Depleted Uranium and The Royal Family


Chris Spivey and various sources

So, the christening of Georgie boy passed by without being too in our faces, although the Daily Chimpanzee has done much banner waving on the inbred family’s behalf.

Course, the fact that it was a low key affair is suspicious in its self, given that the Royal ponces love to rub both their wealth and poverty (depending on agenda) in our faces with equal measure.



I would however imagine that the christening was low key for various reasons which amongst others include:

  • Convincing the nation that Little Bald Willie and Kate Gold Digger Smith are just ordinary folk like us – They most certainly are not.
  • The richest woman in the world has recently gone cap in hand to get her hands on more tax payers money – She got it
  • The rife speculation that the royal pregnancy was far from normal – indeed it was

In regard to the royal pregnancy, the rumours that everything wasn’t kosher also blossomed for many reasons such as :

  • The couple were rumoured to have had IVF treatment to conceive
  • Nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s death is linked to Gold-Digger-Smiths hospital stay
  • The length of the pregnancy and the fact that Kate never looked as pregnant as she should. Some estimates put the pregnancy at over 10 months.
  • Kate looking more like she had been on holiday than someone who had just given birth
  • The fact George is Jewish but one day will be head of the Church of England
  • The absence of the Home Secretary at the birth
  • Little Bald Willies slip of the tongue whilst George had his first photo shoot outside of the hospital where Willie Nice But silly was heard to say that this was the first time he and Kate had seen the baby.
  • George looked far too big and moved around far too much to be a newborn baby
  • The lack of times Georgie boy has been seen since the birth

Now, all I have done in the above list is give a general outline of the rumours, but it is fair to say that none of them are without foundation.



Neither do articles about Gold-Digger-Smiths figure, like the one found HERE do anything to dissipate those rumours.

However, what really fucks me off is an article in today’s Daily Chimpanzee carrying official christening photos of the Windsors and the Middletons.

In fact, you only have to read the shit rags headline to realise why the article fucked me off so much:

A portrait of a modern monarchy: Informal picture shows happy and relaxed Royal Family rubbing shoulders with the Middletons

In other words, “hey, look at us, we are just like you”.

And nothing could be further from the truth.

What you are actually looking at is a portrait of 12 people who between them are made up of:

  • Four of the most vile evil cunts on earth
  • Two mutton dressed as lamb proper old slappers
  • Two sexual deviants who would shag anything that moves
  • Two money grabbing gold diggers
  • One confused gormless twat
  • And a baby that will well be on his way to despising us by the time he’s five

Now, I cannot stress enough that when I say evil, I fucking mean evil.

Even the christening day itself fell within the confines of a sacred time in the Satanic calendar.

You see, the 22nd through to the 29th of October is a time of preparation for the Satanic elite which requires the kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of a person for human sacrifice to be carried out.

The fact that the Christening took place in the Church where George’s Grandmother Princess Diana was taken after being murdered at the behest of his Grandfather and Great  Grandfather is another indication of just how warped these elite cunts are.

You can read the Chimp article by clicking  HERE

All of them are living a life of luxury beyond our wildest dreams on fortunes made off the suffering of the poor – and all continue to make their vast fortunes in the same way.

Michael Middleton, the sinister looking Pope Benedict XVI doppelgänger continues to add to their £30 million vast family fortune off of the backs of child slave labour being paid at the rate of  just 10 pence per hour.

And if you have read my article The Monsters of Middleton you will know that their is nothing informal or ordinary about this vile, twisted family made up of sexual predators and drug addicts.




Course, the Monsters of Middleton have fuck all on the royal parasites whose incalculable  fortunes are being added to by way of one of the biggest threats to humanity today.

You see, they, like all the other elite bloodline families make billions upon billions of pounds from Depleted Uranium.

The following is from the Exopolitical website, but is readily accessible on many more:

Who is profiting from this global uranium nightmare? 

Dr. Jay Gould revealed in his book THE ENEMY WITHIN, that the British Royal family privately owns investments in uranium holdings worth over $6 billion through Rio Tinto Mines. 

The mining company was formed for the British Royal family in the late 1950’s by Roland Walter “Tiny” Rowland, the Queen’s buccaneer. 

Born in 1917 through illegitimate German parentage, he was a passionate member of the Nazi youth movement by 1933, and described as a very nasty character by German classmates who knew him intimately. 

His meteoric rise and protection by intel agencies and the British Crown are an indication of what an asset he has been for decades to the Queen, as Africa’s most powerful Western businessman.

Africa and Australia are two of the main sources of uranium.  The Rothschilds control uranium supplies and prices globally, and one serves as the Queen’s business manager. 

Filmaker David Bradbury made BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND to expose depleted uranium bombing and gunnery range activities contaminating pristine areas of eastern Australia, and to expose plans to extract over $36 billion in uranium from mines in the interior over the next 6 years. 

Halliburton has finished construction of a 1000 mile railway from the mining area to a port on the north coast of Australia to transport the ore. 

The Queen’s favorite American buccaneers, Cheney, Halliburton, and the Bush family, are tied to her through uranium mining and the shared use of illegal depleted uranium munitions in the Middle East, Central Asia and Kosovo/Bosnia. Source

So what is Depleted Uranium? The following is from Critical

Natural uranium ore from the mine goes through an enrichment process designed to separate uranium 235 (U-235), the isotope used for nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, from uranium 238 (U-238), a low-level radioactive by-product.

The highly radioactive isotope U-235 accounts for less than 1% of mined uranium; nearly all the rest is U-238.

The vast quantity of highly toxic metal (U-238) generated by this process is called “depleted uranium” or “DU.”  DU emits primarily alpha radiation, and its half-life is thought to be about the age of the Earth, or 4.5 billion years.

DU is approximately 2.5 times denser than iron and 1.7 times denser than lead.

This high specific gravity means that, as a projectile fired from a tank or aircraft, it carries enough kinetic energy to blast through the tough armor of a tank. Furthermore, the impact of this penetration generates extreme heat. DU is pyrophoric, meaning that it burns on impact and can set the target on fire.

DU is easy to process and endless quantities can be obtained free from the Department of Energy (DOE), which controls DU and considers its use in munitions to be “utilization of waste material.” Source

And that is why the royal nonces love wars.

The British armed forces cannot go to war without the Queens permission and a war cannot end without the Queens permission… And that is why we are always at war. The more missiles made with depleted uranium that get fired, the richer the cunts get.

Each missile releases particles of DU into the air which never weaken or disappear.

And, it is for this reason that so many army veterans are sick and dying as well as the reasons for so many babies born with birth defects in places like Iraq.



Now, if you know what’s good for you, you will pay close attention to the following:

The recent documentary film BEYOND TREASON details the horrific results of depleted uranium exposure of American troops serving in the Gulf region in 1991, and the civilians continuing to live in permanently contaminated regions of the Middle East which are now permanently uninhabitable. 

After the US Navy moved depleted uranium bombing and gunnery ranges from Vieques Island in Puerto Rico several years ago to Australia, health effects are already being reported in Australia. 

In the documentary film BLOWIN’ IN THE WIND, a family with two normal teenage daughters, living near the bombing range where depleted uranium has been used, showed photos of their baby born recently with severe birth defects and died after 5 days. 

Global increases since 1991 of melanoma, infant mortality, and frog die-offs can only be explained by an environmental contaminant.  Alarming global increases in diabetes, with high correlation to depleted uranium wars in Iraq, Bosnia/Kosovo, and Afghanistan, demonstrate that diabetes is a sensitive indicator and a rapid response to internal depleted uranium exposure. 

Americans in 2003 reported visiting Iraqi relatives in Baghdad who were suffering from an epidemic of diabetes.  After returning to the US following 2-3 weeks in Iraq, they discovered within a few months that they too had diabetes.  Japanese human shields and journalists who worked in Iraq during the 2003 war are sick and now have symptoms typical of depleted uranium exposure.   

The British government denied that Iraq was the source of the depleted uranium measured at Aldermaston.  “Establishment scientists” blamed it on local sources or on natural uranium in the Iraq environment.  This is contradicted by the evidence of sand and dust found on the filters, transported with the depleted uranium from the same region. 

The natural abundance of uranium in the crust of the earth is 2.4 parts per million, which would not become concentrated to the high levels measured in Britain during a long journey from the Middle East.  The transport process over thousands of miles would dilute the concentration rather than increase it.  There are no known uranium mines in Iraq indicating that it is not environmentally enriched in uranium.  Government sources blamed local sources in Britain such as nuclear power plants, but that would also leave evidence of fission products on the filters which was not reported.

The lowest levels measured at monitoring stations around Aldermaston were at the facility, which means it was not a possible source.  Atomic weapons facilities would be more likely to produce plutonium contamination, also not reported as a co-contaminant at Aldermaston.

Dr. Keith Baverstock exposed a World Health Organization (WHO) coverup on depleted uranium in an Al Jazeera article, “Washington’s Secret Nuclear War” posted on September 14, 2004. 

It was the most popular article ever posted on the Al Jazeera English language website.  Baverstock leaked an official WHO report that he wrote, to the media several years ago after the WHO refused to publish it.  He warned in the report about the mobility of, and environmental contamination from, tiny depleted uranium particles formed from US munitions. 

Busby’s ECRR report challenged International Committee on Radiation Protection (ICRP) standards on radiation risk, and reported that the mutagenic effects of radiation determined by Chernobyl studies are actually 1000 times higher than the ICRP risk model predicts. 

The report also states that a separate study is needed for depleted uranium exposure risks, because it may be far more toxic than nuclear weapons or nuclear power plant exposures.  In July of  2005, the National Academy of Sciences reported in their new BEIR VII report on low level radiation, that there is “no safe level of exposure”. 

The report also finally admitted that very low levels are more harmful per unit of radiation than higher levels of exposure, also known as the “supralinear” effect. 

This is extremely alarming information on low level radiation risk, since the Aldermaston data confirms global transport of depleted uranium dust is occurring.  Dr. Katsuma Yagasaki, a Japanese physicist at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, has reported that the atomicity equivalent of at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs has been released into the global atmosphere since 1991, from the use of depleted uranium munitions. 

It is completely mixed in the atmosphere in one year.  The “smog of war” from Gulf War I was found in glaciers and ice sheets globally a year later.  Even more alarming is the non-specific catalytic or enzyme effect from internal exposures to nanoparticles of depleted uranium.  Soldiers on depleted uranium battlefields have reported that after noticing a metallic taste in their mouths, within 24-48 hours of exposure, they became sick with Gulf War syndrome symptoms.  Source



I trust that you paid particular attention to the part about DU particles turning up in this country.

But keep waving your little plastic flags at the cunts.

After all, they are only killing you.