Disbelieve to believe


Chris Spivey/John Hamer


I can scarcely believe that Clayton is 3 years old today.

He really is coming along a treat don’t cha know, although like all 3 year olds he is in to everything – especially the things that he isn’t allowed.

What’s More, he is always smiling, doesn’t shut up chatting and is very rarely ill – something that I strongly suspect is due to his lack of poisonations, such as the monstrous MMR jab… In other words; he is just how a 3 year old child should be.

12992943_1035927883147824_1724366523_n (1)

Yet those who shout loudest about how much they love their little-uns are usually those at the head of the queue to let a doctor or nurse inject a load of dangerous shite into them… Why the fuck would someone do that?

After all, a quick search on’t internet will give you all the information you need to come to a “fuck that shit” conclusion.

And yet had I not had my wits about me it could have been so different. I mean there is no doubt whatsoever that the Essex filth and Social Wankers from Castlepoint Social Disservices unforgivably conspired to kidnap Clayton for no other reason than to get at me… The solid, unmistakeable evidence of their insidious agenda can be found HERE


Yet you can bet your life that had the Paedophile Porkies & Social Wankers got their hands on him… Well I dread to even think… Cunts.

Indeed, very, very rarely are children better off in care and if it was all about the “best interest of a child” – as the nonce infested government are forever harping on about – then a child would only ever be removed from their home after EVERY single last option had been tried (and there are many).

And just so as you know, the investigation into the two Social Wankers who colluded with the Essex Cuntstables to steal Clay has now ended (after being shut down twice and re-opened twice due to the number of complaints) leaving the gruesome twosome 20 days to respond to my allegations, after which a decision is then made on whether to proceed to a full hearing or whether there is no case to answer… Shamefully and given the evidenced, criminal actions committed by the two monsters, it has taken their governing body, the HCPC Nearly a year & a half to get to this stage.

And what of the police?

Well of the 50 odd illegal child images that they planted on my stolen computers so as to enable them to arrest me – thus allowing the corrupt-cunts to bring the SS in, with the single objective being to manipulate and submit a report based on lies and criminal actions so as to ensure Clayton’s removal – I was never even charged with them (with no real explanation as to why not forthcoming) but tellingly, a Crown Court Judge refused me permission to have the hard-drives independently examined.

That left 21 ‘child images’ – such as a Led Zeppelin album cover – which were ALL Legal and that I had used to highlight the sick practices of those who rule over us – as evidenced HERE

Criminally Insane

Inevitably, those images were dropped before I even set foot in the court room – except for one image that the Essex Police had deemed to be a Class C indecent image of a child, namely: Nan Golding’s, Klara & Edda Belly Dancing, despite it being no such thing.

Yet the fact is that the Essex Plod knew that the image was on here – and still is – from as far back as Summer 2013, through Essex Police Chief Inspector, Gary Biddle who even stated in a letter that he wrote to me (which according to the disclosure list the bent coppers are NOT going to produce in court for obvious reasons), that he understood that I had only used the image to highlight child abuse.

And indeed the very fact that he took no action proves that the image is legal

Course, what with the Essex Plod going over the Crown Prosecution Services heads by deeming the artwork as being child pornography, their description of the photograph is also inevitably different to that of everyone else – including Nan Goldin, who took the photos depicting her god-daughters, Klara & Edda.


That then is the official description but is totally different to the Essex Plod’s description who appear to see things that are simply just not there.

100-101_Edda's-dance,-Berlin,-1998Now what follows is a segment taken from The CPS ruling on the photograph:

“Even if the photograph was now considered to be indecent, a defendant would be able to raise a legitimate defence, given that the photograph was distributed for the purposes of display in a contemporary art gallery after having been deemed not to be indecent by the earlier investigation.

“Accordingly, I am of the opinion that the evidence is insufficient to justify proceedings for offences of possession or distribution of an indecent photograph.”

Yet despite 20 months passing since my arrest, the malicious incompetents are still intent on taking me to court for the legal image – owned as part of a collection by Sir Elton John.


You see that the two exhibit numbers are listed.

And what follows is the exhibit list complete with the Essex Plods perceived description of the photo:


So the bottom line is that I am being maliciously prosecuted and you are all contributing to the cost of doing so via the tax you pay… Meanwhile, the likes of Leon Brittan and Greville Janner pretend to be dead whilst having not been prosecuted for actual noncing when they were pretending to be alive!

Indeed the CPS have been tackled about the malicious prosecution on a number of times… Which I have had to insist upon obviously.


And the CPS’s response:


So there ya go. Elton John can own the photo and not get nicked. Google can carry over 9000 entries for sites to do with the photo and carry 100’s of copies of the uncensored image and not get nicked… But I use the image to condemn child sex abuse and I get nicked… Hmmm!


In fact if you Google Search the photo now you will get at least 9000 results back, including the uncensored image, which is available to view on the Saatchi Art Gallery Website and available to BUY on both E-Bay and Amazon in Nan Goldin’s ‘Art Book’ entitled “The Devil’s Playground”.

Course, when I pointed those facts out in an article released on the eve of my trial for the image which included a SCREENSHOT photo of the Google Search results along with details of documents PROVING that the image is legal and the names of phone numbers for POLICE CONTACTS who could verify that the image is legal – which I did in order to highlight the police abuse & stitch up that I was being subjected to, not to mention highlighting their incompetence and waste of public funds – I arrived at court the next day to find the case adjourned whilst the police investigated my publishing of the GOOGLE SCREENSHOT – which again still remains on this site to this very day.

Bizarrely, there was no need to adjourn the trial at all, just because of the new “investigation” since the screenshot would make up a separate offence… A fact which no one in the court room – including the judge and barristers – seemed to grasp.

Nevertheless, it suited me as obviously when this pointless, very expensive, new police investigation was concluded, and the screenshot deemed not to be an illegal image, then to my way of thinking it was obvious that the first trial for publishing the actual image would collapse… Silly me!

Now below is a segment taken from a letter sent by the Greater Manchester Police in response to a complaint made against them by someone else who was also arrested over the image – after he had published it on Facebook (who didn’t have a problem with it) in support of myself.

You see, the charge was dropped three months later, as the image is LEGAL i.e.Art not child porn.

GMP to R Mathieson 19-05-16 Page 2

And of course the Essex Bacon-Buggers knew all this but still they insisted on holding the investigation. In fact they asked my Solicitor to “invite” me down to Rayleigh Police Station to help them with their inquiries. However since it was an invitation and I have no interest in playing their expensive games I declined.

So they sent CID round to mine, backed by uniformed thugs to arrest me for a legal screenshot of a Google search – except I wasn’t in, so they got in touch with my solicitor again with another “invite”; which I thought that I best accept to stop the thugs kicking my door down again.

Now despite the “invite” to talk about the legal screenshot not really being an “invite” at all since I really had little choice but to attend, me and my solicitor decided that the best way forward was to write a statement setting out my position, after which I would answer any and all questions with ‘no comment’.

I should also point out that the Defective doing the interview made it clear that I was not going to be arrested and told me that I was free to leave at anytime… Although he didn’t do so until after me and my solicitor had spent over an hour drafting the statement.

In the event the interview lasted all of 10 minutes, most of which was spent on the copper making the introductions for the benefit of the tape and my solicitor reading out the statement that we had prepared.


And despite not being arrested or fuck all, a month to the day that the original trial was stopped I received a postal requisition (a court summons by post) – despite not being eligible for one although in fairness that fact didn’t stop the arse-wipes doing it the same way last time either – charging me with distributing a Class C image of a child and further informing me that I was to attend magistrates court on the 13th of last month to answer the charge… Which has now been put back to next month due to my health.


And as you can see it is for the more serious offence of distributing the image (screenshot) so why haven’t the Google bosses been nicked?

Indeed, the fact that it was The Essex Chief Constable, Stephen Kavanagh who authorised the summons – at the taxpayers expense – speaks volumes since the severity of the ‘offence’ does not permit him the authority to do so, thus proving that the criminal is power mad and doesn’t give a fuck about the law or those who pay his undeserved, extremely generous salary… And I was also right about it being a separate offence, not that it is an offence to publish a screenshot of a Google search.


Nevertheless, next time you get burgled and the pigs won’t attend due to lack of funding, just remember the estimated million pounds that the cunts have spent harassing me for the past two years and you will know the reason why they are so short of money.

Indeed I am not the criminal here – it is those who dictate to us.

And with that being the case I will leave you with John Hamer’s take on the world, which I have taken the liberty of altering slightly for the purposes of this article.

Mustache, byyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


By John Hamer

We all grew up believing in our countries, our leaders, our educators and what was written-down in books and told to us by the media in all its forms.


We all grew up believing that the Royal family are decent people on the whole, maybe a little out of touch, but nothing to get too upset about.


We all grew up believing that vaccines, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are good… that energy-efficient cars that run on such things as improved carburettors, or even plain water are bad and that Chemtrails are just a harmless phenomenon in the sky.


We all grew up believing FDR, Eisenhower, Lincoln and Churchill were all great leaders of men.


We all grew up believing that the American Civil War was mainly fought over slavery… the evil of Nazi Germany was the prime reason for two devastating World Wars and the Vietnam War was simply about halting Communism.


We all grew up believing that the Communists in Russia, although somewhat misguided, were trying to create a better world for the masses… Japan ‘sneak-attacked’ Pearl Harbour and the Jewish Holocaust was real, but none of the many other ‘holocausts’ and genocides are even worth reporting or bothering with.


We all grew up believing Lee Harvey Oswald was the ‘lone nut’ assassin of JFK, Sirhan Sirhan was the ‘lone nut’ assassin of Bobby Kennedy… that Jesse James was shot and killed by his cousin Bob Ford… that Jack the Ripper was a lower-class deranged murderer… that Thomas Edison was a benevolent genius… that Lawrence of Arabia accidently died in a tragic motorbike accident… that despite all the sex and corruption, Bill and Hillary Clinton are a ‘nice couple’ and that Bob Hope was a wonderful, patriotic, funny man.


We all grew up believing RMS Titanic struck an iceberg in a terrible accident… the Apollo astronauts went to the Moon and Watergate was merely a ‘robbery,’ badly bungled by amateurs and that the Berlin Wall came down because the ‘people’ willed it.


We all grew up believing MI-5/MI-6 was not exactly James Bond-esque, but yet were nevertheless the good guys, protecting our freedoms… the IRA was a group of evil, vindictive Irish terrorists and that 9/11, 7/7 and all those other horrific events are all the work of the evil Islamists.


We all grew up believing that steel-framed buildings do melt in fires where jet fuel is involved… that even with all the CCTV surveillance and security cameras, when they fail it is just a coincidence and that Waco, Oklahoma City, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing and hundreds of other similar events, really did happen the way they say they did.


We all grew up believing that the Palestinians have no rights in their own country, especially when they ‘bully’ that certain peace-loving Middle-Eastern country that no one is allowed to question or criticise… That same country that claims Zionism is synonymous with Judaism and that anyone who dares to criticise its highly immoral and illegal behaviour, must by definition be ‘anti-Semitic’.


And we also grew up believing that the National Debt is ‘real’ and that we really do owe all those trillions… We believed in country, duty and honour, as in the words of the poet, Alfred, Lord Tennyson… “Ours not to reason why, ours but to do …and die.” Yes, we certainly believed whatever we were told and we have been dutifully doing their every bidding and fighting their many wars on their behalf, for centuries.

But to reiterate, the banksters are simply a wealthy and powerful oligarchy of banks, corporations, and dynastic families and institutions that run the world. This elite group exercises control through interlocking boards of directors and share-ownership, acting through private clubs, societies and institutions, and thereby dominating national governments, both ‘democratic’ and authoritarian.

Behind a facade of wealth and privilege, the octopus-like tentacles of these banksters embrace every region of the globe, generating obscene profits from its activities, including weapons and drug-trafficking and wars and, as they accumulate more and more wealth and power, they render democracy redundant, totally exploit the ignorant, weak and vulnerable, ruin lives, and kill hope for millions.

The end-game of this plutocracy is designed to be global financial domination, drastic population reduction and a one-world communitarian government. What I have hopefully demonstrated within the pages of this half-million word indictment, is a clearly defined pattern of institutionalised crime that permeates every aspect of our daily lives. Unfortunately, even the original 1.4 million words that I wrote before cutting it down to a more manageable 550,000 or so, did not do complete justice to every element of this grand conspiracy and therefore, despite its size, this book barely scratches the surface of the banksters’ many transgressions against humanity.

From the cradle to the grave, we are first registered by them, then continually monitored and controlled by a mere handful of crime families, and their legions of agents and assassins spread throughout the world. And the only reason that they are able to escape justice for their wholesale slaughter, high treason and grand larceny, is that we have all been conditioned and programmed from birth, for generations, to believe everything they tell us – and the real truth is maligned by and concealed behind, the highly deceptive phrase, ‘conspiracy theory.’

They tell us…

Wars have to be fought to preserve our freedoms… taxes have to be paid to run our government institutions, education and health… we live in a democracy, and that it is important that we maintain the rule of law… our vote counts, and we are lucky to live in a ‘free country’ where we are free to choose our leaders… inflation and unemployment are low… exactly who the terrorists are and why we should fear them… we are healthier, and better off now than ever before… and that everything will be alright as long as we just keep our heads down, go dutifully to work every day, spend most of our meagre incomes on material goods from their multi-national corporations that employ most of us, but most importantly…that we must always obey them without question.

And that is exactly what they count upon, in order to keep the whole sordid machine running smoothly whilst your ingrained beliefs, your loyalty, trust and your cognitive dissonance, despite the fact that you may have a dislike for banks, politicians or paying all those taxes, or having to fight in all those wars, prevent you from believing that every word you have just read is all true and that they are guilty as charged, of massive crimes against humanity.

Some of you may simply dismiss everything presented herein as ‘conspiracy theory’ or worse, complete and total nonsense, and yet it is for this very reason that the banksters and all their royal and political assets and agents continue to get-away with their crimes… From the very beginning, this has been the banksters’ greatest protection.

Remember, it is not the 1% that control 99% of us, it is the one thousandth of one-percent, the 0.001% that control 99.999% of us. If we can ever get our collective resources together and realise that as a group that we have nothing to fear, through sheer weight of numbers alone then, we can take back our world, which is after all, our children’s and our children’s children’s legacy from us.

To facilitate this, together with many thousands of other ‘awakened’ people, I am striving to expose this hegemonic, global shadow-government that dictates to presidents, prime ministers and popes, directs economic and foreign policies, controls the value of money, oversees drug trafficking, funds wars, poisons our food and environment, promulgates deadly diseases and epidemics, and brainwashes our minds.

I do not claim to have all the answers, and so if you find it difficult to believe all, or even any, of what I and many others have brought to your attention, that is no problem, because even if that is the case, I would hope that you will at least be inspired to research these issues further and seek-out the truth for yourself. It takes only a rudimentary search using that most ubiquitous of tools, the Internet, to confirm that what I say here, is true. Surely, you owe that much at the very least to the generations that will come after us?

“All of government is now fraudulent, so there is no one to prosecute this crime or any other. They aren’t just faking physics, they are faking the entire art market, the stock markets, the elections, the daily news, and everything else. There is a real world, but you probably aren’t living in it. Reality is not a hologram, but human culture now is a hologram in many ways, being nothing but a story manufactured to control you. However, you can step outside that hologram any time you like. And if enough other people choose to step outside it, it will lose its power.” Miles Mathis, milesmathis.com

Personally speaking, I am not brave enough to actually stand-up and physically fight for what I know to be right. These poor scribblings are the best that I can offer. Likewise, your contribution may not be the writing of a book, but it may be simply spreading the word – and that is just as valuable as my humble offering. Each to his own. We all have different talents and skills and no-one should pass judgement as to whose contribution to the ‘cause’ is more – or less valuable than any other? As long as we all contribute whatever we can, whenever we can, then that is all we can do.

Finally, thank you for staying with me through to the bitter end. It has been a long, long journey for me personally, compiling this book – and – no doubt a long and often painful journey for you, its reader, too. On behalf of not just myself but also, all those who helped make this book possible… ‘We’ thank you for allowing ‘us’ into your life, and hope that your eyes have now been opened to some real ‘truth,’ and that my humble words, and those of others, have inspired you into some form of action of your own, whatever humble form that may take.

But I will now leave you with what well may be the best advice of all, from someone maybe less well-known, but equally as perceptive and as forthright as Mark Twain…

“I have certain rules I live by, but my first rule is… I don’t believe anything the government ever tells me.” George Carlin, 1937-2008.

But for those among us who are able to think for ourselves, weigh the evidence and conclude that if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and sounds like a duck… that it most probably IS a duck, then there is still hope for the future.