Dot To Dot To Dot


Christopher Spivey

I have been telling you since forever that in the Monsters world everything, but everything has to connect.

Things have to because that is how Satanism works.

Mind you, the Monsters do not always want you to know that.

For instance, let’s look at Boris Johnson and the conveniently timed bust up with his latest bit on the side Carrie Symonds:

Boris Johnson was urged to come clean over the ‘screaming row’ with his girlfriend today – as he faces damaging claims his torrid love life makes him a security risk.

After Mr Johnson bluntly refused to answer questions at Tory hustings, Jeremy Hunt insisted he was ‘auditioning to be PM’ and had to answer questions on ‘everything’. 

Interviewed on Sky News as he campaigned in Scotland today, Mr Hunt said: ‘What Boris needs to do is engage properly in this leadership debate…

‘This is an audition to be PM of the UK and Boris needs to show he is prepared to answer difficult questions.’… Read More

Now, I am not going to go into why Bojo is wholly unfit to be our Prime Mincer because I have already done so in great detail elsewhere on this website… However, suffice to say that the cunt is without a shadow of doubt a criminal with a complete lack of morals.

Or put another way; perfect for the job as Prime Mincer as far as those who really call the shots are concerned.

Course, whether or not Bojo is really shagging Carrie Symonds is anyone’s guess because the world is now in such a chaotic mess, with so much bullshit printed in the press that it is hard to tell fact from fiction.

Nevertheless, if I was to hazard a guess I would say that their relationship is a sham. I mean there are very few photos of Bojo & Symonds together and those that do exist are shot in the usual technishite:

Which I find very strange given the fact that they have supposedly been an item since September 2018 – at least that is what the press are now saying.

Course, now that this conveniently timed, plate-smashing row has hit the headlines – and nothing makes it into the controlled press unless the monsters want it out there – the press are all over the ‘couple’ with a major article in the Chimp today devoted entirely to Symonds life… As told by her ex boyfriend:

The farticle begins thus:

Oliver Haiste is sitting in a London pub talking about how fond he is of old flame Carrie Symonds when something extraordinary happens: news breaks of an explosive bust-up between Carrie and her new lover, Boris Johnson.

Another example of convenient timing? Carry on Monkey-Kuntz:

The accounts of the screaming match between Johnson and 31-year-old Ms Symonds are shocking – if meticulously well timed in the eyes of Johnson’s political opponents. The police had been called. Yet, sitting in the dining room of a Central London watering hole, Haiste appears unruffled by the news.

In fact, he is not surprised at all, because his own three-year relationship with the young woman at the centre of Britain’s latest political storm involved an electrifying dose of dramatic and often fiery conflict.

‘We had quite a tumultuous relationship,’ he admits today. ‘I found when times were good with Carrie they were great – they were fantastic… Continue Reading

PHOTO: The photoshopped image of Symonds and her ex used by the Chimp

Now quite obviously the Chimp do not disclose too much about Symonds past life in that farticle… Well they wouldn’t do would they.

In fact the only thing that the cunts do disclose about her is that she used to work for Zac Goldsmith – A member of the Goldsmith/Rothschild family whom I predict will become the Prime Mincer sometime in the future.

And if you know anything about Zac Goldsmith (a close friend of Bojo’s) you will also know that connection obviously opens the door to just about every event possible

Which now brings me to the Elephant in the room. You see, NOT ONE of the seventy odd farticles already written by the Chimp about the bust up between Bojo & his bint has mentioned the fact that Symonds was [allegedly] raped by John Worboys AKA The Black Cab Rapist:

The farticle, written in November 2018 (two months after Symonds allegedly began seeing Bojo) begins thus:

A victim of the black cab rapist today declared “we won” after it was ruled he must stay in prison — as  Justice Secretary David Gauke said he hoped new measures would prevent a repeat of the controversy.

Carrie Symonds, 30, spoke of her relief after a Parole Board decision to free John Worboys was reversed, saying: “His victims have finally been vindicated.”

She praised readers of the Standard who helped raise £70,000 to challenge the original ruling, saying: “The justice system and the parole board let us down very badly.

“We knew he remained a danger to women and we knew we had to do all we could to prevent anyone else being drugged, assaulted and raped. And now — finally — we’ve been listened to and proven right.”

There was a public outcry in January when the Parole Board decided that Worboys was safe to be freed after about a decade behind bars.

He had been jailed indefinitely in 2009, with a minimum term of eight years, after being convicted of 19 offences against 12 victims. Following his conviction, police said 100 women could have been attacked in London… Read More

Now what must the odds be of our future Prime Mincer dating a political aide who just so happens to be the victim of the most prolific rapist this century?

I mean they must be the same person surely even though the above article makes no mention of Bojo or the fact that Symonds is a political aide… Or a sex aid in the case of Bojo?

After all they have the exact same name, they are the exact same age and they look exactly the same:

So why have the press ignored the coincidental fact?

Well overtly they have, but covertly they haven’t because as I say (and have proved time and again), everything has to connect in the Satanic world. And that connection came in an article released the day before the big Bojo bust up hit the headlines:

Course, if more proof were needed that the two fairy tales connect then you only need to type the name “John Worboys” into the Chimps search bar and you immediately get the following:

Now why would Bojo & his bint come up in a search for John Worboys when those articles about the couple do not mention that Symonds was one of his victims?

Not that I believe the Worboys story is true… However, the fact that everything has to connect to everything for these Satanic monsters to operate is very true.

Hopefully you will all start believing me one day.

Just saying.