Diamond Jubilee boosts UK republicans

Press TV
Anti-monarchy campaign group Republic has stressed that Queen Elizabeth’s lavish Diamond Jubilee has increased the number of its members by 50 percent.

The anti-royalty campaign, which is seeking a democratically accountable head of state and an end to constitutional role of the royals, said that it has 21,000 anti-monarchy activists at the moment.

The group has claimed that it will stage the “biggest and boldest” anti-monarchy protests in modern history during the jubilee celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen’s ascension to the British throne.

Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith said, “We’re delighted to welcome so many new supporters to the campaign and hope to see lots of them at our protest in June.”

Smith also declared that the Monarchists believed the Jubilee festivities would be bad for the republican movement, but the opposite was apparently true.

“Ten years ago at the time of the last jubilee, the republican movement was simply too timid to challenge the royal PR machine head on. This is a new generation of republicans who are ready to fight for a democratic future,” he added.

“They represent at least a quarter of the population and are simply not prepared to be marginalized any longer.”

Political observers considered the sudden jump in the number of republicans as a blow to the UK monarchy, as more people now want a democratic alternative to the monarchy.