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I take it that you all had a good Christmas? Mind you, as always mine was total fucking shite and I am glad it’s all over… I fucking hate the Satanic holiday, it always puts me in a bad mood for some fucking reason.

Right, now although I do not want to drone on and on about the recent Gatwick drone hoax I do feel it necessary to add a follow up to my last article on the subject (found HERE)

And as you will know – if you have fucking read it – in that article I questioned the arrest of a mush and his bird who were accused of being behind the terrorist attack prank protest bit of fun uproar.

Yet despite somehow being arrested – although fuck knows how – the couple were subsequently released without charge. In fact more bizarre still, the wholly corrupt Sussex Plod are now saying that there may not have been a drone at all:

The following is taken from the Chimp:

Police have today been slammed for their ‘appalling investigation’ into the Gatwick chaos after they held a married couple for nearly two days without charge before admitting ‘there may never have been a drone.’

Now you will note that the couple were held for nearly two days which is highly suspect since according to the Government webshite:

The police can hold you for up to 24 hours before they have to charge you with a crime or release you.

They can apply to hold you for up to 36 or 96 hours if you’re suspected of a serious crime, eg murder.

You can be held without charge for up to 14 days If you’re arrested under the Terrorism Act.  Source

So, because of the time that they were held by the plod we can only conclude that randomly flying drones is now considered on a par with murder… Roger that.

Nevertheless, we are then supposed to believe that 36 hours into the couples arrest, the plod decided that they were innocent and indeed there may not have been any drones at all… Despite the Chimp reporting on the old bollox in nearly ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FARTICLES having already published photos of the drones in question which caused the closure of the airport over a two day period!

So tell me, how the fuck is that possible? The old bollox then continues:

Paul and Elaine Kirk-Gait returned to their home in Crawley, West Sussex this morning after spending more than 36 hours being questioned by detectives over the device that brought Gatwick Airport to a standstill.

And there we see confirmation of the 36 hours that the couple spent in custody meaning that the plod must have applied for an extension on the 24 hours that the couple had already been held… Despite the cunts clearly having no evidence to hold them in the first place.

Indeed, according to the fellas boss, the mush could not have been responsible for the [non] drone flying since he was at work, fitting windows at the time… Although quite who fits windows at 10PM on a winters night is beyond me.

Yet the police would have needed solid grounds to have been granted the extension… Doesn’t make sense does it?

However, there is a big, big clue to this being a psy-op in the photo of the couples house that was published in the Chimp:

Indeed, I should not need to tell you how often the places that these psy-ops occur in include the word ‘Langley’ in the place name… Langley of course being the home to the CIA.

As the culprit remains at large four days after the attack which grounded more than 1,000 flights and 14,000 passengers, police have been accused of failing to interview colleagues who could have vouched for the couple’s whereabouts.

Friends and family repeatedly insisted the pair were not the ‘Eco-warriors’ behind the attack and claimed officers under pressure to get results had ‘hastily’ arrested the wrong couple.

Mind you, we are still no clearer as to how these posh eco-warriors came to be arrested (see my original article).

As Sussex Police this afternoon confirmed they have found a ‘damaged drone’ close to Gatwick, Detective Chief Superintendent Jason Tingley said there was ‘no available footage and they are relying on witness accounts.’ 

“NO AVAILABLE FOOTAGE“!!! Well what was that video and the photos taken of a drone flying near Gatwick at night published by the Chimp all about then?

And where did this damaged drone come from since the posh eco-warrior was seen to be packing his TWO drones away before making his escape on his bicycle!

This comes despite witnesses providing MailOnline with video footage of drones hovering above the airspace last week. 

Asked about speculation there was never a drone, he said: ‘Of course, that’s a possibility. We are working with human beings saying they have seen something.’  

The airport has now offered a £50,000 reward to catch the suspect who operated the device.  Source

Stop fucking laughing. Although the fact that the airport has offered such a paltry sum to catch a non-existent drone pilot is quite funny.

Nevertheless, the couple are reportedly in fucking pieces:

Speaking outside their home in Crawley, West Sussex, an emotional Mr Gait said the couple were ‘deeply distressed’ by the experience.

‘As you can probably imagine we are feeling completely violated,’ the he told Sky News. ‘Our home has been searched and our privacy and identity completely exposed.

‘Our names, photos and other personal information have been broadcast throughout the world.’

Mr Gait said he and Ms Kirk would try to get through Christmas ‘as best we can’.

‘The way we were initially perceived was disgusting, although those that know us didn’t doubt us for a second,’ he added.

Which kinda makes you wonder who provided all the photos of the couple to the press… I mean fuck me, there are more photos of them than there are of the Queen!

Yet still we do not know how the couple came to be arrested… Although in the land of make believe, such questions are unimportant.

Course, what is interesting is that the police have been flying drones at Gatwick Airport since 2014:

Sussex Police are piloting a surveillance scheme which could revolutionise the way crimes are recorded amid criticisms the scheme could be an invasion of privacy.

The force has been using unmanned aircrafts systems or drones to fly over Gatwick airport so they can see exactly what is going on.

High-quality pictures are beamed back to officers using a portable console, up to 500 metres away.

Police say this allows them to quickly assess locations and film incidents from above.

They also believe it is more cost effective than the equivalent – filming incidents from a helicopter. Source

Thank you to Matthew Taylor for making me aware of the fact.

So there ya go… Total, total bollox in which the general public are once again made to suffer in order to further the elites sick fuck agendas… Will they ever learn?

Will they fuck.