East Grinstead Man 63 Dies of Kidney Failure and Starvation after being cut off benefits and declared “Fit For Work”

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Absolutely fucking disgusting. Iain Dickhead Smith and all in between, right down to the doctor who made the diabolical assessment, need putting  on trial for murder.  C’mon people. There is not enough anger.




A terminally ill man from East Grinstead was found dead in his home following a DWP medical assessment by Croydon based medical company ATOS.
The man aged 63 was found dead after ATOS submitted their report to the DWP stating that the 63 year old was fit and able to carry out manual work in which ATOS made recomendations that his benefits should be stopped in November 2012.
Police state that the 63 year old had died of kidney failure and starvation following the assessment.
ATOS state that they had found the terminally ill man fit for work in which it was their professional opinion that the man was fit and able to work despite being treated for kidney failure 5 days a week at the Princess Royal Hospital Haywards Heath West Sussex.
ATOS have denied any wrong doing contrabuting to the mans death and state that they are only following the DWP rules to get 1 million people into work.

What Can I Do?What Can I Do?

An eye witness stated that the 63 year old was taken to ATOS by his carer in which the carer stated that the assessment had only taken 2 mins from start to finish before being told he was fit for work.
The family are now seeking legal advice from a solicitor and are set to take ATOS and the DWP to court for breaching the 63 year old mans human rights and inflicting needless suffering leading up to the mans death.
The Government defends their decision into taking 1 million people off benefits and into work as part of the clamp down to save money for the Government debt.
Clearly this life was taken and it is clear more innocent people will have their human rights violated and more will died as a result.
ATOS state that their system is fair and all rulings are final.
ATOS also state that 9 out 10 appeals are in favour of the claimant but findings have found that it is 1 out of 15 appeals are successful.
It is my personal opinion that if ATOS cause a person to die needlessly then they should be proscuted for that offence after all if someone kills another person then its likely that person is arrested charged placed before a court and receives a life sentence so shouldnt it be the same for ATOS.
Clearly the assessments need to be reviewed and another company whom have compassion should take over.
since 2010 over 11,000 people have died as a result.
It is clear that the government should had reviewed their legislation and make the system more fairer for dwp claimants but sadly the Government will stick to their rulings.
How many more need to suffer before the Government decides enough is enough.
This is the Governments debt not ours so they should recover the money from those very institutions and countries they loaned money to.
I know that their are some claiming benefits who fake illnesses or work and claim benefits so should it not be those cheats who should be weeded out and not the terminally or mentally ill people who are made to suffer.


I would like my readers to know that I have never received my forms but have been given an appointment to attend ATOS this week.
ATOS have refused to give me any directions to their assessment building and have refused to send forms therefore my assessment will be deemed unfair and my human rights will be violated despite 20 calls to them requesting the very forms and maps for the directions.
ATOS state that if I do not attend then my benefits will be stopped but then how am I ment to attend an assessment if I do not know where they are.
The DWP state that only ATOS have the forms and that they should supply them.

So sad. and a disgusting testimony and black stain on the country and what is has become in a short time. An abuser, starver and killer of the vulnerable, ill, elderly, children and disabled.

There can no longer be any way that any man can say he is Proud to be an Englishman or to live in Britain. SHAME!


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PS: Go and tell Mr Phil Hensher and Independent, who have put AFTER ATOS on hold while she goes through press complaints commission for their malignment and misuse of her and the defamation of a disabled. Go tell them Move the Bloomin’s Arse and get their foot off my neck.