Dear Mr Cameron…


Chris Spivey


“It’s clear to me that the British parliament and the British people do not wish to see military action; I get that, and I will act accordingly.”  David Cameron August 2013


On September 15th 2014, as Britain geared up to join in the USA’s bombing campaign against their self created enemy ISIS, I wrote an article (found HERE) which set out how in the past year, the Cunt Cameron had continually done the exact opposite to what he had told the British public in regard to war in the Middle East:

The following was the governments position on Iraq and Syria a year ago last August:

On Thursday night, a British government lost a vote on military action for the first time in at least 100 years. The House of Commons voted 285 to 272 against the UK government’s motion on Syria. David Cameron said that: “It’s clear to me that the British parliament and the British people do not wish to see military action; I get that, and I will act accordingly.” Phillip Hammond, defence secretary, later confirmed that there would be no UK participation in any other countries’ operations. Source

And then in June 2014, Willie the embryo Hague – whilst being interviewed by the BBC – categorically stated that there would be no military intervention in Iraq:

Foreign Secretary William Hague says all sides in Iraq must work together to face a ‘lethal and mortal threat’ to their country.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, he ruled out any UK military intervention. Source

Moreover, fast forward two months to August 2014 and our barmy barn-pot Prime Mincer, Chubby Hamster Cameron, made public his position in regards to taking the country to war:

David Cameron has welcomed possible US air strikes against Islamist militants in Iraq as his office rules out British military intervention.

Downing Street has confirmed there will be no UK military action in Iraq, saying “we are not planning a military intervention”. Source

But give it a month, and how do things stand as of today:

WE are now within a week of the referendum that will decide whether Scotland reclaims its independence or accepts dependence on government from the UK.

Meanwhile, the Coalition Government slides closer and closer to yet another war that will increase the UK national debt and add to the number of our servicemen killed and seriously wounded in UK wars.

You report that “Mr Cameron welcomed US President Barack Obama’s plan to extend airstrikes against IS militants in Syria” but he said Britain was “not at the stage” of joining the military action (“Confusion over UK’s stance on airstrikes”, The Herald, September 12).

Further, “David Cameron’s official spokesman insisted … that nothing had been ruled out in relation to IS”.
We may reasonably conclude that a new war is being delayed until the referendum is over.

Having secured Scottish dependence, Mr Cameron will immediately authorise airstrikes in Iraq and Syria to accompany those of the United States.

According to various media reports, UK special forces are already operating in Iraq. The UK national debt will soar to pay for our involvement in the war. UK security will be further compromised with the greater threat of terrorism. Source

And then, on September 26th 2014, following the Cunt Cameron’s claim that there will be no British troops sent back to Iraq, I wrote an article called Blitz and Pieces in which I stated that the lying toads ultimate aim was to undoubtedly put boots on the ground.

This is what I wrtote:

However, it isn’t about doing the job with fighter jets as far as David Camakazi is concerned… Its all about putting boots on the ground:

But the Prime Minister said the fight against Islamic terrorism could last for years.

Mr Cameron, who last night held talks with Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi to finalise military plans, stressed that British troops would not be sent back to Iraq. Source

And surprise, surprise, according to a Sky news report released today I was indeed correct. The lying arsehole Prime Mincer is in fact easier to read than a Janet & John book:


British Troops Going Back To Iraq For IS Fight

The Government insists “the need is now” – but stresses no combat soldiers will be deployed to the country.

18:04, UK, Wednesday 05 November 2014

British soldiers train Kurdish Peshmerga fighters on how to use a heavy machine gun in Irbil

British soldiers training Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Irbil last month.

Britain is sending troops back to Iraq to help local forces in the battle against Islamic State militants, the Defence Secretary has confirmed.

Michael Fallon said the UK was “stepping up” its military presence in the country, with its forces offering further training to Iraqi soldiers and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

It comes after a “small specialist” team was sent to instruct Peshmerga in the northern city of Irbil last month.

The statue of Saddam Hussein falls in central Baghdad  in April 2003

Britain took part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq that toppled Saddam Hussein

Mr Fallon, who visited British army trainers teaching Peshmerga fighters how to use heavy machine guns given by Britain, insisted that no combat troops will be deployed to Iraq.

He said the latest move would see UK troops teaching Kurds infantry skills such as sharp-shooting and first aid, while more equipment will be provided.

Video: Minister Discusses UK Role In Iraq

The UK will also send advisory personnel to Iraqi headquarters.

Asked about concerns of mission creep, he said: “This is a very limited mission. The Prime Minister’s made it very, very clear we are not going to recommit combat troops to Iraq. We’ve been there, we’ve done that.

“What we are going to do is to help the new government of Iraq and its own army take the fight to Isil through the aircraft we have deployed in the sky, through intelligence gathering, and through specialist training.”

Video: How Is Islamic State Funded?

There have been growing calls to provide more assistance to new Iraqi prime minister Haider al Abadi as his country’s forces struggle to reclaim territory from IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in the north and west.

Mr Fallon held talks in Baghdad with the PM and Iraqi security advisers, before flying north to Irbil to met the President of the Kurdistan regional government Masoud Barzani and prime minister Nechirvan Barzani.

“The need is now,” he said.

Video: British Drones Patrol Iraq’s Skies

“It’s a very immediate challenge from ISIL. As they start to push ISIL back out of the villages and towns that ISIL have gone into they are going to need this kind of assistance with roadside bombs, particularly to counter the terror tactics that Isil have been using.

“So, we are looking very urgently now how we can get more training help to them in the next few weeks.”

But relatives of British soldiers killed in Iraq have criticised the Government’s decision to send more troops to the country, saying training was “ineffective” before and will be again.

Video: Sept: First RAF Airstrikes On IS

The UK military took part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq that overthrew Saddam Hussein, and later took responsibility for Basra and the south of the country.