Double Crossed


Chris Spivey


Ever since I wrote about the Glasgow Bin Bollox Hoax – where I discovered that ‘Crisis Actors’ all have an unbelievable number of social network sites under different names with different back stories which all interconnect with other crisis actor’s accounts – there has been an ever increasing number of MSM articles about ‘lookalikes’ being published.

These trend started off with articles by two or three newspapers commenting how alike certain actors look and have culminated in the Chimp releasing FOUR articles in two days all about a set of doppelgangers called Niamh Geaney, a 26-year-old student and TV presenter, and 29 year old Karen Branigan.

The following are some of the actors put forward in newspaper articles and what was said about them.


Now personally, unless there is some photographic trickery at play, I believe all of the above to be the same person as the one they are paired with… After all, why not, it is two bites at the cherry isn’t it.

However, without fail each of those article publishers were obvious in their agenda by the way that amongst the likes of Javier Bardem and Will Arnett, there were either those who were not such a good match i.e not the same person, or matches from different eras and therefore could not possibly be the same person.

For instance Jennifer Lawrence and Helen Mirren, who as you can see from the photos below are not doppelgangers anyway even given the age difference.


And as I say, these actor lookalike articles progressed to those of ‘ordinary’ people such as Geaney & Branigan.

Yet even in promoting this agenda, designed to demonstrate that doppelgangers are common as muck – and in doing so discredit mine and other peoples work – the cunts cannot help but give their intent away by going OTT.

You see, quite amazingly out of 7 billion people on earth Geaney’s mirror image, Branigan lives only “an hour away” – although there is no elaboration on that hour.

Even more amazing is the fact that Niamh Geaney met Karen Branigan through her website ‘’ which she *aherm, aherm started as a social experiment with two fellas and now has a global ranking of 71,161 in the world (source: Alexa) – a truly unbelievable success story.


Geaney and Branigan or vice versa

And I say ‘unbelievable’ in the true sense of the word, because the whole story is a load of old fanny.

I mean don’t get me wrong; everybody knows at least one person who looks SIMILAR to someone else. However, we are talking about people who could be described as nothing short of unrelated identical twins.

And my point is that the frequency that we see doppelgangers in what are government hoaxes is 100% of the time which is 100% too many times to just be a coincidence.

After all, a perfect match does not happen very often, not even amongst family members.


Me and two of my brothers. Not dissimilar, but not close enough to be mistaken for one another.

And despite having the same parents I am by far the best looking.

Moreover, the usual family resemblance becomes even less when siblings only share the one parent… Even when the half siblings come from supposedly ‘pure bloodlines’.


If it wasn’t for the ears, you would never know that they were family… Urgh, they make me fucking shudder.

And what did they win all those medals for?

But anyway, to get back on track you won’t be surprised to learn that I can rip the MSM’s agenda to normalise doppelgangers to shreds.

So lets have a look at one of those four articles:

This is the moment that two total strangers who could pass for identical twins came face to face for the first time.

Niamh Geaney, a 26-year-old student and TV presenter, found her 29-year-old doppleganger after she teamed up with two friends to launch a project called Twin Strangers

The aim of the social media experiment was to see which of the three could find their closest lookalike within 28 days and it attracted submissions to their website ‘ from across the world.

Incredibly, Miss Geaney, of Dublin found Karen Branigan in just two weeks – just an hour away.

After their first meeting she said: ‘I was ridiculously nervous about how I would react to meeting someone who looks like me.

‘For the duration of our encounter I pretty much stared at her. I couldn’t get over her face.

‘And some of the expressions she would pull I would think to myself or say aloud, “Oh my God that’s my face”. I can’t remember the number of times I said “this is so freaky”. It was truly amazing. 

‘I would say Karen is the shyer of the two of us,’ said Miss Geaney. 

‘But then you have to remember this was an even more surreal experience for her than it was for me. I’m the weirdo that contacted Karen and asked her to meet me.’ Continue Reading

And to prove that these two people were real, the Chimp added a video to the article of the pair meeting and doing their make-up together.

What’s more, it wasn’t one of those videos where you can’t see what the fuck is going on in it. So it had to be authentic didn’t it? … Didn’t it?


Yet you would never notice all those changes as the footage of the pair played.

Now, after the first 3 Monkey-Boyz articles about the fraud bird, the Chimp came up with a fourth article about another 3 doppelgangers that they hadn’t found… No that isn’t a typo.

Never the less, the article was still mainly about Geaney & Geaney.

Of the 3 new additions the Monkey-Frauds gave the most attention to the first *aherm aherm set, a retired priest (there has to be a holy-joe in all good hoaxes) and a *aherm, aherm former teacher (there has to be a clever-dick teacher in all hoaxes)

These two fellas – whom I must admit I wasn’t sure about them being one and the same until I really studied the photos – were afforded 2 photos together and one each of their weddings.

Mind you, the Chimps photo caption to their first photo practically tells you that you are reading nothing more than just a load of old fanny:

What are the odds? Just last month, retired priest Neil Richardson, 69, (right) moved to Braintree in Essex to be confronted with his doppelgänger, former head teacher John Jemison, 74

Hmmm, what are they indeed.

Well, lets have a butchers:


Obviously, I put right what had been altered on their facial features in that last photo

Yet fuck me! First we have identical unrelated twins living an hour away from each other and then two old boys living in the same fucking town, 150 yards apart! … Lazy, imbecilic, journalism at its best.

But of course, the Monkey-Nutz motto is: If you are going to make a story far-fetched, always go that little bit more:

Just last month, retired priest Neil Richardson, 69, moved to Braintree and was surprised to greeted with waves and ‘hello John’ greetings wherever he went.

‘John’ turned out to be John Jemison, a 74-year-old former head teacher who was well-known to the town, and just so happened to look exactly like Mr Richardson.

Upon meeting, the pair, who are both grandfathers-of-four now living just 150 yards apart, also realised that as well as being doppelgängers, they had an awful lot in common.

Both had attended the same college, and both became RE teachers and choir singers.

The pair finally came face-to-face in March when they coincidentally both boarded the same coach for a Friends of Braintree Museum visit to the Magna Carta exhibition at the British Library.

‘It was quite spooky,’ said Mr Jemison, adding that they ‘hit it off immediately’ and are now friends.

‘My only worry is the number of people who probably think I’ve been ignoring them when they’ve been saying “Hello John” to Neil all this time.’ Source

And why mess about with complicated long distance stories when people are daft enough to fall for the far fetched shite:

In 2011, Devon-born journalist Sophie Robehmed became fascinated by the idea that there might be someone out there in the world who looked exactly like her.

In fact, she was the inspiration behind Miss Geaney’s ultimately successful social media search.

In much the same way, Ms Robehmed launched her mission to find her doppelgänger by publicising it on Facebook, YouTube, and through blogs around the world.

And just like Miss Geaney, it turned out that Ms Robehmed didn’t need to look that far. Her closest match turned out to be Birmingham native Lauren Hatcher, who worked in the film industry and shared a mutual friend.

After seeing Ms Hatcher’s photo, Miss Robehmed set up a meeting in Covent Garden in London, and the rest is history.

And it would appear that the sly cunts couldn’t be arsed to do much with the “journalist” and her double in the “film industry”, judging by the photo.


Now why would ‘Sophie’ be on the twin strangers website if she found her doppelganger herself? But it isn’t hard to work out that she found her double in the mirror… And I don’t mean the newspaper.

As for the 3rd candidate? Well as coincidence would have it, he too didn’t have far to search:

And in another accidental result, doppelgängers Jonny Sandgrove and Michael Harris, both based in London, got to know each other at university.

As cases of mistaken identity around the campus began to mount up, the pair met, again though mutual acquaintances, and ultimately became firm friends.

When Mr Harris married his then-girlfriend Naomi a little while later, several members of his family approached Johnny at the wedding to congratulate him.

I don’t know why they get mistaken for each other. I mean they don’t look alike.


Then again you can’t photoshop a real person and these two fellas are definitely one and the same.

I will leave you to come to that conclusion on your own though as I won’t always be here to look after you.

So in conclusion; all that this doppelganger bollox that the Chimp has offered up has achieved is to convince me that I am 100 percent right about these actors and me thinks thou Shit-rag doth protest to fucking much.

After all, why go to the bother of running FOUR news items that are un-newsworthy, magazine type articles at best, and even then, the articles are still frauds?

It makes no sense whatsoever.

But at the end of the day, it isn’t just the major government hoaxes that need ‘actors’. Indeed, actors are needed to make up the trivial stories we are fed on a daily basis that are designed to distract “educate” and intimidate us.

Take Kim Copeland for instance.

“Who the fuck is Kim Copeland?” I hear you ask.

To which the answer would be the woman in the photo below.


And ‘Kim’ made the news on the 13th of this month:

A grandmother of four told of her fury today after being fined more than £500 for dropping a cigarette butt.

Kim Copeland, 52, was walking home from her local Sainsbury’s store in Coventry when she threw the used cigarette on the ground – before two council officers came ‘sprinting’ towards her to say she had committed a criminal offence.

Miss Copeland was then issued with a £50 fixed penalty notice following the incident in October last year, but refused to pay it within ten days in protest at how she was treated.

However, after failing to pay, she eventually received a letter ordering her to appear at Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court on March 17. Source

Course, as far as I’m concerned, Kim, is Brenda Leland – the so called McCann troll who topped herself – who in turn is the late Jade Goody’s mother, Jackiey Budden… Just sayin’.