Election Subjection


Christopher Spivey


You really do have to be some kind of cunt to vote for the shower of shit who are standing in the election next week… Well, those who stand a chance of winning their seats anyway.

They are all evil, corrupted keepers of the faith and should be up in court instead of enjoying the privilege that most of us will never attain.

I mean, how the fuck can anyone take the Zionist Ed Willieband seriously?

The man – and I use the term “man” very loosely – is that out of touch with your average joe that he doesn’t even know how to eat a bacon sandwich… A bacon fucking sandwich for crying out loud.

Dog give me strength.


Neither is the Rothschild, hard-drinking, plane crashing, love child, Nigel Farage any better. Indeed his gang of reprobates are made up of MP’s who couldn’t cut it with the big boys, racist scumbags, transvestites, paedophiles & necrophiles:

Was David Cameron too kind when he described the United Kingdom Independence Party as being made up of “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”?

Olly Neville, who was the leader of Ukip’s youth wing until earlier this month, has written an article in defence of sexual intercourse with dead bodies.

“What is wrong with necrophilia?” is the title of the piece, which he wrote for the Backbencher, a “libertarian” online magazine. Source


Sick fuck Olly Nevile

And then there is the obnoxious Kerry Smith:

A leading UKIP member has quit as a parliamentary candidate after a phone call featuring apparent homophobic and racist remarks was leaked to a newspaper.

Kerry Smith stood down as candidate for the Essex seat of South Basildon and East Thurrock tonight after the Mail on Sunday was passed a tape of a phone conversation in which he was said to have mocked ‘poofters’ when discussing the formation of a UKIP LGBT group.

He also reportedly referred to a woman from an Asian background as ‘a chinky’.

In a statement, Mr Smith said: ”I have this evening offered my resignation as the Ukip PPC for South Basildon and East ThurrockSource


Kerry ‘piggy’ Smith (centre)

And lets not forget the letch, Jason Smith:

Another member of UKIP has stirred up a fresh sleaze scandal for Nigel Farage’s party after offering to pay for a woman’s holiday if she slept with him.

In a string of messages sent openly by Bradford South candidate Jason Smith on hisFacebook page to an unnamed woman, he begs to see her in a bikini.

And when she says she can squeeze into his holiday suitcase, he responds by inviting her along, writing: “As long as I can sleep with you.”

When the Sunday Mirror contacted Mr Smith, 43, he shrugged off the incident, saying: “We all do it.”

It is the latest controversy to hit UKIP after general secretary Roger Bird, 41, was accused of sexually harassing Natasha Bolter, 35.

And of course Frank ‘no bollocks’ Maloney was the 2004 UKIP candidate for London Mayor:

During the London mayoral election campaign of 2004, Maloney was the UKIP candidate and was criticised for comments about lesbian and gay people.

These included the explanation that a failure to campaign in Camden was because there were “too many gays”. Maloney later attempted to justify these remarks, telling the BBC “I don’t want to campaign around gays…I don’t think they do a lot for society…what I have a problem with is them openly flaunting their sexuality.”

James Davenport, chairman of Gay Conservatives, called for Maloney’s resignation as a UKIP candidate, saying “Frank Maloney is a dangerous extremist and should resign or be sacked as UKIP’s candidate for London mayor. UKIP must back or sack their homophobic candidate”. Source


As for the Liberal party leader, Nick ‘the lot’ Clegg?

Well apart from misusing public funds to support his wife’s favorite charity and making himself busy protecting his paedophile party members, I have spent the past 5 years wondering just what the fuck it is that Klepto Clegg does for a living.

To cut a long story short.

Indeed, anyone who keeps their eye on the ball can read the scumbags like a book.

Take Nicola Sturgeon for instance:

Nicola Sturgeon is already flying high in the opinion polls but the increasingly bullish SNP leader took to the skies today to visit a dozen key seats.

While her rivals are left to make do with battlebuses on the roads of England, Ms Sturgeon is using a helicopter which looks more the US President’s Marine One.

It comes as Labour grandee David Blunett warned a ‘tsunami’ of support for the SNP makes it all but impossible for Ed Miliband to secure an overall majority.

Polls show the SNP is on course to win every seat in Scotland, wiping out Labour along with the Lib Dems and Tories. Source

Yet I had her mark last year. The following is what I wrote in regard to Sturgeon whilst I was writing about the Glasgow bin lorry bollocks:

Why the fuck is the dozy puppet tart sat in a police control room?  Does she think that the Bin Wagon may launch its self back into life at any given fucking second and continue on with its killing spree?

However, the way that the bought & paid for First Minister has been seen here there and every-fucking-where following this non-terrorist related RTA, involving a lorry & a taxi; you don’t need to be overly clever to work out part of the reason for this government hoax.

Fuck me, Nicky S hasn’t had time to take a dump since the 22nd of December!

Mind you, fair play to her, she is very generous with other peoples money:

8:38 pm
Scottish Government will contribute to tragedy fund

The First Minister of Scotland confirmed the Scottish Government will contribute to the fund for families affected by the tragedy.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “I can confirm that the Scottish Government will match fund Glasgow City Council’s £20,000 contribution to the Queen Street appeal fund.

“It will be available to those who need it most and I would urge people affected to make use of the services available through the fund.

“This week we have, once more, seen how well Glasgow has pulled together to support those in need, which is why it is so heartening to hear that so many donations have already been made to the fund – further evidence of the incredible spirit of the people of Glasgow  and of Scotland.”

Were the victims all in dire financial straits then?

Did none of them have life insurance?

Where is the fucking handing out of other peoples money to the starving and homeless in this country?


Never the less, it is a bit of a coincidence that Sturgeon met Dave Ca-Ca Moron for the first time in her capacity of Scottish First Minister exactly a week prior to the Queen Street Queer Thing taking place:

David Cameron will today invite Nicola Sturgeon to help tackle major UK-wide threats like terrorism rather than continue complaining about Scottish devolution in the wake of the separatists’ independence referendum defeat.

Speaking ahead of their first meeting since Ms Sturgeon became First Minister, he said the “big debate” is about how the powers of the UK’s devolved parliaments are exercised rather than what they are.

The Prime Minister hopes to focus on major UK-wide issues during a session of the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) at Downing Street, which will feature for the first time a briefing for the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish First Ministers from the security and intelligence services.

They will brief Ms Sturgeon, Carwyn Jones and Peter Robinson on the threat facing the UK from Isil-inspired extremism. Mr Cameron is expected to ask the devolved leaders to work with him on this and other big issues affecting the entire UK. Source

And despite the fact that last november Sturgeon talked about her plans to “throw Cameron out” of office, you can treat that headline with the contempt that it deserves.

After all, Cameron is all but finished anyway and the tough talk makes Nicky S popular with the Scottish electorate – who really, really do despise the corrupt, nonce protecting, Prime Mincer.

That would also be the thinking behind the agreement to lower the voting age in Scotland to 16 years old which the pair of fake fucks shook hands on at that first official meeting on the 15th of December:

NICOLA Sturgeon and David Cameron have reached a deal to give the Scottish Parliament power to lower the voting age in time for the 2016 election.

The Prime Minister and First Minister confirmed the move after a meeting in Downing Street on Monday morning.

Speaking in Downing Street, Sturgeon said she was “reasonably confident” the legislation would be in place in both parliaments six months before the Scottish elections.Source

Course, it is all a smoke screen.

I mean, Sturgeon may talk & act tough but that is all that it is…. An act.

SNP Party annual conference 2014

In reality, Cameron was just blowing smoke up her arse and whilst it is true to say that Slick Nic is going to be touted as being the next best thing since Iron-Bru, it won’t be achieved because she is tough… Indeed, Nic is enjoying a big up period because she is weak and that suits the real power behind the government because they will be able to walk all over her.

Hence, this old dustbin lorry fraud, being set up specifically to fool the Scot’s into thinking that she gives a fuck – she doesn’t… And in turn her puppeteers are going all out to make her seem like the tits, hence the bleeding heart, “I’ll make sure that the victims families are financially sound, here’s 20 Grand to get the ball rolling” – “I really am special and up for taking a ‘selfie’ any time, any place with anyone who asks, cos I’m down with the kids” – old bollocks.  Source

As for the Cunt Cameron?

Well the sick fuck is devoid of all morals. If nothing else that much is obvious in the way that he is quite happy to use the memory of his late son Ivan to further whatever cause will benefit him by doing so.

Yet now that his son no longer needs the 24 hour round the clock NHS care that the multi-millionaire Camerons shamelessly took advantage of, Dave the Rave has no qualms whatsoever about making unnecessary, scathing cuts to necessary services for the disabled:

As the parent to a “desperately disabled” child – as David Cameron described his son in the recently televised leadership debate – I know first hand how people find parents like me inspirational. People say they could never do it – they are wrong. I’m a parent and no different to every other parent; if your child is hurt you take care of them. That doesn’t make David or Samantha Cameron – or me – better than other parents.

But, public perceptions are important in winning elections. We’d hope a politician wouldn’t use his wife in this way in the run up to a General Election, but surely we all know some would. So the shock that some express is a bit lost on me. There is a far bigger issue at hand here. And, because his son died, major news outlets and politicians of any party shy away from discussing it.

I don’t have those qualms. 

There is something really wrong with David Cameron.

I would say that about any parent of a disabled child who would go out of their way to make the lives of other disabled children worse. There is a complete lack of compassion in the man or lack of understanding of the real world that should genuinely worry us about voting him back into power.

David Cameron not only allows but enacts legislation that hurts children. If elected again, it will only get worse. Last week, the BBC reported on a leaked document which said that the sick and disabled will bear the brunt of future Tory austerity cuts. According to them, the Tories will:

  • Restrict Carer’s Allowance 
  • Restrict Employment and Support Allowance
  • Tax disability benefits
  • Cap benefits nationally
  • Include Council Tax Support in the benefits cap
  • Restrict Child Benefit to two children

In the article, Samantha Cameron says, “[By] the end of the first year we’d both been working and Ivan needed 24-hour care. We were totally shattered and pretty much at breaking point.” Then, she said that they were “saved” when doctors noticed they were struggling and provided respite care for Ivan at night.

That respite care that the Cameron’s depended on for their sanity? Local councils are cutting that too. In my local council, Lambeth, we received word earlier this year that the vital holiday respite play scheme that May and all the other children at her special needs school use may no longer receive funding after this Easter. Last month, the Independent reported that, “More than one in three councils in England and Wales has cut spending on “portage” services for young children in the past year; one in five no longer has any service at all.”   

The government can wipe their hands of this by claiming that local councils make local decisions, but when their budgets are slashed by 40%, something’s got to go.*

Most people would not deny a “desperately disabled” little girl and her mother who has leukaemia the benefits listed above, but the image the Tory party press on the nation is not of us. Or, of Ivan and his parents. Instead, the party is happy to run Samantha Cameron’s story in a tabloid that encourages the electorate to believe that it is scroungers and liars who take advantage of the benefits above.  

So, here we are. May is six years old so she can’t hold down a job. But, her mother did, until she was diagnosed with cancer that is. She worked as a teacher for over a decade in London’s inner city schools. 


We are the real face of these cuts. 

In the article, the journalist writes, “No one can fault the compassionate credentials of a couple whose courage and devotion to their disabled son Ivan moved the entire nation…”

I can. 

This is the most shocking element to this story. Where is the compassion?  Source

The Hamster cheeked hamburger just doesn’t give a fuck about the country or the people who inhabit it.

Indeed the warped wanker also has to take the prize for patronising pratt of the year:

With an election in just seven days time, David Cameron could be expected to have only one thing on his mind.

But today the Prime Minister revealed that even he is gripped by royal baby fever, and is waiting for news on whether Kate has gone into labour.

On a rare walkabout in Wetherby, Mr Cameron shook hands with shoppers and suggested everyone wanted to know: ‘When’s the baby coming?’

How fucking condescending is that?

I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the next parasitic, test-tube sprogladite.

What bothers me is the way that the leeches, Bald Willie & Gold-Digger-Smiff have fooled the world into believing that she is pregnant.

I mean, the MSM can try pull the wool over our eyes as much as they like but Georgie boy doesn’t know his ‘parents’ from Adam

Who’s George – A Sunday Spiv Royal Tour Specialarticle-2602953-1D0A76DA00000578-909_964x708article-2602953-1D0A76EE00000578-313_470x812article-2602953-1D0A70E800000578-950_470x812article-2608748-1D366F9200000578-452_964x651

And of course Cameron doesn’t give a fuck about the election either. After all, even if he wins it he is done.

In fact you mark my words, Boris the evil Buffoon is already measuring up for new curtains at number 10.

However, Cameron has really let his true colours be known this week.

You see, he has come out in vocal support of Israel’s – now don’t laugh – right to defend itself against those nasty Palestinians… You really couldn’t make this shit up:

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Israel had a right to defend itself when it initiated Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer.

Cameron, who is in the midst of a re-election campaign, made the comments in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle due to be published on Thursday.

The prime minister said there was a clear “difference” between Gazan militant groups making “indiscriminate” attacks on Israel and the response of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), which was trying to “stop the attackers.”

He added this “reinforces” the need to stand by Israel’s “right to defend itself.”

Cameron told the Jewish Chronicle: “What I’ve seen is the attacks that take place on Israel and the indiscriminate nature of them.

As PM, putting yourself in the shoes of the Israeli people, who want peace but have to put up with these indiscriminate attacks – that reinforces to me the importance of standing by Israel and Israel’s right to defend itself.

I feel very strongly that this equivalence that sometimes people try to draw when these attacks take place is so completely wrong and unfair. Because Israel is trying defend against indiscriminate attacks, while trying to stop the attackers – and there’s such a difference between that and the nature of the indiscriminate attacks that Israel receives. I feel that very clearly. I’ve seen it very clearly as prime minister and I think it’s important to speak out about it.”

He added: “Obviously we regret the loss of life wherever it takes place, but I do think there’s an important difference – as Prime Minister Netanyahu put it: Israel uses its weapons to defend its people and Hamas uses its people to defend its weapons.”

The British prime minister has been outspoken in his support of Israel in the past.

According to Israel-based newspaper Haaretz, the consensus among Israeli diplomats in London is that “we have never had such a pro-Israel prime minister.”

In September 2011, the British government amended a universal jurisdiction law, which had been used by activists to gain an arrest warrant for war crimes against Israel’s former foreign minister Tzipi Livni in 2009.

Parliament changed the legislation so that the head of public prosecutions must give approval to a request for arrest warrants under universal jurisdiction.

Livni was given special temporary diplomatic immunity when she visited the UK last year to protect her against arrest and prosecution for alleged breaches of international law.

The coalition government’s ties to Israel go beyond politics, with Chancellor George Osborne having spent last Christmas with his family in Israel. This trip included a private visit to Netanyahu’s residence, according to Haaretz.

While Labour leader Ed Miliband has described himself as a “friend of Israel,” he was outspoken in his criticism of the country’s military operation in Gaza last year.

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And with that in mind, I will finish up where I started by saying: You really do have to be some kind of cunt to vote for the shower of shit who are standing in the election next week… Well, those who stand a chance of winning their seats anyway.

And of course a reminder of what Israel’s idea of defending itself entails.

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