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The Chimp on Sunday.


What is it with the Chimp and their non-stories?

I couldn’t give a fuck whether or not Russell Brand was shagging Sophie Coady to be honest.

To be even more specific, I couldn’t give a fuck if Brand was shagging Sophie Coady behind Jemima Khans back.

Who the fuck is Coady anyway?

Having read the pointless Chimp article found below, she certainly comes across as a woman scorned and as for her coy claim of having played hard to get when Brand took an interest in her? I can quite well imagine that she is actually talking bollocks.

Moreover, in regard to her remark that Brand was trying to be like Christian Grey from the racy Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy?

Well, lets just say it was a stupid comparison and gives a good indication of why Brand was only interested in getting into her knickers.

But like I say, I’m not interested in all that old fanny… Well, in so much as I’m not interested in what the silly tart has to say.

What is interesting to me is that Brand is still seeing Jemima Khan.

However, I will come back to her shortly.

Now, as far as I can see there is a deliberate agenda being carried out by the MSM to discredit Brand… Why would that be I wonder?

The following is taken from the MI5/6 controlled Telegraph a couple of days ago:

Time after time, Mr Brand has shown himself to be crude, vulgar and unintelligible; better suited to preaching at Speaker’s Corner, or handing out SWP pamphlets outside the Tube, rather than as a figurehead of today’s Left.

There are many problems facing society at the moment; problems that the Left should be addressing if they want to be taken seriously as a movement, as an ideology, and as an opposition. By pushing this man – who is unable to create a sentence without swearing or using a large word that he does not understand – into the forefront, the Left have made it difficult for them to be taken seriously. Perhaps it is about time to quietly disown this particular figurehead. Source

But it gets better. It seems that The Cunt Cameron was so miffed by Brands slur on his character that he felt compelled to address the issue in Yesterdays Guardian:

Cameron hit back after Brand called him a “filthy, dirty, posh wanker” and suggested he cut benefits because he “doesn’t know how to fuck properly”. The comedian had told the BBC’s Newsnight programme that he did not vote and wanted political revolution.

Cameron said: “I’m a democrat. If Russell Brand’s got a better idea, he can let us know.”

In a reference to Brand’s reported new girlfriend, Jemima Khan, he added: “Now he’s dating one of my constituents, I’m relieved he won’t be troubling the scorers in my constituency.” Source

Am I the only one to find Dave the Raves remarks a bit rather unbecoming of a Prime Minister?

I do hope that Brand will take Cameron up on his offer to respond though:  “I’m a democrat. If Russell Brand’s got a better idea, he can let us know.”.

In fact, how the fuck could Brand pass up such a golden opportunity to metaphorically kick the fucking shit out of Cameron? 

Whether he does or not remains to be seen but the fact that the Prime Minister chose to make a public reply to Russell’s slur tells me all that I need to know.

The reason for Cameron’s public response – which had anyone else made the remarks he would have totally blanked – coupled with the current MSM drive to trash Brand left right and centre is nothing more than a ruse to make the ‘wide awake club’ think that the comedian, come actor, come author, come activist  must be cool if he is being ridiculed by TPTB in my opinion – reverse psychology if you like.

Moreover, to get over the fact that it would be impossible for Brand to be one of us, whilst shagging Jemima Khan, they have simply turned her into one of us too.

Both of the above MSM reports, and the Chimps below make mention of Khan being an activist… Which, to be honest is absolutely fucking pathetic.

The idea that Brand is the man to lead the revolution against the elites is bad enough but this shit has now gone from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Fuck me, you only need read the first few paragraphs of Brands whimsical nostalgia about Slaggy Thatcher – that he wrote for the Guardian following her death – to know that he is full of shit:

Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher: ‘I always felt sorry for her children’

The actor and comedian recalls a bizarre recent encounter with the Iron Lady, and how it prompted him to think about growing up under the most unlikely matriarch-figure imaginable

 One Sunday recently while staying in London, I took a stroll in the gardens of Temple, the insular clod of quads and offices between the Strand and the Embankment. It’s kind of a luxury rent-controlled ghetto for lawyers and barristers, and there is a beautiful tailors, a fine chapel, established by the Knights Templar (from which the compound takes its name), a twee cottage designed by Sir Christopher Wren and a rose garden; which I never promised you.

My mate John and I were wandering there together, he expertly proselytising on the architecture and the history of the place, me pretending to be Rumpole of the Bailey (quietly in my mind), when we spied in the distant garden a hunched and frail figure, in a raincoat, scarf about her head, watering the roses under the breezy supervision of a masticating copper. “What’s going on there, mate?” John asked a nearby chippy loading his white van. “Maggie Thatcher,” he said. “Comes here every week to water them flowers.” The three of us watched as the gentle horticultural ritual was feebly enacted, then regarded the Iron Lady being helped into the back of a car and trundling off. Read More

Temple? Now there is a good wholesome place steeped in fine British history… Not.

But he is one of us right?

Have a day off. The man is an ACTOR… A very fucking rich actor at that.

Fuck me, you only need read this quote of his to know what he is about:

“From quite early on, I had this idea of compartmentalized identities – ‘this is how you are when you are with your mum, and this is how you are when you are with your dad’ – so it seemed like I could never absolutely be myself. And the image of myself as compromised and inconsistent made me want to withdraw from the world even further. I had a sense of formulating a paper-mache version of myself to send out in the world, while I sat controlling it remotely from some smug suburban barracks.” 

Get the picture?

If not try this one



Most disappointingly Russell continues to blank my request for an interview.

And it isn’t as if he doesn’t know me. He certainly does.

And its not as if he doesn’t know what I do. He certainly does.

In fact, the following is a direct quote given to one of my readers by Russell:

“last time i saw chris spivey he was making off in the jag the King of Bongo give me after performing at his mothers beheading!”

Just saying of course.


Russell Brand ‘cheats on Jemima Khan with glamour model Sophie Coady’… after being first spotted with her back in August


PUBLISHED: 01:56, 17 November 2013 | UPDATED: 02:02, 17 November 2013

Comedian Russell Brand has cheated on Jemima Khan with glamour girl Sophie Coady. 

The 23-year-old model told The Sun On Sunday that the funny man, who was first pictured with her back in August of this year, continued seeing her after he was linked to Jemima, 39.

The claims come after the 38-year-old lothario told Alan Carr that he was ‘in love’ and ‘behaving himself’.

Trouble: Russell Brand has reportedly cheated on Jemima Khan with glamour girl Sophie Coady Trouble: Russell Brand has reportedly cheated on Jemima Khan with glamour girl Sophie Coady


Speaking to the paper Sophie opened up about her fling with Russell, she said: ‘Obviously he has a reputation for being this sex god but he tried too hard to be overly sexy and intense.

‘He takes it all very seriously and growls and flicks his hair around. He wants to be this love god and all romantic, but it all felt a bit forced.’

The pretty red head went on to say that she thought he was trying to be like Christian Grey from the racy Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy.

Close claims: Russell was first spotted with Sophie back in August of this year Close claims: Russell was first spotted with Sophie back in August of this year


It wasn’t just his ability in bed that she found fault with though, as she told the paper that in real life he was awkward and not witty at all.

Russell reportedly first got in touch with the model back in June and commented on a number of pictures she had – in particular one of her breasts with a cat’s face on it. 

While Sophie says she resisted meeting the star, who was famously married to Katy Perry, for some time she eventually gave in.

Not impressed: The glamour girl has said she wasn't too impressed with Russell's skills in bed or his humour Not impressed: The glamour girl has said she wasn’t too impressed with Russell’s skills in bed or his humour


Once they started seeing each other she says Russell was keen for her to open up about her past sexual experiences, and he chatted about his own.

She reveals that he woke her up at six am to join him in an hour long mediation session. 

Russell, who was first linked to Jemima back in September, continued seeing Sophie throughout the month and she claims they met up at the end of September in LA. 

They split following a row regarding a threesome and Sophie claims that he was ‘massively obsessed by power.’

Making his move: Sophie says Russell contacted her via Twitter and made comments on her pictures Making his move: Sophie says Russell contacted her via Twitter and made comments on her pictures


She said: ‘I think Russell liked the fact I was much younger than him and he liked the power play. I feel a bit sorry for Jemima but he’s been a naughty boy.

On Friday evening Russell gushed about his relationship with political activist Jemima, 39,  telling Alan Carr: ‘After the show I musn’t go drilling my way through the townsfolk. I’m in love so I’m behaving myself.’

And on Saturday he was seen taking a jog with Jemima’s dog Brian, suggesting that things are going swimmingly between the pair. 

A spokesperson for Russell has been contacted for comment.

Read more:–spotted-August.html#ixzz2ktpoafVQ
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