Eat Shit


Christopher Spivey


There is a fast-gathering-pace rumour beginning to sweep the internet that Meghan Markle was one of the infamous “yacht girls“, albeit details are at best ‘sketchy’ at present.

Nevertheless, it is being said that there are photos to back up the claim (see HERE)

Now for those of you who don’t know, the “yacht girls” are – or were – a group of beautiful young women who are high-class prostitutes, paid to have sex (orgies) on the yachts of the very rich and famous.

Moreover, anything goes at these orgies including Coprophilia – more commonly know as ‘scat’ or put another way, someone taking a dump in another persons mouth.

Indeed, it is said that you cannot become part of the Monster-Club without first indulging in this sick shit and I have actually seen a very convincing video confirming the fact, although that was three or four years ago and I can no longer find it.

And of course, the photos taken from a video which I published HERE are also being used to back the claim.

However, I think that you will find that the story is total bolllox and nothing more than a conspiracy theory put out by the Establishment… Which they do. For instance the one that Diana was scared of Prick Philip because he tried to get her into bed.

Indeed, Diana – like Meghan – does not really exist (they are actors playing a part) so the yacht girl story can’t be true.

And to be quite fair, ‘Meghan’ is nowhere near pretty enough to be a yacht girl… Indeed, some – although not me – believe that Meghan is a transsexual, which I suppose would explain why she has not had any children yet, although I feel sure that the not-so-royal family will magic a couple of trogs up very soon.

I do in fact prove that Meghan does not exist in my forthcoming book: Meghan Markle Exposed, due for release on September 5th 2018… Which would also explain the lack of children.

Course, the fact that the Establishment ‘leaks’ conspiracy theories such as Meghan and the yacht-girls is to cover up the fact that she doesn’t really exist. I mean what better way to do that than having old bollox such as ‘Meghan eats shit’. After all, it is almost a double bluff because very few will believe it but it reinforces the [fake] fact that Meghan is a real person.

And another way that they do that is by constantly muddying the waters. Indeed the latest old fanny that contradicts the last old fanny is that Thomas Markle DID give Meghan away at her first wedding to Clever Trevor:

Thomas Markle has hit back at a stream of ‘slurs’ levelled against him since revealing details of his rift with daughter Meghan and son-in-law Prince Harry.

The 74-year-old retired Hollywood lighting director had intended his exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday last weekend to be his last – but now says he feels compelled to correct ‘outright lies’ in other media.

In particular, he said he has been wounded by claims that he is a prescription pill addict, did not attend his daughter’s first wedding, and is ‘bitter’ that Meghan did not repay thousands of dollars he says he spent on her private education.

‘I’ve given just three interviews but there are thousands of stories circulating out there and it’s not right that people should be allowed to make up lies and get away with it,’ he said from his home in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

‘I’ve read stories saying I’m a drug addict or alcoholic. I don’t understand where these stories come from. I’ve taken pills when I’ve been in pain but I’ve never abused drugs. My best friend died from an overdose of OxyContin [a powerful prescription painkiller].

‘I’ve taken drugs but have never been addicted to them. You couldn’t move in Hollywood in the 1980s [when he worked there] without seeing bowls of cocaine everywhere. But I don’t do drugs and I barely drink.’

He also denied reports he did not attend Meghan’s 2011 wedding to Hollywood director Trevor Engelson. The couple divorced just two years later.

Published photographs from the four-day celebration in the luxury resort of Ocho Rios, Jamaica, show the couple exchanging vows on the beach and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, paddling in the sea. But none shows Mr Markle, who was divorced from Doria by then.

‘There are no images of me frolicking on the beach because, at the time, I was well into my 60s and not much into frolicking,’ he said. ‘But I was very much there and there were more than 100 people there to witness it. Doria and I walked Meghan down the beach together.

‘Of course I have photographs of Meghan and me at her first wedding but I choose not to share them because I think that would be in poor taste and offensive to Prince Harry. We booked out the whole resort and I was more than happy to contribute to the cost of my daughter’s first wedding. Source

So why the fuck did he not release one of those photos then. Had he done so it would have put paid to the story once and for all. Indeed there were allegedly plenty of people there so why have they not released a photo of Tom-Tit walking down the beach with his ‘daughter’?

Yet the fact is that Thomas Wayne Markle does not exist either, which is once again proven in my forthcoming book. And since neither Thomas, Meghan, Doria or Clever Trevor really exist, then there cannot have been an actual wedding in the first place… You are being taken for a cunt.

Indeed it would pay you to enlighten yourselves by reading my exposé of Meghan Markle (found HERE).

And interestingly enough, in that very detailed aforementioned article of mine I reveal information linking ‘Meghan’ to Cassandra Marino – daughter of Brucella Jenner, which is interesting because Cassandra looks exactly like Stormy Daniels who is hogging the headlines at the moment after supposedly shagging President Donny Fart.

PHOTO: Cassandra and Stormy… Cassandra’s face is photoshopped to fuck in that photo including her cheeks.

Course, like Meghan Markle, Stormy Daniels doesn’t really exist either and is just another mind-controlled actor playing a role.

And to add to the old bollox, there is a program on TV later this week about Harry & Meghan in which a Monster-Minion will claim that he has never seen the Queer so happy since her [pretend] grandson, Henry of Ginger Pubes got married… What complete and utter nonsense.

After all, why would the inherently racist, stuck-up Queer be happy about her ‘grandson’ marrying a half-caste, b-list actor from a family of red-necks?

Yet the truth is, the only time that Begging-Betty is happy is when she is having a flutter on the gee-gees, counting the money she has obtained by fraud or letting a silent fart go in a room full of people… Just saying.