Every one has the right to be a dumb-fuck. But Bill O’Reilly abuses that right.



Fuck me, I thought our news readers were half wits. But Americas Bill O’Reilly and his airhead side kick take ‘dumb-fuck’ to a whole new level. 

Bill O’Reilly Attacks Alex Jones And Infowars For Daring To Ask Questions About Boston Bomber Narrative…


(Infowars) – Fox resident blowhard Bill O’Reilly and correspondent Juliet Huddy have attacked Alex Jones and Infowars.com reporter Dan Bidondi. For the two Fox News talking heads it is apparently a serious crime to quiz Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick about the false flag attack in Boston on Monday. It is impermissible to call into question the validity of the official narrative now coagulating around the event. It is forbidden to deviate from the establishment’s script.

 Watch the video HERE

Huddy dismissed Jones and Bidondi as “idiots” and the accused sexual predator O’Reilly – who has stronglycondemned the First Amendment in the past and has shilled for mass murder in Iraq and Afghanistan – made his disgust manifestly apparent, as usual. Both displayed contempt for the internet and alternative media, a quite natural reaction from two irrelevant teleprompter readers. Fox News in particular and the rest of the bloated script-reading dinosaur media in general are seriously threatened by free expression and news reportage on the web.

O’Reilly and his guest also complained about Infowars.com commentary concerning a Family Guy episode that sickeningly lampooned mass murder at the Boston Marathon. The episode also cast character Peter Griffin as a ludicrously stereotypical Arab terrorist in a fez. For O’Reilly and Ms. Huddy, it is more reprehensible for commentators to attach social and political significance to the cartoon than for Fox News to produce the demeaning and insensitive cartoon in the first place.

O’Reilly’s “pinhead” commentary is merely another example of desperate flaying on the part of a dinosaur media as it attempts to stay relevant and keep the faltering attention of its geriatric viewership. Read more via Infowars.com …