Drone on.


Christopher Spivey

Now I may be statin’ the bleedin’ obvious here but this Gatwick drone bollox is exactly that… Bollox.

I mean c’mon, get real, some cunt with too much money (have you seen the price of drones?) flies a drone near an airport and the place descends into chaos… The plod can’t catch him, the army can’t catch him – despite “military measures” being put in place, whatever they are – but a white-van-man can… Well almost anyway.

The following is from the Chimp although as you would expect, it makes little sense:

A man and a woman have been arrested in connection with the criminal drone activity at Gatwick Airport, as a witness said he saw a cyclist ‘frantically’ packing away two drones away down a country lane near the airport.    

The two suspects were arrested ‘in the Gatwick area’ shortly after 10pm on Friday night, after another day of chaos at the airport which saw dozens more flights cancelled just days before Christmas. 

Around 1,000 aircraft have been cancelled or diverted, affecting approximately 140,000 passengers since Wednesday night, a Gatwick spokesman said.   

Motorist Paul Motts, 52, said he saw a man in his 30s wearing hi-vis clothing and crouching over a drone in a country lane near the West Sussex airport on Thursday. 

Now, the first thing you have to ask yourself is why was the mush with the drone wearing hi-vis clothing by the side of the road despite being the most hunted man in the country?

And don’t even mention his getaway bicycle… You couldn’t make it up – although the Monkey-Kuntz are doing a fucking cracking job of it. Nevertheless, ignoring the lack of plod cars patrolling the area, this mush – lit up like a belisha beacon – apparently makes no effort whatsoever to try and disguise the fact that he is packing away TWO drones.

In turn, somehow – although fuck knows how – this [chance] sighting leads to the arrest of Night-Glo Man and a bird! Does that make sense to you, because I am fucked if it makes sense to me.

Mind you, I don’t think that it makes sense to the Monkey-Boyz either since they do not elaborate on the arrest further… So let’s have a closer look at what this white-van-man named as Mr Motts actually saw:

Mr Motts said the suspicious man had been trying to ‘get away as fast as he could’ as Sussex Police combed the countryside to find the drone pilot, The Sun reported.   

Okay, now presumably this road was not well lit although drone-man’s hi-vis clothing would have highlighted him in Mr Mott’s car headlights, yet how fast was Motts driving?

After all he saw Drone Man (who in turn quite obviously didn’t see Mr Motts car headlights approaching since he didn’t think to duck behind a hedge or summat) pack up TWO drones – which were apparently still lit up – and then try to “get away as fast as he could“… presumably on his bike.

The old bollox then continues:

Mr Motts told the newspaper: ‘I was delivering a parcel and drove past a suspicious man in fluorescent cycling gear crouching over a large drone which was all lit up.

So Mr Motts just so happened to be delivering this parcel at 10PM… Roger that!

Mind you, what makes a man wearing hi-vis clothing crouching down beside a road “Suspicious” is beyond me. I mean the fact that he was wearing hi-vis clothing to my mind makes him very un-suspicious:

‘It looked like he was packing the drones away. Two minutes later we turned around and came across him cycling away.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… Fuck me, so now we are supposed to believe that in the time it took Mr Motts to drive past the drone mush – in the pitch black – he noticed that the fella was frantically packing away his TWO drones.

We are then supposed to believe that Mr Motts drove on for another two minutes (at least a miles worth of driving) and then decided to turn around to have a look, only to clock drone-man peddling away like hell kicked sally… And people believe this old bollox.

I am only surprised that drone-man did not tap on his window, show him a cigarette and ask him for a light!

‘I expect he wanted to disassemble the drone as quickly as possible and get away as fast as he could.’ 

Ahhh, there we go. Add a theory for the hard-of-thinking in order to try and legitimize the total bollox.

The man had been standing over one 4ft drone and another 2ft device, Mr Motts reported. 

And we are suppose to believe that Mr Motts took in all that information in the blink of an eye?

Police have looked into theories that a ‘lone wolf’ eco-warrior or group of activists could be behind the drone mayhem. Source

Yeah, it kinda makes you wonder where they got that posh-swampy theory from doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, that is all that is said about drone-man in the very long farticle… Nothing about how he came to be arrested or how the bird who was arrested with him comes to fit into the old bollox.

Neither is there any motive mentioned, yet the cunt must be retarded if he thought that he could get away with it. Course, the Elephant in the room is that terrorism hasn’t even be so much as mentioned once.

Yet the fact that it was Mr Motts who was responsible for the daft-cunt’s arrest should alert you to the fact that this was a psy-op designed to put a dampener on Christmas… Although the drone drama does not beat the Glasgow bin lorry bollox that took place on the same date a few years back.

Mind you, despite the Chimp’s many articles about how much misery this drone bollox has caused, I cannot help but think that the photos simply do not reflect that.

I mean, is that really the best that the cunts can come up with? In fact the crowd looks like nothing more than what you would expect to see on a normal day at any international airport.

And the rest were just obviously staged photos of bored looking passengers:

Don’t laugh.

Mind you, the coming restrictions on who can own drones is just another one in a long line on restrictions of our freedom… And that is really what it is all about.

Therefore that just leaves me to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I mean just because it is a Satanic holiday does not mean that you cannot enjoy yourselves does it… Just sayin’.