Eight Policemen kick the shit out of a disabled blogger.


Chris Spivey


I received a disturbing E-mail today from a lady called Emma J Brazener.

According to Emma, her partner was arrested and beaten up by eight police officers, following his criticism of Tim Loughton MP.

Loughton started his career in the City of London as a JP. Morgan Muppet working as a  fund manager from 1984 for Fleming Private Asset Management. He become a director which lasted from 1992-2000.

He has been the MP for East Worthing and Shoreham since the 1997 general election and was the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families from 2010-2012… Hmmm.

On the plus side, Loughton did call Bald Willie Hague, ‘Baldy’ with a funny accent. He also described the Embryo as being the Tory Party’s Neil Kinnock, and said he (Hague) may cost the Tory Party votes.

On the negative side, he would appear to be racist and anti gay.

According to Wikipedia:

In March 2013 it was revealed that Loughton had been investigated and interviewed under caution in relation to a complaint made under the Malicious Communications Act from a constituent. Loughton described the experience as “humiliating” and had caused him “to lose confidence in Sussex Police. 

Later in March during a statement to the House of Commons Loughton described that he had “sacked” the constituent from “being one of his constituents” and how the constituent had described Loughton as an “arrogant, racist, lying arsehead” and that the constituent had “once stormed out of my surgery accusing me of being ‘an effing Nazi'”.

Loughton said he had referred to correspondence from the constituent as “whingeing self-serving poisonous bollocks that seems to have become your hallmark” and had referred to them as “unkempt” and that use of the word was “eminently accurate”.

The use of the word unkempt had led to the police investigation. Loughton also said he had instructed his staff to “put the phone down” and that he “will not be responding to any communications” from the constituent. Loughton later threatened legal action against the constituent to prevent the constituent from communicating with him.

In September 2012, while on an official trip to Mauritius, Loughton was described as “being on another planet” by Ian Mearns, a Labour member of the Commons education select committee, when he was photographed on a beach with a glass of wine. The criticism centred around Loughton being on a foreign trip while there was a high profile investigation into GCSEs being undertaken.

Loughton was sacked as children’s minister in the government reshuffle of September 2012. He was critical of the way he was sacked. These comments attracted criticism as it was seen as an attack on David Cameron. It was later revealed in May 2013 by the Daily Mirror that Loughton’s trip to Mauritius cost £1,445.

Obviously, alarm bells really started ringing for me when the Daily Mail stuck up for him:

MP subjected to 6-month ‘£100,000’ police racism probe for telling man he is ‘unkempt’

A former Government Minister has been subjected to a ‘humiliating’ six-month racism investigation by police after describing a voter who claims to have a Romany Gipsy background as unkempt.Read More

I am however, obviously taking Emma at face value, having only had time to give her partners blog a quick once over.

Never the less, having done so, I see no reason to disbelieve her.

Moreover, Rothschild thugs are exactly the kind of MP’s we need as much as a dose of severe piles after a flaming hot curry. 

The following is what Emma wrote in her Email:


My partner has just had a visit from 8 police officers who proceeded to kick the shit out of  him, because Tim Loughton MP doesnt like his blog… adurcalling.blogspot.co.uk/

They removed lots of paperwork regarding abuse from them etc and a voodoo doll (prezzie from his mum from New Orleans) They have taken his phone and pc,laptop etc  and trashed his home and scared his kitty  cat.

He’s in a great deal of pain, because he has spinal injuries from a snowboarding accident, hosp had him in a gown and bracelet before he knew it with suspected broken left shoulder, which is already damaged. He has involuntary movements anyway – they KNEW what they were doing.

Two officers stood on his knees, the neighbours who are friends thought he was dead because he went quiet for ages.

Locked in a cell refused phone calls because they had his mobile, but he was that mentally fucked he couldn’t remember numbers.

He asked four times to speak to solicitor. They lied and said they had, and refused a doctor unless he paid.

He asked for his neurologist to be informed but was refused.

We didnt know where he was, and one of them shit in his toilet as a nice prezzie.

He is a non violent bloke.

The local council hate him because he stands up to their law breaking and got his local MP involved.

We lost our  allotment.

I have had to move. My son goes to a special unit for medical because he was bullied so much (aspergers/heart condition).

local council get gullible neighbours to call social services on me regularly, by telling them my partners a violent criminal, he has no record whatsoever.

I can say no more, until we speak to solicitor (bail conditions).

Emma J Brazener