Does anyone even care who our MP’s are?

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When I read that  Zac Goldsmith had accused the Cunt Cameron of lacking vision, I had to have a little chuckle to myself.

On the face of it, Goldsmith was letting Cameron off the hook easily… After all, what  worthy qualities doesn’t the cunt lack?

Unfortunately, I fear that Goldsmiths accusation was in connection to the elites plans for the NWO and nothing to do with the common good.

Course, you only need look at Goldsmith’s public support for BoJo to know that.

Johnson will make the Cunt Cameron look like a pussycat – as opposed to just a pussy – should he ever become Prime Minister.

Moreover, the vast majority of right minded fuck wits reading the article below, won’t have a clue who the fuck Zac Goldsmith is… And they really, really ought to fucking have.

In my view, every time a newspaper runs an article on someone not widely known to the public, it should be every editors duty to  provide a little background information on that person,… And I am not talking about singing their praises either.

Then again, the brain dead ought to switch off their  fucking  TV’s and make a point of finding out who these creeps are for themselves, being as they supposedly represent your interests.

The following is from Wikipedia:

Channel 4 News raised questions over Goldsmith’s declared expenses at the 2010 election, arguing “our findings do suggest that Zac Goldsmith has questions to answer about whether his spending has complied with both the letter and the spirit of the law.”

Goldsmith denied any wrongdoing and accused Channel 4 News of sleazy unethical journalism.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism complained to the Electoral Commission over Goldsmith’s expenses, who ruled that Goldsmith had not intentionally broken any rules…

In other words, he had. Never the less, Wikipedia continues:

… On 15 July 2010, Goldsmith appeared on Channel 4 News to answer questions over his election expenses.

Goldsmith spent the first six minutes arguing about the details of when and how he had been asked to appear. Jon Snow said Goldsmith gave a “travesty of the truth” on that matter and that he was “prevaricating” and running them out of time.

The interview was live. Goldsmith accused Snow of being a “charlatan“. Snow suggested Goldsmith take the matter to OFCOM. Goldsmith did so but his complaint was rejected.

Snow had two questions about the expenses. The first was about signs. “You expended £2800 on 600 signs but £262 is what you said you spent when you told the Electoral Commission on your return”.

The response was “The formula we used is exactly the same formula … as used by MPs and candidates around the country. Every decision we took was approved by electoral experts atConservative Central Office“.

Snow said they were investigating 30 MPs and in terms of scale, Goldsmith’s expenses far outstripped the others. The claim was reduced because the signs had been allocated to the local election budget. It was debated whether signs that said “Vote Zac Goldsmith” and “Vote Conservative” could be charged to the election budget for a local election candidate when that other candidate was not mentioned on the sign.

The response was that it had been “checked” and that was “standard practice” across the country. (so the fact that all our MP’s are taking the piss makes it okay for him to do so – Spivey)

The second question was about jackets with “I back Zac” stickers on the back. “They cost £2168 but you only said you paid (spent) £170”. The response was that the stickers cost £170 and the jackets had not been customised for the Zac Goldsmith campaign. “They are off the shelf. Look at them”, Goldsmith responded further, adding that they were generic jackets and will be used in other election campaigns in the future.

Course, Goldsmith – whose sister is Jemima Khan-  is fabulously wealthy anyway, what with him being the son of James Goldsmith – A man with more skeletons in his closet than a graveyard.

“Is Zachary a Zionist Spiv… I’ll bet he fucking is” 

Course he fucking is.

The fact that he  married banking heiress Alice Miranda Rothschild should tell you that. And, good old Alice’s sister Kate, is married to Zac’s brother Ben. Alice’s parents were Anita Patience (Guinness), of the Guinness Brewery family, and businessman Amschel Rothschild… Any questions?

Curiously, Wikipedia list’s Goldsmith as having 5 half siblings.

However, with a father like his I feel sure that the number is far greater than that. In fact, I do know that Zac almost certainly has at least one other half sister.

You only need look at him to know who that is… Just saying.

New blow for the Prime Minister as rebel backbencher Zac Goldsmith heaps praise on the magic of Boris

  • Goldsmith criticised David Cameron, saying he lacks vision
  • Compared the PM to Thatcher as she had a clear idea of her policies
  • Added that Boris Johnson would make a plausible party leader for the future
  • Said that Boris is a serious figure in British politics


PUBLISHED: 22:06, 15 June 2013 | UPDATED: 22:06, 15 June 2013

Tory MP Zac Goldsmith has fuelled doubts over David Cameron’s leadership, saying he lacks vision and praising ‘magical’ Boris Johnson as his potential successor.

The multi-millionaire MP openly questioned what Mr Cameron stood for and drew a sharp contrast with the clarity of Margaret Thatcher’s politics, saying: ‘Thatcherism – most people understand what that means. But if you ask what Cameronism means, you’d struggle to answer. 

‘It’s not clear where we’re heading and it’s not clear what the underlying vision is.’

Zac Goldsmith said that Cameron's politics lacks vision and clarity, as he compares it to Margaret ThatcherZac Goldsmith said that Cameron’s politics lacks vision and clarity, as he compares it to Margaret Thatcher

Mr Goldsmith went out of his way to heap praise on Mr Johnson, the Mayor of London. 

He said: ‘I’m a big fan of Boris, I make no secret of that. It’s very plausible to imagine him being the leader of our party one day, and I think he’d be a very good one.’



He added: ‘I see him as a very serious figure as he’s unique in British politics .  .  . whatever that magic is, he’s got it.’

The Mail on Sunday revealed last year that Mr Goldsmith had secretly offered to give up his seat representing Richmond Park and North Kingston to allow Mr Johnson to return to Westminster.

Goldsmith added that talk of leadership coups against Cameron were damaging the partyGoldsmith added that talk of leadership coups against Cameron were damaging the party
He praised London Mayor Boris Johnson's 'magic' and said that he is a plausible leader of the Tory partyHe praised London Mayor Boris Johnson’s ‘magic’ and said that he is a plausible leader of the Tory party

His remarks, in the latest edition of Total Politics magazine, come amid fresh speculation that more Tory MPs are poised to demand a vote of no confidence in their leader.

Mr Goldsmith made clear that talk of leadership coups was undermining Mr Cameron and damaging the party.

Zac Goldsmith was outspoken in his interview with Total PoliticsZac Goldsmith was outspoken in his interview with Total Politics

The MP, who described the Prime Minister as ‘very capable’, warned: ‘It doesn’t help to have leadership attempts, speculation or conspiracy coups.’

But Mr Goldsmith called on Mr Cameron to show more ‘clarity’ in the run-up to the next Election.

His criticism is the latest in a series of rows between the two men, who were once close political allies and friends. Two months ago, Mr Goldsmith – former editor of the Ecologist magazine – infuriated the Mr Cameron by forcing a U-turn on new planning laws.

An outraged Prime Minister issued a stinging rebuke, saying: ‘Who does that man think he’s accountable to?’

And last year, Mr Goldsmith, who before the Election was Mr Cameron’s environmental adviser, accused the Prime Minister of ‘political deception’ for allegedly capitulating to big business over genetically modified crops. 

He has also said Tory plans to perform a U-turn on building a third runway at Heathrow would be an ‘unbearable betrayal’ for his constituents under the flight path. 

In the Total Politics interview with fellow Tory MP Rob Wilson he repeated his vow not to stand as a Tory candidate at the next Election if the

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