppers how to move from country to country without the need for checking in and out of Gatwick.

And who the fuck was looking after her kids while she is off playing Ramboella? All four of the little basta… darlings!

Wait till Nicole Miles gets wind of what she’s been up to.

Mind you, I did tell you that she would never be taken alive didn’t I?

However, reading the Chimp’s take on the most improbable sniper ever to live, the story would seem to be more about ramping up the tension between the East and West over the Ukraine’s disputed territory than it is about verifying whether or not Sammy Lew has really kicked the bucket… Not that made up characters really die of course.

You can read that Chimp shite by clicking HERE

Mind you, in that article the Chimp are quoting their source as being the Regnum News agency in Moscow – which is in Russia for all those who are hard of learning.

“So what?” you may say.

Well, as it so happens one of my friends – using his brain instead of just taking what he is reading as being gospel – took it on himself to check out the Regnum News Agency.

And the following is a copy & paste of what he told me in an email:

The legendary White Widow is dead or so we are told by the Daily Mail  the Murdoch press ITN and perhaps even the Foreign Office rumour mill.

Note the DM reference to the source “Regnum news agency in Moscow.”.

Upon checking we find the website of Regnum has not published a new article since 10/03/2012 see homepage.  screenshot attached. Notably the Regnum website is very slow to load indicating either high network traffic or more likely for an out of date news feed a tin pot single  PC webserver in a dingy office using a low bandwidth connection.

RSS 2.0


Using the sites internal search facility we are unable to find any trace of “White Widow” or “Lewthwaite”.

RT reports

A source at the UK’s foreign office told ITV News that “we are aware of reports that Samantha Lewthwaite has been killed in Ukraine”.

Perhaps the Daily Mail & co are making things up.


Thanks for that Ade, nice to see that the MSM take no notice of the press regulations on accuracy whatsoever – the cheap, fraud hacks.

Still, with her being dead it will give Adele and Lilly Allen more spare time.


But shhh, lets bury our head in the sand & pretend that all that is just a coincidence and Sammy Lew is/was a real person… Fuck that.

Of course, Sammy Lew isn’t the only fake terrorist.

I mean, who can forget Sally Jones, ex-girl group member and single mother turned jihadist?


But there is a lot more to that photo of Sally than meets the eye.


But it doesn’t end there.

You see, that gun control poster is actually taken from the front cover of Irish author Colin Bateman’s 1st novel, ‘Divorcing Jack‘ which was released in 1995.

Popular photo isn’t it?

Quite ironically, Jack – as in Divorcing Jack – is an alcoholic journalist.

Moreover, in 1998 the book was made into a film of the same name.

You will like this… Take a look at the ‘Divorcing Jack’ film poster:

Now, the actress who plays the part of the Nun – and is seen posing as such in the above poster – is called Rachel Griffiths.

And according to the blurb about the Australian born actress on the IMDb website:

Her mother, Anna Griffiths, is an art consultant. Her uncle is a Jesuit priest.

Just saying.

Now, prior to making that film, Rachel – and still a relatively unknown actress – caused a controversy when she got her tits out in protest at the opening of a casino:

Rachel Griffiths

However, I’ll bet that she didn’t have the Social Services on her back.

Nevertheless, the question that we should be asking ourselves I suppose is: Is that Rachel Griffiths playing Silly Sally in the photo?


Pretty safe to say then that this kind of thing goes on a lot.

I mean, I have also reported in the past that Jimmy Foley – one of those victims of Jihadi John Al Lennonadi – is in all likelihood played by John D Viener, an American actor best known for his work on ‘Family Guy’.

I will leave it to you to decide which one is Jimmy and which one is John.

And of course Jimmy Foley’s mother is also a crisis actor played by Adrana Munoz, while Jimmy F’s sister, Farta Foley – or whatever the frauds name is – doubles up as Alex Israel, an old school classmate of  Sandy Hook patsy, Adam Lanza. Source


And whilst we are on the subject of fake personas, I never did get to report on Brenda Leyland, the so called McCann troll who allegedly topped herself over the furor she caused.

It is however true to say that I never bought into the old fanny. I mean, why the fuck did she go to a posh Marriott hotel to top herself?

If indeed she did top herself. I mean, nobody seems to know how she died.

Mind you, according to the Express, Brenda’s body “was found at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester where she had fled to after being identified as the sender of tweets expressing her views on the Madeleine mystery”. Source

Now that sort of implies that she was being besieged by trolls out to kill her, yet despite myself appearing in the National press, on the receiving end of bad publicity, I have had no one come round looking to do me harm.

Indeed, I was splashed over the front page of the Southend Echo – a newspaper with a large readership – yet no one to date has confronted me about my Rigby allegations… In fact, I would have welcomed Martin Brunt from Sky News confronting me in the same way that he confronted Brenda.

Furthermore, does staying at a Marriott Hotel give you anonymity? It certainly doesn’t as far as I am concerned.

Conveniently, Brenda is described as being a lonely divorcee, who lived alone although she apparently has a son who lives in LA… In other words, no one to ask too many awkward questions… So why didn’t she kill herself at home?

I mean, she can hardly have been bothered about her suicide affecting the value of her house, can she? … Can she?

It is also mighty strange that Brenda only appeared on the electoral roll in 2014, yet she had supposedly lived in her house for the last 12 years.


Indeed, since Brenda was Tweeting under the name of “Sleepyhead” or “Shitfaced” – or some fucking thing anyway – you have to question how Sky News tracked her down.

Moreover, watching the Martin Brunt film footage, I am fairly confident in stating that Brenda’s voice has been dubbed.

But don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself.

So where am I going with this?

Well, now you ask, I think that given all the coincidences and anomalies surrounding Brenda Leyland – and giving mind to the governments penchant for trying to mug us off with fake events carried out by fake people, I think that it just maybe possible that Brenda could be Jackiey Bunden…  Note, “MAYBE POSSIBLE” – and not a statement of fact.

So, “Who the fuck is Jackiey Bunden when he’s at home”, I hear you ask.

Well ‘he’ is actually a she and she is the ex-drug addled, bisexual, mother of the late reality TV star, Jade Goody.

Moreover, 57 year old Jackiey whose late husband and father to Jade was a life long, drug addicted criminal, had previously tasted the Goody life – see what I did there – when her daughter was alive but is now skint, and as such, she wouldn’t have needed too much coercing to shit on her fellow man by helping the government further their insidious agenda to enslave us all:

Jade Goody’s mother Jackiey Budden believes her late daughter would approve of her plan to sell off her childhood toys to make some extra cash.

Job-centre bosses slashed the 57-year-old grandmother’s benefits after telling Jackiey, who lost the use of her left arm in a motorbike accident in 1986, that her disability doesn’t stop her finding work.

Jackiey believes Jade – who shot to fame when she appeared in the 2002 series of Big Brother – would be fine with the decision, saying on This Morning: ‘I think if Jade was alive she would still prefer me to do that than to be in the situation that I’m in. I’ve got so much of Jade’s old possessions, some really old books and dolls.’

The one-time Celebrity Big Brother contestant has had her benefit payments cut by the government after a new test concluded she is well enough to work.Jackiey has been told she must find a job but at present she is desperate for cash and has made the decision to sell-off various items that belonged to Jade – who died from cervical cancer in 2009 at the age of just 27. Source

Course, if Jackiey was playing Brenda, this would explain why there was a need to dub her voice in the Martin Brunt, Sky New film footage.

I mean, obviously Jackiey is no actress, which is also in keeping with how wooden Brenda is carrying on in the strange piece of footage.

Course, Jackiey has a crippled left arm and  tattoos on her upper and lower right arm – whereas Brenda doesn’t.

However, having said that, I could quite easily photo-shop those tattoos out so it would be an absolute piece of piss for someone who does it for a living.

And as for Jackiey’s paralyzed left arm? Well, if you want my opinion, it is not as paralyzed as she would have you think.

You see, her arm looks far too healthy.

Shocked: Budden- who regularly sees Bobby and Freddy, Jade's children with TV presenter Jeff Brazier - was stunned when she got a letter in the post telling her she was well enough to work

Now I’m not saying that her arm is fully functioning ,but if it was totally paralyzed it should have been an ultra skinny, withered mess by now.

After all, she did do the damage 28 years ago, which is a lot longer than a fella that I know personally whose arm was crippled in a motorbike accident put up with his dead arm for.

You see, after less than 15 years of having it hooked into a sling, his once outwardly normal looking – albeit non functioning – arm had withered away to nothing and totally fed up with it, he had the horrible looking claw amputated.

Although Jackiey is a martyr to her struggle. You see, the same article as referenced above goes on to say:

Although she can use her right arm, she claims she’s in constant pain with it because the limb is overworked which would make her a risk if she were to get a job she has previously held – that of an au pair, nanny or housekeeper.

She said: ‘Over the years I’ve been using my right hand – it’s been 29 years now – and it’s overworked, and I’m under the hospital at the moment with this, and its seizing up. So I’m capable of work, I have no problem with that, and I dont want to sign on… it was quite humiliating. And I got this letter.

Now, after 28 years of constantly having to use her right hand, you would have thought that she would have an arm of iron by now.

Moreover, the article continues by stating:

Despite being told to work and applying to over 50 jobs, being offered four, as a nanny, housekeeper, call-centre operator and charity worker, Jackiey is reluctant to take anyone up on their offers.

Jackiey, who has previously worked as a hairdresser and admin assistant has said she is hesitant to work as she doesn’t want to miss out on time with her grandchildren.

A nanny and a housekeeper! With one arm?

It would be like ‘Robins Nest’ revisited.

However, lets have a look at some photos.


Now remember, I’m not saying it is, and I’m not saying it isn’t. I am just putting it out there for debate.

But do bear in mind that the photos have no doubt been played with and make up along with hairstyle can drastically change a persons appearance.

And when all is said and done, she is playing the part of somebody else – not herself.

Either way, I do not believe the Brenda Leyland story for a second… Just sayin’.