Doctor selected under age girls for Savile to rape.


The Daily Mail

Police have been given the names of doctors who are accused of being in league with Jimmy Savile.

One doctor allegedly ‘collaborated’ with the BBC star in selecting child patients to rape at Leeds General Infirmary.

Two others worked alongside him at Stoke Mandeville, the Buckinghamshire hospital where nurses warned children to ‘pretend to be asleep’ when Savile toured the wards.

Yesterday a child-abusing retired Stoke Mandeville consultant, Dr Michael Salmon, was in hiding after a woman reported him to police for allegedly groping her in 1982.

The woman, now 42, told the Mail that Dr Salmon, who displayed a Jim’ll Fix It picture in his office, squeezed her breast while pretending to check her heartbeat to treat her migraines. She said: ‘I was only 12 but quite well endowed. I was so shocked.’

Eight years later, in 1990, the paediatrician was jailed for indecently assaulting three other girls, two aged 13 and one of 17.

He served three years in prison and now lives in retirement with his wife Mary, 70, in a £750,000 cottage in the heart of the New Forest in Hampshire.

A woman told yesterday how she was raped by Savile at Stoke Mandeville where he wore a T-shirt that read: 'Sex Instructor, first lesson free'A woman told yesterday how she was raped by Savile at Stoke Mandeville where he wore a T-shirt that read: ‘Sex Instructor, first lesson free’

Salmon, 77, was ‘unavailable’ for comment, said his wife, adding: ‘He is not here. He has gone away.’

A neighbour said Salmon had been keeping a low profile recently, adding: ‘He has been trying to avoid journalists for the past couple of weeks.’

Dr Raymond Brown, who worked as a consultant paediatrician with Salmon, said the doctor would have known Savile because everyone at Stoke Mandeville knew him.

The hospital has refused to answer a long list of questions put by the Mail, including whether the £40million Savile raised for it made him ‘untouchable’.

At Leeds General Infirmary, two former women patients have come forward to name a doctor. He is accused of ‘brutal rape’.

The National Association for  People Abused in Childhood charity said: ‘One of the victims has  said Jimmy and this doctor used to collaborate in choosing girls and taking them somewhere else to abuse them.’

Leeds General Infirmary said it had ‘not been passed any information about a specific allegation or the name of an individual, so understandably we cannot say any more about this.’

Stoke Mandeville said it was ‘shocked and saddened to hear of the very serious allegations’ and was co-operating with police inquiries.

A woman told yesterday how  she was raped by Savile at Stoke Mandeville while he wore a T-shirt that read: ‘Sex Instructor, first  lesson free.’

Saville pictured with his then PA, Janet Cope, at Stoke Mandeville hospitalSaville pictured with his then PA, Janet Cope, at Stoke Mandeville hospital

Now 51, the woman said she was a 20-year-old volunteer at the hospital when Savile lured her into his room and attacked her.

She said: ‘I counted him as a friend as we had worked together at the hospital for a long time and I trusted him.

‘He was very strong and forceful when he realised I was resisting him. After it happened he told me not to tell anyone because he said no one would believe me.’

Spivs Comment

Having read the above article, read the following comment that was left by a Dr N Patel  on another article about Savile on this site:

It was well known in the medical comunity and social workers in the leeds area, that savile was abusing young boys, after discussing this witha senior policeman who was also involved in operation Ore and operatiopn rose as i was, we believe that the vast majority of those abused were boys, but this fact is being concealed from the public, the only reason an M I5 associate tells us is that the powers that be want to make homosexuality above reproach, so the heterosexual aspects are being pushed, this is confirmed with all the boys home scandals being suppressed but we hear every day about holly greg the poor downsyndrome girls abuse.