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I’m still not to sure whether or not I want to even believe that the following two articles are factual.

Talk about mind fucking blowing… Not to mention freaky.

However, if I’m pushed, I will say that the second article is indeed factual… As for the first article? … Lets just say that I think that the author has used a bit of poetic licence.


Morning Voice of Reason… I see you are being unreasonable again. I’m talking about Zombies.

“Do what?  As in the Haiti zombies or the George A Romero type zombies”?

Well, a bit of a mixture of both actually.

What apparently happens is that every 3 years, a ritual called Ma’Nene takes place in certain parts of Indonesia, which involves people taking their dead relatives for a fucking walk.

In fact, it wouldn’t fucking surprise me if Ma’Nene translates as My Nan… It probably doesn’t , but ya never know, don’t cha know.

Mind you, one thing is for fucking sure. Ma’Nene isn’t as far fucking fetched as the Boston bombings… Just saying.


Family members make their dead walk to their graves


I always imagined a time when zombies really did exist. I wondered if I would be the one who survived or the one who died a horrible gut spilling death! To my horror, I came across this place in the world, known for its freaky death rituals, and one of my worst nightmares came true. The Walking Dead is real!


Yes, I had that non believing look on my face too when I first saw it too but after research and dedicated zombie stalking I can finally say it is very very true. You better believe me when I say this, because the walking dead just got real in Indonesia!

Okay, maybe without all the frightening suspense and overly done decomposing fake skin, but it is just as genuine as you can imagine. In the city of Tana Toraja, it is customary to bury the dead in the city of their birth. Funerals around these areas is both expensive and quite complex. So let us just say, burying a loved one to rest in eternal peace isn’t a piece of cake.

To the people of Toraja, seeing a corpse walk from one place to another is something quite normal. Are you shivering yet? There are many versions of how and why this weird tradition is carried out. One version is that there are a certain few who can raise the dead to life. The reason behind this is that the families of the dead look for a burial site that’s kinder to their finances. When one is found, they want to clean out the corpse and make it deathly new again. After this, the dead are made to magically walk towards their new and final resting place.




Most people called this a trick, a hoax, a phony.  But it does exist!  With the legends and folk lore that back the city of Tana Toraja up, it is true that this scary stuff exists. Believe it!

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