Did Savile Murder 15 year old Samantha Claire?


Spiv & The Daily Express


After reading the first article of the following four, you can’t help but get the feeling that Savile knows a hell of a lot more about the death of 15 yr old Claire McAlpine than he is letting on. 

When you read the article carefully the words take on a different meaning altogether… Gave me the fucking ebee gee bee’s it did.

The 2nd article is about Savile doing some fund raising for the Cub Scouts and the 3rd is written by the Express columnist Jean Rook. I have quite a few PDF’s containing material written by Jean Rook in the 1980’s, about Jimmy Savile. She really didn’t like him, don’t cha know.  

The fourth is a segment taken from a largish article about Knob Ed Celeb’s and their beds. I didn’t bother reprinting the article in full as it bored the pants off of me. The bit I have printed is the only interesting bit about the article which is to do with Savile and his many beds.

I didn’t know he had a place in Peterborough… See, you learn something new, every day.

I’m actually beginning to suspect that Savile is a wrong-un.

How I Date a Pop Dolly – By Jimmy Savile 

DAILY EXPRESS Wednesday April 7 1971

BACHELOR disc jockey Jimmy Savile, talked yesterday of the dates he has made with girls at the B.B.C.’s “Top, of the Pops” show. But it’s always a family affair, he said.

Mr. Savile,  who  Is  in his  forties,  was  speaking  on  the  eve  of  the inquest  on  15-year-old Claire  McAlpline,  the dolly  dancer  whose death  has  brought  the breath  of  scandal  to “Top  of  the  Pops.”

“Many a time,” he told me “I have dated a good looking girl that I have met on the show”.

“But,” he went on, “what I say to them is ask your folks if I can come round to tea.’

“I much prefer being with a family, with a pretty girl in the centre, than a session in the back of my car.”

“For one thing you can’t see how pretty the girl is In the back of my car.”

Mr. Savile also spoke about Claire— a stage-struck teenager who called her-self Samantha Claire. She was found dead last week with an empty pill bottle beside her.

He said:  “I studied a photograph of Samantha very closely. I cannot recollect ever seeing the girl in my life.

“They say she comes from Watford. I don’t know anybody who lives In Watford.”

Of  the  B.B.C  show  in which  he  is  one  of  the regular  DJs,  Mr. Savile said: “My  dressing-room at   ‘Top of the Pops’ is a weekly meeting place of 20 to 30 people.

“Half of them are teenagers, the other half, are parents. The parents are not there to chaperone their daughters. They  are there  because  they  are  as interested  in  me  as  their children  are.”

“There  is  a  popular misconception  that  young girls,  these  days,  are  only Interested  in  sex  Well, 19  and  20 year-olds  with some  experience  of  the world may  look at  me as  a sexual  object. But the younger ones, the 14 to 16 year-olds don’t even think about sex.”

“In fact, they would be most offended if you suggested anything sexual to them.”

Mr. Savile went on: “The BBC is a big family. Turn over any family stone and you will find all sorts of peculiar goings on. Our family is no worse than anyone else’s.”

“I’ve been voted top DJ for eight years’ now. No one has ever offered me a shilling to play a record or offered me a girl for the night.”

“I have been with ‘ Top of the Pops’ since it started and I can tell you it is remarkably free from such nastiness. I would call it a rather high class discotheque.”

“With 250 people included —and changing every week—you can always find scandal if you dig deeply enough.”

“But I don’t know when it could happen. The audience arrive at 6.45p.m.—by 8.15 p.m. they have all gone. There is no bar; you can’t even buy lemonade.”

“I just don’t know how anyone could be a raving sex maniac at 7 p.m.”

• THE SECRET diary of 15-year-old Claire—the red book, containing the names of pop world people —will be produced at the inquest today.

But the Watford, Herts, coroner will pay special attention to the last line of entry written shortly before the tragedy. Other entries naming disc jockeys were being studied yesterday by detective chiefs. The  officers  are  trying to  establish  if  the  entries in  the  locked  diary  were true —or  merely  the  fantasies of an impressionable  young  girl.


Jimmy pops into Ulster as Pied Piper of peace

DAILY EXPRESS Monday September 24 1973

DISC JOCKEY Jimmy Savile was voted a big “hit” in Northern Ireland yesterday. More  than  10,000 young people  from all over the province  followed  him  on  a sponsored ” walk  for  peace.”

He led the eight-mile trek from Mallusk to Nutt’s Corner airfield on the outskirts of Belfast. Mr-  Savile,  wearing  a yellow track  suit, said  later : “It  was  most  moving  to  see women  weeping  as  we passed. They  said  they  had never  seen  so  many  youngsters  enjoying  themselves  in Northern  Ireland  for  years. “It’s  physical  effort  that brings  people  together  and I  was  surprised  to  see  that some  of  the  toughest-looking  kids  were  the  best behaved. “ I  came  here  because there  are  times  when  a man  has  to  stand  up  to  be counted.

” If  I can  get  these  young people  to  pause  and  Just think,  even  for  48  hours, then  my  trip  will  have  been worthwhile. My  grand-parents  were  born  in  Belfast  so  for  me  it’s  like coming  home. “I  know  some  people  will say  I  am  here  for  the  publicity. But I could have got that by staying at home.”

The walk ended with a pop festival at the airfield. The events were expected to raise up to £14,000 for charity. They  were  organised  by the  Northern  Ireland  Association  of  Youth  Clubs -the only  interdenominational youth  organisation  for  both sexes  in  Ulster.

There was little sign of the Army during the walk. Troops kept in the background along the countryside route which is some miles from any recognised trouble spots.


Jim in a fix with chicks.

DAILY EXPRESS Wednesday March 23 1988

By Jean Rook.

WHEN a 61-year-old cockerel crows about “pulling a chick” you know he’s an old boiler.

Dyed Golden Oldie Jimmy Savile really must learn some up-dated jargon if he’s to brag about his sex life at this late stage in it.

“Pulling chicks” and “passion wagons,” as Jim calls the Minivan in which he claims he fixes it for grateful girls, went out with bobbysox and Buddy Holly.

Watching children’s hero Savile in flesh-coloured bikini briefs on the late night show, Pillow Talk behaving like a battered old blond kerb-crawler was not just nakedly embarrassing—it was painfully sad.


Me and my bed.

DAILY EXPRESS Thursday October 17 1991 

… But not everyone uses their bed as a base.

As he is always on the move, Jimmy Savile is concerned with the quantity as well as the quality.

“I’ve never actually gone shopping for beds,” he says.

“I spot them in the shop windows I run past when I’m in training for marathons. I choose beds which go with the territory where they’re installed.”

Sir James has a range that would rival a furniture showroom.

In his Peterborough flat, he ends his day on a water-bed. In his London studio, where space is limited, he has a fold-up sofa model. The bed in his Scarborough home is circular and in Leeds, he has a king-size.

But his favourite is his Sleep City, electrically heated water-bed. “It’s the Rolls-Royce of water-beds,” he says.