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Christopher Spivey & Miles Mathis

I watched a BBC program last night about a team of builders remodeling the home of alleged Metropolitan Policeman, Kris Aves, who is now supposedly wheelchair bound after being hit whilst crossing the Westminster Bridge by the vehicle allegedly driven by the terrapin, Mad McMad Masood.

All very good for government propaganda but buttock clenching to watch for those aware that NO TERRAPIN ATTACK took place on the Westmonster Bridge.

Indeed it is simple to prove that if you buy into the official version of events then you are a mug-cunt. You see, the wholly corrupt Metropolitan Police Service claim that Mad McMad Masood drove over the Westminster Bridge at speeds up to 76 MPH taking 30 seconds to do so… That is not conspiracy or newspaper talk. That is solid fact as told by the MET.

Moreover, the MET (not the national press or conspiracy theorists) state as FACT that the whole incident from run-up to Westminster Bridge to Masood being shot dead inside the gates of Westminster Palace took just 82 seconds.

Yet not even the far-fetched Sun Newspaper (hence forth referred to as the Scum) was wearing the Metroplod’s claim that Terrapin, Khalid Masood was travelling across the bridge at anywhere up to 76 MPH, and instead attributed his speed to being 50 MPH on average.

Nevertheless, the Scum have still stuck by the Metroplod’s official timeline of 82 seconds – start to finish – allocating 30 seconds of those to the bridge crossing.

Likewise, the Spy owned Telegraph Newspaper amended the Metroplod’s 76 MPH to an average 40 MPH, whilst also allowing a 30 second bridge crossing, yet they too still stuck to the 82 second overall time of the “attack“:

It was just after 2.40pm that Ajao, in the grey Hyundai Tucson 4×4, appeared on the eastern approach to the bridge, two large kitchen knives by his side. He mounted the pavement, reaching more than 40mph, and would take 30 seconds to cross the 250-yard span of the bridgeSource

Mind you, the Shit-Rag is actually also wrong about the bridge span being “250 yards” long (228.6 Meters), since it is actually 252 Meters long – albeit Wikipedia has the length down at 250 Meters.

So – in order to be fair for the point that I am going to make which will prove the attack to be fraud – we will take Wiki’s 250 Meter guess as our benchmark, thus only making the Telegraph 70 ft out in their estimation.

Mind you, I must point out first that with the Met having Masood (named after the EastEnder’s postman so as the brain-drained public will remember him) doing 76 MPH across the bridge, the Scum having him doing 50 MPH and the Telegraph having him zooming at 40 MPH, I am not altogether sure how all three still managed to come up with an overall 82 second timeline, but there ya go.

Nevertheless, for Masood to have cleared the crowded bridge in 30 seconds – knocking over at least 50 Serfs Smurfs in the process, if ya buy into the official bollox – all 3 Bastions of the Truth must be miles (per-hour) out in their calculations… see what I did there?

Course, this would be a deliberate mistake on their part because to travel 820 feet (250 M) in 30 seconds, Mad Masood would have been roughly averaging a super-scary speed of 18 MPH.

Indeed, I arrived at that 18 MPH figure based on [the approximate] converting of MPH to FPS (feet per second), which is calculated by dividing the MPH by 2 and then multiplying by 3 Source.

Therefore 18 (MPH) ÷ 2 = 9, then multiplied by 3 = 27 (FPS). So, just to clarify for the thick-fucks: Someone travelling at 18 MPH will cover a distance of 27 feet every second.

And since – we are told –  it took Mad-Max 30 seconds to cross the bridge, we times 30 by the 27 (FPS) which gives us 810 feet (the bridge is 820 feet long according to Wikipedia and 827 feet long according to other sources), whereas 19 MPH would take the distance traveled over 30 seconds to 855 feet:

The new [Westminster] bridge that is still there today is 827 feet long, and built of iron. It has withstood everything the city has been able to throw at it, and shows few signs of aging. Source

Course, as I pointed out earlier getting hit by a two tonne motor at 76 MPH is certain fucking death, whereas on the other hand, getting hit at 18 MPH by a two tonne motor is going to give you a nasty bruise.

It is most certainly not going to put fraud copper Kris Aves in a wheelchair.

Fuck me, it’s no wonder that the Westminster Bridge is also known as the Bridge of Fools:

The new bridge at Westminster wasn’t funded in the typical way (with private enterprise and tolls); instead, money was raised via a then-fashionable ‘lottery’.

Lotteries at the time were subject to abuse and fraud: some even saw them as being immoral, and a threat to society.

This lottery funding led Henry Fielding to dub the new crossing ‘The Bridge of Fools’. The name stuck as the bridge’s construction dragged on much longer than planned.

Now all that is documented in my exposé of the fraud: A Bridge Too Far Part 1

Moreover, “A Bridge Too Far Part 2” has today been released as an Ebook, so if you do not want to make a site donation via Paypal, you can support the site by purchasing the Ebook:

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Part 3 – the final installment of A Bridge Too Far – will be released as an Ebook and on here in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

And in Part 3 I will leave you all in no doubt whatsoever that the fraud Plod, Kris Aves was not hurt at all – as was nobody else for that matter.

However, that cringe-worthy BBC program was interesting by the fact that Aves was now being touted as crossing the bridge with a single ‘colleague’ rather than the two reported ‘colleagues’ he was reported to be with at the time… Very strange.

Nevertheless, I will say no more on the matter except you will have to wait for Part 3 for the irrefutable evidence of the fact.

Okay, what follows now is an exposé of the life & times of Elvis Presley, brilliantly written by Miles Mathis.

The reason that I have published this long but compelling article is because it loosely ties in with what I wrote about Elvis when I unmasked the created persona of Mental Meghan Markle 

Again, just sayin’.

Elvis Aron Presley – Intelligence Project

by Miles Mathis

First published December 15, 2015

As usual, this is all just my opinion, arrived at by my own personal research. I don’t expect this paper to be very popular. After all, most people like Elvis—at least early Elvis. To take some of the sting out of it, let me say I like Elvis, too. By outing him, I am not implying he wasn’t
talented or fun to watch. He was. He was a good looking guy with a nice voice and a lot of charisma.

That is why he was chosen. That and other reasons.

To get started, we will once again go down the Wikipedia page, looking for red flags. I will show you how to read those markers and how to link out to more important information.

The first thing we find is that Elvis was a twin. We are told his twin died at birth, but not everything we are told is true. So we should put that on the shelf with a question mark by it.

People often write to me asking me if the spooks are using cloning, and this question ties into that. My short answer is that they don’t need to, since nature already does it. Intelligence looks for twins, which are already clones of a sort. We saw it in my last paper on David Irving, who is also a twin.

As I said there, the nice thing about twins is that they can be in two places at once.

And if you lose one, you always have a spare.

The next red flag is Elvis’ mother Gladys Love Smith. We are told that Gladys’ great-grandmother may have been a Cherokee, but that is misdirection. The truth is, Gladys’ great-grandmother was Jewish.

Gladys herself was Jewish, though she apparently did not practice due to disapproval by her husband. However, Elvis knew she was Jewish and considered himself to be Jewish as well (knowing the descent was matrilineal).

There is a Star of David on Gladys’ original tombstone, though it has been replaced.

Elvis was a life member of the Jewish Community Center in Memphis. He always wore a Chai pendant, which you can see in the photo below.

Chai means “life” in Hebrew, and indicates the lowest emanation of God.

Growing up, Elvis had been head of the Memphis Mafia, a group of boys known for their swagger. Other members included George Klein*, Marty Lacker, Larry Geller and Alan Fortas — all Jewish.

Alan Fortas was the nephew of a US Supreme Court Justice, so the story about Elvis being poor and with no connections was also false. His friends weren’t just Jews, they were prominent Jews.

The Supreme Court Justice was Abe Fortas, and we should take a moment to look him up. Fortas went to Yale Law School, where he was editor of the Law Review.

He graduated in 1933 (note the date). Fortas had close ties to Puerto Rico, through its first Governor Luis Munoz Marin. Marin became Governor in 1948, year two of the CIA, which gives us a clue here as well.

Marin’s father owned two newspapers in San Juan and became Commissioner of the island from 1911-1916. Remember, Puerto Rico was taken from Spain in 1898, and a military government was installed by the US.

Anyway, this leads us into Fortas’ middle bio, when he joined the army during WW2. Although he was Undersecretary of the Interior at the time and was no longer young, we are told he took a leave of absence to enlist. Right. Not believable.

Also not believable is what we are told next: after one month he was discharged for tuberculosis. Lucky for him, this tuberculosis didn’t prevent him from being appointed by Truman just a couple of months later as a UN advisor.

It also didn’t prevent him from living another 37 years, when he died of heart failure (nothing to do with his lungs). So what was Fortas really doing when he enlisted?

He was joining Intelligence. This is how they scrub that. In my paper on the Beat Poets, we saw both Kerouac and Burroughs supposedly discharged from the military after a few days for ridiculous reasons, including requesting an aspirin.

Fortas was basically an Intelligence attorney, which we see clearly in 1948 when Fortas helped Lyndon Johnson dodge vote tampering charges in his Senate race in Texas. Although Johnson stole the vote, Abe Fortas convinced Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black to order the federal court to stop investigating the case.

How does that work?

I thought the Supreme Court had to hear a case to make a decision on it, and that the Justices had to vote together. I was not aware that a single Justice could order a federal court to stop investigating vote fraud, were you? But that is what we are told, both on Fortas’ bio and the bio of Hugo Black.

We also see Fortas’ Intel connections in his clashes with Joe McCarthy in the 1950s, when he represented Owen Lattimore. Like many of the other trials we have studied, this one was manufactured as a show trial to keep your eyes off other things, and to sell you the fake Cold War.

The trial was all a diversion, since Lattimore was also an asset. He never got convicted of anything, of course, so the whole thing was just another hoax.

Want some evidence for that assertion?

Well, Lattimore was the editor of Pacific Affairs, the magazine of the Institute of Pacific Relations. The IPR was funded in large part by the Rockefeller Foundation, which is really all you need to know. If it is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, it is a CIA front.

We are told Lattimore got in trouble for publishing Marxist writers, but since Marxism itself was manufactured by European Intelligence, Lattimore’s magazine turns out to be just one more Intel front.

He was the controlled opposition. Remember, Karl Marx was a scion both of German Jews (father’s side) and of the billionaire Philips family in Holland (mother’s side).

Take note of that name Philips: it is about to come up again when we return to Elvis. We can finish off Fortas without speculating at all, because in 1969, after only four years on the Supreme Court, he was forced to resign. He had been caught in multiple scandals and should have been charged with major corruption.

Fortas was being paid by Louis Wolfson (Jewish) to intervene with LBJ and arrange his pardon. Wolfson, a corporate raider, was convicted of illegal stock sales, perjury and obstruction of justice, for which we are told he served only 9 months in a minimum security “camp” at an Air Force Base in Florida.


Why not just incarcerate him at Disneyworld?

Since when are non-military people held on military bases?

And why?

My guess is because they had a nice golf course. Wolfson probably worked on his game for 9 months in the Florida sunshine.

OK, so that is who Elvis’ Jewish pal Alan was related to. And it was close relation. Nephew is a very close relation.

By age eight, Elvis was already apprenticed to Mississippi Slim, a performer and radio personality at WELO in Tupelo. Elvis was eight in 1943, which was in the middle of WW2.

Mississippi Slim was 20 at the time. Why wasn’t he drafted? Being born in 1923, he should have been one of the first ones taken, since he wasn’t in school and was not a father.

To answer that, let us ask some more questions about Elvis.

We are told Slim worked with Elvis from a young age, and got him on the radio by the time he was 12. So we would expect Elvis to have been some sort of musical prodigy, right?

Nope, not according the mainstream history. We are told Slim said of Elvis, “The kid can’t keep time.” And according to Slim’s younger brother James, Elvis “listened attentively but just didn’t seem to learn, at least not quickly.”

They also admit that Elvis never learned to read music. Ever. According to Elvis’ own account, he failed music in high school.

So if Elvis was just a poor young hillbilly with no particular musical ability, how did he merit such attention?

It doesn’t add up.

To answer that, we have to look at who ran WELO at the time. We are told Ernest Bowen ran the station for a long time, but he was not there until later. However, it is interesting to discover Bowen had Navy connections. During the war, the station was run by Charlie Boren. That is a common Jewish surname, a shortening of Borenstein.

That’s Charlie Boren in the middle there, looking like a weird Asian man. Elvis is supposed to be on the far right.

What? Elvis is the little guy with glasses, suspenders, and a tie? Does that look anything like Elvis to you?

We are supposed to believe that little hillbillies dress like accountants’ sons?

C’mon, that isn’t Elvis. Not even close. This is another joke. You might as well tell me Elvis is the little girl with ringlets.

This is what Elvis looked like as a boy:

You immediately recognize those eyes and lips, as well as the slightly flattened nose.

You will say, “Well, maybe he’s the little blond boy on the other end. Maybe they meant ‘their right’ not ‘your right’”.

I doubt it, because this was 1945, when Elvis was supposed to be 10. That boy to the far left is not 10. He looks about 8.

And although Elvis had lighter hair as a boy, he wasn’t that blond at 10. The face shapes don’t match, either, or the ears.

That’s Boren with Elvis in 1956.

Boren looked a little like Milton Berle. Berle was Jewish. Boren looks very Jewish to me.

Also starting up WELO with Charlie Boren was Archie Mackey. His mother’s maiden name was Dickman, which is a common Jewish name, shortened from Dickmann, meaning “fat man.”

This indicates to me that Mississippi Slim was also Jewish. His last name was Ausborn, which may be Jewish.

So it looks like the radio station was a Jewish production, which would explain why Elvis was there from a young age despite having no extraordinary talents. It also indicates to me that Mississippi Slim was not in the military because he was being used by Intelligence for a domestic project.

Elvis was this project. Elvis was chosen from the cradle, first because he was a prominent local Jew, and second because he was a twin. It helped later that he became good looking and an expressive performer. Some are chosen, very few succeed like this.

As a teen, Elvis worked summers and weekends as an usher at Loew’s State Theater. Of course this was a string of theaters owned by Marcus Loew, a billionaire Jewish tycoon.  He also formed MGM, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Loew was a business partner with Adolph Zukor, another Jewish tycoon who founded Paramount Pictures. Note the name Adolph, which you wouldn’t think belonged to a Jew.

This fact will be important in an upcoming paper.

That photo is tagged Elvis with his parents, 1956.

Elvis is currently listed as being six feet tall. I guess we are supposed to believe his mother Gladys was 6’1”?

Elvis wasn’t anything like 6 feet tall.

My guess is 5’8” or 5’9”.

It doesn’t really matter, except that is another sign that everything we are told is false.

Does he look 6 feet tall here?


Next we are told that in his HS junior year, Elvis would go downtown to Beale street and look in the window at the flashy clothes at Lansky Brothers menswear. “By his senior year, he was wearing them.” Really?

And how did he afford that?

His dad was a deadbeat, in and out of jail and writing hot checks and so on.

Well, Lansky’s was owned by Bernard Lansky, another prominent Jew. So my assumption is Lansky was another backer of the Elvis project in Memphis.

It was at this time that B.B. King first ran into Elvis in Memphis.

King tells us he knew Elvis before he became famous. This is a red flag, though most won’t catch it. Like Elvis, King was “discovered” by
Sam Phillips.

We will get to Sam Phillips in a moment. But just remember the strange lines from the Beatles’ song Dig It:

Like the FBI and the CIA, and the BBC, B.B. King, and Doris Day, Matt Busby.


What do all those things have in common?

Well, the first three are pretty self-explanatory. Doris Day was outed in my paper on Sharon Tate, where we saw her son Terry Melcher neck-deep in the gigantic hoax. She was also Jewish, being originally Doris Kappelhoff.

We will skip Matt Busby for now, but just get the clue. That leaves B.B. King.

I’m not telling you B.B. King wasn’t a great guitarist, I am just telling you he was also a CIA asset.

In support of that, we find that King’s recent death is being called murder by his own daughters.

Why would King need to be murdered at age 89?

I suggest he was suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia, and was starting to talk about classified projects, possibly including Martin Luther King.

To keep him from spilling the beans, he had to be silenced. So his old associates fed him dangerous drugs. That is what his own daughters are saying.

“But even if that is true, how would the Beatles know anything about it?” I will be asked.

For those who haven’t already done so, you should read my paper on John Lennon, which answers that question in full (see p. 30).

The Beatles were a British Intelligence Project run by the BSC and Major John Pepper. That is where they got the name Pepper: he was a real guy.

Everyone on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s is a famous spook.

The BSC was the American arm of MI6, and they now admit that. They also admit BSC was run out of Rockefeller Center, with its front the British Passport Control Office.

We are told that at age 18, Elvis suddenly walked into Sun Records and asked to record. It doesn’t work that way. Sun Records wasn’t open to the public in late 1953.

Phillips had opened Memphis Recording Service almost four years earlier, and by late 1953 he was working with dozens of name acts. You didn’t just walk in off the street and pay for studio time in the hopes you would be discovered. This story is told to make you think Elvis chose Sun Records, rather than the reverse.

As we have seen, Elvis had been groomed from an early age, from the time he was in Tupelo up to this moment in Memphis. And he didn’t just accidentally run into Sam Phillips, owner of Sun Records.

The bio and genealogy of Samuel Cornelius Phillips has been scrubbed. According to mainstream sources, his father and mother are not known, much less older relatives.

This is a red flag. However, there are some big clues staring us in the face. One, Philips Records out of Holland is one of the largest record labels in the world. It was a subsidiary of Philips Electronics. Both were founded in the 19th century by the Philips family. We have seen them before, since Karl Marx’s uncle was a Philips.

You will say the names are spelled differently, with Sam Phillips having two l’s. But they do these things to throw you off. It doesn’t mean anything. You will say, “Well, if they wished to throw us off, why not change the name completely? Why change just one letter?” Because they don’t want to change the name completely.

They like their own names and change them as little as possible. They also know their audience doesn’t notice things and can be fooled easily. So they don’t bother hiding themselves thoroughly.

They know they can hide behind a willow branch, so why bother planting a giant oak?

But there is another clue, that being the middle name Cornelius. That is a common Dutch name, although it is normally spelled Corneliis or Cornelis over there. It is a name often used in the Philips family (as is Samuel).

In fact, Gerard Philips, founder of Philips Records, had a nephew named Cornelis Philips. The name of this Cornelis Philips’ son has been scrubbed. I suggest he may be this same Samuel Cornelius Phillips who started Sun Records in Memphis.

It is also curious that Cornelis Philips has no date of birth, and we are given a wide estimate from 1875 to 1927. Samuel Cornelius Phillips was born in 1923.

Sam Phillips’ early life has almost no information, and what little we get is absurd. We are told that the “man who invented rock n’ roll” grew up in rural Alabama as a tenant farmer’s son, picking cotton in the field with his parents and the black laborers. Right!

Once again we are reminded of Steve Martin’s joke from The Jerk about being born a poor black child in rural Mississippi.

I have to think he was referencing these ridiculous bios of people like Sam Phillips.

Like Mississippi Slim who we saw above, Phillips was born in 1923, which made him 18 in 1941. Why wasn’t he drafted? He wasn’t in school and he wasn’t married. His bio skips right over that, pretending there was no war in the 1940s. We are only told he was a DJ and radio engineer in Alabama.

I suggest Sam Phillips was already OSS by that time, running domestic projects. Either that or he was Dutch Intelligence.

That’s a picture of Sam Phillips.

He looks very Dutch to me. To see what I mean, let’s look at Frans Cornelis, CMO of large Dutch company Randstad.

He also has a very standard Dutch look, with an extremely square face and wide-set eyes.

See how he resembles Sam Phillips, though a couple of decades older?

Phillips also looked very Dutch older in life, when he had a beard:

But let us return to Elvis.

Elvis’ first hit in Memphis was the 1954 remake of Arthur Crudup’s ‘That’s All Right‘. It became popular when local DJ Dewey Phillips played it nonstop on his radio program. Yet another Phillips.

Was this Phillips related to Sam? We aren’t told.

Dewey Phillips’ bio is even more truncated than Sam’s.

However, we are told he fought in WW2, being in the battle for Hurtgen Forest (Belgium). Here is a picture of him:

The second photo is Anton Philips, one of the founders of Philips Records in Amsterdam. See any resemblance? I do.

The face shape is nearly identical. Dewey Phillips also looks Dutch, though in an admittedly different way than Sam Phillips.

Sam and Dewey don’t look alike, but the Philips brothers Anton and Gerard didn’t look alike either. So it is possible Dewey was from the same family, just from a different line.

Dewey allegedly died at age 42 in 1968 from alcoholism. That is unlikely. Personally, I think Dewey Phillips was born before 1926. I say that because he looked older than 30 in pictures with Elvis in the mid-50s. He is supposed to be 31 in that pic above. He looks at least ten years older. So he would have been 52 in 1968, in which case death by alcoholism is more believable.

Or, maybe the project was over and he was ready to retire, or move to another project. Strange, though, that Dewey died at age 42, same as Elvis.

You will say, “If these guys really were from the Philips family, why would scions of a billionaire family bother with such projects?” Because these families like to keep their hand in, and Intel projects is the way they do it.

The younger sons of such families often don’t have much to do in running the family businesses, but they like to stay busy. We have seen in many previous papers that the ruling families do indeed remain busy in Intelligence.

Think of the Boston Brahmins who were involved in OSS and the founding of the CIA, including people like McGeorge Bundy. He wasn’t doing it for the money, obviously. These people already have all the money in the world… Or John Reed. He didn’t need the money.

That said, these projects do often lead to big money, as with Elvis. Sun Records made a lot of money, although I no longer believe that was the primary goal of the project.

The primary goal was to lead US and Western culture in a desired direction, and the career of Elvis was part of that. As they did later with Dylan and the Beatles, the CIA was promoting Elvis as part of a long-planned sexual revolution.

This decades-long revolution would break up the family, split the sexes, splinter the religions, and destabilize culture as a whole, creating huge new markets and allowing for new forms of control.

It was what we now call the New World Order, but they have been installing it for the past two centuries, and maybe longer. You can see them pushing far earlier. Think of the Roaring Twenties, when they were pushing sexual freedom almost as strongly as in the 1950s and 60s.

This is why they passed the 19th Amendment in 1920, giving women the vote. You can be sure the men in Congress didn’t give a flip for equality or fairness or any of that.

They knew the vote was already worthless and that they could steal it anytime they wanted, so extending suffrage meant nothing.

I have always been in favor of equal rights and fairness, so that isn’t easy for me to say. But given what I now know, I see no other way to explain it.

By the 1920s, any representative democracy we ever had (which wasn’t much) had been undermined by the Plutocrats, so giving women the vote was just another smokescreen. Since by that time the vote was already meaningless, we must assume the 19th Amendment was passed for another reason.

By looking at what happened to culture in the 1920s, we can see that they were already trying to split the sexes and break up the family, and we must imagine someone thought promoting the woman’s movement would help do that.

As it turns out, they were right.

They not only backed the woman’s movement, they infiltrated it and deflected it. They did not start doing that with Gloria Steinem in 60s,
they had been doing it all along, back to the beginning. (And there we have a mention of Gloria Steinman who also features in my Meghan Markle exposé – Spiv).

Again, I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I was for equal rights and still am. I am glad women have the vote. But this issue is just like the environmental movement and its infiltration and cooption.

I was an environmentalist and still am. For that very reason, I am all the more distressed that the movement has been diverted, making it into a wedge.

It was pushed off its natural path by the Plutocrats and their minions and purposely perverted into its exact opposite. In the same way, the
woman’s movement has been diverted from its natural path, used by the Plutocrats and their minions as a wedge to force between the sexes.

To be even more direct, giving women the vote in a real democracy should have made them more active and more powerful. But since our democracy was already defunct by 1920, the vote only made women more noisy and deluded.

They became just as noisy and deluded as men, but I don’t think that was the sort of equality they were seeking. In the fake democracy we had before 1920, men in the lower and middle classes had been noisily pressing their delusion—that what they thought mattered.

After 1920, both men and women were pressing their delusions of rights and powers, but those who really had power cleverly pointed the men and women at each other.

Men and women were encouraged to petition each other for mythical rights and privileges, saving the governors from having to listen to
the old rattle. We have been diverted ever since.

Elvis was another cog in this long program, another ring in the circus.

Like sport, sex and music were diversions from more important matters, and Elvis joined the last two in a brilliant manner.

He appealed to both men and women, diverting the eyes and ears of both. In small doses, such diversions are harmless and may even be salutary. We are told that Elvis helped loosen some hips in the 50s, and maybe he did. The sexual revolution hasn’t been all bad, and I am not here to put us all back in our pens. Just the opposite. [Remember, I paint nudes for a living.]

However, modern diversions are not delivered in small harmless doses. They are now delivered 24-7 in huge Big Gulp doses, our throats being massaged constantly to allow higher levels of ingestion.

And the acceleration into our current mess was started after WW2. It wasn’t an accident. It was planned, it was heavily funded, and from the point of view of the governors it has been a smashing success.

The stinking rich have become progressively stinkier, and the powerful have become progressively more powerful, all without completely killing the host.

That’s right. Although you may think things are bad, they don’t see it that way. They think you should be amazed you aren’t an actual slave, making two cents a day, eating bugs and feeling the daily lash.

They are proud they have achieved billionaire and trillionaire status for so many without having millions starving in the streets. They honestly see themselves as beneficent and progressive. I’m not kidding.

They see themselves like the Pharaohs, but far more lenient. They could have you hauling rocks all day and eating sand, but you are lucky. That’s the way they see it. You are just lucky credit card debt pays better for them than rock hauling.

If you don’t believe me, go read one of the Forbes articles on the richest people in the world, which they now print about every three days. Not only will you see that more billionaires are being created every week, you will see the writers at Forbes implicitly selling you this fact as an amazing product of a well functioning world economy.

Yes, we see wealth piling up at the top at an accelerating rate, during a time of general economic contraction, but rather than admit this is a sign of lawlessness and criminal looting of the public treasuries, these magazines like Forbes sell it to you as a great success of Capitalism.

Which it is, in a way: this is exactly what Capitalism and the New World Order was created to do.

But let us return to Elvis. You may think my linking of Sam Phillips to the Dutch Philips empire is a stretch, but we have yet more indication of it when we come to Elvis’ agent Colonel Tom Parker.

It was not known until recently—since Parker hid it very well—but Colonel Tom Parker was actually Dutch.

The mainstream sites now admit his real name was Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk. Note the middle name!

He lived in Breda and Rotterdam until he was 20, fleeing to the US possibly to avoid murder charges.

We are told he entered the US without a passport or a correct ID, though how he did that is unclear. He would have had to jump ship and swim aboard without being spotted.

Immediately we get another wild story about Parker signing up for the army. He enlisted in the United States Army, taking the name “Tom Parker” from the offcer who interviewed him, to disguise the fact he was an illegal immigrant.


So he told the interviewing officer Tom Parker that his own name was Tom Parker?

How does that work?

Clearly we are being fed another story here. How to unwind it? Well, they give us the necessary clue when they admit Parker had been in the US before. He came over briefly at age 17, working at a Chatauqua.

What was a Chatauqua? It was an adult education camp started in 1874 by billionaire Lewis Miller, who had invented the combine. A Chautauqua Assembly brought entertainment and culture for the whole community, with speakers, teachers, musicians, entertainers, preachers and specialists of the day.

Have you guessed what was really going on with these Chatauquas yet?

The dissemination of propaganda. The musicians, artists and entertainers were the diversions, while the speakers, teachers, and specialists were the deliverers of the blue pill.

It was like an early TED conference, but with tents and balloons. In other words, the Chatauquas were an early Intelligence project, along the lines of Theosophy but for a broader and easier consumption.

Remember, Theosophy popped up at precisely the same time, and was organized and promoted by the same people—the very wealthy.

These projects like the Chatauquas were sold as philanthropy and good fun, but they were really a way for the upper class to control the middle class.

So to see Parker involved early on with this is a huge red flag. It means he had already been recruited by US Intelligence at a very early age.

Here is a pic of Colonel Tom Parker:

Gosh, who does he look like? Anyone we have seen?

Although he was always fatter, Colonel Tom Parker just happens to have almost exactly the same eyes and eyebrows as Dewey Phillips. He has the same nose and head shape as Anton Philips. He has the same balding pattern as both Phillips and Philips.

Could he be another from this family?

I admit this is all inconclusive, but it is curious that once again we are denied any genealogy of Colonel Tom Parker. We aren’t told his parents, much less his older ancestors.

Plus, if these people have nothing to hide, why did Parker hide his Dutch birth his entire life?

Why is his Wikipedia page still misdirecting us with absurd stories about his arrival in the US and his signing up for the Army and so on?

Speaking of which, let us ask how he got that Colonel tag. It now looks like a big red flag, considering what we have learned of colonels in my papers on Charles Manson, the Zodiac, Theosophy and so on.

The founder of Theosophy was a colonel, Henry Steel Olcott. Sharon Tate’s father was a colonel in Intelligence. And we saw several colonels involved with the Zodiac hoax, including the father of one of the fake victims.

Since Parker was allegedly only in the Army for a couple of years, he didn’t have time to become a colonel. After two years Parker would have been lucky to have been a lieutenant.

To explain his rank as colonel, we are told that in 1948, at age 39, Parker was given the rank in the Louisiana State Militia by Governor Jimmie Davis, in return for work Parker did on Davis’ election campaign.

That looks like another cover story, since Jimmie Davis is also a shady character, and he was basically a front for the Longs. Although his birth-date is given as September 11, no documentation exists. Note the date.

The reason Parker’s story remains suspicious to this day is that they say he was given rank in the State Militia. But if the title was honorary as is implied, it wasn’t a rank in the militia. It wasn’t a real military rank at all, being a title, not a rank.

For this reason, I see the whole story as another cover.

What was it covering?

Well, since we are told Parker joined the military back in about 1930, I suggest he never actually left it. By 1948, he would have been in for 18 years, plenty of time to achieve the rank of colonel.

But it is probably deeper than that. Since we have seen he was probably recruited by international Intelligence by the time he was 17, he had actually been in the field for at least 21 years.

He was probably given US citizenship as part of his project, along with advanced language training. That is why no one ever spotted a Dutch accent on him, I suppose.

It would also explain how he was able to dodge the US Government all his life.

Remember, according the mainstream story, he allegedly joined the army, got married, became fabulously rich, was famous as the agent of Elvis, and then ran the huge Elvis estate, without the IRS or any other government agency catching onto the fact that he was an illegal alien.

Not believable.

They obviously knew who he was the entire time. This is confirmed at his death, when his death certificate listed his place of birth as Netherlands and his citizenship as US.

Also remember his place of birth is supposed to have been Breda. That is another clue, although they are sure you won’t be able to read it.

Breda is a very old, famous, and wealthy city, not the sort of place you expect an immigrant to come from. You may remember from your history lessons that when Oliver Cromwell killed Charles I, his son Charles II hid out in Breda.

Since it was full of palaces, it was just the sort of place for a King in exile. Charles was there because of his sister Mary, who was connected to William of Orange. William’s son became King of England somewhat later, and we have seen him come up in a couple of recent papers, including my paper on the Salem Witch Trials and my paper on the Kabbalah.

This last link is timely, since Elvis studied Kabbalah. Today, Breda continues to give you clues, since it is the Benelux center of operations for GE, General Motors, Scania, ExxonMobil, Texaco, Krohne, and Toshiba.

Even more to the point is the Netherlands Defense Academy in Breda, an arm of Dutch Intelligence. Also the Royal Netherlands Military Academy, Breda, ditto.

Most recently, this book** which you can read parts of at Google Books tells us that Al Qaeda operated out of Breda. That is another pointer to Intelligence, since of course Al Qaeda is a creation of Western Intel.

We have more confirmation Parker was Presley’s handler, not his agent, by the percentages reported. An agent normally makes less than his client, but Parker always made far more, even after Presley’s alleged death.

For instance, with Presley’s licensing company, Presley owned only 22%, while Parker owned 56% and unnamed partners owned the other 22%.

That’s right, Presley didn’t even own a third. They also admit that “due to an ill-advised agreement between Parker and Presley”, RCA owned all
royalties on songs released prior to 1973.

Come again?

How can that be based on an agreement between Parker and Presley?

Parker and Presley huddle and agree to give RCA 100% of royalties?

Does that sound rational?

Remember, we saw the same sort of thing with the Beatles, who mysteriously signed away or sold most of their publishing and royalty rights.

It is also worth noting that Parker wasn’t the only financial interest behind Presley in the early years.

In 1955, Parker was working with Jean and Julian Aberbach, two Austrian Jews who had founded the Hill and Range music publishing house.

His Wikipedia page admits that Julian Aberbach had worked as an instructor at “a military intelligence school in Maryland”.

Wow. Aberbach’s cousin Freddy Bienstock became the head of Elvis Presley Music in 1955. Presley could not record music that was not licensed through Hill and Range. I suggest Hill and Range was actually another CIA front, and Aberbach’s time in military intelligence tends to support that.

In October of 1954, Presley was booked on Louisiana Hayride, the Opry’ s chief, and more adventurous, rival.

The Shreveport-based show was broadcast to 198 radio stations in 28 states. Presley had another attack of nerves during the frst set, which drew a muted reaction. A more composed and energetic second set inspired an enthusiastic response.

We may have a big clue there.

Notice that Elvis did two sets, and was different in each set on the same day. I wonder if anyone saw both sets and said, “It was like there were two Elvises”.

Why do I wonder that?

Because maybe there were. He had a twin, remember. Are we sure the twin really died? Maybe the twins weren’t equally confident, especially early on.

We might expect one to discover and perfect the hip thing first. We will see more evidence for this idea later.

We are told that in 1955 Elvis renewed his contract with agent Bob Neal, but appointed Colonel Parker his special adviser. What is a special adviser? And why would Neal allow this relationship?

Was Parker taking a cut?

If so, Neal wouldn’t be happy. If not, why was Parker working for Elvis for free?

Only three months after making Parker his adviser, Presley signed with RCA for an unprecedented $40,000. This despite the fact that he was only 20, had been performing for only one year, and had failed at both the Grand Ole Opry and CBS. Arthur Godfrey’s talent scouts at CBS had failed him in his audition.

Nonetheless, before he was even known, contracts were set up for Presley stating Songwriters were obliged to forgo one third of their customary royalties in exchange for having him perform their compositions.


What songwriters would agree to that?

They might agree to it with someone like Sinatra, but again, Presley at that time was a complete unknown. Writing up contracts like that for him in 1955 made no sense.

It is also curious to be told that RCA signed him in November and had re-issued his Sun Record recordings before the end of the year.

Isn’t that kind of quick?

How could they do that so fast?

They would have outpaced their own promotion. You can’t come up with promotion that fast.

You would also have expected RCA to have re-recorded those songs themselves, which would have taken time.

You would have expected them to have brought in some better musicians and a real producer and so on. In fact, they did that, but they did it so fast it once again isn’t believable. They were recording by January 10, and Heartbreak Hotel was released January 27.

The only way this is believable is if RCA had been planning for this for many months.

They must have known they would get Elvis, and they were planning it from the time he first appeared on the radio in 1954. They may have been planning it before that, all the way back to his birth.

By March 2, Parker was Presley’s manager. They tell us Neal’s contract was “terminated”, but it doesn’t work that way. It was less than a year since the contract was renewed, and you don’t just unilaterally “terminate” a contract before it has expired.

Parker should have had to buy out Neal for a huge sum. Neal wasn’t just some small-time nobody. He also managed Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Sonny James, Conway Twitty, George Jones, Barbara Mandrell, and Tom T. Hall.

But we aren’t ever told why Neal just dropped out as manager of Elvis.

Strange that Neal just lay down for Colonel Parker. It is another sign of a controlled project.

Also strange is that Neal was born in the Belgian Congo.

His real last name was Hobgood. This is important because of course Belgium was a part of the Netherlands up until 1830. Even after that, Belgium was ruled by the Leopolds, who were SaxeCoburg Gothas like the Kings and Queens of England.

Prince Charles is not really a Windsor, he is a Saxe-Coburg Gotha. To this day, the Western half of Belgium speaks a dialect of Dutch called Vlaams, or Flemish.

I know: I lived there and studied it for a short time.

Breda is very near the border of Belgium, and I used to ride my bicycle from Bruges in Belgium to Breda in Holland. It didn’t take that long. So to find yet another person in the Elvis story connected to Belgium/Netherlands is quite informative.

We are told that Neal’s parents were missionaries in the Belgian Congo, but the reason white people were there was for economic exploitation, the taking of minerals and other resources like rubber.

We are told that missionaries and other religious people were there to civilize the natives, but we now know they were working hand-in-hand with the business people to exploit the locals to the fullest extent.

By March 23, 1956, Elvis’ first album was in stores. That’s right. I didn’t say it was in the can, I said it was in stores. That’s just three months after he signed with RCA. And I guess he was in the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame by April. No, that’s silly, right? But did you know that by April he had signed a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures?

What was that based on, we have to wonder?

Had he even done a screen test?

Had those people even met him?

He was bombing in Las Vegas at the time, both with audiences and with critics, so what was the rush to get him on film?

To answer that, you may want to remember we have already met the head of Paramount Pictures above, Adolph Zukor.

Zukor was still at Paramount until 1959. Zukor and Loew had apparently been in on the Elvis project since Elvis was born. Presley’s first major TV appearance was on the Milton Berle Show.

Presley was on the Milton Berle Show within ten days of the release of his first album. TEN DAYS!

Berle was a prominent Jewish comedian, of course; and, as we have learned, that is no longer beside the point. Presley was also
Jewish, and was known to be by the people that counted. Berle was also connected to Intelligence from way back.

In 1933, he was hired by producer Jack White to star in the theatrical featurette Poppin’ the Cork, a topical musical comedy concerning the repealing of Prohibition. Berle also co-wrote the score for this film, which was released by Educational Pictures.

Note the date.

Note this is a political film.

Note it was released by Educational Pictures.

Shirley Temple got her start at Educational Pictures, and she is on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s. Remember what
that means: she is a spook.

Educational Pictures was headed by producer E. W. Hammons, who produced 228 films in 17 years. That’s about 13 per year. This should remind you of Lookout Mountain Air Force Station in Laurel Canyon, which took up where Educational Pictures left off.

Also see my Tate/Manson paper for more on that.

In short, these were propaganda films. Educational Pictures are propaganda films. Jack White was really Jack Weiss, and was Jewish. He produced over 300 films, many of them for Intelligence.

Milton Berle’s Texaco Star Theater premiered on TV in 1948, year two of the CIA.

It was one of the very first popular TV shows.

Of course it was sponsored by Texaco, a huge oil producer. So we see again how the upper class controls the middle class, via pushed entertainment and constant propaganda.

Much of this entertainment was harmless or even salutary, but stirred into it was a large dose of misdirection which very few people could stir out or ignore.

Elvis made his second appearance on Berle’s show just two months after the first. This boy was being pushed. Pu-ushed. Less than one month after Berle’s two shows, Elvis appeared on the Steve Allen Show. Although Allen is sold as Irish through his mother’s side, he was Jewish on his father’s side. His dad was Carroll Abler.

That name has also been changed, because Carroll Abler was born Carroll Ebler. Ebler is a common Jewish surname. In fact, it is possible Steve Allen’s mother Isabelle was also Jewish or half-Jewish, despite being a Donohue, since her mother’s genealogy is scrubbed.

Her mother’s name was Scanlon, but her grandmother is not given, which is suspicious seeing that her grandfather is given. Anyway, we see Elvis on major TV programs three times in three months, at a time when TV was in its infancy.

We are told the ratings were very high for these shows, but we now know ratings are manufactured to suit the suits.

If they want the ratings to be high, they are high. This also applies to the record charts, which we are told Presley was ruling at the time.

Remember, these charts weren’t even based on sales. They were based on radio play. Billboard was always based on radio play, and of course that was determined by DJs.

Well, who determined what the DJs would play?

It is implied that this was determined by call-in requests, but that isn’t true. DJs don’t receive enough requests to base their overall playlists on that.

Do you think they have time to record every request and then make charts from them? Of course not. I have been a DJ and I can tell you it isn’t done.

Back in the day, they would certainly play some requests, but the day’s playlists were not based on them. Most DJs based their playlists on the charts, so we have already gone circular there.

You can’t base the lists on the charts and base the charts on the lists.

So, logically, the charts must have been determined in some other way. Like everything else, they just make them up. Who is “they”? People hired by the big record companies, with the input of Intelligence and various other agencies.

In other words, it is all top-down.

You are sold the idea it is bottom-up, with buyers determining popularity. But that isn’t the way it happens. Buyers are controlled from the top-down, told what to buy via these manufactured charts and sales figures.

People buy what they like to only a limited extent. In large part, people buy what they think their neighbors are buying, to look cool. So if the charts tell them their neighbors like Elvis, they will try to like him, too. This is Sales101, perfected by people like Edward Bernays.

Now, who wrote Elvis’ songs?

Well, we learn that Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock, Loving You, Don’t, and Love Me Tender were written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Both were Jewish. Both were born in 1933. Note the date.

Stoller was born 3/13/33. Odd. I suggest the date was made up.

Although Ed Sullivan had claimed Elvis was not fit for TV in June, by September 1956 he had booked him for three shows. I would bet Ed Sullivan was Jewish, although he is sold as Irish.

And we find very quickly he was married to a Jewish woman, Sylvia Weinstein. He grew up in a Jewish section of Harlem. Sullivan’s ancestry past his parents has been scrubbed at Geni. [Ed Sullivan had a twin brother who is said to have died young].

That’s curious, wouldn’t you say? So there may have also been two of him. Oi. One of Sullivan’s most frequently recurring acts was Rickie Layne, a ventriloquist with a little Yiddish dummy named Velvel.

Another often recurring guest was comedian Myron Cohen. In 1958, Sullivan introduced Israeli dancer Yonatan Karmon. Karmon did not audition for Sullivan in the US. Instead, Sullivan went to Israel looking for acts.

Why would he do that if he were not Jewish?

Not enough talent in the US?

Did Sullivan ever go to Ireland looking for acts? Not that we know of.

We are sold the idea Sullivan was an anti-Semite, calling Shecky Greene “a dirty Jew sonofabitch”, but that was just theater. If Sullivan had really been an anti-Semite, would he have married a Jewish woman?

Of course not.

Sullivan was involved with the United Jewish Appeal. If you take that link, notice who else was there in June of 1967: Bobby Kennedy.

There was a show up this summer at the Jewish Museum in New York City called Revolution of the Eye that gives you the clue about Sullivan.

Here is what it says at the website:

Revolution of the Eye: Modern Art and the Birth of American Television is the frst exhibition to explore how avant-garde art infuenced and shaped the look and content of network television in its formative years, from the late 1940s to the mid-1970s. During this period, the pioneers of American television—many of them young, Jewish, and aesthetically adventurous—had adopted modernism as a source of inspiration.

Revolution of the Eye looks at how the dynamic new medium, in its risk-taking and aesthetic experimentation, paralleled and embraced cutting-edge art and design.

Highlighting the visual revolution ushered in by American television and modernist art and design of the 1950s and 1960s, Revolution of the Eye features fne art and graphic design, including works by Saul Bass, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp, Allan Kaprow, Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray, Eero Saarinen, Ben Shahn, and Andy Warhol, as well as ephemera, television memorabilia, and clips from flm and television, including Batman, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, and The Twilight Zone.

Looks like we have found another propaganda museum, like the Newseum we looked at in my paper on the Unabomber.

And the Jewish Museum is pretty much admitting Sullivan was Jewish there. They are giving you an obvious clue. Elvis had a second album out by October of 1956, the second of that year.

His first motion picture was released in November: Love Me Tender. That’s right, I said released, not shot.

How did he have time to shoot it while touring all over the country and appearing on TV every week? There would have to be two of him, right? Yep, we are back to that.

In my opinion, Elvis’ schedule from November 1955, when he signed with RCA, to November 1956 is simply not credible for one human being. It is barely credible for two. That means we have to seriously consider a living twin.

But can we find direct evidence of that twin? Yep. We just go to the photos and look for signs.

Our first sign is that there are no easy signs. There are hundreds of photos of Elvis on the web, but if we are to believe them, he didn’t have one mark on his entire face or neck. Not one mole, not one pimple, not one freckle, not one scar.

The retouchers have been incredibly thorough, which leads us to believe they are hiding something. We’ll see how good they are. They have never beaten me. My eye is too good.

To start with, they missed this one:

See the two little freckles on the side of his nose? This is at least proof they have heavily retouched all the others.

And that is proof they are hiding something important. So they are forcing me to find something not as obvious as moles or scars.

It turns out the twins had slightly different noses. Only one of them had that flat nose. The other one had a slightly sharper nose.

In answer, you will tell me Presley had a nose job; so to prove this to you, I will have to find a sharp-nose picture that predates a flat-nose picture.

Try to follow me on this: if he had the sharp nose before the flat nose, it cannot be explained by a nose job.

It indicates twins.

That is an early sharp-nose Elvis. It has also not been well retouched, since we can see a couple of things. There is a mole below his mouth to your left, and a small scar above the eyebrow.

But it isn’t dated, so it isn’t of much use in that regard. Here is paydirt:

Younger Elvis, older Elvis. Sharp nose, flat nose. Do you really think he got a nose job to make his nose flatter?

A very early sharp-nose Elvis.

You see what it looked like from the side. And here is a slightly fat Elvis with the chin mole and the sharp nose.

Are you getting a feel for it?

Or I should say, them?

The sharp-nose Elvis with the mole and scar is the main Elvis. He is very slightly better looking and probably was the better performer as well. I will call him Elvis.

The twin is Aron, and I believe that was his real name. We are told it was Jesse Garon, but that is a fudge.

It may have been Jesse Aron, but he went by Aron. We aren’t dealing with Elvis Aron Presley. We are dealing with Elvis and Aron Presley. This is a famous picture of Aron:

The way to recognize Aron is the big Jay Leno chin when he smiles. Elvis had less of that going on. Aron is the one who married Priscilla. He also went into the Army, since Elvis had records to make.

His name is also more indication of the Jewish status of the twins. Jews sometimes spell the name Aron, but when it is used by Gentiles, it is almost always spelled Aaron.

Elvis or Aron? Flat nose, long chin, no mole: Aron.

The wedding photos are also a good place to go to see the difference. It is clear we are looking at Aron.
The older the twins get, the less they look alike.

Do you see how Aron is starting to look a little monstrous there, with his face getting bigger and more Jay Leno-ish?

You will say Elvis was just aging, and had gained a little weight, but the twins were only 32 in 1967. They shouldn’t have been aging much at that point. And Aron isn’t fat yet. He is just developing his own look, which isn’t exactly like Elvis.

That’s Elvis in 1973, at age 38, still thin and angular. He was taking pretty good care of himself. Only Aron was going downhill at that time. Elvis was not.

See, Elvis is no longer identical to Aron.

He has taken better care of himself, apparently.

Addendum, December 28, 2015: Surprisingly, this paper is turning out to be popular with a certain segment of Elvis fans, who don’t mind that he was used for a Intel project. They just like getting new, interesting information, whatever it is.

Well, these fans have pointed me to some other indications I am right about the twins. They reminded me Elvis did not one but two movies where we see indication of twins. First, Kissin’ Cousins, where one of the twins was blond. 

Then, Double Trouble, where we see two Elvises on the theatrical poster. 

I don’t offer that as proof of anything, but it is curious. I have looked at a few scenes from Kissin’ Cousins, and it appears they are using a split screen, but it is possible they used both twins nonetheless, using the apparent split screen to mask what they were doing. Someone needs to study the film closely, and I haven’t done that yet. I will have to get back to you.

But do we have any documentary evidence for the twins, beyond the allegedly dead twin Jesse Garon?

We do. There were actually two birth certificates issued for Elvis Presley, one dated January 10 and one dated January 12.

On one he is listed as Elvis Aaron Presley; on the other, Elvis Aron Presley. Even more curious, both certificates survived. In the 1992 Bill Bixby documentary The Elvis Files [See video below minute 12:50] they show photographs of both birth certificates.

This makes no sense. They tell us the parents realized Aron was spelled wrong on the first one and requested a correction, but if that had been true, the doctor would have destroyed the first one when he presented them with the second.

We could not have a picture of it. This is solid documentary evidence of a hoax, as well as of two surviving twins.

We can now take this discovery back to the Beatles, who my readers tell me had doubles.

Maybe they did. But I suggest we should ask first if they were twins.

Maybe Paul didn’t die and he wasn’t replaced. He simply had a twin we haven’t been told about. No one has thought of that, have they?

Or, maybe someone has, but it isn’t one of the primary alternative theories.

This discovery of twins may also help us unwind the death of Elvis Aron Presley.

Did one of them die in 1977?

Or both?

Or neither?

We will see when we get there. But first, let’s take a quick look at Priscilla Beaulieu.

We are told that her father, a USAF officer, was transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany in about 1957. However, we are then told the family stayed at the Helene Hotel for three months when they arrived.

What? The Army didn’t arrange a place for their officer and his family to live?

You would expect them to be living on base, or at an arranged site nearby. In no case would the Army expect an officer to live in a hotel for three months. So we are being fed another story.

To continue this ridiculous story, the family soon moved out of the hotel and into an apartment that they later found out was a brothel. But due to scarce housing they were forced to remain there.

Right. Not believable in the least.

Neither is the way they met.

We are told a 14-year-old Priscilla met Elvis at a party in his home in Bad Nauheim. But Wiesbaden was more than thirty miles away, on the other side of Frankfurt.

Priscilla was not old enough to drive and we are told she was unaccompanied by her parents. This was 1959, and officers were not accustomed to allowing their 14-year-old daughters to go unaccompanied to adult parties 30 miles away.

This whole thing stinks of another set-up. We are told Priscilla’s parents held her back from Elvis until she was 17, at which time they allowed her to travel to Graceland. Priscilla’s parents allowed her to go only if Elvis would pay for a first-class round trip, arrange for her to be chaperoned at all times, and that she write home every day.

The things they expect you to believe!

We are supposed to believe Priscilla’s parents were idiots, I guess. Why wouldn’t THEY arrange for her to be chaperoned at all times? An even better question is why her Mom didn’t just travel with her. That is what you would expect in such a situation. If Mom couldn’t go, they would get an aunt or an older cousin or something. But instead we are expected to believe Elvis is going to hire his own chaperone!

We are then told Priscilla was allowed to move to Graceland, but she couldn’t marry Elvis until she graduated from an all-girls Catholic school nearby.

She was supposed to live with Elvis’ dad and stepmom. Of course she spent all her time sleeping with Elvis, and nobody seemed to care. They admit that. I don’t know what the age of consent was in Tennessee at the time, but in many states that would be illegal.

Or, I should say, she spent her time with Aron. Elvis was in Hollywood sleeping with Ann Margret. Aron didn’t marry Priscilla until 1967, so they lived in sin for about five years.

We are told Priscilla’s dad threatened Elvis with the Mann Act—transporting underage persons across state lines for sexual purposes—but it didn’t require him to press charges.

The State or the Feds should have done it themselves as soon as Priscilla arrived from Germany. They were well aware it was happening. And this story itself implies the age of consent in Tennessee at the time must have been 18: otherwise the Mann Act could not have been in effect… Priscilla was 17.

Clearly, Priscilla was procured for Aron, although we can’t say precisely how. It looks like her entire early bio is a fabrication, since none of it makes a lick of sense.

Eventually he had to marry her, since she became pregnant. It is no coincidence that she got pregnant “right after” they got married.

I suggest that is why they got married. The mainstream bios admit Elvis didn’t want to get married but “didn’t have a choice”.

When Presley returned in 1960, Parker put him immediately into Hollywood, where he stayed for most of the decade. That makes no sense, given his alleged ability to make money with records.

He is supposed to have sold 75 million records by February of 1961. From 1964 to 1968 he had only one top-ten hit, and that is because he was spending all his time making lousy movies and lousier soundtracks.

Sounds like terrible promotion to me, if your primary goal is making money. But their primary goal was not making money. It was propaganda, and movies were a far better vehicle for propaganda than records.

Elvis movies were all about propaganda delivery.

We see that clearly from his first, Love Me Tender. It continually black-washes the Confederate Army, which wasn’t really necessary in 1956, seeing that the war had been over for about 90 years.

Jailhouse Rock” is another propaganda film, since it is full of pushed information. Elvis kills a man and only serves 18 months. Later he slaps a producer around violently but isn’t arrested for assault.

But the most amusing thing about the movie is the lyrics to the title song:

Number forty-seven said to number three
You’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see
I sure would be delighted with your company
Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me.

Do you see the problem?

They don’t mix the sexes in a jail block, so #47 and #3 are both men.

Elvis is saying to another man: “you’re the cutest jailbird I ever did see”.

Also notice the numbers they chose there. 1947 is year one of the CIA. And they love the number 3, as we know.

Between late 1960 and early 1968, Elvis did not appear on TV once. This is strange, considering the blitz before he was drafted. I suggest it is because they no longer had two Elvises to work with.

Aron had apparently already retired to Graceland, where he spent all his time eating and playing with

Elvis spent all his time in Hollywood and in the studio.

There was no time left over for TV.

OK, I think that is enough from the bio. Now let’s look at the alleged death.

To read the clues, we have to go back to the photographic evidence of twins we saw above. We saw that Elvis looked great at least until about 1974. Well, if Elvis was still healthy in the mid-70s, why end the project? Even if Aron actually died in 1977, Elvis was still alive, so why end the project?

Because it was no longer going in the direction they wanted.

Elvis had turned himself into a straight performer, and he wasn’t willing to do the propaganda anymore. The silly movies were over, and the playing to teenage girls was over, and other younger performers were then far better at spreading sexual confusion and chaos.

In the mid-70s, even the Beatles were too straight and old-fashioned, and Intel had moved on to punk and metal and so on.

Remember, Lennon was also retired at age 40, at about the same time and for the same reasons. As we saw in my paper on Lennon, a second reason they retire these guys at around 40 is that they are a big expense.

Their upkeep is enormous, and if they aren’t bringing in huge receipts, it isn’t worth it. We must imagine the upkeep of the twins was twice as much, since Aron wasn’t making a dime.

As long as these guys were alive, they had to appear to live like the super-wealthy, to keep up the charade. Apparently Intelligence wasn’t willing to keep shoveling that money into the project.

With the twins legally dead, they could make money from the project without spending so much. The death would act as publicity, boosting the earnings, and costs would be at the same time cut drastically.

To achieve this, they brought Aron out of semi-retirement and told Elvis to make himself scarce. By then, Aron was fat and sick, though probably not from drugs. I think he may have had some sort of disease or temporary illness that caused the weight gain and so on, but we will probably never know.

Fat Elvis may even have been a third person. Intel also planted stories in the press about drug use, as cover. They had already planned this more than a year in advance.

Remember, Elvis’ bodyguards supposedly wrote a tell-all book about the drug use. That isn’t believable, since those guys had always been very loyal.

That book was obviously written by the spooks as cover for the upcoming death or faked death. Insiders had been saying for years that Elvis was a straight arrow, refusing all drugs (see the testimony of Elvira, for instance).

He wouldn’t even smoke pot. That’s probably why he still looked so good in 1973. You will ask me why I believe someone like Elvira, and that is why. I know how he looked, and you don’t look that good at 38 by doing piles of drugs.

I may be asked why Elvis went along with it.

He didn’t have any choice. He was the creation of higher powers and he lived and died at their discretion. If they were going to fake his death and retire him, there wasn’t much he could do about it.

They had control of the press, not him. If they now wanted 100% of receipts instead of 78%, there was nothing he could do about it. If they wanted to cut him out of future royalties and so on, there was nothing he could do about it.

The best he could hope to do is go quietly and hope they would continue to take care of him as an ex-asset. Which they did, I assume.

He didn’t continue to live at Graceland, of course, but there were other nearby ranches they admit to. At Wikipedia, they admit on Priscilla’s page that there was a Presley ranch just across the border into Mississippi.

Following the reception, Elvis and Priscilla boarded a private jet and enjoyed a short honeymoon in Palm Springs.[20] On May 4, they few back to Memphis and retreated to their private ranch, just over the Mississippi state line, for a three-week break. [24] [Guralnick, 1999, p. 261]

And there were many other ex-agent retreats for Elvis in the Yucatan, South America, Hawaii, etc. It wasn’t like he didn’t have anywhere to go.

So did anyone die on August 16?

Did Aron die?

I doubt it. The date looks like a choice of Intelligence, not an accidental date.

Here are a few things that happened on August 16:

  • 1886, Ramakrishna died.
  • 1888, Lawrence of Arabia born.
  • 1929, Palestine Riots, 133 Jews killed.
  • 1948, Babe Ruth died.

Note the number of Jews killed, which includes the number 33. This indicates a faked event.

If Aron didn’t get cured, he probably isn’t still alive, but Elvis may still be alive. In fact, I assume he is.

It looks like they even allowed Elvis to continue to perform occasionally, pretending he was an impersonator.

As we have seen, John Lennon did the same thing, actually appearing on TV as a John Lennon impersonator. See the 2007 ‘Next Best Thing‘, where Lennon got second impersonating himself.

With Elvis, it appears that he stood in occasionally for several of his best impersonators, including the infamous Orion. With that, notice the similarity between the words Orion and Aron. That’s how they came up with that. Orion may have been Aron, but I assume he was Elvis.

I will be told Orion didn’t look like Elvis, and on the covers of the albums that is true.

That obviously isn’t Elvis, since the mouth is wrong. Not even close. They hired some guy named Jimmy Ellis to be the front for Orion, and he probably performed as Orion most of the time.

So most people will see that and think Orion isn’t Elvis. However, since Orion performed in a mask, it was easy for Elvis to take over for Ellis whenever he wished, and few would be the wiser.

* What Miles would not have been aware of at the time of writing is how the Orion Belt is now being touted in the press and on TV at every available opportunity, indicating that it has great importance to the Monsters… Just sayin’ – Spiv

As Elvis got older and stopped looking so much like his younger self, it was even easier to take over for impersonators. The real Elvis could put on make-up and style his hair to look like the impersonator, rather than to look like himself, you see.

So I assume there were several impersonators that the real Elvis stood in for occasionally.

That said, most of the other alternate theories about Elvis are planted. Some of them give you a certain amount of truth, but then dump you off out in the bushes nonetheless.

Notice that none of them tell you about twins or the fact that Elvis was a project from the start. None of them give you the right reading of all the clues.

For instance, a prominent theory is that Elvis’ death had to be faked because he was working for the DEA.


You should know the story is false when they start talking about all the mobsters Elvis put in jail, working for his country. We know that is false because the mob doesn’t exist anymore.

Even in the 1970’s, the mob or mafia was a thing of the past. They made hundreds of mafia movies like The Godfather to convince you the mafia was still around, but it had been taken over by the government decades earlier. The last mop-up on the mob was done in the early 1960’s by the Kennedy’s.

After that, the mob was just a front for the CIA. Anytime after about 1963 that you see the word “mafia” or “mob”, you can substitute “Intelligence”.

All the top sites now pushing the Elvis is Alive theory are diversions. Thepresleyassignment.com is a diversion for the reason I just gave you. They are pushing the mob angle.

Also notice the title of the site, which includes “assignment”. This website is an Intel assignment, and its purpose is misdirection. They don’t care if you think Elvis is alive, but they don’t want you to unwind any of the rest of it.

The truth black-washes Intelligence, and these sites whitewash government agencies, you see.

The same is true of whatculture.com, which comes up first on my computer on the search “elvis is alive”. They claim to give you the 11 top pieces of evidence Elvis didn’t die in 1977, but all 11 are spun.

As we have seen, these aren’t the top 11 bits of evidence, even unspun.

Much better evidence exists, but this site doesn’t repeat any of it.

For instance, they lead with the photo of Elvis supposedly behind Muhammed Ali. But anyone can tell that doesn’t look like Elvis at all. The photo is an obvious paste-up, and the picture of Elvis has eyebrows that are way too full. It looks more like Jim Morrison than it does Elvis.

Then they give you the pool-house door photo, which is also purposely faked and bad. There are probably hundreds of suppressed photos of Elvis that people have taken over the years, but they give you this piece of crap over and over.

Their #1 bit of evidence is Jon Burrows allegedly taking a flight to Buenos Aires. Given the misdirection in the first 10 bits, I would look for Elvis anywhere except Buenos Aires.

The Bill Bixby documentary from 1992 is an earlier example of misdirection of the same sort.

All these newer sites sprang from the theory promoted there. Since Bixby is a mainstream actor, you can be sure this short film wasn’t made to tell you the truth. Notice that it is an LBS production.

What does LBS stand for? Langley Bull Shit? This film The Elvis Files is one of the earliest to sell the idea that Elvis was working for the FBI or DEA.

However, the documentary is worth watching nonetheless, since it can be unwound like anything else. In his opening introduction, Bixby says some very strange things. He starts off by quoting F. Scott Fitzgerald:

“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in ones mind at the same time”.

He doesn’t tell you that after watching this film you will be convinced Elvis didn’t die that day; no, he says, “we think that by the end of our program you will be able to hold two opposing ideas in your mind”.

That’s curious, isn’t it?

They admit that the point of all this is not to tell you the truth, but to plant two opposing views in your mind.

You may be interested to know that Fitzgerald’s quote is truncated. The full quote is “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in ones mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function”.

However, most people do not have a first-rate intelligence, do they?

By definition, not everyone can be first-rate. Most people cannot hold two opposing ideas and retain the ability to function. Which is precisely why this film is giving them two opposing views and asking them to keep both: so that they will be unable to function as critical beings.

The controllers admit the point of their psy-op as they are psy-oping you. Bixby is actually hypnotizing his audience.

Here is a riddle that may be on the wall at Langley:

what hides the truth better than a false story?

The answer:

Two false stories.

What hides the truth better than two false stories? Two false stories that appear to oppose one another completely. Most people will see two opposing stories and think all possibilities have been covered.

That is because most people think in a linear fashion. On a line, you only have two opposing ends of the line. But if you think of ideas in a circle, you realize that two opposing points on the circle are just two points, one at 12 and one at 6, say.

The truth may be at 3 or 9 or 7 or 4.5.

That is what we have seen in all my papers. They sell you a mainstream story at 12, and then come back with an alternative story at 6; but you forget that the truth may be neither one.

I have shown the truth is always hiding at a third number.

In the documentary, Maria Columbus, allegedly the head of the oldest Presley fan club, tells us that she phoned Graceland right after the death asking to talk to Elvis’ father Vernon. She says that about 30 minutes later, Vernon called her back personally.

Right. Not believable. Vernon is going to take the time to call some nest of fans that day? No way.

She also says they got hold of the inventory of Elvis’ estate with a few months.

Why would the inventory of Elvis’ estate be made available to a fan club?

Gail Brewer-Giorgio also appears in the documentary. She is the one who tells us about Aron v. Aaron. She then gives another cloaked clue. She tells us Elvis was interested in numerology and that the name Aron added to 8 while Aaron added to 9.

This is a clue not for the reason she says, but because it is another pointer to Intelligence. Intelligence loves the number 8. We have seen that many times in recent papers, and I even told you why: it is the first Fibonacci number that is a perfect cube.

That is the mathematical reason, and there are others, but like the number 33, the number 8 is a well-known Intel number. They use it in the James Bond movies, as we just saw in my paper on Spectre (see OCTOpussy, for another example).

Next in the documentary, we hear from The Presley Arrangement author Monte Nicholson. He is introduced as an investigator with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. This should ring a bell in your head, since we have seen that title come up recently with the faked death of Kurt Cobain.

Tom Grant, also said to be an investigator with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept, has been a primary alternative theorist in the death of Cobain, selling the opposing view that Cobain was murdered.

He did with Cobain what Nicholson is doing with Presley: selling an opposing theory and thereby creating confusion.

You should find it strange to find the LA Sheriff’s Dept. involved in both of these similar stories. You will only make sense of it by reading my long paper on the Tate/Manson murder, where I show that all law enforcement in LA, and indeed the Western world, is under the thumb of the CIA.

Intelligence can plant stories from anywhere, but we have seen they like to plant stories from the LA Sheriff’s Department, since it sounds both official and impressive.

That photo is from my Tate paper, and it shows the Sheriff’s department at the Spahn Ranch.

Ed Sanders admitted in his 1971 book The Family that those Sheriff’s department uniforms were faked, since the tag was simply sewn on the back of the shirts.

Anyway, we are told that Monte Nicholson wrote his book based on one meeting with an unnamed source who provided him with no documentation.

This source showed him photos of a black helicopter, apparently, but we have no proof of that beyond Nicholson’s word. According to the Bixby documentary, both the man and the photos “have since disappeared”.

Despite that, somehow Nicholson found a mainstream publisher and his book was widely distributed through “a major bookstore chain”. The publisher was Vantage, indeed a major publisher.

It was also a CIA front, founded in 1949. It was called a vanity publisher, but its vanity clients were just fronts.

Most of its publications were CIA publications.

Want proof?

  • A View from the Trenches: Memoirs of a CIA Case Officer, Glenn M. Hunt, 2006.
  • I was an American Spy, Sidney Mashbir, 1953.
  • Peace Bridge, Werner Low, 1975 (novel about a CIA agent).
  • Cuba Betrayed, Fulgencio Batista, 1962.
  • Bighouse Banter, Lew York, 1953 (fake prison narratives).
  • We Can’t Run Away from Here, Robert Martin, 1958 (fake Ku Klux Klan murders).
  • With My Shoes Off, Katherine G. Howard, 1977 (Howard was the daughter of Joseph L. Graham, COB of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company: do you really think she needed a vanity publisher?).
  • Across the Pond, Michael McCormick, 1994 (about the Vietnam War).
  • Visitors from Lanulos, Woodrow Derenberger, 1971 (fake UFO sighting).
  • Such Things are Known, Dorothy Burdick, 1982 (claims the government is brainwashing ordinary citizens electronically in their homes:
    she claims she is the sister of an MIT researcher on the H-bomb; Alex Constantine has interviewed her).

Vantage was bought in 2009 by David Lamb and then shut down in 2012, allegedly due to lack of liquidity.

David Lamb is a big investment banker, now a partner at STM Advisers in NY. He is a Harvard man. In 2009 he was also involved with GSL Publishing Associates, which “oversaw the sale of Arcade Publishing that year (it became an imprint of Skyhorse).

Some of Arcade’s biggest titles include:

  • Templars: The History and the Myth: from Solomon’s Temple to the Freemasons (2008);
  • The Freemasons, A History of the World’s Most Secret Society (2001);
  • Secret Societies: Inside the World’s Most Notorious Organizations (2006);
  • Auschwitz, a Doctor’s Eyewitness Account (2011).

Curious, no?

Well, David Lamb was also a director of VSS Intelligence, which provides detailed historical data and estimates for more than 100 component businesses in the Information, Communications, Media, and Entertainment space.


But back to Monte Nicholson and Bill Bixby.

Monte tells us that his book and Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s book Orion were disappearing from bookstore shelves. He tells us the books were being suppressed (stolen).

Of course this is pretty hard to believe, since the major chain bookstores have tight security, with cameras and electronic door monitors.

If the government wished to suppress these books, it would do so at the publisher, not at the bookstore. When Brewer-Giorgio comes on for her interview, the story changes, since according to her men-in-suits were coming in and buying all stock.

That isn’t the same as “disappearing”.

The books simply weren’t being restocked. She implies this was on order of the same men-in-suits. But why would they have stocked the books in the first place?

If the publisher was being pressured not to restock, why not back up a step and simply order the publisher not to publish it in the first place?

Why this after-the-fact suppression when the government is perfectly capable of stopping any publication from the start?

The very fact that Brewer-Giorgio got a major publisher to start with and got on so many major TV shows means the government had no interest in suppressing her… It indicates they were promoting her.

She wasn’t on local cable access shows, she was on Nightline, Oprah, and Larry King, three top spook mouthpieces.

So we can be sure she is misdirecting. She is misdirecting exactly like the other alternative sources are misdirecting: she is telling you a lot of truth (including the fact that Elvis is alive) but then diverting you into all the wrong conclusions.

For instance, I think some of the things you learn on the Bill Bixby documentary are true.

Obviously, I am confirming that Elvis did not die on August 16, 1977. I also think it is possible the 1981 tape of Elvis is genuine. But right after we listen to the tape in the documentary, we fast-track immediately into the Elvis-as-FBI informer story.

Within the first few words, the hippies and black panthers are black-washed. This reminds us of the mainstream history, which tells us Elvis didn’t like the Beatles, the hippies, or the drug culture.

That’s pretty hard to believe, considering those things were just other creations of Intelligence, like Elvis.

He had to have known that, and his disagreements with the Beatles were just manufactured controversies, to help them both sell more records.

What that means is that the Bixby documentary and later FBI or DEA stories about Elvis were created to once again black-wash the left and any real progressives. Notice that in the letter Elvis allegedly sent to Nixon, he tells Nixon he admires him. They are turning Elvis into a conservative narc.

Even after his alleged death, he is being used for propaganda.

Well, since I have now exposed Elvis as an Intel project from the beginning, why am I denying that he would work for the fascists like this after 1977?

Well, he couldn’t become an FBI or DEA informer and spend a year on an island in a beard, could he? That’s one of the things we learn from the 1981 Elvis tape, remember?

In the documentary, we hear long excerpts from the tape, and Elvis tells us he was hiding out with a beard on an island for a year and in Europe for two years and so on.

He isn’t talking about becoming a narc. So the Bixby documentary contradicts itself in spectacular fashion. If the Elvis tape is genuine, then it blows their entire story.

If it isn’t, then they have just lost what they call their best bit of evidence.

Another problem is they show the memo to Nixon recommending he work with Elvis, and it says in part:

“PURPOSE: to thank Elvis Presley for his offer to help us in trying to stop the drug epidemic in this country and to ask him to work with us in bringing a more positive attitude to young people throughout the country.”

Nothing there about hiring Elvis as an FBI informant.

But clearly this memo is misdirection, since we now know the government never had any desire to stop the drug epidemic or to create a positive attitude in young people.

In fact, entire projects from those years have been partly declassified, including COINTELPRO and CHAOS, which promoted just the opposite.

The drug epidemic was created by the government in order to short-circuit any meaningful resistance, and all positive attitudes in the young have likewise been obliterated, since they were found to interfere with sales.

Unhappy people buy far more useless products.

So Elvis could not have been hired to do something they weren’t doing.

He might possibly have been hired after 1977 to infiltrate anti-war groups or anti-corporate groups or anti-CIA groups, but he couldn’t have been hired to infiltrate the mob, since it didn’t exist. And he couldn’t have been hired to
infiltrate drug pushers, since they were already working for the CIA and the DEA.

We are then told Elvis allowed a secret agent to infiltrate his road crew from 1974 to 1976. But you now see how ridiculous that sounds. Everyone around Elvis was a secret agent and always had been, back to his birth.

Then we get the absurd story of Frederick Peter Pro, supposedly the member of an organized crime unit called the Fraternity.

The Fraternity? The scriptwriters here are showing an obvious lack of imagination.

Nothing we are told about this alleged con makes any sense and we have no documentation that any of these meetings ever took place… It reads like a bad cover story.

Since Elvis had been his entire life under the protection of the US Government—the largest criminal organization in the world—he had absolutely nothing to fear from some two-bit made-up group of 30 con-men called the Fraternity.

Supposing such a group existed—which it didn’t—the CIA could have mopped them up in a matter of hours. Do you think small secret groups like this would dare to take out a hit on a CIA agent?

Well, think of Elvis as a top agent or asset, which is what he was from birth.

Although they were retiring him, he was still theirs. There is simply no way such a group would target someone like Elvis or his father, or that they would pose as a danger to him… Elvis was way too protected.

Bill Bixby ends the documentary by admitting exactly that: Elvis is incredibly well protected.

Well, why would he be more protected after 1977 than before?

Why better protected from the Fraternity on some island or in Europe than at Graceland?

Why better protected in a beard than not in a beard?

If these guys in the Fraternity are such smart conmen, and powerful enough to elude the US Government, don’t you think they could see through a faked death, spot Elvis in a beard, or find him on an island?

The whole story is ludicrously bad, and is a further clue of misdirection. The entire Fraternity story refutes itself and in refuting itself puts the lie to the whole documentary.

Elvis and Aron both lived on, but they did not live on as active agents, fighting the mob.

They also did not live on in a witness protection program, as such, since they weren’t witnesses to anything beyond their own project. They were protected, but no more and no less than they had always been protected.

They were simply retired, like thousands of other prominent assets, including:

  • John Lennon,
  • Marilyn Monroe,
  • Jim Morrison,
  • Janis Joplin,
  • Sharon Tate,
  • Jimi Hendrix,
  • John Reed,
  • Jack London,
  • River Phoenix,
  • Tupac Shakur,
  • BIG,
  • Kurt Cobain,
  • James Dean,
  • Paul Walker,
  • Robin Williams,
  • John Belushi,
  • Natalie Wood,
  • William Holden,
  • Chris Kyle,
  • George Reeves,
  • Nicole Simpson,
  • Brittany Murphy,
  • Bruce Lee,
  • Grace Kelly,
  • Princess Diana,
  • Michael Jackson,
  • Heath Ledger,

and many many others.

Every famous person I have researched so far has been part of some hoax, so my assumption now is that almost every famous person who died early or mysteriously has faked it for some reason.

That should also be your default assumption.

Rather than assume what you are being told by the mainstream is true, you should assume it is false. If they tell you it is day, assume it is night.

*In my paper on the Tate murders, I showed you that Manson was also Jewish, his grandmother being named Gladys Kline. Kline is just a variation of Klein.

** Gunaratna, Rohan. Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror.